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This is not a gambling website. After the initial deal, the first of what may be several betting rounds begins. Visit the PokerStars Blog. Gambling mathematics Mathematics of bookmaking Poker probability. Strategie de poker Vezi toate articolele.

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Action Clock de 30 de secunde la jocurile de cash? Bicycle Casino testeaza ideea Gus Hansen paraseste Bobby's Room dupa de ore de joc in 70 de zile la ultra high stakes.

Strategie de poker Vezi toate articolele. Strategie generala O lectie de psihologie a pokerului de la un robot AI: Strategie de turneu Poker Coaching cu Jonathan Little: Strategie de turneu Blufful pe river, cea mai amara dar si cea mai eficienta pilula din poker.

Mediu Cea mai dificila intrebare intr-o mana de poker: Iata cum ne dam seama Din capcanele pokerului: Avansat Cum alegem momentul potrivit pentru a bluffa cu absolut nimic? Cum facem pot control cu o mana mediocra impotriva unor oponenti buni Jonathan Little: Ce meciuri sunt de urmarit? In fact, it will still be there tomorrow. One of the things that makes poker such a fascinating game is the sheer variety of different approaches, styles and ways to play.

Most styles can be broken down into a combination of the following:. Adopting this style should make you comfortable with betting aggressively, which is essential for long-term success, while trying to play mostly good hands before the flop can help you learn discipline and prevent you from getting into too many difficult situations with marginal hands. As you gain more experience and improve your game, you will be able to loosen up and vary your style, but you should always try to stay aggressive.

The dealer position changes after every hand so this advantage is shared between all players to help keep the game fair. Good players will often relax their starting hand requirements in late position, as the added benefit of position affords them greater flexibility and more options as the hand plays out.

This advantage can be significant. But you will also find situations where a well-timed bluff could win you a pot you might otherwise lose. When a poker player bluffs, what are they trying to achieve? They are attempting to get their opponent to fold the best hand. If you really held the cards you want them to think you hold, would you have played the hand the way you did?

When bluffing, make sure that you think through the whole hand to see if the story you are telling makes sense. If you just decide to put a bet out there as your last hope to win the pot then the chances are high that a smart opponent will see through it. Odds are a way of expressing the probability of something happening.

Now think about the odds of rolling a six on a six-sided die: There are 13 clubs in a card deck, and two of them are in your hand and another two are on the board, leaving nine clubs remaining. This ratio of 37 to 9, and therefore your chances of making your flush, are approximately 4 to 1. You can call, hoping to hit the club, or fold.

What is the correct play? There is no piece of legislation that specifically states online gambling is illegal. Nor are there any laws that say it is. Romania drafted a proposition for the European Commission to regulate online poker and gambling within the country. The first draft did not meet the EU standards and was rejected. As a result, Romania will not be able to implement their online poker and gambling laws in original form. The European Gaming and Betting Association commented on some provisions that need to be addressed, including but not limited to;.

It's unclear as to whether Romania will take the Commission's views and recommendations into consideration. Romania offers multiple gambling facilities, including their own state fun lottery, bingo and poker. The first legalized casinos were established during the early 90's, setting the age of majority for players to bet in Romania at The casinos are licensed by the Finance Ministry, which overseas the licensed slot machines provided by more than different companies.

Currently, there are more than 25, licensed slot machines and table games found in Romanian casinos. In , Romania created their first national lottery, called Loteria Romana.

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