Glossary of poker terms

Button A white acrylic disk that indicates the nominal dealer. Note that if you play the board, the best you can do is split the pot with all remaining players. The highest possible trips. Chirping is what happens after someone wins a pot and suddenly becomes talkative. Split Pot When two or more players make the same hand and the pot is divided between equivalent high hands.


Chip Tricks

Blind The generic term for either the big blind or the small blind. If you are one of the blinds, you are sitting either immediately to the left of the dealer button small blind position or one position farther left big blind. Board The community cards that everyone uses in combination with their pocket cards to form the best hand. Bubble In a tournament, the bubble is the top finisher out of the money.

For instance, if there are players in a tournament and the top 45 get paid, then 46th place is known as "the bubble. Burn The discarding of the top card before each betting round. In the case that there is a distinguishing mark on the top card, the burn card keeps the next card to be dealt concealed before it comes out. That way no unfair information is being intentionally or unintentionally conveyed. Button The position of the dealer. In live poker, it's usually denoted by placing a plastic disk in front of the dealer.

It rotates clockwise each time the dealer shuffles for a new hand. The button is in an advantageous position, for he acts last in a betting round.

Buy-In The cost to enter a tournament, or the minimum amount needed to sit down in a cash game at a specific table.

Usually 20 times the big blind. Call To contribute the minimum amount of money to the pot necessary to continue playing a hand. Check To pass on betting. If there's no action bet to you, there's nothing to call. If you don't want to bet, you can just "check.

Check-Raise A check-raise is made when a player checks on the first opportunity to bet and later raises any subsequent bet in the same betting round.

Cold Call To call two or more bets on your turn. If a pot has been bet and raised before it gets to you, and then you call, you're cold calling.

Connector Sequential pocket cards. A 5 of clubs and 6 of hearts would be connectors. If the connectors are the same suit, they are "suited connectors" - e.

Community Cards Cards that are dealt face up in the center of the table, available for all players to use in making a hand. Counterfeit A duplicate card on the board that greatly devalues your hand. If you have a pair of 6's in your hand, and the board is ace-ace, and the river card is a 7, you've been "counterfeited.

Any other player with a card higher than a 6 in his hand now beats your hand. Cut-Off The position to the immediate right of the button. Dealer The player who shuffles the deck and deals the cards.

Dealer Button The button often a plastic disk in live poker that indicates the dealer. It is passed clockwise after every hand. Draw Remaining in a hand in the hopes of improving it. For example, you don't have anything concrete yet, but need one or more cards for a straight or a flush. If you call or raise a round of betting to see if the needed card s come, you are said to be "drawing.

You can also draw for a three of a kind, full house, or better. Draw Out To receive a card that transforms your hand from a losing hand to a winning hand. Drawing Dead You're drawing, but it's futile because there is not one card in the deck that will create a winning hand for you. If you have two pairs and hope to make a full house on the river, but your opponent already has four of a kind, you are "drawing dead.

Flop The first three community cards dealt out after the first round of betting is complete. Flush A poker hand consisting of five cards of the same suit.

Fold To give up by placing your cards face down on the table, losing whatever you have bet so far. You only fold when you think your hand is too weak to compete against the other players. Four of a Kind A hand containing all four cards of the same rank. Full House A hand consisting of a three of a kind and a different pair. Gutshot A straight completed from "inside" by one possible card.

For example, if your pocket cards are 5 and 6 and the flop shows king, a 7 and only a 7 on the turn or river would complete your "gutshot" straight. It is the opposite of an open-ended straight, which is completed by any one of two cards from the outside. A gutshot is half as likely to hit as an open-ended straight.

Hand Five cards, made of a player's pocket cards and the community cards. Heads-Up Playing a pot or tournament against only one other player. Implied Odds Taking future calls from your fellow players into consideration when you are drawing to something. If you draw successfully, you expect they'll call with their hands.

These funds are speculative and not concrete, as they aren't in the middle yet and won't be unless you hit your card and they call your bets - hence, "implied. Kicker If you have the same hand as another player at showdown, the one with the highest kicker wins the pot. If the board is , and you have ace-king and your opponent has king-queen, you win because your ace beats his king. Your ace is the "kicker.

Limp Slang word for calling, implying it's not an aggressive move. Limit A structure of the game in which bets and raises are capped at a fixed amount. Muck All the discarded cards in a hand. The term 'buried' follows aloing the lines of 'stuck' as a more severe way of describing being at a deficit in a poker game or gambling session. Buried Pairs are 'pairs in the hole', or two downcards of the same value.

