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This weight must be verified by another member of the Star 45 Class using the Class Measurement Form. Highly recommended for everybody. Basically, they substitute for all other symbols in the game, usually except for other special symbols, such as scatter and jackpot. Many people may be gambling more than they can afford , and the big payouts also lure unsavory "hyena" types into the gambling halls. Gore, the venerable maker of Gore-Tex and a host of other pioneering materials and products as diverse as synthetic vascular grafts, Elixir guitar strings, and Glide dental floss. Category Commons Wiktionary WikiProject.

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This measurement form shall become, with the registration card, a permanent record of this model yacht. These sources will be approved sources for the class. New manufacturers will be directed to submit the first of their product to the Class Secretary for approval. This means with all gear, rigging, sails, radio components, batteries and ballast placed and secured on board. Bow bumpers shall be excluded in the overall length measurement, whether recessed in or otherwise attached to the bow stem.

Bow bumpers must be of resilient fabrication to minimize damage to another yacht in the event of a collision. Model Boat journal Lester Gilbert on understanding of sail making for model sail boats Lester Gilbert wrote: For anyone interested in sailmaking, I've just finished editing Larry Robinson's "Making Model Yacht Sails" part 1 only booklet and have published it as an "international" edition.

I've done this, not to get rich 'cos this isn't going to happen to either me or Larry or anyone else connected with this enterprise! Drill a proper sized pilot hole.

Load it with thin CA. Smaller than that, not so much. Model Sailboat Plans on line. Star45 Hull Templates and shadows. Modelers will use different building materials for the model. These are JPG drawing and print outs may require adjustments to get the widths to correct sizing. The rules establish the maximum allowable beam dimension and hull length.

Most browsers will allow you to right click and open the jpg files. You can then save them to your machine. This set of templates are based on drawing from John Fisher back around August John may have new and updated drawings available.

If you want to scale to use for different model you can change the print out to give you a different grid size. I want to thank J.

Rudder templates for a Star45 Class sailing model. This set of templates are based on drawing from John Fisher. These are half shadow that ar eplaced between the templates to add strength to the hull. Star45 sailing model plans. Most browsers will allow you to right click and open the jpg images. This set of plans are based on drawing from John Fisher They are not necessarily to scale. S45 Frames aka bulkheads, shadows on Mainzone.

Every man, woman and child should enjoy the pleasure of building a wooden boat The MainZone web page contains links to downloadable files for use in building the Star 45 This model is is built using frames otherwise known as shadows or bulkheads. The files for these frames reside on www.

S45 Construction templates for laminating rudder. Star 45 Construction templates Keel fin. Building templates for S45 Keel fin. Modeler may want to use different building materials for the fin. Final keel fin will be shaped the builder. Also these are JPG drawing and print outs may require adjustments to get the templates to correct sizing. If you want to scale the keel fins for another model you can change the print out to give you a different grid size.

This set of templates are based on bolt mounting. The grid makes it easy to add to the template to have the keel extend into the hull or extend into the keel bulb. This set of templates are based on drawing from John Fisher Thanks Ray from Down Under the vertical slots are for the radio tray if you use it.

The Star 45 is a 45" long hard chine hull; semi-scale model of the full-size Olympic Star. They weigh 12 pounds plus, have 12 inch beam. They are easy to scratch build and sail. Well suited for building by by the novice builder and by the skipper looking for a classic looking model to race. Hull stringers aka rails.

Steps toward building a sailing model. Building Displaying Sailing Model Boats and Ships So you want to build a sailing model Find plans for a sailing model, buy or find on-line. Join a model boat forum for advice. Buy or borrow books on boat building. Decide on type of planking and wood to be used to build the model. Set aside a work space for building. Review the bill of materials need to build the model and buy the materials.

Order deck and mast fittings. Order mast if you are buying the mast and order sails or sail material. Choose the radio system, buy a sail control unit, Order keel bulb or get advice and discuss issues of building your own. While the hull is under construction build: Keel fin and ballast bulb Rudder assembly Make or assemble spars mast and booms Build cradle to hold boat under construction and when finished.

Test Radio System and sail control unit After hull is planked: Install keel trunk or make provisions for mounting keel. Install radio and sail control unit, Then remove while construction continues. Provide a exit guide for radio antenna so it can be attached to mast or stays.

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