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It's an album with a variety of moods and one which is destined, I reckon, to become known as one of Scaggs' best. We are a group of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Is this a paid topic or did you modify it yourself? I'm really surprised by this film since I was expecting the same old horror story thing that panders to the lowest common denominator so prevalent nowadays. Please permit me recognise in order that I may just subscribe.

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The customer service was fantastic!! Nice clean hotel, and they have live music entertainment every weekend. This is not a resort so there are usually no children around, It is just nice and relaxing for adults. The food is ok. Used to love coming to this casino. None of the restaurants were open, just the fast food. Went to get a new card to play and the man working was very Staff was very nice and very polite..

I will be back. This is an older hotel and casino. Doesn't have that many slots, but does have some of my faves. Gets smoky in the casino and just decor is older than others.

Its an okay place to go. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Sun - Sat Reviewed 4 days ago. Reviewed 4 weeks ago. We offer more than 1, slot machines and 40 table games including roulette, craps, blackjack, and poker. Extend your stay as a guest in our hotel. Open Now Hours Today: Can this place or activity comfortably accomodate people using a stroller?

Is this attraction a good place to visit on a honeymoon? Is this place or activity good for small groups less than four? Same band as The Liberation News Service from ' Mint Perfect copy of jangly '68 West Virginia faithful folk rock remake of Byrds.

Non-comp and excellent follow-up to their garage punker "Hey You. Band includes a young Peter Cetera pre-Chicago. Unknown 45 and non-comp--Great! Flip has pounding tambourine and non-comp. A-side totally different version than their Soma Pretty darm incredible track, amazingly non-comp, and super tuff to find as a stock instead of double-sided "Do Drop In" DJ promo.

A BIG personal favorite--Dig it!! M- stock copy small wol coh Awesome '67 CT heavy fuzzed-out popsike winner. This is the first issue and A-side was later released in '72 with "Oh Well" on Reprise Both sides amazingly non-comp.

Non-comp and perfect for a "Dose" comp so get it NOW before it's known!!! This is a killer disc and band features Ben Orr pre-Cars. Produced for a tomato company Hunts? Singer is a dead ringer for Mark Lindsay! A-side edited version 3: Includes Bernie Leadon pre-Eagles. M- '60's garage sound from '70's. My last mint copy so don't lose out!

Both on Sundazed CD reish. Both sides non-LP tracks. Both sides non-comp and relavtvely unknown Tuff 45 to score! M- DJ or stock '67 CA fuzzed-out super groovy instrumental psych tracks by legendary drummer.

Recommended if you don't know it! This 45 is the only way to get these unique mixes. His best rockin' 45! A-side on Shadows Falling CD. Both mono mixes from LP. One of their best 45s and tough to find--especially in this cherry condition! A-side great haunting ballad.. Both sides written by Michael Brown and flip was later a hit with the Cherry People. Both songs appeared on the Hot Parts soundtrack LP but here they are on a rare 45!

Best songs they EVER did together. Unique one-sided US press that wasn't released anywhere else. Very cool promo pressing with black not red type on white background. A-side off Bring Flowers To U. Boths songs alternate mono mixes and A-side edited from LP 2: VG sol xol Moody '65 IL harp wailin' folk rocker--their 1st release.

This version came out before the Grass Roots smash hit! Both sides alternate mono mixes from first LP. Very cool and unique disc! No surprise it scored a 10 in Teenbeat Mayhem! B-side is a non-LP track circa 2nd LP. Both sides alternate mono mixes and A-side is 2: The genre doesn't get much better than this! Flip is decent faux-Mersey mid-tempo groovy track. Alternate mono mixes from 2nd LP! Alternate mono mixes from their 1st Groundbreaking LP. Tough to score US Rare as US pressing!

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Boskovic's bacterium was developed as a germ warfare weapon, but the doctor and his partner who we saw burned to death by flame-thrower by government goons in the film's opening minutes stole it away from the government. Boskovic has the last vial of the bacterium and is trying to find an antidote to counteract it's effects, but the bac terium gets loose and begins growing, first attaching itself to the crazy doctor and slowly dissolving his flesh from his bones.

