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It is related to 'coffeehousing. Among those hands, there is a tie between all hands that bear the same name. Names are accepted starting at 9: Grandstand gates unlock at 3 p. To chase draws with a weak hand, even when facing aggressive players. Spotlight - Call of Duty:

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High handlebars that rise above the rider's shoulders, The rider assumes a posture reminiscent of an ape hanging from a branch. The apex of a curve is the tightest portion of said curve. A person associated with a motorcycle club.

Used more by people outside of the biker community than by the motorcycle clubs themselves. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. The BMWs of the '60s and '70s have a cult following that continues to this day. A British manufacturer of motorcycles, now out of business. The top tube of a motorcycle frame where the tank is typically mounted. The friend on the back of your motorcycle. An area that you ride frequently. A sound deadening wall inside a muffler.

A motorcycle equipped with saddlebags, usually referring to a large motorcycle with hard-side bags and full touring gear. A square of cloth used for just about everything. A motorcycle used to ride from bar to bar. Flashy or custom bike not suited to long-distance riding. A large, comfortable motorcycle. Honda Gold Wing Basket Case: The edge of a tire that touches the wheel Beehive: A beehive style tail light. A nickname for a BMW. A system that uses a belt to transfer power rather than a chain or shift.

Don't leave home without it. An American motorcycle manufacturer; closed down in April The five major motorcycle manufacturers: Hell's Angels, Pagans, Outlaws and Bandidos. A large V-Twin engine, especially the larger Harley Davidson engines. A motorcycle rider Biker Friendly: A business that appreciates the patronage of bikers.

Refers to a piece of metal that's been machined into shape rather than cast. A quick twist of the throttle. A Harley Davidson engine produced between and A Bob, Bobbed, or Bobbing.

A motorcycle customized by bobbing shortening the fenders. Among the earliest of custom motorcycles. Enjoying a resurgence in popularity today. A salvage yard Bore: The internal diameter of a cylinder. When a suspension system has no more room to travel. The nickname for the two-cylinder, horizontally opposed engine most-associated with older BMWs. Not a term used in spoken conversations, but you'll occasionally read it in forums.

A style of handlebars that pull back toward the rider, actually resembling a bull's horns. When someone speaks about buckhorns, it's usually in the context of wanting to replace them with something more stylish.

Footpegs for a passenger. Quick-cycling wind turbulence, especially bothersome when following large vehicles. Spinning the rear wheel while preventing the motorcycle from moving forward accomplished by applying the front brake or setting the front tire against an immovable object such as a high curb.

The first Sport Bike. A European system designed to rate the effectiveness of motorcycle riding armor. There is no American equivalent. Christian Motorcycle Association Christian-Motorcycle. Great online resource for the Christian Biker community yes, there really are hardcore Christian Bikers.

Converting a motorcycle into a cafe racer. Motorcycles customized in the style of the British street-racing motorcycles of the s and s. Car, truck, or van. Person in a car, truck, or van. A circle or oblong with an off-center point of axis. Anexhaust muffler, typically an aftermarket muffler for a sport bike. Hard, fast riding on twisty roads. A strong and light-weight construction material. A style of tail light. A British term for wheelie. A device used to hold a motorcycle upright when it's not being ridden.

Serves the same purpose as a kickstand, except that the rear wheel is raised off the road surface. A metal chain that transfers power to the rear wheel. Similar in design and purpose to a bicycle chain. Protective riding gear that goes over pant legs and does not cover groin or posterior. The local entity of a larger club. Truck that follows a pack of riders on a run to assist with breakdowns Chassis: Used to make cold-starting an engine easier.

Old systems used to "choke" out some air to increase the fuel to air ratio. Newer systems enrich the amount of fuel. Term for a customized motorcycle that has taken various forms through the years. Originally, anything unnecessary was "chopped" off and then custom features were added.

The most notable feature of a Chopper is its extended fork system. Chromium plating used to increase corrosion resistance and enhance appearance. A person with no Motorcycle Club affiliation. A group of people banded together over a common interest. Handlebars that "clip-on" to the top of the forks. Usually seen on Sports Bikes as they lend themselves to a forward-leaning riding position.

Patches, logo, uniform associated with a Motorcycle Club Compression Ratio: Counter-intuitive steering system in which a push to the left-side handlebar results in a right-side turn and vice versa. To see just how counter-intuitive, check out the reader comments below. Bodywork pieces that cover the engine and transmission of a bike to improve aerodynamics and visual smoothness. These are the parts removed from a naked bike. Bars that attach to the frame and protrude outward so as to protect the engine in the event of a dump.

