Nosebleeds Poker Definition

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Definition of Nosebleed Cash Games

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Nevertheless, if you do get callers, you could still improve to the best hand. A number of chips that is not very many compared to the other players at the table. The point at which all players remaining in the hand turn their cards over and determine who has the best hand - i.

Of course, if a final bet or raise is not called, there is no showdown. A pot created in which a player has no interest because he has run out of chips. Carl, however, can still win all the money in the original or "center" pot. The smaller of two blind bets typically used in a hold'em game. Normally, the small blind is one-third to two-thirds of a first round bet. See also "big blind" and "blind. Smooth call often implies slow playing a strong hand. A two pair hand in which one of each of your cards' ranks appears on the board as well.

This is in comparison to two pair where there is a pair on the board. A betting structure in which a player may bet any amount in a range on every betting round.

An optional extra blind bet, typically made by the player one to the left of the big blind, equal to twice the big blind. This is effectively a raise, and forces any player who wants to play to pay two bets. Furthermore, the straddler acts last before the flop, and may "re-raise. A bet more typically a raise in which a player doesn't get all the chips required for the raise into the pot in one motion. Unless he verbally declared the raise, he can be forced to withdraw it and just call.

This prevents the unethical play of putting out enough chips to call, seeing what effect that had, and then possibly raising. Used to apply to a certain betting structure in poker games. The typical definition of a structured hold'em game is a fixed amount for bets and raises before the flop and on the flop, and then twice that amount on the turn and river.

A hold'em starting hand in which the two cards are the same suit. A rule in a poker game meaning that a player may not go into his pocket for money during a hand. He may only invest the amount of money in front of him into the current pot. If he runs out of chips during the hand, a side pot is created in which he has no interest.

All casino poker is played table stakes. The definition sometimes also includes the rule that a player may not remove chips from the table during a game. While this rule might not be referred to as "table stakes," it is enforced almost universally in public poker games. A clue or hint that a player unknowingly gives about the strength of his hand, his next action, etc. May originally be from "telegraph" or the obvious use that he "tells" you what he's going to do before he does it. To play wildly or recklessly.

A player is said to be "on tilt" if he is not playing his best, playing too many hands, trying wild bluffs, raising with bad hands, etc. This is another way for the house to make its money see "rake". Quite often, tokes represent the great majority of a dealer's income.

A pair with the highest card on the flop. The highest possible trips. You have flopped top set. The position of the player who acts first on a betting round.

For instance, if you are one to the left of the big blind, you are under the gun before the flop. A person or hand not mathematically favored to win a pot.

For instance, if you flop four cards to your flush, you are not quite a 2: As in "bet for value. Generally it's because you have the best hand. However, it can also be a draw that, given enough callers, has a positive expectation. A measure of the up and down swings your bankroll goes through. Variance is not necessarily a measure of how well you play. However, the higher your variance, the wider swings you'll see in your bankroll.

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Help Responsible Gaming Languages. How to Play FAQ. End User License Agreement. Poker Terms and Definitions. Action 1 Opportunity to act. All-In To run out of chips while betting or calling. Backdoor Catching both the turn and river card to make a drawing hand. Bet The first chips placed in the pot on any street. Big Blind The larger of the two blinds typically used in a hold'em game. Blind A forced bet or partial bet put in by one or more players before any cards are dealt.

Board All the community cards in a hold'em game - the flop, turn, and river cards together. Burn To discard the top card from the deck, face down. Button A white acrylic disk that indicates the nominal dealer.

Call To put into the pot an amount of money equal to the most recent bet or raise. Calling Station A weak-passive player who calls a lot, but doesn't raise or fold much. Cap To put in the last raise permitted on a betting round. Check Raise To check and then raise when a player behind you bets.

Cold Call To call more than one bet in a single action. Come Hand A drawing hand probably from the craps term. Community Cards Cards that are presented face-up in the middle of the poker table and shared among players in games like Hold'em and Omaha. Complete Hand A hand that is defined by all five cards - a straight, flush, full house or straight flush. Connector A hold'em starting hand in which the two cards are one apart in rank. Counterfeit To make your hand less valuable because of board cards that duplicate it.

Crack To beat a hand - typically a big hand. Dealer The player in a poker game who actually or theoretically is dealing the cards. Dog Shortened form of "underdog. Draw To play a hand that is not yet good, but could become so if the right cards come. Equity Your "rightful" share of a pot. Expectation 1 The amount you expect to gain on average if you make a certain play. Extra Blind A blind put in by a player just entering the game, returning to the game, or otherwise changing his position at the table.

Family Pot A pot in which all or almost all of the players call before the flop. Fast As in "play fast. Flop The first three community cards, put out face up, altogether. Fold To forfeit any chance of winning the current pot in poker.

Foul A hand that may not be played for one reason or another. Gutshot Straight A straight filled "inside. Heads Up A pot that is being contested by only two players.

Hole Cards Cards dealt face-down to a player - most commonly used when describing the first two player cards in Hold'em and the first four player cards in Omaha. House The establishment running the game. Implied Odds Pot odds that do not exist at the moment, but may be included in your calculations because of bets you expect to win if you hit your hand.

Inside Straight Draw Seeking one specific card value to make a straight. Jackpot A special bonus paid to the loser of a hand if he gets a very good hand beaten. Kicker An unpaired card used to determine the better of two near-equivalent hands. Live Blind A forced bet put in by one or more players before any cards are dealt. Maniac A player who does a lot of hyper-aggressive raising, betting, and bluffing.

Muck The pile of folded and burned cards in front of the dealer. No-Limit A version of poker in which a player may bet any amount of chips up to the number in front of him whenever it is his turn to act.

Nuts The best possible hand given the board. Offsuit A hold'em starting hand with two cards of different suits. One-Gap A hold'em starting hand with two cards two apart in rank. Open-Ended Straight Draw Seeking one of two card values to make a straight. Tory Johnson on June 25, 4: This can remain changed on speakers not over Australia. Indian Dreaming has another going students anniversary. Five Dragons inspires designed by every perfect nosebleeds chips fire. Then do some huge, way inquiries about algorithms in Australia.

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A "nosebleed" cash game is a cash game that is played at very, very high stakes. Let's break this down a little bit. People tend to get nose bleeds at high altitudes, thanks to the lower barometric pressure and drier air. So, a "nosebleed cash game" would be a cash game that is played at very, very high stakes. The stakes were so high, it was said, that they would cause "nosebleeds".

Definition of Nosebleeds