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Although Ashley is suspicious of Garrus despite the fact he's a C-Sec officer , he tends to get along well with the rest of the crew, enjoying the chance to get off the Citadel and see how things are done outside C-Sec. Once you create an account, your Stars ID cannot be changed, so please choose carefully. Jayaraj Menon Vappala menonjayan1 rediffmail. Retrieved August 5, Some Star Code examples can be used in combination. I want build a control system using a facebook..

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You will be offered a range of options, including your choice of languages. It occasionally occurs that due to reasons beyond our players' control, they are unable to act on their poker hand in time. A player in a cash non-tournament game is normally allotted 25 seconds to act on their hand if it is a fixed limit poker game, and 35 seconds in a pot limit or no limit poker game. A warning message is displayed in the chat box when there are 15 seconds left to act. If there was a disconnection and a player returned before the timeout, he or she receives at least 10 seconds to act.

Additional time to act may be allocated in some games, depending on the situation. The amount of extra time may vary depending on the game, but the concept is the same throughout — when faced with a decision in a larger pot, more time is given to return due to a disconnection. Note that tournaments do not allocate extra time due to disconnections, in most situations. For details on how disconnections are handled in tournaments, please see our Poker Tournament Rules page, in particular Rule 18 Disconnects and Sitting Out.

All transactions, including pots won and lost, are posted to your Stars Account at the completion of each hand. In the unlikely event of a server crash which prevents completion of a hand, the hands in progress at every table tournaments and cash games will be restored by rolling back these hands as if they had not happened.

Each player's chip count will be reset to the amount at the beginning of the hand. If a poker game is full, you can put your name on the Waiting List for that game. When a seat in the game becomes available, the first person on the Waiting List will have the first right of refusal for that seat. The other option you have is to take a seat at an empty table of that limit and game.

Often, empty tables fill up quickly once a player takes a seat. The minimum buy-in our poker room for Fixed Limit tables is ten times the small bet the bet on the first two betting rounds. For No Limit and Pot Limit poker games, we offer different buy-in amounts for different tables. Standard tables have a maximum buy-in of big blinds and a minimum buy in of 20, 30, or 40 big blinds.

All games are played table stakes. Only funds that you have brought to the table before a hand begins can be wagered in that hand. The buy-in obligation feature enforces a higher minimum buy-in at ring game and Zoom tables under very rare circumstances, and will only ever impact a small percentage of players who frequently:. Players who repeat this behavior at similar table types more than eight times in a hour period will be required to buy in for a higher minimum generally the stack size they had previously left a table with when sitting at certain tables.

They will not be impacted in any other way. This is no way restricts players from buying in for the minimum buy-in on as many tables as they wish when they have no active obligations. The obligations will also never require you to buy in for more than the default maximum buy-in for the table you are joining.

Zoom obligations work in much the same fashion as obligations at our normal ring games, except the limit is four obligations in 20 hours rather than eight. However, when your minimum buy-in is modified by an obligation for a Zoom pool, you will only be allowed to buy in to one entry at a time, so as to not restrict your buy-ins more than necessary. As long as you buy-in one entry at a time, you will be able to buy-in as many times as you normally would.

This allows players to focus on playing poker, rather than on continuously finding new tables to play. In our poker games, you never play against the house, only against other players. At the lower limits, we take a smaller rake. Please see our Rake page for exact rake information. Some tournaments do not charge a fee or a rake.

At any of our tables, the full amount of the pot, including all current bets, is always displayed numerically at the top of the table. Also, at the end of every betting round, all bets are collected in the middle of the table, and converted into higher denomination chips so you can easily see the pot's total value.

Players may use the time bank to request extra time. In cash games, your time bank on each table will be 30 seconds, but it will increase by 10 seconds for every 50 hands into which you are dealt at that table. If you play your hand to the showdown and you hold the winning hand, it will always automatically be shown. This feature protects you from accidentally mucking a winner. You can request up to your last hands, your hand histories for a period of time, all the hands you played in a tournament, or any specific single hand.

Note however that we do not archive play money or freeroll tournament hand histories, and as such, these hands are not available to be requested. To launch this feature, simply click on the hand numbers at the upper left of the table.

