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If your browser doesn't ask you, try these steps:. We were very full by the end of it, but we still felt great. Notify me of new posts via email. Wife chose kale and it felt more like a small salad than poke bowl. We both chose to make our own bowl, we chose the white rice as our base, the tuna and salmon for protein, we chose pineapple, orange pieces, edamame and scallions for toppings, the marinade we chose was spicy mayo. The show, which runs Oct. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead.

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All the ingredients were very fresh, the fish is exactly the same grade you'd see in high end sushi. We tried the north shore steam buns for an appetizer, the buns were very soft with a touch of sweetness and again all the ingredients were very fresh. We came to this restaurant when it was fairly new and we felt the food was lacking flavor, specifically the sauce options.

I did however notice on their current menu that was online that they have eel sauce and spicy mayo, if they would've had those sauces when we went, I truly believe the bowls would have been a lot more enjoyable and unfortunately because of this we have found that Publix carries bowls with spicy mayo and eel sauce for a lot less, that taste just as great. However if your looking for a sit down restaurant, this place would be great now that they've expanded their sauces.

The Hawaiian beach theme is clear throughout and the restaurant is nice and quiet, for those of you looking to relax or carry on a conversation. I really wanted Poke for lunch one day and didn't know any places close to work so I broke out the trusty Yelp app.

The Poke House is located in a nice shopping center on Federal. The decor is Hawaiian themed right down to the cans of Spam on the tables.

It was really clean and bright. I ordered a make your own bowl with green rice, spicy tuna and sesame soy marinade. You can pick four different mix ins, a crunchy addition and a sauce on top yay spicy mayo. They have a great assortment of choices so there is something for everyone. Everything was really fresh and tasty and a regular size was perfect for lunch.

My only complaint is that you order at the register and not in front of the guys making your bowl. I'm a visual person so being able to see the ingredient as I'm choosing what I want in my bowl would be nice. Other than that I really liked the place and will go back. Good food nice cool well Decorated place! Many options to choice from. I chose to create my own bowl. Staff was friendly and helpful since this was our first visit. After my selection we sat and waited few moments for order to be prepared.

First site everything looked amazing. First Taste was good however my cucumbers were old and smelled like ammonia and could taste a sour taste to them. Picked them out and the rest of bowl was tasty. I recommend getting quinoa in your bowl due to density.

Wife chose kale and it felt more like a small salad than poke bowl. Not to sound too picky , was good minus couple hiccups and would try it again.

Cheers and enjoy the tastes of the wo I have been looking to try poke and finally got the chance. I'm so glad I did it here this place is fantastic. To start off the decoration and atmosphere is awesome nice and chill vibe. Now to the most important part the food. The first thing I noticed was how fresh the fish was. All the ingredients tasted great.

I had the pokerito which is everything in a poke bowl wrapped in seaweed like a burrito. It could have been a little bigger but regardless it was worth the money. My wife got the build your own poke bowl I tried it and it was just like my pokerito absolutely delicious.

Another thing is we went in the middle of lunch and did not wait long for out food they were pumping out great food in a fast time I was impressed. If your looking for fresh poke this is the place to come. Woah, this place is fresh! I was intimidated coming in to order here, as I hadn't had poke before and thought I should know what I was doing when I ordered. They have lots of customizations for their bowls, but have a few bowls to order if you have no idea what to do. I got the Sunset Beach and customized a few things, even made the base with two kinds of rice.

I took it to go and even when I got home it was fresh and delicious. I ate the entire bowl, but still felt satisfied and healthy! Their store is so fun and Hawaiian, and they had someone performing with the guitar in the corner.

I would love to come back, get some "Liquid Aloha", and enjoy live music with some friends. This place is genuine fresh poke, with a unique atmosphere inspired by beaches around the world. Can't wait to come back! I am obsessed with poke. I honestly can't get enough of it. My biggest problem is finding a place that is relatively close to me whether I'm home or at work.

I was in Oakland Park this past week and saw that this place was less than 15 minutes away. Having had it bookmarked for awhile and craving poke I decided to head over. The interior is decorated very well. I decided to create my own bowl with the following ingredients: Black forbidden rice, tuna, blue crab salad, spicy mayo, seaweed salad, onions, kimchi, avocado, sesame seeds, and aji amarillo sauce.

All the ingredients were extremely fresh and worked very well together. The flavor was on point. The star of the bowl for me was the black forbidden rice.

I've never had it before or even heard of it, but it was so unique and had really good flavor. White rice is so boring and very filling, the forbidden rice is a genius alternative. The aji amarillo was also a unique but amazing addition to the bowl.

The regular size is a little smaller than other places I have tried, but they offer a good variety of ingredients that aren't offered at other poke establishments. I will definitely be returning to try some other combinations. Grabbed a quick dinner at The Poke House on Friday evening.

Quality Ended up at The Poke House after a last minute change of plans required a new dinner spot. I started with a base of white rice, which was fine, but just too much compared to the other ingredients. For proteins they had seven choices, and I went with my standard spicy tuna as well as the blue crab salad. And while the spicy tuna was the correct choice, the blue crab salad was very disappointing. I got the impression that there was practically no blue crab in it, instead relying heavily on imitation crab meat.

They then offer the option of marinating your proteins, but neither of mine required it. For toppings they allow you to pick four of the twenty or so.

I found the limit ridiculous and unnecessary. Why not let guests customize as they will with toppings. Same with the crispy toppings, which you only get one. I chose the coconut flakes, which were anything but crispy, but I would have liked to have added an actual crispy topping as well. And then you get one sauce, again trying to squeeze extra money out of people who are looking to jazz up their food.