They do nothing in a real crash. Wind blowing across the direction of travel. A bike built for cruising the boulevards as opposed to sports riding or long-distance riding. Typically of classic style with a low seat, pull-back handle bars, fancy paint and lots of chrome. A handle bar-mounted switch that turns off the engine. Also called a kill switch. A denim jacket which has had the sleeves cut off. Flag is the slang term for a casino chip that has a value of five thousand dollars.

Flags often get stored or exchanged for use in large buyin games. Flat, or 'flatting' refers to calling a poker bet as opposed to raising. It may also refer to a style of tournament payout structure. To flop a set is to hit a third card of its kind while holding a pocket pair.

Forced bets are simply antes and blinds, or any kind of bet that is required from each player at the table at random in order to generate action. Forward Motion is a rule held by most casinos constituting any movement of chips towards the pot to be a committing action. Four of a kind refers to when a player holds all four cards of the same rank. The term four to a flush refers to when a player has four cards, but not five, towards a flush and is drawing to get the fifth card of that suit.

Fourth Street is the fourth card dealt in a game of Stud or the turn card in a game of Hold'em or Omaha. When a poker player is in a frenzy, he is usually on tilt for an extended period of time. Degenerate behavior and poor decision making are common. Similar to Sklansky Bucks, G Bucks are a more accurate way to estimate your equity after running a certain scenario over and over. Gamey, related to the expression 'running game,' is a phrase in poker circles meant to indicate that a particular play or action might not be 'on the level.

The term 'gapper' is usually heard in the form of 'one-gapper,' 'double-gapper' etc. It refers to the space between two hole cards, the opposite of a connector. Gears refers to a trait possessed by some poker players who vary their play, as opposed to being stuck playing one particular style or another. A gift in poker is similar to a 'donation' and refers to a poker play that is so glaringly bad, it amounts to one player simply giving his opponent the pot.

GodMode is a reference in the poker world to a donkey that always comes up with the nuts. Going South is the generally frowned upon practice of taking money off the table after winning some pots. A grinder in poker is someone who plays significantly over-bankrolled while also playing a style that will slowly win them money at a consistent pace. Ground skinner is the southern poker player's version of the term 'walk. A Guarantee is used in poker when a casino or online poker room puts out a guaranteed prize pool amount for a tournament.

The term gypsying refers to a situation in double-limit games where players open by calling the blind. Hachem Syndrome describes the completely unnatural sense of entitlement that some WSOP champions are overcome by in the years following their victory.

The term hand for hand is when a money bubble is approaching and multiple tables will play a hand and wait until all other tables are finished to start next. A hanger is a card at the bottom of the deck that sticks out further that the rest and is a sign of cheating.

The hero in a poker hand is the one you are taking the perspective of while watching it happen either live or in a hand history. A hero call is when a player makes a marginal call solely based on a pure read or gut feel. High card refers either to a poker ranking, such as 'ace-high' or to the process of dealing out cards in order to give some reward to the highest card.

When ordering stacks of high society, you are asking for a stack of the highest denomination of chips at that casino or card room. Hit By the Deck is an expression used to indicate that a poker player is experiencing an unusually good run of cards in a short period of time.

Hold is an expression that indicates that a poker player hand has remained in the lead, usually in a situation where it was vulnerable. Hollywood is a verb used to describe the mode of pretending or acting in a poker hand, used both for deception and saving face. The 'idiot-end' in poker refers to the low end of a straight, also sometimes known as the 'sucker-end' or 'sucker straight.

When a player says he is 'in the hunt,' it means he is still alive in a poker tournament, usually with a reasonable chance of winning.

Jackson Five is a good example of the sort of annoying nicknames Vince Van Patten assigned to random poker hands in his capacity as WPT commentator. Juice is synonymous with other terms like 'rake' and 'vig' and refers to the amount of money a gambling operator withholds from the amount being wagered.

A Kill Button is a designation given to a player that has to post an over-blind that increases the betting limit. A kill stack is one that's small in size but represents a large number of chips. Knish's Truck is a reference to the movie Rounders, in which Michael McDermott must resort to finding income by doing truck deliveries for Joey Knish.

The slang term Kojack is given to the starting hand of King-Jack in Hold'em, a reference to the s cop television show. Laydown describes the act of folding a poker hand, usually used to indicate a very difficult fold or a very easy fold. A live ace is a type of qualifying low hand in omaha eight-or-better that involves a hole card being duplicated on the board.

As a poker term, it is somewhat antiquated. A lock is an unbeatable poker hand or, in other forms of gambling, a proposition or wager that is guaranteed to win. The term longhanded refers to a poker game played with seven or more usually 9 or 10 players sitting at the table. Makeup is the term used to describe the accumulated losses in a staking arrangement in which past buyins must be recouped before profits are split.

In poker, a master baiter is someone who baits other poker players in a masterful manner. The word meh is often used on poker forums to communicate apathy and indifference towards a subject matter.