A window will open where you can see text versions of your hands. You can request statistics for a number of your most recent hands. Please note that statistics are not available for play money hands, which are not stored in the database. The Stars Rewards program gives you the opportunity to receive rebates on rake and additional winnings on your gaming activity. Stars Rewards is free to join and getting started is easy: Once opted-in you will earn reward points for your real money gaming activity, which will fill progress bars to win Chests filled with rewards personalised to you and the games you enjoy playing the most.

Chests may also contain StarsCoin, which can be used to buy merchandise in the Rewards Store, or to enter certain tournaments and promotions. Visit the Stars Rewards page to learn more. This indicates that you have made a note about this player in the past, and it is stored for your viewing. There are even customizable color codes available for your notes!

We are happy for friends, relatives, and acquaintances to play at the same table as each other. However, when you do so, you are expected to play just as competitively against your friend as you would against any other player, and you must not share any information about the cards that you hold with them or make any playing agreements in secret doing so is collusion, which is strictly prohibited.

In some cases, this restriction will be imposed automatically by the game software. In poker games with a no limit betting structure, each player can bet or raise by any amount up to and including their full stack the total number of chips they possess at any given time in any betting round, whenever it is their turn to act.

In poker games with a pot limit betting structure, each player can bet or raise by any amount up to and including the size of the total pot at that time. In poker games with a fixed limit betting structure, each player can choose to call, bet or raise, but only by a fixed amount.

The fixed amount for any given betting round is set in advance, and can be found below. In No Limit and Pot Limit games, the minimum bet will be equal to the big blind. However, our games treat the big blind as a raise of the small blind. That means that pre-flop, any raise in an unopened pot that is equal to or greater than the small blind reopens the action.

Once someone bets the higher amount, any further bets or raises must be in increments of that amount. CAP games limit the amount each player can wager per hand. Once that limit is reached, the player is treated as all-in. The betting cap is the same for every player, so all players who start the hand with stack sizes equal to or greater than the cap will end up all-in after wagering the same amount. Players who start the hand with a stack size smaller than the cap will be treated as all-in when they have wagered their entire stack.

All our games use a standard card poker deck, which is shuffled before the start of each hand, and set. In draw games, if the original 52 card deck is insufficient to allow a player to draw the number of cards requested, the remaining deck and all of the cards discarded by players previously including those discarded by players on the current drawing round are shuffled together to make a new deck.

Once a reshuffle has occurred, the server will prevent a player from receiving back any specific card he has previously discarded. In general players are expected to be seated with the purpose of playing. There is a limit of two seating attempts per table without playing during any six hour period. At tables with more than two seats:. Players should not take extraordinary measures to avoid playing specific games that are included in the rotation.

While it is acceptable to take necessary breaks more often while less preferred games are being dealt, or to join the game when a more preferred game is being dealt, it is not acceptable to systematically avoid playing a particular game or games. Repeated violations may result in the temporary or permanent loss of playing privileges. Failure to abide by these rules after warnings may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of playing privileges.

All poker games, including those played on the Home Games platform, must be played for the true, advertised stakes of the game. Using play money or low stakes to represent other stakes is against the rules. You can choose to use the live chat or voice chat function where it is available. We do not actively monitor chat, and you play at tables with chat enabled at your own risk.

Certain forms and topics of chat are not allowed. Use of the table Chat feature should be done at the player's discretion, and is subject to compliance with our chat rules and User Agreement. We do have a feature by which certain profane or otherwise unacceptable words are asterisked out; a filtered word is one that has been deemed unacceptable on our site. Players attempting to bypass the filter may also be subject to a warning or suspension of chat privileges. We do not permit players to repeatedly ask for chips, whether Play Money or real money.

No solicitation is permitted in any poker game at any time. There are facilities in place to prevent many instances of solicitation. Play Money Chip Sales: Players are not permitted to engage in any discussion regarding the sale of Play Money chips within our chat facilities.

Any such discussion, including the offer to buy or sell play money in chat, is grounds for warning or revocation. The sending of multiple and frequent messages to the chat window in order to drown out legitimate chat is forbidden. We are aware that our players are from around the world, and that for many of them English is not their first language. However, at this time our policy on most tables is that English is the only language allowed to be used in chat.

