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In other words, players had the chance to make a profit even before the bubble burst. Evan Teitelbaum was the first to leave. Igor Dubinskyy opened for , from the under-the-gun position and Theodore Driscoll called from the big blind. More important, I felt in the zone and at the top of my game. Bad username or password Sign in. Here was this year's breakout star telling me that she believed in me, a guy who had never done anything in poker. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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The flop saw Driscoll lead out for ,, Dubinskyy called, and the both players checked the turn. When the completed the baord on the river, Driscoll bet , and Dubinskyy gave it up.

Matthew Lapossie opened for , and received a call from Brandon Eisen in the cutoff. Vimy Ha then flatted from the button, both blinds folded, and the flop came down. Lapossie was first to act and bet ,, which inspired Eisen to call. Ha then moved all in for , total, and both Lapossie and Eisen called.

Both active players checked the turn and then did the same on the river. Ha had gotten it in good with a pair of nines while Eisen had flopped the nut flush and Lapossie an inferior flush with an open-ended straight draw. The turn had no consequence on the hand, but the river did as it gave Eisen a winning pair of jacks. What do you think? Register to leave a comment or login with facebook. So this year, I finally decided to make my first pilgrimage to the World Series of Poker to finally put my skills to the test.

The WSOP is a two-month extravaganza, pitting grinders from all of the world in hopes of winning cash and diamond-studded bracelets. There are slot machines in the airport! I watched Melissa Burr, a friend and amazing player from Brigantine, N. Met up with roommate Matt Vaughan. Day starts as complete disaster as I check out of Rio and into the Gold Coast. Housekeeper at Rio found it in the trash, thankfully. My entry was partially sponsored by cardschat. I busted the event after a few hours on a coinflip ace-king vs.

I took my starting stack of 4, chips to 13, pretty quickly and without much resistance. Not a huge payday, but a decent WSOP debut. Great food but I lost my Brooklyn Nets hat. Didn't see many fireworks from the Rio poker room. It turned out to be a good choice.

Her words meant a lot. Here was this year's breakout star telling me that she believed in me, a guy who had never done anything in poker. Played short cash session at Rio and met a cool grinder named Starr.

We had some crazy hands together and became Facebook friends. In between, I played very well, taking down a lot of pots without cards, and getting max value when I did make hands. I finished the hour session with a well-above average stack.

A much-needed day off to relax. Visited my great uncle, Joe, who is a very spry He operated motels in the early days of Vegas and never left, and he regaled me with stories of the early days. A buddy from the online poker days, Ben, is sitting at a table with Melissa.

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