Ferrari Faceoff

Please enter your username or email address. Even on iPad Mini, which in fact has a hardware comparable to that of the iPad 2, we see cuts, but far less marked. You can help Real Racing 3 Wiki by expanding it. Ferrari Faceoff is a career series part of the Elite group and was added in Ferrari Update v1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Speedway. Silverstone The Grand Prix Circuit.

Real Racing 3

Welcome to the definitive racing experience.

Real Racing 3 is still the iPhone game with the highest rating given on these pages despite being released on the App Store over two years ago. Although this assessment is obviously responsive to tastes and personal preferences, it is indisputable that the title of the Australian studio at the time called Firemint is a product of the highest quality, in many ways more similar to the world of "traditional" consoles than the smartphone.

But between the second chapter and this Real Racing 3 , several things have changed: Firemint has been acquired by the Electronic Arts giant, has merged with IronMonkey's rivals by renaming Firemonkeys, and has chosen to adopt the popular Free to Play model for its own release Of the third version of its racing game. An unpopular choice that has sparked the anger of many fans who have seen behind that the will to turn the franchise into a car sucks money with microtransmissions.

But is this the truth? Before discussing the thorny theme in question, however, it seems correct to describe the elements that make up Real Racing 3 , starting with the chart system; To get the most accurate idea we've tested the game on different terminals, specifically the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad Retina fourth generation and Nexus 7.

What has become apparent is that the MINT 3 Engine Graphic engine adopted on this occasion, is capable of delivering the best that can be seen today from the aesthetic point of view on smartphones and tablets: An outstanding result even more considering the possibility of finding up to 22 cars on the track, an element that can deliver great drama and pathos to competitions.

In the face of this show, it is quite unexplainable that there was no replay function, which we believed was now a standard established in the genre of racing games.

Certainly, to see the Firemonkeys title run as high as possible, it is necessary, as mentioned above, to have a terminal of a certain level; Otherwise, the high scalability of the MINT 3 Engine allows you to always maintain a more acceptable fluidity of the action, but at the cost of a substantial downsizing of the final yield, especially in Android, where fragmentation does not play in favor of Optimization on the single device.

On Nexus 7 there is a heavy downgrade that affects texture and detail, and that, for example, the function of the rear view mirrors is vanished from the inside view; We know that obviously because of the price it is proposed, we can certainly not call it a technically robust tablet, but at the same time we are quite convinced that we can get much better from Tegra 3.

Even on iPad Mini, which in fact has a hardware comparable to that of the iPad 2, we see cuts, but far less marked. The presence of 8 different types of events also allows you to offer a variety of races, reducing the natural and inevitable repetition which is inherent in this kind of games. Sign In Don't have an account? This article is a stub. You can help Real Racing 3 Wiki by expanding it. Retrieved from " http: Featuring Circuit de Catalunya , this Series celebrates the style, flair and passion of this iconic Italian manufacturer.

Circuit de Catalunya National Circuit. Dubai Autodrome Club Circuit. Circuit de Catalunya Club Circuit. Suzuka Circuit West Circuit. Silverstone The International Circuit. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Speedway. Brands Hatch Indy Circuit. Suzuka Circuit East Circuit.