It's a term used in stud poker to differentiate itself from a 'split pair. Busted either refers to a draw that failed to hit or when a player loses all his or her chips in a tournament. But How Much Did You Lose is a classically annoying question asked of poker players by outsiders to the game in the context of a discussion about winning, read more. Buying the button describes two completely different things in poker - a procedure that involves posting both of the antes.

Second, a limit hold 'em move. Cambodia is a bizarre hand nickname that originated in NYC for the hole cards 74o suited is known as 'Cambodian Slick'.

The term Canine is slang for a specific hand for a hand in holdem when someone is dealt any combination of K9. Card dead is a way for a poker player to state that he is 'running bad' by noticing that he has not recently received many playable poker hands.

Cardrack is a poker slang term that means someone is experiencing a hot run of cards. Being a cardrack is sort of the opposite of being 'card dead. Cards speak is a regulation in poker games that outlines the fact that an exposed hand will always 'play' or be considered 'live. Care Bears is a term used by the unlikeable Eric Molina at the WSOP to take the place of curse words so that he would not get penalized for swearing.

The term cashout is used when a player takes their money off of an online poker room or turns in poker chips at the cashier at a casino. Catch is referenced in poker as when you hit a card you need on a draw or when you call someone and expose their failed bluff attempt. The term chameleon is a reference to a player that changes and varies their style of play from wild to tight at a moment's notice. To check in the dark is to check before seeing what the next card is dealt on the board.

The term Checked Around describes when a hand is in a multi-way pot and all players in the hand check on a given street. Chino is a verb that describes the fine art of borrowing money from poker players with no specific way of repaying the loan.

Chip and a chair is an expression that is somewhat similar to 'it's not over until it's over: Chirping is what happens after someone wins a pot and suddenly becomes talkative. It is a representation of the mood swings that exist in a poker game. When one wants to chop the blinds, it means the hand only has the small and big blinds left and they both decide to kill the hand and take back their blinds. Having your opponent in a clamp indicates that your hand is so much stronger than his, it will require nearly super-human strength to escape and win the hand.

Clicking buttons is meant to denote an instance when an online player seems to be playing erratically--essentially randomly clicking buttons. Coffeehousing refers to the act of talking during a poker, hand, usually in an effort to gain information, sometimes in the form of needling.

When a player makes a cold call, it is when they are faced with a raise and have no money in the pot already and make a call. A cold deck in poker is equivalent to a 'cooler. A combo draw is a hand that has multiple draws to different hands such as both a straight and a flush.

When you are 'on the come' in poker, it refers to the fact that you are drawing; it is also one of the most common bets in a game of craps. The comeup is a poker slang term used to describe a positive series of results in a gambling situation that nets an extraordinary profit. Completing is a concept that arises in stud games and refers to a bet made after the bring in that is eqal to the amount of the lowest betting limit.

It derives its name from a computer simulation of starting hands. A continuation bet is when a player bets out at the flop who was the raiser during the previous round of betting. The contributed rakeback method is a way of calculating the amount of rake a player accumulates by only counting the times that player puts money in the pot.

The term 'cool million' is simply an ironic way of referring to one million dollars in a poker situation. Such as, 'He bought in for a cool million. Coordinated boards are the opposite of ragged boards in poker.

The term Countdown to Busto refers to when a player always breaks bankroll management and his or her friends begin a countdown to when they are broke. Counterfeited describes a poker situation where a hand that once had value of its own has been rendered null and void due to the board texture.

The slang term Crabs is a nickname for the starting hand of 33 in Hold'em, a reference to how a 3 looks like a sideways crab. Cracking cards means overcoming a strong hand with a weaker one. It's often used in conjunction with cracking aces or a pocket pair. A cranberry is gambler parlance for a poker chip that is worth twenty-five thousand dollars. It is called a cranberry because of its reddish hue. Credit Card Roulette is a randomized way to gamble on communal costs; it is often used by poker players to determine who picks up the check at a restaurant.

Crowbar is another term invented by NYC legend Alfonse, in which he would taunt his opponents by stating that he would 'crowbar' them, beating them in a hand. Crying call refers to a situation where you are likely to be paying off your opponent and less likely to be calling with the best hand.