Beth, Jiggs and Brook are trapped in the house, unable to leave thanks to some government snipers posted in the woods with orders to kill anyone who comes outside. Karin Rayburn Shelley Dague and Chandler Andrew Michael Kranz enter the house to grab the vial, unaware that the bacterium is already on the loose. Chandler becomes the next victim, as the unfeeling Dr. Rayburn transmits live video to Major Larson Jessica Day of the organism feeding on lab animals and asexually reproducing.

The government has 48 hours to figure out a way to destroy the blobs dropping a nuclear device and blaming it on terrorists is discussed and finally decide to use a "black hole bomb" to destroy the threat, but what does this mean for the fate of Beth, Jiggs and Brook?

A motorcycle gang, led by Beth's ex-boyfriend, saves their hides just before the black hole bomb explodes and destroys not only the blob which has grown to enormous proportions , but also Major Larson and her team, in what turns out to be a huge underestimation of the range of the bomb.

All we have here is endless inane dialogue spoken by a cast of amateur actors some doing better than others, especially the guy who finds every conceivable way to say "Are you shitting me? To add insult to injury, the blob attack scenes aren't very bloody most attacks are achieved by running the film backwards or by simply applying green-colored peanut butter to the victims' faces , but Piper does finally used his patented low-tech stop-motion effects work in the finale, where a giant blob grabs a helicopter out of the sky.

The only real humor besides the "Are you shitting me? Bush and his backward-steps regarding science in general. The scientist who developed the bomb also seriously underestimates the range of the bomb, because when it goes off, it also obliterates Major Larson's communications station, killing everyone inside. Unfortunately, all the good stuff comes during the film's closing minutes, so I can't in good conscience recommend this to anyone.

One of the perks of running a genre website, but I don't feel obligated to give anything a good review because it was sent to me for free [in a plain white paper disc holder].

But you can watch it streaming. Another found footage flick about a reality series. As a director, Philip Granger is a great actor, but I do appreciate him not going the cheap route and making his first directorial film a found footage one, like most new directors do today. They very seldom work. So I thank Philip Granger for not going that route, when he easily could have, given the premise of this film. And here's the premise: Johnny Craig Jimmy Breau is the host of the reality series "America's Most Haunted" and it is taking a nose-dive in the ratings.

He promises his bitch of a female network executive that he has come up with a sure winner for a prime time special: He and his camera crew will go into the notorious Desmond Building, a place that no one has occupied since the 's.

Not even squatters will spend the night there. Here's a little history about the Desmond Building and the property it was built on: Legend has it, that in the early's, a tribe of peaceful Indians inhabited a beautiful pasture.

A young religious man, called Reverend McKensie, came upon this beautiful pasture and built a church, where he tried to teach the Indians about the ways of the Lord. The Indians denied the Reverend's teachings they had their own belief system and he took it upon himself to punish the heathens, vivisecting hundreds of innocent Indian women and children in retribution and in the name of heresy. The land was purchased for a fair price by Desmond Rothchild, not knowing the history of the land.

He decided to build a bank tower on the land that would rival all others. Every step of construction was cursed by evil, thanks to the Indian spirits that occupied the land. To this day, the building is poisoned by evil. The city tried several times to destroy the building, but the building always defended itself Which brings up a major question: Did it file injunctions with the legal system? The building was killing construction workers while being built and it is still killing people today, so the city has hired guards to patrol the outside perimeter of the building and all windows entering the building had sharp spike strips installed on the outside, to discourage anyone from breaking in.

The building has sat unoccupied since the 's. One useless piece of trivia about the building: Every room in this building was built separately. When one room was completed, another was started. No one seems to know why it was built this way and you will never find out.

I think we all can see where this film is heading. It opens with a barely conscious "urban explorer" a person or persons who explores abandoned places people usually never go and takes photos of their triumphs laying on the pavement next to the Desmond Building, covered with glass because he either jumped or was thrown from one of the building's windows. The opening credits then start with one of the most popular horror film tropes: It makes for good TV, even if it means nothing.