A minraise is simply a raise that is equal to the original bet. It stands out as an unusual play in games of big bet poker, and is often considered weak. A misdeal in poker occurs in a poker hand when the deal is corrupted. For instance, when one of the first two cards off the deck is exposed, it is a misdeal. A monster poker hand is a hand that has excessively high value. The most obvious examples might be a rolled up hand trips in stud or pocket aces.

A multi-way pot is one where there are three or more players left in the hand vying for the pot. Mush is a related term to 'cooler' in the William H. It can also be used as a verb to describe the same thing--the generation of bad luck. Needling refers to the act of taunting someone during a poker game in an effort to get under his skin and cause him to play worse as a result. A negative expectation is a poker play that will lose money in the long run. A negative freeroll when a player goes all in and can only either tie or lose in the hand.

The term nitfest is usually mentioned in the context of discussing a poker game where there is limited action or most of the players are especially tight.

Nosebleed refers to poker games that are extremely high stakes, generally much higher than the most regularly played high stakes poker games. When a poker player says he has nothing, he means he doesn't even have a pair and is playing a high card. Similar, 'number 2' consists of 7,6,4,3,2. The nut air is when a poker player has the best possible hand on a board without holding a pair or better.

A nut low hand is the best possible low hand in games of split-pot poker or lowball. In a vacuum, the nut low hand is a wheel. Nut no pair is a colloquial hand ranking that indicates the best possible cards that do not create a pair with the board in Texad hold 'em. Nut nut is a synonym of 'lock lock' and refers to an occurence when someone has the best possible high hand and the best possible low hand in a split-pot game.

An observer is someone who is watching an online poker game but is not seated at the table, otherwise known as a railbird. Omahahahahaha is a slang term for the poker game Omaha. The one chip rule applies to live poker and states that if a player puts out one chip into the pot after a bet, it is considered a call. A one eyed jack is a nickname for the jack of spades and the jack of hearts, which only have one eye showing.

The one player to a hand rule is meant to define self-interested play in poker games. It is a standard for live poker and exists in a gray area online.

Opening refers to the act of initiating the betting in a poker game, genereally indicating the first bet made in a poker hand after the blinds. The move Open Shove refers to when a player acts first in a hand and shoves all of their chips in all in to raise.

Open-ended straight draws, aka 'up-and-down straight draws,' are identical in strength to 'double-gutters' and refer to a straight draw that has eight outs. Option is the choice given to a player in the big blind or straddle to raise the action or check the action during a poker hand.

An overbet is a bet that is larger than the size of the pot in a poker game. If the pot has one hundred dollars in it and someone bets a hundred and fifty. An overlay occurs when a poker room has to add money into the prize pool for a tournament because not enough players entered to meet the guarantee. The term paint is used in poker and refers any card with a picture on it, specifically a King, Queen or Jack.

Pass is another way of saying 'fold' in poker, to give up or laydown a hand. The term has origins in British poker circles. Pat is to draw poker what 'made hand' is to other forms of poker such as Omaha or Hold 'Em and refers to a hand that will not improve via drawing cards. Catchin 'perfect perfect' describes a poker situation in which a person has to catch the exact two specific runner-runner cards to beat his opponent's hand.

It's commonplace to hear poker players say 'plus ev' in reference to their supposed positive expectation. But 'plus v' simply means plus value. Poker face is a well-known term used to describe the type of expressionless visage necessary to keep opponents guessing in a poker game. Poker players almost universally will pray and curse the Poker Gods who apparently control the fate and outcome of every poker hand.

The term positional awareness in poker refers to the conscious alertness of where a player sits in a hand and if it is an advantage. The word price refers to the cost to a player to make a call on any given street. The feature known as Put Me Here is found on most poker sites and moves your position to the one specified by the player while rotating the rest accordingly.

Pwned is a derivative of owned, a term used to describe one player totally dominating another. PZD refers to the process of getting peaced out in a poker situation. It was brought into mainstream consciousness by poker player Cory Carroll. A qualifying low hand in hi low split games is one that fits the minimum requirements to count as a low hand, such as 8 or better.

Rags are crappy cards in poker, they are opposite of 'premium hands' or 'monster hands. When a poker player is simply watching the action rather than playing, they are known to be 'railing' the game, and are often referred to as a railbird. A rake race is a competition to see who can accumulate the most paid rake at a rakeback affiliate site and results in a monetary prize.

A rakeback pro is a player who is not a winning player in terms of win-rate but earns neough rakeback to produce a profit. Re-raising is often frustratingly used by amateurs as a synomym for 'raise. A redraw is a made hand that has a draw to an even better hand.