A dangler refers to a card in Omaha that is one card that doesn't work well with the other three cards in a hand. The term dark is an action declared by a player first to act after the better round closes but before the next card is revealed. A Dark Tunnel Bluff is a repeated continuation bet on multiple streets based on the belief you have to bet but do so without thinking why.

A dead blind is posted when a player returns to a game after leaving the table while the game was still running. A dead button is when a player leaves the table as the button is about to placed on him. Dead cards refer to cards that would be useful for making a poker hand but have already been exposed or discarded. Dead cards are critical for computing outs. A dead hand is one that has been disqualified from play typically due to a rules infraction.

The dealt rakeback method is a way of calculating the amount of rake a player accumulates by counting every time that player is dealt a hand in a raked pot.

Deuce is the preferred, if not unanimously used, term for a 'two' in poker. If you say you have a 'pair of twos' it is likely that you will be mocked. The term 'dime' is a classic example of gambler lingo, as it reduces the substantial amount of one thousand dollars to a metaphorical unit of one small coin.

A dirty out is when a player has a given amount of outs but when several of those outs actually might give an opponent a better hand. A dirty stack is a stack of chips that has mixed denominations within it.

The hand 95 any suit is referred to as the Dolly Parton because of her role in the famous s movie 9 to 5. Dominated is a term used when one hand is a significant underdog to another hand. The title of donator is given to someone who routinely spews his money at the poker tables or generally plays losing poker.

A oft-used expression on poker forums, the term doomswitched refers to a player running bad. In other words, they've been getting unlucky. Door card, also know as the window card, is the first card visible in a stud hand, or the first card revealed by the dealer as he spreads the flop.

A Double Belly Buster is a hand with 2 gut-shot straight draws. A double gutter is a draw to eight outs for a straight, It is equivalent to an open-ended, or 'up-and-down' straight draw, but looks different. Downswings in poker are a series of negative long term results. One losing session does not constitute a downswing, but a net losing result does. Drawing Thin is a term used to describe when a player is drawing to very few outs.

Dream table is a phrase poker players employ to describe a table draw in a poker tournament in which they are facing off against especially weak players. A dry board in poker refers to a flop that is not a coordinated and and most likely safe grouping of cards. The hand 22 in Hold'em is referred to as Ducks since the number 2 resembles the profile of a swimming duck. The term 'dust off' referes to the act of losing money in a poker game or gambling situation in a frivolous or unthinking manner.

Edge is a concept that is almost as intrinsic to poker playing as 'EV' and describes the relationship a player's possibilities of success in a poker game. A face card is a card that has a face on it, meaning any King, Queen or Jack. Fade, or 'fade outs' is a poker term that indicates a player had to dodge many outs in order to win a poker hand.

Related to the term 'hold. Fifth Street is the fifth card dealt in a Stud game or the river card in a game of Hold'em or Omaha. The slang term Fill Up describes when two pair or a set hits a card - usually when the board pairs - that turns their hand into a full house. A fish is an inexperienced poker player. It's also called the sucker. Made famous by the movie read more.

Fist pump is a metaphorical expression for a situation in which you are very happy to be calling or going all in during a poker hand. Flag is the slang term for a casino chip that has a value of five thousand dollars. Flags often get stored or exchanged for use in large buyin games. Flat, or 'flatting' refers to calling a poker bet as opposed to raising. It may also refer to a style of tournament payout structure.

To flop a set is to hit a third card of its kind while holding a pocket pair. Forced bets are simply antes and blinds, or any kind of bet that is required from each player at the table at random in order to generate action. Forward Motion is a rule held by most casinos constituting any movement of chips towards the pot to be a committing action. Four of a kind refers to when a player holds all four cards of the same rank.

The term four to a flush refers to when a player has four cards, but not five, towards a flush and is drawing to get the fifth card of that suit. Fourth Street is the fourth card dealt in a game of Stud or the turn card in a game of Hold'em or Omaha. When a poker player is in a frenzy, he is usually on tilt for an extended period of time.

Degenerate behavior and poor decision making are common. Similar to Sklansky Bucks, G Bucks are a more accurate way to estimate your equity after running a certain scenario over and over. Gamey, related to the expression 'running game,' is a phrase in poker circles meant to indicate that a particular play or action might not be 'on the level.

The term 'gapper' is usually heard in the form of 'one-gapper,' 'double-gapper' etc. It refers to the space between two hole cards, the opposite of a connector. Gears refers to a trait possessed by some poker players who vary their play, as opposed to being stuck playing one particular style or another. A gift in poker is similar to a 'donation' and refers to a poker play that is so glaringly bad, it amounts to one player simply giving his opponent the pot.