We then see a bum in the building One question: How did he get in there unnoticed? Johnny is also open with his crew about the history of the building and even mentions a "burn room"; a fire at a room in the building that killed several people but the fire went out by itself when it got to the room's door.

Johnny hopes to get footage of that room. Danny and Luke then take them through the sewer system and enter the building through the basement There's also a hole in the basement floor that is so deep, it could lead to Hell itself. Johnny and his crew do not know that their cameras are being fed into a limousine occupied by the show's Producer Simone Alexander and an unnamed male network executive and they are watching their every move while getting drunk.

Monica sees a strange male Native American ghost Kindall Charters standing on a piece of equipment, but when the producer watches the live feed, it looks like Monica is talking to no one I guess ghosts don't appear on digital tape.

I wonder if they do on analogue tape? Danny and Luke lead Johnny and his crew through some very tight corridors in order to get to the first floor without being detected There's a male guard that patrols the inside of the building.

Doesn't this building kill all humans inside it or are guards off limits? So many good questions, so few reasonable answers. They make it to the building's boiler room and Danny and Luke let Jimmy and his crew do their thing, while they do their own thing: Meanwhile, the urban explorers are interested in that deep hole and plan on exploring it later, so they mark it with an "X" with green tape.

Jessie is off on his own filming footage in one room, when it suddenly gets cold and he finds the corpse of the thief who tried to steal the copper and brass earlier in the film.

The sadistic male guard Glenn Hoffman finds Jessie and begins to beat him up, but Jessie escapes and runs for his life, with the guard closely behind him.

Johnny and Jana are trapped in a room where the ceiling is soaking with blood a really bad CGI effect , while Monica meets a female ghost Havanna Guppy. No thanks, I don't like pet fish.

A bad joke to a funny name. Jessie is still trying to avoid the sadistic guard, so he throws his two-way radio away to stop his other group members from trying to contact him Instead of throwing the radio away, why not just turn it off? The decisions made by Johnny and his crew makes me believe that "America's Most Haunted" doesn't deserve to be on the air.

While Johnny and Jana finally escape the blood-ceiling room, the sadistic guard gets locked in a large safe and screams for someone to save him. Jessie shows up at the safe door and says he will get some help after he yells through the door, "You're lucky I'm not a dickhead like you! Monica joins Johnny and Jana and they go looking for Jessie, while Jessie is trying to find them to help in freeing the guard.

Jessie notices the female guard Paige Farbacher outside and opens a window to alert her that her comrade is in trouble she can't get in touch with him because their radios won't transmit through the safe's thick metal walls. Jessie sticks his head out the window and it shuts on his neck, the spike strip on the outside of the window puncturing Jessie's head and killing him.

Danny and Luke find Jessie's dead body and bring it back to Johnny and his crew. Johnny originally blames Danny and Luke for Jessie's death until he watches Jessie's digital tape. Everyone thinks it's time to leave the building, but Johnny pulls out a gun and fires it into the air, saying no one is going anywhere until they get the footage they need Why aren't the female Producer or the male network executive calling anyone?

Are they that desperate to get the "money" shots? Well, if they are as inconsiderate as real-life reality programming executives, my answer would be a resounding yes. Monica should have listened to the advice the female ghost gave her, as blood begins to drip on Johnny's head from the ceiling above and the whole building goes full-tilt crazy, as it begins to shimmy and shake and Johnny loses his gun to Danny. The only trouble is that the building won't let anyone leave including the female guard, who is now inside , or as Johnny says, "The building is mad at us!

They find more bloody child footprints and follow them downstairs, when they discover the doorway they just went through is no longer there. What will they find? Do you actually care? Monica loses some fingers on her hand when a door slams shut on it. Jana gets killed in a bloody way that is not made clear. More people die but none of their deaths are memorable as a matter of fact, the film is not really violent at all and it fails as an atmospheric ghost tale.

