So in order to qualify, you must use your own money exclusively. Poker for Dummies, Mini Edition. Time will tell how well this new poker room catches on and whether it is as good as it purports to be. Please log in again. The guaranteed payout tournaments at Full Flush Poker are a better bet, not because the structure is better, but simply because the small number of entrants offers a great overlay. Several other sites belonged to EPN, including Poker Host and 5Dimes, though they departed throughout to join other networks.

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Lessons Learned From the Failure of Full Flush Poker

At Full Flush, the software is pretty basic but very functional, multi tablers would be happy to know you can play up to 4 tables at once. Mac players can expect an identical playing experience to that of the regular poker client.

Guaranteed tournaments at Full Flush Poker are good value due to the smaller number of participants. The tournament schedule at Full Flush Poker also features plenty of daily freeroll tournaments. There are also ongoing reload bonuses offered from time to time which work in much the same way as the welcome bonus at FullFlushPoker. Players earn POP points for playing at the real money tables. Alternatively, you can accumulate POPs by playing at the ring game tables. Personally, I love it too much and have had too many positive experiences with it over the last 12 years to stop at this point.

I think the main lesson is for everyone to be a bit more selective in where they choose to play. If you do decide to take a chance on a newer site at least leave as little of your bankroll there as possible. Cash it out often during the good times before they run into potential trouble. Otherwise, just stick to the tried-and-true choices. What sites do you recommend?

Absolutely, I hear ya. Ignition is clearly the best going in the US, but you said you had deposit troubles there. My recommendation would be to get set up with Bitcoin.

Kangaroo you should join the litigation against Full Flush. This might be our only chance to recover our stolen funds. Interesting, thanks for the suggestion. A frustrating dilemma for sure. I am a Vietnam I do not understand English. I used google dictionary and have run out of funds in Skrill.

I can not do anything. That must have been a nice run. You could report them, but I would have to do some digging on who that would even be to. Unfortunately, I sort of saw this coming and tried to warn players on my old review for a while. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window.

The same situation continues to play out. Players were warned for years to avoid unregulated online poker sites due to the lack of accountability. But the unavailability of other options for players in the US drove many to deposit money on those offshore sites and hope for the best. The Poker Players Alliance has been using these situations as examples when speaking to legislators in various states about the need for regulated and legal online poker.

While Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware have jumped into the industry, the vast majority of other states have refused to do what is necessary to regulate the business, which would not only protect consumers but create jobs and a new revenue stream. Players are rightfully frustrated at the lack of movement by the states.

Live poker is not always available, convenient, or nearly as lucrative as the online games. And states like California, which has been considering online poker bills annually since before Black Friday, still cannot reach agreement among the special interests and various parties involved. Meanwhile, those who take the risks of playing on unregulated sites do so with a full understanding of those risks. While this does not give license to any online poker company owner to fold without warning and abscond with player funds, it is usually a predictable outcome.

Without regulation, no government or justice system can hold them to account. Jennifer has been a freelance writer in the poker industry for a decade.

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