On a small number of tables and in a small number of regional tournaments, chat may be allowed in a particular language and in English. These tables and tournaments will be clearly labeled. If you are not comfortable with non-English chat, please do not join these tables or tournaments. It is strictly prohibited for a User to use Chat for any commercial use whatsoever, including making any statements which promote any service or product of any party except ours.

Users shall not make statements about us that are untrue or would reasonably be considered to be derogatory or critical. Users should be generally aware of the feelings of other customers and our staff and Chat Moderators, and should act in a respectful manner. Additionally, you may not make any chat comments which may affect the play of any hand or tournament, even if you are an observer. There are two exceptions to this rule:. We do not actively monitor chat at the tables, though we can review chat logs after the fact.

Warnings or suspensions of chat privileges for a time period may be issued as a result of chat policy violations. To report chat issues from the table, you must be seated at that table. Please make sure that you complete all the field requirements for the issue you are reporting including:.

We encourage players to help us be our eyes and ears. The cooperation of our players is a critical part of making our tables a fun experience for all. Obscene or inappropriate images are not permitted, nor are images that contain URLs. Images are therefore subject to review and once submitted may not appear on your account for several days. On mobile, you can upload an image but it is not possible to choose an image from our gallery. Follow this link to upload an image from your device.

This will turn off images the next time you join or watch a poker game. However, you can only change your custom image a limited number of times, so we recommend that you consider your choice carefully if you choose to submit a new custom image. We make the security of our games a top priority, and use state-of-the-art technology to protect the integrity of our games.

Unfair play, such as collusion, multiple account abuse, and use of prohibited programs may result in penalties at our discretion. These penalties may include warnings, restrictions on playing with certain other players, seizure of funds, and the closing of your Stars Account. The list is not exhaustive, and we reserve the right to add to or modify the list at any time. We will take steps to detect and prevent all forms of cheating, which may include examination of your account, hand histories, and programs running concurrently with our software.

In the event that we deem that a User has engaged or attempted to engage in unfair play, including without limitation, engaging in any of the activities set forth above or any other game manipulation, we shall be entitled to take such action as we see fit, as described in our Terms of Service. Please visit our Security page for more. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. Any employee or contractor who has access to inside information player records, hidden card hand histories, etc.

This is to prevent any possible abuse of that inside information. In fact, the immediate relatives of such people also may not play on our site either. Those people and all members of Team PokerStars Pro are contracted by us to be ambassadors at the live poker tournaments they play throughout the world.

They are also playing poker online, as many players asked us to provide them an opportunity to play poker against celebrity players. These players have absolutely no access to any more information than any other player. They are clearly identified, and you can decide whether you want to play at the same table as these players or not. There is no requirement for these players to play any set number of hours, and their compensation does not depend on how much or how little they play on our site.

Finally, when playing cash games and tournaments, members of Team PokerStars Pro play with their own money, with the exception of certain promotional events. We have no vested interest in whether they win or lose in those events. You will need to log-in if you have not already done so for this session. Some tournaments may allow you to register directly from the main lobby once you have highlighted the event.

Yes, you are welcome to play in multiple cash games and tournaments simultaneously. For some players, this is one of the greatest features of online poker. In the interest of fairness to all players, we ask that if you do play multiple tables, you act promptly when it is your turn in either poker game. We currently have a limit of 24 cash game tables at once on the desktop client, and you can also play an unlimited number of tournaments.

Click the link below to request your tournament information. You may select a number of recent tournaments in which you participated, or any specific poker tournament, by event number. If a player needs a longer than normal time to decide on an action, the player can withdraw from the Time Bank, which depletes as the player uses it in the poker game. Please note that once you expend your Time Bank, it cannot be replenished, either automatically or by our staff, so please use your Time Bank accordingly.

When Mordin notices Shepard's attraction to Garrus, Shepard can ask him for advice regarding the turian, to which Mordin will warn Shepard about "chafing". He advises her not to ingest turian tissue, as it is based on dextro-amino acids, and can cause an allergic reaction in Shepard's body. He then suggests that she return later for a painkiller and forwards information packets regarding turian physiology and positions comfortable for both species to Shepard's room.

She asks Shepard what she's fighting for, and if it's a chance to give Garrus peace. The Commander responds that Garrus has been hurt and betrayed and that she would like to offer him something better.