The main problem with this film is the hole-filled screenplay which asks more questions and answers none of them that's not counting all the mistakes made in the film itself that we are suppose to take for granted. Where is the "burn room"? What did the male ghost say to Monica? Why is no one trying to help Johnny and his crew, since they are being monitored Director Philip Granger wants us to believe that the female Producer and the male executive aren't helping because they are getting drunk on champagne, but that's not the way being drunk works.

They are sitting in the back seat of the limousine, so it's not like they will get a DWI if they make a simple cell phone call. Why does Johnny turn into a giant prick with people he has known for years? How come none of the ghosts are dressed as Native Americans? As a matter of fact, the whole screenplay is akin to bringing your own ants to your picnic.

It just doesn't make sense. Even though I appreciate it not being a found footage film, it's still is still a poor excuse for a horror film there's also no nudity to go along with the weak violence. That's because there is not an original bone in the entire film. Maybe that's why this Canadian-made film hasn't found a distributor on disc yet except in Germany, where they will release anything.

People demand more than dreck like this when they spend their hard-earned money. If you're a member of Amazon Prime, you can see it for free streaming, but that is not something I recommend. Even though the film only runs 75 minutes, it seems three times as long. I would recommend Philip Granger remain an actor He's actually very good at that. Avoid it at all costs. To paraphrase what I use to say to my dog Tiny when he use to steal strips of bacon off my breakfast plate: Not Rated , but there's nothing here that really goes past a PG or a very soft R.

Sometimes I'm disappointed because he's made some bad career choices much like Lance Henriksen, who I'll also watch in anything , but he's usually good in these films anyway. He never telephones in a performance. I'm really surprised by this film since I was expecting the same old horror story thing that panders to the lowest common denominator so prevalent nowadays.

This is a somber, sometimes darkly funny, story of a serial murderer Dexter Miles McDowell who opens a barbershop in a remote Alaskan city where it stays in darkness 24 hours a day. When a pair of drunken hunters find the strangled body of a woman buried in the snow, the not too bright Chief Vance Corgan Jeremy Ratchford of TV's COLD CASE [ - ] must try to solve the crime as well as put up with the folks of this tiny town who don't think too kindly of him.

More women end up dead at Dexter's hands and he seems to make it look like Chief Corgan was involved. The Chief is relieved of duty and begins to investigate on his own.

He comes up with a vital clue that will prove that Dexter was the killer but as he is about to expose him in front of everyone in a bar, he is shot through the back with a shotgun by the first murdered woman's husband. Everyone, including Agent Crawley, believe that the Chief was the killer, so the case is closed.

It seems that Agent Crawley believed that the infamous Green River Killer was the murderer and that the Chief fit the profile. The coroner finds out the truth but is killed by Dexter, who then hitches a ride with Agent Crawley back to the States. I was really surprised by this film and especially liked all the performances.

I'm beginning to like Canadian-made films again, especially if they are as mind-provoking as this one. Ernst Harth and Vince Murdocco. A Velocity Home Entertainment Release.

How violent is it? Well, in the first ten minutes, five German-speaking male campers are killed by a backwoods cannibal clan in the following order: One has his dick cut off; another is eviscerated and the other three are brought back to the cannibals' home, where one is forced to drink acid until his face melts off his skull and his stomach opens-up from the inside-out , another has his head cut off with a serrated knife and the last one is torn apart and eaten alive.

We are then introduced to our three protagonists: The trio decides to get away from their troubles by camping out at Waterfall Lake which, ironically, contains no waterfalls. Yeah, you guessed it. They walk straight into cannibal country. As our hapless trio walk towards their destination, discussing their troubles and rekindling old romances, the cannibal clan, which includes a mute mother Manoush and her freak son Andreas Pape , kill some more campers axe to the head; machete to the neck and eat their flesh back at their cabin.

That night, a stranger named Marc director Timo Rose shows up at our trio's tent and warns them to leave immediately, but they ignore his warnings and tell him to go take a hike. David takes a walk in the woods alone always a good idea , where he is captured by the cannibal clan's third member, the hulking gasmask-wearing Goliath Sebastian Gutsche. We watch as Goliath tortures another man in a shed as David watches, cutting off his arm and then removing the poor fellow's liver with a pair of pruning shears and then eating it.

