Oh the places she will go! I had the sweet honor of documenting Heather and Tommy's wedding vow renewal a few weeks ago on St Augustine Beach. The look on the midwife's face is priceless! The American Child Photographer's Charity Guild which offers a complimentary photo session and portrait archive CD to parents of critically ill children. Her midwife Shea was right there with her and her husband. Where have I been????

She chose Anastasia State Park because of its natural beauty. Her brother was also present as he was deployed when she married. Her momma is also a birth doula and I was her doula and birth photographer. Not that she really needed much doula love. She made her home water birth look so easy and labored silently. Her midwife Shea was right there with her and her husband. Her boys woke up just in time and right after she was peacefully born in the water.

This was the third birth I was her doula and photographer twice before. This time she chose a Homebirth! Her last birth was very fast and I had suggested it. She txt me at 8: That her midwife, Jacinda Golden, was on her way over. So I said I would leave as well. Knowing she had no pattern prior and went fast.

See more of Lisa Slotsve Photography on Facebook. Natasha Claire Photography Photographer. Daniel McQuade Photography Photographer. Madeline Louise Photography Artist. Joy Orcutt Photography Photographer. Armand Langston Hayes Photography Photographer. Richard Ward Art Artist. An improv duo Comedian. Little Olivia's mom was someone I clicked with right away and I feel so blessed to have been chosen to capture her lively, fun, gorgeous children.

I received a wonderful email the next day from their mother telling me they were still talking about how much fun they had Where have I been????

Meet Lucia isn't that a gorgeous name - for a gorgeous little girl. Happy Happy Birthday Baby! I was so honored to photograph beautiful little Sephina's first birthday. She had an amazing 1st birthday party surrounded by equally amazing friends and family. Sephina is one of those little girls who just captivates you with her beautiful eyes Here's to another year Birthday Girl!

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