GodMode is a reference in the poker world to a donkey that always comes up with the nuts. Going South is the generally frowned upon practice of taking money off the table after winning some pots. A grinder in poker is someone who plays significantly over-bankrolled while also playing a style that will slowly win them money at a consistent pace. Ground skinner is the southern poker player's version of the term 'walk.

A Guarantee is used in poker when a casino or online poker room puts out a guaranteed prize pool amount for a tournament. The term gypsying refers to a situation in double-limit games where players open by calling the blind.

Hachem Syndrome describes the completely unnatural sense of entitlement that some WSOP champions are overcome by in the years following their victory. The term hand for hand is when a money bubble is approaching and multiple tables will play a hand and wait until all other tables are finished to start next.

A hanger is a card at the bottom of the deck that sticks out further that the rest and is a sign of cheating. The hero in a poker hand is the one you are taking the perspective of while watching it happen either live or in a hand history. A hero call is when a player makes a marginal call solely based on a pure read or gut feel.

High card refers either to a poker ranking, such as 'ace-high' or to the process of dealing out cards in order to give some reward to the highest card. When ordering stacks of high society, you are asking for a stack of the highest denomination of chips at that casino or card room.

Hit By the Deck is an expression used to indicate that a poker player is experiencing an unusually good run of cards in a short period of time.

Imitating Big Slick AK. Hands involving Queens are often derogatory, especially if they don't win. Named after the foam cleaner due to the phonetic similarity between "Ajax" and "Ace-Jack", or "A-Jacks".

Named after the card game in which AJ Or an Ace with a picture card or 10 is the highest possible hand. Likely to be named after the American Football player A.

It's speculated that Johnny Moss is associated with this hand because he began playing poker at the age of 10 [50]. From the movie [31]. A corruption of the last name of Mike McDermott, the character played by Matt Damon in the movie Rounders , whose fortune rode heavily on this hand. Chris Ferguson beat T. Asterix and Obelix [51]. Asterix represents the Ace due to the matching initial with Obelix representing the 8 due to their similar shape.

Nicknamed Slapshot as a hockey reference as sevens are sometimes called hockey sticks and aces are bullets [42]. Airplane and sex [49] Aces are often nicknamed after planes due to their shape, "six" in German is pronounced as sechs similar to "sex".

Singer famous for the song Sixteen Tons [53]. An Ace is high, combined with a five gives us a high five. Aces are synonymous with flying e.

Ungar won the last of his three World Series of Poker Main Event titles in with this hand, making a straight. The disappointment inherent in seeing an Ace, then seeing the top half of the four and assuming it is another Ace. The unhappy surprise occurs when the player realizes he does not have two Aces. Nicknamed Baskin-Robbins because of their 31 different flavors of ice cream.

A portmanteau of " Thr ee" and " Ace ", also named after the historical and geographic area in southeast Europe Thrace [55]. From the game Acey Deucy [56]. Playing number of St. Kilda Captain, Nick Riewoldt Aces are known as bullets and twos are known as ducks, hence hunting season [50].

Ace Magnets because the ace is the only card you don't want to see [50]. Named after the film that depicts the complex romantic and sexual relationship between two cowboys KK also being called "Cowboys". Reference to invasion of Iraq and the most-wanted Iraqi playing cards. The nickname is probably given for a number of reasons, including the association between cowboys and playing poker, the similarity between the "K" of "King" and the "C" of "Cowboys" and both characters are male.

It could also come from a common nickname of the King card- the "Cowboy". Named after the "King" of Rock and Roll. From King Kong [31]. Kangaroos are used on children's alphabet cards to illustrate a K [31].

An alliteration; the nickname of former Liverpool player Kenny Dalglish , who would soon be manager of Liverpool , Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United.

If it loses [31]. A Spanish King and Queen [31]. Lucille Ball and Ricky "the King and queen of television" [31]. If it wins, comes from the game Pinochle [31]. Comes from the game Pinochle [31]. This is reference to Othello and Desdemona, the fated couple from William Shakespeare 's play Othello. Possibly also a reference to 'Mixed Marriage'.

A King and Queen [31]. The "signature hand" of "Bill Fillmaff", a character parodying poker professionals in general and Phil Hellmuth in particular, portrayed by Internet personality Kevin Bowen [61]. Starsky and Hutch [62]. A reference to Wisconsin poker player "Big Al" Emerson [50]. Imitation of K-T [31].