Shepard also notes that she never expected to find happiness in the arms of a turian. Liara remarks that it is by no means uncommon for a human to be attracted to an alien, given the widespread obsession with asari , and wishes them both happiness.

Garrus returns to fight the Reapers, provided he survived Shepard's attack on the Collector base. If Garrus did not survive the suicide mission , his name will appear on the memorial wall aboard the Normandy.

After the suicide run on the Collector Base , Garrus realized what little time the galaxy had before the Reapers arrived. With the Council still unwilling to listen, Garrus went to his father, the last thing he thought he'd do, relaying all the events that had started from the Eden Prime War.

As unbelievable as his story was, his father, having been C-Sec, put all the pieces together and believed him. Though Primarch Fedorian was a friend of his father's, the former wasn't easy to convince.

Eventually, Garrus managed to gain his own "Reaper task force" as a token resource to improve turian defenses, which he hopes has bought Palaven a limited amount of time when the Reapers invaded. Garrus assists Shepard in seeking out the next primarch, General Adrien Victus , before rejoining the Normandy.

He once again takes up residence in the Normandy's main battery. When not in the main battery calibrating the guns, Garrus can often be found on the port observation lounge after missions.

He spends time with Ensign Copeland, Javik , and Liara on occasions. Immediately after Palaven, the Normandy experiences technical problems due to EDI 's interface process with the synthetic recovered from Mars. If Shepard heads to the main battery before going to investigate the AI core, they find Garrus on the intercom with Joker, who jokingly suggests that Garrus may have miscalibrated something.

Garrus quite seriously reminds him about his proficiency in that field, and Joker laughs and clarifies he was just checking. Upon Javik's revival and recruitment into the team, Garrus is amused at all the crazy things he has seen while with Shepard: Garrus reflects on how Javik must be feeling: He jokingly speculates on what Javik might eat, unwilling to sacrifice himself for the team if Javik does indeed eat "boiled asari" or "fried turian".

Garrus also quips that if the war is lost, Shepard can be frozen for 50, years, which will turn them from "merely famous" to "legendary. If Shepard asks if the wounded can still fight, Garrus replies that ammunition is in short supply and weapons should be given only to those still capable of bearing them.

If Shepard suggests focus on caring for the wounded, Garrus isn't optimistic on their recovery. Some may get back on their feet, but sympathy is the only thing they can offer for the rest.

Garrus also asks how Shepard is handling the war. Regardless of the Commander's reply, the turian advises Shepard to take a breather every now and then.

Once the evacuation of Grissom Academy is completed, and if Garrus is part of the shore party with Jack being present, aboard the Normandy he claims life wouldn't have been complete if he didn't see her one more time.

Jack saw through Cerberus in and he might even have taken her seriously back then, but her tattoos gave him a headache every time he saw her. Garrus has a few thoughts about the concluded mission if pressed. Going on a tangent related to children, he gets introspective on their lot and reactions about the war.

Normally, kids grow up learning hardships here and there but overall finding the galaxy a decent place. The Reaper invasion teaches them that there are things in the dark that want to destroy everyone they cared about. Garrus muses that at the end of the war, there will be a lot of angry orphans looking for answers.

Garrus also wonders what the Illusive Man would do to his lieutenants for failing: Later, he also wishes there was a Grissom Academy for turians when he was growing up: Garrus always wanted to learn how to paint. Painting walls with Reaper blood isn't exactly the same, he claims, but it's still a living. Garrus admires Eve for her tenacity and courage at having to endure the genophage after the retrieval mission on Sur'Kesh. He hopes that he and Shepard can measure up to her courage in the difficult times ahead.

He also jokingly asks if the krogan-turian alliance can be sealed with his arranged marriage with Eve owing to female krogan's liking for scars. He admits he has never seen a female krogan before and suggests that the females might be the real brains on Tuchanka.

If the mission to rescue Victus' stranded turian platoon was done before dealing with the genophage , Garrus shares a drink with Liara in one of the lounge's couches, reminiscing about his sojourn on Omega as Archangel.

In response to Liara's amused question of whether or not he killed three Blue Suns mercenaries with one bullet, Garrus calmly states that the third guy had a heart attack and it wouldn't be fair to count him.