David is brought back to the cannibals' cabin and has his head smashed to a bloody pulp with a wooden chair. Michael and Nina go looking for David the next morning and when Michael's leg gets caught in a barbwire booby-trap, Nina leaves him there to go get help, but she gets hopelessly lost. Guess where she ends up? That's right, at the cannibals' cabin. She and Michael end up fighting for their lives when Marc reveals that he's also a cannibal family member and introduces them to even more members.

The finale is a total bloodbath of flying body parts, exploding heads and human organs, as Nina and Michael try to escape the clutches of the cannibal clan.

My God, make it stop! What is it with Germans and gore films? DVD release] or a coherent plot. The story here, written by Rose and Ted Geoghegan DEMONIUM - , is so generic and desperate, it is pitiful, especially when it is revealed that Marc is not only a member of the cannibal clan, he also makes snuff films of all the killings.

Leave it to those crazy Germans to throw a snuff film subplot into a gore film. Like Ittenbach, Rose has some sense of style with his camera, but ruins many of the shots with jackhammer editing, artificially scratching the emulsion to give it a "grindhouse" feel, over-processing the film to give it a washed-out look or an over-abundant reliance of screeching sound effects to put the viewer off-kilter.

All these tricks do is quickly give the viewer a migraine headache. If is only gore you are looking for, BARRICADE delivers it in buckets, but, personally, I'm growing tired of this whole "torture porn" subgenre and wish it would stop, or at least die a violent death. I tell them it's because there are so many good, influential films that they need to see. There are thirteen killings in this film and I will count them off in this review.

As she is wheeling herself into another room, someone slips a noose around her neck, kicks the wheelchair away and hangs her Killing 1. It is then revealed that the killer is her husband, Filippo Giovanni Nuvoletti. He places a suicide note next to his wife's body and is then viciously stabbed in the back by some unknown killer Killing 2. A few days later, four young adults enter the Countess' property in a dune buggy.

While three of them break into the mansion for some sex and disco dancing, Brunhilde Brigitte Skay goes skinnydipping in the bay, gets her foot caught on a rope and dredges-up the corpse of Filippo.

Before she can make it to the mansion to tell her friends about discovering the dead body, she is chased by someone, who graphically cuts her throat with a curved blade Killing 3. Robert Roberto Bonanni hears a noise outside, opens the front door and has his face cleaved in two by the same curved blade Killing 4. The killer pulls the blade out of Robert's face surprisingly graphic and as good as anything Tom Savini has ever done and enters one of the bedrooms, where Duke Guido Boccaccini and Denise Paola Rubens are making love.

The killer runs a spear through their naked bodies, pinning them to the mattress their death throes look like they are still humping! Renata wants to know more about her father, Filippo They hope to inherit the Countess' millions.

This news doesn't sit too well with Renata or Albert, so they go and see fisherman Simon by the dock on the bay and, no, he isn't sitting! While they are talking to him, they find her father's dead body in Simon's boat his face is engulfed by a live squid, which is very unnerving!

He tells them that he found the body floating in the lake. Renata gets sick, so she goes to the mansion to wash her face in a bathroom, where she discovers the mutilated bodies of the four young adults. Albert checks up on his wife and sees Paolo running out the door. Renata explains to Albert what she has done and tells him he must kill Paolo before he calls the police. Albert strangles Paolo as he is on the phone Killing 7 and when Anna sees Frank's body, someone lops her head off with the hatchet Killing 8.

Renata then tells Albert that she killed Anna and that they must get rid of Simon so they can inherit the fortune. Simon accuses Laura of killing Filippo, but she tells him that Frank killed him. A flashback ensues, where we find out what actually happened to Countess Federica on that fateful night. Frank and Laura wanted to buy the bay and the area surrounding it, but the Countess refused because Frank wanted to industrialize the area, ruining its natural beauty.

Laura became Filippo's mistress, using sex as a way to get him to kill his wife. The rest is history. When Laura tells Simon the story, he strangles her with his bare hands Killing 9.