And in the end, my decision to not load up on what I wanted for fear of the bill that would be racked up, left me with a bowl that looked pretty, but was mostly rice. Quantity The large bowl was smaller than I expected. It only came with two scoops of proteins and the toppings were very limited. However, I will warn there are a lot of add-on items and the limited quantities of toppings permitted almost guarantee you will be paying quite a bit more.

Outside they have a few tables, but there was no shade, so we opted to sit inside. When you enter they have the prep area and register along the right wall, and then a row of seats along the left wall. White tile fills up the walls on the right and all the way at the end they have a small bar set up with several Hawaiian beer choices.

The left side wall used wood paneling and had unique Hawaiian travel advertisements hanging down. The back wall was the highlight though with its tropical bird wall print. They truly embraced the Hawaiian origins of poke, with Spam candles on each table and surf music on in the background. Crowd We arrived too late for lunch and too early for dinner, so it wasn't a big surprise to find the place relatively empty.

As we were leaving another couple was making their way up to the counter, but those were the only other customers we saw. As a fast casual spot, I would expect an ebb and flow crowd as well as many folks grabbing food to go. Service The Poke House is set up as a fast casual restaurant, but unlike other poke spots, they have you order at the cashier instead of as you go along the counter. This doesn't provide the same opportunity to get a visual of the items and select what looks most appealing.

I also found myself avoiding toppings I did not know by name, which frankly could have been highlights of the place. It is an easy fix to allow ordering closer to the food and there is absolutely a reason other places encourage it. Parking The restaurant is located in a good sized strip mall with plenty of shared parking spaces. Extra I was not impressed with The Poke House. Although it was one of the more uniquely designed poke spots I have been too, the food was below average.

I also did not like the limitations placed on toppings and sauces and I found the ordering method frustrating. It is definitely not a place I feel merits a return visit. I was introduced to Poke yesterday a Hawaiian fish delicacy as a brunch treat. I normally run far away from anything seemingly healthy, but the opportunity to try a new genre of food intrigued me, after all, the worst case scenario, is that I try something else.

Anyways, our post-church group came to Poke House for some grub, and we were all a little bit unsure of what to order, but most of us chose a different item. I went with the Avocado Toast Poke such a millenial The flavors were some of the most delicious food you'll have. I dazzled some sriracha on my avocado toast to add some heat to the dish.

The decor of the restaurant was nice, as it was very hawaiian themed, the counter service was friendly. Definitely recommend this spot again. Gotta catch them all, Poke House! That was my first reaction after eating at the poke house. I had never had Hawaiian food or heard of this place before. I was a little hesitant at first since it was unknown food and I wasn't sure how raw fish could be eaten in a different form other than sushi. I apologize for my then poor knowledge!

I ordered tacos with spicy mayo and salmon, they were delicious! My fiance ordered an avocado toast with salmon as well. It doesn't get any fancier than that for a good old toast! The staff are very friendly. The place is beautifully decorated and the music they play creates a laid back Hawaii environment. I want to be back already! The prices are very affordable. Come by for a moment of relaxation and great food. I went here for lunch this afternoon and got the Venice Beach Cali bowl.

It was delicious and included many fresh ingredients including fish roe, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and a generous amount of salmon chunks I ordered the large size. I also tasted the Baja Beach Mexico bowl, but that one didn't appeal to me as much. That seems like a rip-off to me. The interior of the restaurant is nicely decorated with a Hawaiian theme. There are also a couple of outdoor tables to sit at. I got my food within a few minutes.

Overall, the quality of the bowl that I ate was good, while the other that I tried was not as good. Personally, the prices at The Poke House are simply too high for the meal to be worth it. For that reason, I would probably not return.

Today was my first poke experience, and I'm hooked! My sister told be about her new obsession with poke and after some searching in Florida, I came across Poke House with some dynamite reviews. Today was finally the day I got to try it. We stopped in for lunch and were greeted with smiles. It was a super clean and invited restaurant. Everything was super clean and presentable. We picked out our bowl toppings and watched them come to life in front of us! When they got to the end of the line, our order was checked to a T to make sure we go everything we asked for before sending us off.

I appreciated the attention to detail! I got the tuna bowl, marinated in sesame soy, topped with cucumbers, seaweed, edamame and wonton pieces, finished with some spicy mayo. Seriously some of the freshest food I have had! The service was great and the staff was very helpful for a first timer: It was a great value for the food and I will definitely be back!

We were in the area and trying to think of lunch options. We had a good amount of time to kill, and were preferably looking for somewhere with sit down service, but of course The Poke House popped up and we were sold. First off, this place is small. It wasn't too crowded on a Saturday for lunch, but I could imagine the weekday lunch crowd gets busy and dining in might not be an option. Regardless of size, it's super cute and decorated just right for the theme without coming across too tacky.

Despite the menu being pretty limited, we both had an impossible time deciding on what to get. Large was a good size, but definitely go with a regular if you want to still feel lite afterwards. My bowl was great and had all the sort of Peruvian flavors I was expecting. His bowl was equally great, but I both think we now have a better bowl in our heads and would definitely improve the next time around with other Make Your Own Bowl options.

We both got wines nice selection which seem pricey, but you're getting your money's worth for sure. Would definitely come back! My boyfriend has shared countless stories with me about what it was like growing up in Hawaii! Many of those stories centered around the food. You can imagine his excitement when we found a Poke place in Florida. Today, only 17 tracks survive, 12 of them in Florida. Dog racing has become an economic absurdity, a flea-bitten pari-mutuel that costs Florida more — millions more — to regulate than the state collects from its cut of the revenue.

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