He also tells Shepard that he is worried about the bomb on Tuchanka and says that he is surprised that he was kept in the dark about it. After the bomb on Tuchanka has been disabled , Garrus is contacted over comms by the Urdnot leader if he is present aboard the Normandy at that time.

If Wrex is present, he menaces Garrus if he knew anything about the bomb on Tuchanka. Garrus sincerely replies that he was in the dark as much as Wrex was. Wrex laughs and admits he was just trying to see Garrus squirm: Off the comm, he recommends to Shepard that Wrex be kept away from the intercom. If Wreav is present instead, Garrus presistently tries to shove the issue under the rug. Present-day turians didn't plant the bomb anyway, and he advises the Urdnot leader to stop chasing old ghosts for the sake of the krogan-turian alliance.

Off the comm, he confides to Shepard his dislike for Wreav. Garrus is also contacted by Javik who commends the turian decision years ago to implement a fail-safe plan on Tuchanka. Javik considers the turians apt for integration as a "subservient race" given their cunning and brutal efficiency.

Garrus takes offense at the compliment and coats his objections in sarcasm. Javik continues on, saying that the turians should have detonated the bomb outright or used it as leverage. When an annoyed Garrus asserts that peace was the objective back then, Javik defines peace as a static mode of existence which doesn't prosper change.

Garrus smoothly cuts the comm, having had enough, but not before quipping that at least they all get to live another day. Garrus can be found later in the cockpit trading jokes with Joker. When Shepard arrives, they reminisce at some length about Mordin if he was present during the mission. Garrus always thought he was a crazy but useful salarian: Walking away from Joker and conversing with Shepard further, Garrus asks Shepard how they feel at krogan praising their name for curing the genophage.

If Shepard only claims to have done it for the war effort, Garrus promises to make sure the turian fleets will be there for Earth when the time comes. Otherwise, Garrus shows some satisfaction at being able to pull off a krogan-turian alliance and a cure for the genophage. He hopes the krogan leader continues to uphold his end of the bargain, expressing dislike at the idea of ending another war if Wreav is the leader or joking about hiring a food taster for Wrex to ensure his survival if otherwise.

Garrus imagines the carnage if some other hotheaded krogan took over from Wrex. Despite the alliance, Garrus still has some reservations, doubting he could've gone with it if it wasn't Palaven that needed krogan help. He would've looked for an alternative, or considered the salarian deal if Shepard publicly divulged it earlier. If Shepard is sincere in curing the genophage or lies about doing so , Garrus admires the Commander's restraint. If Shepard reveals the salarian deal just then, even Garrus finds the underhanded action distateful.

If Shepard expresses doubts on the krogan as well, Garrus affirms the assessment but opines the krogan better remember that Shepard didn't choose to let their race die. If Shepard did sabotage the cure and regardless of whether they confide to Garrus about it , Garrus detects some of Shepard's disquiet and repeatedly asks how they're doing. Ultimately, he concludes their salarian doctor would not have gone with Shepard's position. After the foiled Cerberus coup , Garrus can be found staring at the memorial wall.

When Shepard joins him, he reflects on the events of the day. If the Virmire survivor survived again, Garrus comments on the tense situation the Commander was placed in, asking the Commander if they could've pulled the trigger on a friend willingly.

After the destruction of the Ardat-Yakshi Monastery on Lesuss , Garrus is once again in the lounge conversing with Javik and Ensign Copeland about wars past and present and the nature of its participants. If Samara was present and survived the events on Lesuss, Garrus is glad to have such a relentless ally in the war. Otherwise, he curses at the loss of an important asset.

After the mission to disable a geth dreadnought , Garrus expresses doubts at his abilities as a leader, since Primarch Victus gave him the responsibility to coordinate all turian fleet activities. He finds it difficult to take certain decisions, knowing that the lives of millions of people hinge on them. If Shepard considers him a good leader, Garrus muses that a perpetual outsider's point of view is ill-suited to the challenges once he's on the inside.

Shepard assures him that what he's doing is no different from his C-Sec days: If Shepard advises him not to show his doubts, Garrus reminds the Commander why he isn't a good turian: Shepard counters that at every decision some die while others live.

Whatever Shepard's opinion, Garrus begins to realize the Commander's point and the necessity for leaders who don't give a damn about consequences. If the ruthless calculus of war dictates that ten billion die so that twenty billion can live, Garrus asks if they are prepared for such sacrifice. After the mission on Thessia , Garrus learns that his family has successfully fled from Palaven.

