Arctic Accelero Hybrid II-120 Liquid GPU Cooler

If it does not lead to a correct result since e. Bracket Add to Cart. Free 5 Reels Slots. At default clocks, we tested the card while running Battlefield 3. Make sure the connector is plugged into the corresponding socket i.

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There's no denying that it is now the best cooling solution that we can find and we strongly recommend The idle temperature almost halved 39C vs. Additionally, the cooler is extraordinarily quiet, and we cannot hear it over the Noise output was extremely minimal under both load and idle. If you're a serious overclocker looking to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your graphics card, the Accelero Hybrid is a great cooling option".

Hybrid outperforms that it can keep the GPU cooler than a system which is already 20 C cooler under load than the reference design. It is also compatible with all high-end cards with easy installation. The new Accelero Hybrid dropped the temperature by 35 degrees, while occupying less space and lowered the noise level by 15dB.

It lowered the temperatures around 30 degrees with complete silence. In addition, the Hybrid is very quiet compared to the stock cooler only 23 dBA , this is very attractive to those who want to reduce the noise generated by computer. It is an elegant solution and does the job and does it quietly. The noise of the entire system was also reduced significantly at the same time. We recommend Neo Reader, available at.

Manual on your mobile. Hissing or Bubbling noise read Your Accelero Hybrid is filled with water, some air bubble are present in the circuit to allow it to work properly.

If your configuration requires to have the radiator located below the water pump, you need to ensure that the tubing part of the radiator is located at the bottom while installed.

Hissing or Bubbling noise will take longer to disappear than if the radiator is above the card but will ultimately disappear. You can help the process by placing temporarily the radiator above the water pump and run the cooler until the noise disappears. Under what conditions do you need a 4-pin adapter? Your graphics card 1. Ensure your PSU has spare power source and plug in the 4-pin adapter. Minor Outlying Islands U. Adding sparepart to cart Any type of liquid cooling has continued to be the province of the more extreme enthusiast.

Arctic Cooling changes some of that today with the Accelero Hybrid. Aftermarket VGA coolers aren't totally uncommon, but generally they're harder to build and market due to the more specific needs of cooling a graphics card. You have to cool the GPU, the video memory, and the voltage regulation, and the layouts of these parts varies from vendor to vendor and card to card.

The Accelero Hybrid includes a mm radiator courtesy of Asetek, a cooling shroud for board components, and enough tiny parts to choke all but the heartiest of housecats. Is it worth the effort, the money, and the risk? I'll make an admission: I've been putting off reviewing the Accelero Hybrid for a little while. Finally you can fit the whole thing inside your PC. But you still have to make some adjustements. The Phanteks cooler uses three mm fans so we had to remove the one located near the exhaust vent and the exhaust vent fan itself too which is supplied with the chassis.

We thought this would make enough room for the coolant transfer pipes but we were wrong. The pipes got stuck half way through so we had to take the radiator out of the chassis.

We used the MSI Afterburner 2. We used the default settings of MHz core and MHz memory clock while testing the ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid but also pumped up the frequencies for an overclocked performance test which can be seen later on in the article. The ambient temperature in our testing environment stayed at At default clocks, we tested the card while running Battlefield 3.

Each test was ran under stressful conditions for 10 minutes before we gave the GPU a break for the next test. Following are the results obtained:. We noticed a slight increase in noise level but its nothing to worry about while playing games.

Following is the GPU-Z shot:. With these settings, we tested the card once again under stressful environment playing Battlefield 3 multiplayer.

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