A peek inside a Dell Vostro 200 Slim Tower

In order to get it in the bottom position it's sufficient to move the disk towards the optical drive cage and carefully move it down, see the yellow arrows in the above photo. In the above photo you can clearly see the graphics and memory controller hub G33 GMCH, "northbridge" , covered by a heatsink. Since I might want to add another hard disk drive in the near future I decided to see if I could move the hard disk drive to the bottom position. Thursday, February 28, 18 comments. But after I had removed the power connection from the drive by pushing the blue lever towards the hard disk drive cage I could release the hard disk screw and slide the hard disk towards the optical drive cage, and even lift it out. After I had taken a few photos I carefully put the card back in its slot, put the metal strip back and hooked the bundle of black and brown wires back into place, rotated the PCI locking bar back into place, slid the black cover back into place, and finally screwed both thumb screws back into place.

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Dell Vostro 200 Slim Line related

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