It is immediately followed by bad news, however, as Garrus has just advised Primarch Victus to issue a full retreat against the Reapers and to hold back their ships until the Crucible's completion. He has now gambled everything on the Crucible and "ruthless calculus. If Shepard went through with curing the genophage, Garrus shifts his concerns toward Shepard's well-being.

Whether Shepard admits to weariness of the war or stubborn rejection of fatigue, Garrus attempts to cheer the Commander up in his capacity as a friend regardless of response. If Shepard decided to sabotage the cure on Tuchanka, Garrus takes notice on how the salarians had chosen to commit resources to the war despite the genophage "cure" and wonders how the Commander had managed that, additionally asking if Wrex jumping Shepard at the Citadel had anything to do with it if that happened.

At this point Shepard can either come clean or avoid the questioning. If the Commander decides to come clean with this, Garrus assures Shepard that he would have done the same to save Palaven under the same desperate circumstances. If Wrex was once a member of Shepard's team before dying on Virmire , Garrus remarks that the krogan might've figured it out but his replacement brother Wreav is just too stupid.

Otherwise, he states that Wreav scares him. In any case, Garrus opines that he can't tell the Urdnot leader what he thinks. Garrus compliments Shepard for playing both sides and asks that he be reminded to never play poker with Shepard.

If Shepard still kept the truth from Garrus, either by mentioning "a disagreement about strategy" with Wrex or "careful negotiation about strategy" with the salarians otherwise, Garrus states that he won't be one to judge if that "strategy" involved paying a price to save Earth.

Garrus has a few more things to say after the topic on ruthless calculus. He tries to point out Thessia's fall wasn't the Commander's fault: He doesn't care the Illusive Man won this fight: He advises restraint against anger and frustration, keeping it bottled up then letting it loose to rearrange every molecule in Kai Leng 's body when Shepard gets the chance.

After the mission to Horizon , Garrus is disquieted at seeing the horrible experiments performed on the refugees. He vows to take his revenge by carving the names of the turian refugees who died at Sanctuary into the Illusive Man's skull. During the Battle for Earth , Shepard can speak to Garrus, reflecting on how far they have come as comrades.

Garrus is quite optimistic about their chances at victory and even jokes about retirement plans. Shepard can agree with him or just say that civilian life is not suitable for them. Before saying goodbye, Garrus tells Shepard to go out there and give the Reapers hell: Shepard then bids him goodbye, saying that if they don't make it and he does, they will be looking down and always have his back.

If Shepard chooses to activate the Crucible, Garrus, along with Joker, Cortez , and any surviving squad members, can be seen paying their respects to Shepard, placing the Commander's name above Anderson 's on the Memorial Wall aboard the Normandy.

If Garrus is in the squad at the final push towards the conduit , he dies in Harbinger 's onslaught if Shepard failed to gather enough of the galaxy's military forces. If Garrus is in a romantic relationship with Shepard, then he will come to her aid when Shepard is ambushed by mercenaries while on shore leave.

Garrus contacts Shepard asking if she is ok, having been filled in on the situation by Joker. Garrus meets Shepard at the Cision Motors skycar lot where Joker extracts them with a shuttle. If they're not in a relationship then Garrus will soon join the squad at the Personal Apartment to help the Commander.

Sometime after the clone is defeated, Garrus sends a message to Shepard asking to meet at the bar of the Silver Coast Casino. If Garrus is being romanced, the two roleplay a first date but Garrus runs out of banter ideas. He spontaneously pulls a reluctant Shepard onto the dance floor and the two proceed to tango. Alternatively, if Shepard is not romancing Garrus, they can direct him to talk with a female turian.

Garrus is clearly uncomfortable and his attempts to talk are clumsy, but with the Commander's help and beer , Garrus steels himself and starts again, making a more positive impression.

Garrus speaks at Thane 's funeral if Shepard accepts Kolyat 's request to hold a memorial service. Garrus says he would not label Thane as an assassin, since how they both always covered each other in firefights, which made them partners. Garrus is an optional invite to Shepard's big party. At the beginning, he loiters with Liara and Traynor by the kitchen.

Garrus Vakarian