Find Threads Started by Vedast. Get's Her kit Off. Originally Posted by Rushmore Given the fact that he knew cong was willing to deal, how bad is Egorka's play here? Oh come on everyone understands these days Find Threads Started by Brinkytinky. The last instant win occasion, ultimate dragon , is the most difficult to attain.

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T8MML in chips Seat 2: Add Thiag to Rail Reply Quote Add denrus to Rail Reply Quote Yep, he runs ok pokerstars Game I am new here, but Ship are you always a tool? He may be a bad player in one sense, just viewing some of the hand histories. Add donkkkkk to Rail Reply Quote Add Daalen to Rail Reply Quote I wish I could learn his ways.

Add d1am0ndc to Rail Reply Quote VietCong is offically my favourite player ever! Take down the R biotch! As for poor ol' ship, still moanin away about the time that he had two pair on a rainbow flop n that mean ol' donk VietCong checkraised No-one cares about you You win loads, and you still complain!

That makes you annoying. It's all about VietCong now. He's developed a new style You're part of the old school now, get outta the way if ya can't lend a hand, for the times are changing. I've railed him Cong for most of the tourney today. His play has been way more orthodox than one would have assumed from all the posts regarding his play I think he has played well too If he wins today, you have to apologise watch apologises to Jesse Jackson South Park Season 11 for lessons on how to apologise correctly.

Add jerro to Rail Reply Quote He is not Vietnamese, correct? Or is he a Vietnamese living in La Coruna, Spain? Actually I looked at the A9 shove and it isnt bad. But id love to see more people defend the way this guy plays I dont think there could be a more amusing thing to listen to. Add nknowles to Rail Reply Quote Add Trimax to Rail Reply Quote The second I declare him as my new fav player he starts spewing.. Haha just as I was writing this he scoops a pot Return to Poker Advice.

Local Daily Poker Tournaments. Stevesbets was the winner of the High Stakes Showdown , which attracted its 16 entrants within hours of open registration. The Sunday Hundred Grand tournament's 15, entrant cap was reached days before the tournament's start.

That stellar attendance meant that those who participated in the event were taking part in the largest real-money tournament by attendance of all time. That record is very likely to be tied next weekend by this event, as more than 2, entrants are already signed up. JCarver makes an amazing call with just a pocket pair of deuces when Johnny pushes all in on the river for more than the pot.

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Check out the free Card Player Poker School. You're a double up away from being right back in it. Add weakone to Rail Reply Quote Add airedale05 to Rail Reply Quote Suck My Ace in chips Seat 4: Jovial Gent in chips Seat 6: TheTotti in chips Seat 9: Suck My Ace folded before Flop didn't bet Seat 4: Jovial Gent folded before Flop didn't bet Seat 6: TheTotti small blind folded before Flop Seat 9: Well I had a Even the best players in the world make bad plays: Genius28 in chips Seat 4: Jovial Gent showed [9d 8d] and won with a flush, King high Seat 6: TheTotti folded before Flop didn't bet Seat 9: Suck My Ace button folded before Flop didn't bet Seat 4: Jovial Gent big blind folded before Flop Seat 6: Add sketchy1 to Rail Reply Quote Add tekiller to Rail Reply Quote Should have just shoved.

You're not folding if he shoves, so might as well maximize fold equity with a drawing hand like AKo. Add Shrubbery to Rail Reply Quote I would love to spend just like an hour in this guys head at the tables. It could be A one insane killer ride, or B scary as hell but I want to find out what goes on in there. The previous orbit i made it UTG and folded to a shove when i had like 18k behind to i fig id do the same thing here

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