What is a 'Donk Bet'? Is It Ever Correct?

If you're as good of a poker player as it seems, there's obviously no reason to have mupltiple personas at all and you probably have an edge over anyone. That's not always so, DominikNitsche explains. Funny that you should post this, as I was just thinking the same thing. Find Threads Started by JN8. Send a private message to Scrudge. Find Threads Started by mme.

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User Name Remember Me? Originally Posted by Hood. I say an equitable way of resolving this is PokerStars could extend you 4 days into to make SNE. Originally Posted by SwoopAE. ES account which hasn't been seen in a while? Maybe you're just complaining about the things you're interested in doing so when I think you could also explain other things Originally Posted by mme. Last edited by Mike Haven; at Lauraval, here is my suggestion to you. You lost 4 days, you still have 1 month left before the calendar year is over.

Try to make up those 4 days by playing more poker this month. Should be easy to make up for the 4 days. Stop posting here, and the other forum and concentrate on playing poker. We have no power to help you in your situation, really. Play hard and reach SNE and all your problem solved. He already made SNE apparently which makes this thread even more confusing. Originally Posted by BRpokah. Originally Posted by 39suited. Last edited by lauraval; at Originally Posted by lauraval.

What is it that confussing? I think I deserve that, at the very least VPPs. They have no value for me now, but I deserve it. How would you feel if PokerStars closed your account with no wrongdoing on your part and treated you like a delinquent? I mainly want PokerStars to admit their mistakes in this case. You didn't really lose anything. They locked your account to do some investigation and reopened only 4 days later. It's a good thing when sites investigate in my book, much better than turning a blind eye to MA'ing, collusion, etc Regarding cartels I agree they suck.

Please stop saying "closed", when a more accurate word would be "suspended". Your account was suspended for a few days while you were investigated. It's now back to normal. You haven't lost any money. You just lost your mind. Originally Posted by ArtySmokes. Originally Posted by SantaCruz. Kudos for standing up against the "mafia"! I hate all types of arrangements and software exploits which give an advantage away of the tables and have nothing to do with skill. LOL Stars owing you a compensation though.

This comes at a cost of a higher risk and as you seem and intelligent guy, I'm sure you're well aware of it. Your account being temporarily suspended for security investigation is probably on the top of the list of likely scenarios. Also, I can confirm that the way Stars handled the communication with you is completely standard in such cases. You're overreacting on it. OK, now I see that it is impossible to understand from the. At the Spanish forum, nobody has said anything against that, and as you can see here in post 35 even the mafia members that reported me understand that and do not believe that PokerStars can suspend my account due to that.

As the Spanish forum PS representative told me while my account was suspended, what was obvious to me and to anyone that knows the. This is what happened to PokerStars Security. I would never even think of opening a blog playing a role at. In the same way at.

Zyclonator comments at the Spanish forum long before anything I did had a huge impact on me. In fact, I think PokerStars has learnt from this. A couple of weeks ago I saw alvaro, another of the mafia members, saying at the tables "I discovered poker in February " when his opponent was congratulating him on his good year. But he has an account at PokerStrategy since June So, following the logic of PokerStars Security I reported him: Shouldn't Pokerstars suspend his account?

I know that they didn't at least not for more than 24h, because I've seen him playing every single day since then, Leaving this aside, I like that you want me to be that precise with my language I'm sorry that I said that they "closed my account for 4 days" instead of "they suspended my account for 4 days". I'm not a native English speaker. If they began saying "we have suspicions that some user, other than yourself, has used your account" I assume I'd quickly imagine that this comes from the role I was playing and I'd wait calmly knowing that nothing would happen.

This is a false positive. I just can wait to see what they say and then try to make them see that they're wrong I can never be sure that nothing will happen if this were the case. Someone has hacked my computer, which made me even more worried. I wrote them at 6am the day that they suspended my account telling them the malware that I had in my computer those days, that I had read that it was also a spyware, that I wondered if this could have something to do with this, Fine, I played a role that the OP of that thread didn't.

But this is a role that everyone at. Originally Posted by Monteroy. You should consider writing a thesis or a blog on this poker concept. Perhaps do a video which would also really clear up any remaining issues It kinda seems that you are wasting your time complaining that by temporarily closing your account to investigate the possibility of a woman playing on your account Stars may have prevented you from attaining a goal with monetary rewards by making it impossible for you to build toward such goal during the time of the investigation when you have already since attained such goal.

Also seems like a waste of time to complain so much about the language they used. It is too bad you didn't know it was going to be a few days so you could have gone to sleep and it would have been nice if they gave you some sort of timeline, but these things always take a few days at least. I also don't really understand all this drama. As I understand, you keep saying that you are better than all the other regs.

I assume this means you are better than them to a significant enough degree to beat the rake by a decent amount. If so, I don't see the problem. It's not easy to beat these kinds of players because in general they are gamblers who don't use poker skills to win, donks are willing to take a chance with any two hole cards regardless of their value or poker hand ranking.

With careful observation of the play on your table you should be able to recognize these players within the first 10 hands. Watch to see who is raising pre-flop and who calls, study their play to the showdown. If the raiser raised for no reason or the caller called with nothing you should make a note on these player, most online poker rooms allow you to write notes. You should label these types of poker players as Donks for future reference because when you got the nuts they will pay the price.

Losing with pocket aces or kings because your opponent pushes all-in pre-flop then beats you with something ridiculous like 2c3d or pocket 2's is just bad luck and you probably did the right thing calling but just accept it a gambling loss.

With high pocket pairs your odds are good pre-flop but you should always keep in mind that your opponent may have any pocket pair and flopped a set and could have you beat with three of a kind or full house. Also watch out for two cards of the same suit on the flop your opponent may have any two cards of the same suit and have you beat by the time you reach the river card. Play tight and assume they have you beat if they making bets bigger than the pot, save you stack for when you flop a set and use aggression on the donks within reasonable limits.

You should add the amount you have lost to the donkey in his player notes because one day when seated at the same table he probably won't remember you but you have details and information on him. Revenge is sweet, and you already know that he is a donk so you want to get this amount back from him if not double. The best way to beat a donk is to donk him back, it's far more rewarding when you beat him at his own game, when you finally think you have him beat on a hand make your play unpredictable by re-raising his bets and then checking like you're confused or missed the card you were hoping for, also play the hand quickly so he thinks you are making irrational decisions and will he will call your bets.

Once you have doubled your stack and taken the donks money it's probably best to leave the table while you're still up because you can be guaranteed you have got him all heated and he will want revenge.

Donks are really important to the game of poker because if everybody played poker correctly and made perfect decisions there wouldn't be much money to be made playing poker online.

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