This triggers another flashback which shows us that Frank paid Simon to kill his wife These people are despicable! Back in the present, Albert kills Simon by impaling him with his own fishing spear, pinning him to a wall Killing Frank tries to kill Albert, but he gets the upper hand, killing Frank instead Killing This triggers a fast-forward, where we see Frank and Renata standing outside, Frank burning the Countess' will, thereby letting them inherit her fortune.

What they don't see in all their giddiness is someone pointing a shotgun at them. Their young son, who turns to his little sister and says, "Mommy and Daddy are sure good at playing dead!

You can't live with them and you sure can't kill them! Bava was also a master with the camera he also was cinematographer on this film , knowing how to turn the most ordinary things into something creepy and dangerous He does it here with squids.

I know he is trying to get squids to represent a symbol of something deplorable, but they just come off as creepy. I have no idea why some people eat them. I guarantee they wouldn't be if they watched this film! What amazes me is that Bava didn't get the recognition he so richly deserved until after his death in Released theatrically in the U.

But it's the Blu-Ray , from Kino Lorber, that you should buy. While it is short on extras just some trailers for other Bava films that are on Kino's roster , it contains the U. S theatrical version in Italian or English dubbed. For once, the English dub is not intrusive, as most of the actors are speaking English and the alternate European release in Italian with optional English subtitles which adds more exposition to the film.

Both versions look absolutely marvelous and show-off Bava's mastery behind the camera. Be sure to listen carefully in the beginning of the film to learn what a "squonk" is. Frank's description is a good reference to how all of the people in this film behave. I consider this a masterpiece of Italian horror. The theatrical version is Rated R. The European version is Not Rated. He's not far off. The back story of the film is actually better than the film itself.

It was shot on 8mm in and distributed by Cinema Home Video on VHS in with the first 20 minutes cut out to pick up the pace. When less than copies were sold, it was pulled from distribution, hopefully never to see the light of day again. Being the badfilm freak that I am, I had to buy a copy. If I could stick my own foot up my ass as punishment, I would. Have you noticed that my ass gets a lot of mentions in my reviews?

I wonder what Freud would have to say about that? The film has a bunch of college students running into a spaceship that has crash-landed in the woods and the little creatures that make GHOULIES look like masterpieces of special effects begin to devour them, using their flesh to repair the ship, which is made up of living tissue.

Needless to say, the nerd of the group, Nelson Eric C. Bushman , and his underage new girlfriend Laura Denise Mora are the only ones that can stop the menace.

Nelson steals an egg from the ship in hope of finding a way to destroy the aliens. Other college students, including Nelson's best friend Chubbs James Jeffries go to the Sheriff Ted Esquivel to report the UFO, but are sent home because Chubbs has a predeliction of pissing on vehicles, one of them being the Sheriff's. There's also a subplot about a bunch of punks, led by Hammerhead Eric Delabarre , who worship an evil man called Osires Hector Yanez who is somehow linked to the spaceship and the aliens.

Osires and Nelson are somehow connected and a "surprise" ending explains it all and it's a doozie! Where do I begin to tell you how bad this is? It contains nudity and blood, but the girls are butt-ugly and the gore is of the grade school variety. The sets are threadbare and the acting is beyond the point of being surreal.

The action scenes, including one of the worst knife fights ever committed to film When the girl's throat is cut, blood squirts from the wrong part of the knife.

Is it the worst horror movie ever made? I don't think so, but it comes damn close. It's at least better than those SOV pieces of shit that float around on video compilations from Brentwood. No label available since it is self-distributed. Bill Foster John Ashley, who did more for Filipino cinema in the 70's besides Roger Corman , Sheila and Carlos both who are not seen in this film are leaving Blood Island, there was a little surprise in the life boat of their ship.

The chlorophyll monster who is actually Carlos' mutated father pops up out of the life boat with an axe and begins to chop up the crew I must remind you, this was a PG-Rated film, but there is nothing in the gore and nudity department that is held back and then throws a drum of flammable liquid at the crew from an upper deck. After slaughtering a few more of the crew including a stupid one who is holding a torch right next to the leaking flammable liquid , the boat catches on fire and explodes.

