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LF Glados zero skin

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After that it still took a little over a week for them to actually add the rewards, which was longer than I anticipated, but not something I minded. Shatynka-chan 13 May 5: Downloading didn't work for me back in the day, now I lost my saves, have a new computer and have to play all over again to even try to get them? The support ticket worked for me. Thanks for the advise. Wall Rider how long since you send the ticket? Thank you very much! It took several days to solve the problem, but only because i didn't gave all information needed in first message.

For those, who will use this method too, you'll need following: Screenshots of your bounty screen showing you have unlocked the bounties in Poker Night 2 2. The email address associated with your SHiFT account 4. List of the skins you're missing 5. Don't think it's necessary Thank you one more time! I'll go win all the bounty tournaments and pursue support, then.

You are not allowed to update this topic's flair. More topics from this board Does anybody still play? Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Agentinfamous47 Agentinfamous47 4 years ago 1 I had finished unlocking all of the bounties from Poker Night 2 yesterday. I had never played Poker before when I started playing, so it took me some time.

A lot of time. Any suggestions of what I should do? This is getting pretty ridiculous. Agentinfamous47 Agentinfamous47 Topic Creator 4 years ago 4 Thank you, but how do I submit a ticket exactly? The Golden Key Trick: The Warrior and the Handsome Sorcerer may drop a legendary mask that is class specific and unlocks for every character of that class, like all other in game customizations. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. Paid DLC heads that are unlocked in the customization menu directly.

They are account-bound and cannot be traded. The special edition head comes as a single inventory item, which can be traded. F0rg0tten Can be obtained from someone who owns the head before it's used , via trading. I D0 Declare Community Day event. Arachn1d Obtained by having a game save from Borderlands. Blood from a Stone. Eyes of the Snake. Leaf on the Wind. Amber Assassin Rank 3 The Killer challenge. Bandit Blood and Rust Item of the Day.

Bandit War Paint Rank 3 Marauder? I Hardly Know 'Er challenge. Better Red Rank 3 Rocket and Roll challenge. Blue Scarab Rank 3 Longshot challenge. Burst Fire Rare drop from Captain Flynt. Dahl Elite Item of the Day. Dark Night Rare drop from any of the 4 Hyperion Assassins. Full Purps Rank 5 Badass Bingo challenge. Harmonious Rare drop from Dukino's Mom. Haze of Violence Rank 3 Aggravated Assault challenge. Hyperion Heroism Rank 3 Load and Lock challenge.

Hyperion Honor Item of the Day. Hyperion Hornet Rank 5 Eviscerated challenge.

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