A portmanteau of " K ing" and "T en ". Possibly from the legend of King Edward and the Woodcutter [31]. A derivative of canine [31]. Rin Tin Tin [59]. Byron 'Cowboy' Wolford says: Milton Butts and I were playing poker in Bryan, Texas, where they had a good game going on the weekends.

We'd been playing for a couple of days when a hand came up in which I had a K I made a pretty good hand with it, but lost the pot and went broke. As I was driving back home to Houston with Milton, feeling kind of disgusted about going broke with that K-9, we passed by a sawmill where a man was sawing logs in the lumberyard. And that's how K-9 got named "Sawmill. A portmanteau of " K ing" and "Eight " [55].

What the 'King ate' [31]. The Columbia River is famous for its salmon runs. Sounds like Kevin [64]. Nicknamed "Kicks" if Pig Latin is used for phonetic reasons [55]. Their news team's slogan is "The Home Team" [55]. A portmanteau of " K ing" and "F our ".

Fork Off offsuit [59]. From Alaskan King Crab [31]. A derivative of King Crab [31]. Best hand he played [31]. The home of all-you-can-eat King Crab [31]. An unconfirmed reference to German poker player Andreas Fritz [55].

A reference to Donald Duck, [55] the "King" of ducks since 2s are also known as "ducks". An unconfirmed reference to Canadian poker player Kevin Zepik. Named for the resemblance K2 has to the initials "KZ". A reference created by Chris Hinst during his weekly poker night. Named because he kept getting this same hand. No explanation found, but the nickname is likely to come from Cowgirls the female equivalent of Cowboys KK.

Calamity Jane was also a friend of Wild Bill Hickok , a gunfighter who died during a poker game. Because Canadians revere the Queen of England [49]. Very pretty but seldom win. Because they're the only female cards.

Queens tend to have derogatory names, especially when they lose, so Ladies is more likely to be used when they win. Reference to Harriet Tubman [31]. A gay reference [31]. Probably because they're the shape of a traditional snowshoe. From the Maverick TV show theme song, "Livin' on jacks and queens.

Maverick is a legend of the west" [31]. The big hand in the game Pinochle [31]. Named for Everett Goolsby, well known Texas gambler. Quentin Tarantino , a famous movie maker [58]. A backronym of QT. A Q-tip is a cotton swab. It always gets beat.

A vulgar reference to analingus , what the 'queen ate' [31]. Nicknamed " Kuwait " for phonetic reasons [50]. From an apocryphal story that a computer proved that these were the most commonly occurring cards on the Flop.

A reference to Daisy Duck , [55] the "Queen" of ducks since 2s are also known as "ducks". See also "Donald" — K2. A reference to Queen Elizabeth II. They look like them, and because fish get beat with overpairs [31].

Like the rapper, they rock [31]. Starts with J [31]. Named after the Jacks from the card game Euchre where jacks are the highest trumps and are called bowers, in turn from the German Bauer literally, farmer. An alliteration, former Finnish footballer and Charlton Athletic forward, nicknamed 'JJ' by the fans.

An alliteration, John Juanda is an American professional poker player. Both side views [31]. After the '80s action drama starring William Shatner [58]. Jacks and nines are wild in the game of braggars [31]. He 'ate Jack', serial killer who ate his victims [31]. Sounds like jacket [31]. Named after Jack Daniel's Old No. Say it rhythmically, jacks and sixes, jacks and sixes [31].

Michael Jackson 's childhood group [31]. Record label for Jackson Five [31]. Named after John "Austin Squatty" Jenkins due to his penchant for raising and reraising with this hand [31].

What's a 'jack for'? After a poker dealer who when he played was "liable to go off at any moment" [70]. The Prince and the Pauper suited. After the novel set in , which tells the story of two young boys who are identical in appearance: They end up changing places. Nicknamed Heckle and Jeckle after twin cartoon jaybirds 2 Jays that first appeared on television in Heckle and Jeckle were, in fact, magpies. Popular English phrase referring to "nothing", in this context referring to the fact there is a Jack with the worst possible kicker and also something widely regarded among poker players as a "nothing" hand.

In Binary , equal 10 in decimal notation. Actress from movie 10 [42]. A dime is a coin worth ten cents or one tenth of a United States dollar.

Countdowns usually start at ten, nine The difficult Seven-ten split [31]. His favorite hand [53]. A bowling reference, a seven-ten split [31].

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