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Around Australia, even so, continuously all through complements you can find playing tips flashed to the screen. Thanks so much, and never stop writing! TBA - Troubleshooting for Beginners. Mackey insists that detention isn't a game, then goes on to use video game terminology such as "gold key" and "boss level". It can seem overwhelming sometimes.

This game provides examples of:

1. Avoid giving away responsibility for your happiness

My equals method can be found here: Object comparison in JavaScript. In MooTools , there's Object. The objects are merged from right to left, this means that objects which have identical properties as the objects to their right will be overriden. Based on Markus' and vsync' answer , this is an expanded version. The function takes any number of arguments. It can be used to set properties on DOM nodes and makes deep copies of values. However, the first argument is given by reference. Merge arrays and objects.

Any argument not beeing a JavaScript object including null will be ignored. Except for the first argument, also DOM nodes are discarded. You should use lodash's defaultsDeep.

It's worth mentioning that the version from the byt. I use the following which is in pure JavaScript. It starts from the right-most argument and combines them all the way up to the first argument. There is no return value, only the first argument is modified and the left-most parameter except the first one has the highest weight on properties. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? How can I merge properties of two JavaScript objects dynamically? For example I'd like to: This doesn't work if objects have same name attributes, and you would also want to merge the attributes. Has the potential to clobber a lot of elements.

Overwrites obj1's values with obj2's and adds obj2's if non existent in obj1 this is not correct with the shown implementation of building a new object.

This didn't work for me because of "Therefore it assigns properties versus just copying or defining new properties. This may make it unsuitable for merging new properties into a prototype if the merge sources contain getters.

Taken from the jQuery documentation: If you want to create a new object without modifying either argument, use this: Gosh that is named poorly. Very unlikely to find it when searching for how to merge objects. The reason for this and for the naming is that. If you want a new object e.

Instead of removing the unmatched properties, the deep setting will only update where it exists. The default is false. Gee willikers, they really did a good job naming this. If you search for how to extend a Javascript object it comes right up! You might not hit upon it though if you are trying to fuse or stitch together Javascript objects. I think meanwhile Object. This should now be the correct answer. People nowadays compile their code to be compatible with the rare browser IE11 that doesn't support this kind of thing.

Kermani The OP specifically points out that recursion is unnecessary. Therefore, while it is useful to know that this solution performs a shallow merge, this answer is sufficient as is. JoachimLou's comment has received well deserved upvotes and provides that extra information when needed. I think the difference between deep and shallow merging and similar topics are beyond the scope of this discussion and are better suited to other SO questions.

Now the code does not use Object. Nice, but I would make a deepcopy of the objects first. This way o1 would be modified too, as objects are passed by reference. This was what I was looking for.

Make sure to check if obj2. Otherwise, you might end up with some other crap getting merged in from higher up in the prototype chain. Note that o1 is also modified by MergeRecursive, so at the end, o1 and o3 are identical.

It might be more intuitive if you don't return anything, so the user knows that what they're supplying o1 gets modified and becomes the result. Also, in your example, it might be worth adding something into o2 that isn't originally in o1, to show that o2 properties get inserted into o1 someone else below submitted alternative code copying your example, but theirs breaks when o2 contains properties not in o1 - but yours works in this respect.

JonoRR - the call to itself makes it recursive: This is a good answer, but a couple quibbles: Here's a jsFiddle example without the exception logic: This example is fine as you're dealing with anonymous objects, but if this is not the case then webmat's comment in the jQuery answer warning about mutations applies here, as underscore also mutates the destination object. Like the jQuery answer, to do this mutation-free just merge into an empty object: There's another one that might be of relevance depending on what you're trying to achieve: Many people have commented about mutating the destination object, but rather than having a method create a new one, a common pattern in dojo for example is to say dojo.

Similar to jQuery extend , you have the same function in AngularJS: This is a great answer! It is just like the jQuery source code!

The only tag for question is javascript , so this is the only correct answer and also great one. But isn't it expected behaviour? This function's purpose is override values in argument order. Next one will override current. How can you preserve unique values? My expectation is to merge only non-object-typed values. Dev Oct 11 '17 at Dev You do know caniuse. Either provide proper link to JS object spread properties on caniuse.

This is not a place to play smart ass. Dev Jan 2 at This is specifically not a place to ask for things everyone can check by themselves easily. I can't get the 3 dot syntax to work in node. BUS - Crtv Dsgn: BUS - Life After: BUS - Busn Owners: BUS - Effective Selling. BUS - Event Plan: BUS - Legal Issues: BUS - Begin Backdrops: CDC - Children's Dev.

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