How to Fix: Cannot Create Partition: No Free MBR Slots

Here are the most common options:. Click Ok, click Apply. Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation. If you are like us, you enjoy playing slots especially the real Vegas style games like Cleopatra , Bier Haus and Zeus. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. However, Sam's computer was from HP and they do things a little differently. Accidentally converted basic disk to dynamic!

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All I should have to do is change the "Unallocate Space After", which shows as active, however it will not allow me to go from 0. Hope someone can shed some light on this. Will it let you change the partition size? GParted live for cd and have fun moving the D partition forward once the C primary is reduced in size! Once you shrink the C down from gb to 50gb you then have to move the D partition first before you can even think of expanding the E partition that may also need to be moved forward as well in order to maintain it's integrity.

It will take a little more then one step, two step routine! First you are giong to making some drastic changes to the drive's layout and will want to Back everything important up! The "Ultimate" word of caution there in case something goes sideways on you? The best move would be to first back things up from the C and then shrink that down to where you want it.

Forget about expanding E but replacing it with a brand new partition in the empty space opened up where C was! Was that so hard now?

With the new let's say G partition your next move would be temporarily backing things up from the present D partition as you copy contents from the E over to it. Once done you dump the present afterwards you simply move the D towards the back of the drive allowing room to expand the new G out from gb to the desired gb. Hi Huffman, Can you post a screenshot of the PW main window?

That way we can see your partitions and understand what you want to do. You can't change the Unallocated space before or after the partition - because there is no unallocated space. You need to create some first.

Either by adjusting the middle option for partition size - or easier dragging the edge of the partition. If Your first partition is C, second is D and third is E reading left to right: Click Ok, click Apply. Click OK , click Apply That will take a while as data has to be moved.

Grab the RIGHT edge and push the E partition all the way to left - over the grey bit , then drag the right edge out as far right as it will go. Click OK, click Apply.

Again will take a few mins. The other thing I could add would be knowing just how drive space is free on the C primary before even making the attempt at reducing it. If you have 60gb presently on it at the moment oops! You will then have to remove things there to free up the primary before making any attempt. One thing you won't be able to do and not while in the Disk Management tool is attempting to shrink the C primary you are running Windows from.

For that you will need a 3rd party drive partitioning tool like GParted or another to avoid the problems typically when trying to resize any partition while running the OS installed on it. While there are a few "workarounds"? With multiple drives in use here you can see where the drives were originally split up for the 7 beta builds and later cleaned off for the RCs once XP and Vista were removed.

Those later became recovery partitions when trying out the backup tools now seen in 7 and eventually new images were stored on the additional storage drives now in use. You can see from the screenshot how much used space is on that partition - it's the yellow bit. Partition Wizard will do the job perfectly well, and very simply.

It's not only what is on C that will make the difference. That was simply a caution when planning any resizing of partitions. You first need to know how much drive space is used. The same will apply for the D and E partitions huffman has on the drive there. The first thing anyone will advise from the start however is making sure anything important is backed up from the drive itself especially anything unreplacable before making any large changes in case of any mishap.

The advantage of having extra drives here is being able to nuke any one of the 3 OS drives soon to be only 2 at any time or if?

I don't think you will see much on the full main screen, so I added just a part of it. I remember one time looking at GParted and could not make heads or tails of it, but I will look at it again. I wanted to partition it and went to disk management. OS suggested to break gb only and I partitioned it.

Now when I nall"New simple volume" on this unallocated space, everything went fine and on pressing Is it possible to create spanned dynamic disks when one is the boot disk? I am getting conflicting info. Problem is the empty is a dynamic and the boot is a basic. I have read that a boot disk I wasn't allowed to create another one partition. Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation.

All times are GMT The time now is Page 2 of 3. Find More Posts by siddhant19feb. Originally Posted by siddhant19feb OK Back in 4 hours. Find More Posts by Kaktussoft. Find More Posts by gregrocker. First convert win7 partition to logical before you can add a new logical partition!

Just follow the steps as described in 8. Just follow the steps as described in 8 I tried converting Windows 7 partition C to logical. But it shows a warning "It is a system partition. This may cause your system becme unbootable. Similar help and support threads.

Accidentally converted basic disk to dynamic! Recover data from a mistakenly converted dynamic disk to basic hey there, upon changing desktop computer and moving all the hard drives from one to another, my friend clicked on convert to basic instead of simply activating hard drive in computer mangement

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