Reload is a slang term in poker for when a player deposits money into a poker account that they already opened before. When you play as if you hold a particular hand, you represent it with your style of play on that hand. Results oriented thinking is a faulty way of examining the merits of a certain play in poker, often times as a justification of a poor play. RiverStars is one of the many nicknames for PokerStars, referring to players being drawn out on the river at a supposed higher frequency than normal.

Robusto is the hilarious-sounding way to describe being the opposite of 'busto,' in other words, having a bankroll or being 'pumped-up.

A rolled up hand in stud is the strongest possible starting hand. This applies to both games of stud 'straight high' and stud eight or better. Rough, of course, is the opposite of 'smooth,' a way of describing drawing to a flawed low hand in a game like or having a weak razz hand. The phrase 'running like a Kenyan' is an expression amongst poker players to brag how they are running great over a long period of time. The nickname Sailboats was given to the Hold'em hand 44, a reference to how the number 4 looks like the profile of a boat.

Sandbagging refers to when a player makes a call with a very good hand to disguise its strength to keep the opponent betting. The term second pair means that a player has the second biggest pair possible given the board. The term session refers to the duration of time a player begins and ends playing poker. The term set under set refers to when two players show their hands in a Hold'em or Omaha game and one has a higher set than the other.

I have an aunt that speaks like that. One in particular is skint. Meaning the house is big!! The great thing about Newfoundland slang is that it is seems to be still fairly common whereas in Oz we are becoming much more Hollywoodised, hence ass for arse. Finally, my wife and I love this place.

I just wish I could understand everything that is said to me! Bumbly — rounded and hard to walk on like Bumbly rock round rocks near a shore or river bank. Especially now that I live in the USA. I lived in Alberta for 9 years and always thought it sounded so silly when hearing someone being called a suck lol!

My mother would often say: When I asked what it mean he would say use your legs and walk. So for him I guess he would have spelled it Shanks Mare. It was difficult for me to recognize most becauseI was born and raised in Central Nl.

Trout is a fish but Fish is Cod. When I worked as a nurse at the General Hospital we always had foreign doctors. When they were asking their patients what symptoms they had..

It was hard for these doctors to make a proper diagnosis Thank God for Newfoundland nurses…. I never thought about how hard it might be for CFA doctors in this province.

When I moved to carbonear for college I was shocked when I learned that people had never heard the term Pussle or Pussle guts. Pussle as we would use it means to drink something really fast. Only a Newfoundlander would say a sentence like that. And only a Newfoundlander can make your mood a whole lot better, just by saying it to you.

I understood exactly what he meant but the people who translate for the subtitles had no clue and put in question marks instead lol. I grew up in St. People in Ontario always questioned me about that one. Living near Bonavista when I first heardthw word Startless I thought it was so funny. Means alot of things. Something can be startless which means there is nothing else quite like it!!

Or a person can be startless…. Living near Bonavista when I first heard the word Startless I thought it was so funny. I worked as a nurse in Twillingate. I had to translate for our foreign doctors on more than one occasion. Can you guess what he had? Yup — a urinary track infection…. My father, from Burgeo, never seemed to used those two terms. Loved reading through this post. One that we used a lot when I was growing up in St. When I first arrived in St.

Two very Irish expressions were common: I could go on for days! Interesting web site and comments. It has a history older than Canada.

Guess I learned something new. I guess it migrated for the ship to shore as it is quite common in my circle. When I was home this summer, St. Missing also, many if our lovely, unique phrases.

Except I was asked if I come from away. This did annoy me a little. I found the younger people and those working with the public spoke more Canadian. Albeit I returned with a light lilt revived from my own recesses. What the fook does this mean? Stick dat in your craw mainlanders. So I think that one is tough but I loved this article it helped me a lot!!! Even living here I sometimes have to look up or ask what things mean and it makes ya feel the fool for sure at times.

It was quite an eye opener! The saying I liked was…. Squat means squished and squish means crooked and crooked means contrary. When Iwas a young girl growing up in Pouch Cove, We played cobbies every spring. We would go door to door asking if people had any cobbies old or cracked dishes. If they did, they would give them to us. We played house with them until the boys would come and break them to make us mad. Special cobbies like teapots were prized and we often traded our best cobbies with each other.

So just be careful who you use it with. As a kid, I personally was on the receiving end of Newfie jokes when ppl out west found out where I was from. The only time any Nfldr used it around me growing up was when we were in rural Nfld where they had little contact with ppl from away. It has negative associations for me personally. I absolutely loved this article.

I searched online and found your article. It made everyone laugh! He returns home a few times a year and is always full of the phrases when he returns. I have always loved the way you guys say stuff. I think you have the best sense of humour in the whole world. I always did even though I hardly knew anyone from there. Then I met a guy from Main Point. Being with him for the first 5 of those 7 years, I actually picked it up so well that people would ask me what part of Nfld I was from.

Hahah and I was honoured!!

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