Bill calls out Sheila's name a couple of times and is blown overboard, he being the only survivor. Well, he's the only human survivor. The chlorophyll monster washes ashore and runs through the jungle as the opening titles appear. Six months later, as Bill has been rescued by the natives of Blood Island and he goes back to the mainland, he decides to make the trip back to Blood Island, because he hears that Dr. Bill wants to stop Dr.

Lorca and his experiments once and for all. Bill doesn't like the idea at all, but you know Bill: There hasn't been a woman he hasn't taken to bed. Right now, Bill has nothing but vengeance on his mind, due to Sheila's murder and Dr. Lorca using the natives as his own experimental subjects. When they get to Blood Island, Bill notices that the village has moved, but the Captain Beverly Miller, who is a man in case you were wondering said the village probably moved because the fishing was better, but Bill knows that is a bullshit excuse.

The natives are scared of Bill because "the evil one touched you" and many villagers are missing, including beautiful native girl Laida's Liza Belmonte father, who she blames on Bill When M. Laida also blames Bill for the village moving, because the land it use to be on is now cursed.

Bill talks to old friend, village elder Ramu Alphonso Carvajal, who returns from the previous film. Ramu, who is not too pleased with Bill, tells him that the "green people" are still roaming the jungle and kidnapping or murdering their residents. That night, someone pulls the wire from the generator and the electricity goes out. Bill who is never without a pistol checks out the generator and M. The following morning, Bill, M. Lorca, who everyone on the island thinks is dead because he hasn't been seen since the explosion at the cave six months earlier.

They do find a camoflaged tunnel, but before Bill can find the triggering mechanism to open it, they find a building full of rotting native corpses and M. Bill kills the cobra with his pistol and rescues M. With the help of Laida and some natives, they keep an eye on the late Mrs. Lorca is still alive and secretly living there. Bill and Laida see a light shining in one of the windows and when they go to the room, they find a severed human head on a table and Razak lurking around.

Bill thinks the hidden tunnel is the key, so he finds the hidden mechanism to open it and they all go inside it is actually a huge underground cavern. It leads to an outside camp on the other side of the island, which is patrolled by Dr. Lorca's guards and Razak is leading them. Bill comes up with a plan: He will follow the guards and M. Bill will leave a trail the group can follow once they come back. Laida insists that she goes with Bill and this is one lady you don't say "No!

Razak leads his group and M. They set up camp for the night, where one of the guards tries to rape M. All this happens after M. Bill and Laida still manage to keep close tabs on M. Bill and Laida settle down for the night and Laida wants to make love with Bill more female bare breasts , but Bill is still hurting over Sheila's death and can't go through with it.

Laida, a normally tough woman, actually understands. We then switch to Dr. Lorca and find out why the chlorophyll monster hasn't been attacking natives for the past six months: Lorca has actually removed the chlorophyll monster's head and tries to transplant native heads on the monster's body, while the head of the monster watches.

Lorca knows that the monster's head can talk, but it never says anything to him. We watch one particularly disgusting scene of Dr. Lorca removing a native's head from his body I'm not even certain the MPAA would let this get by with an R-Rating today without some edits and try to transplant it on the monster's body, but the transplant fails.

Lorca and Razak leave the room, we hear the head of the monster say, "The day may come soon, Lorca! Lorca, thinking Lorca will not kill him the logic here is just mind-numbing! They decide to attack at night under the cover of darkness.

Bill is captured by Razak He says, "Is the doctor in? Lorca that he is on his side because the government gave him no other choice but for him to resign, otherwise he faced time in prison all of it is a lie; or is it? Lorca believes the chlorophyll monster is harmless while its head is removed, but he will soon find out that is not the case. In the meantime, Bill and M. Bill's plan goes into action, just as Razak picks another green-skinned native to be the recipient of losing his noggin for science.

Bill's crew surround the camp and the generator is destroyed, just as Dr.

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