Warframe frames and mods: obtaining new frames, how to acquire the Revenant frame, equipping mods

Range of 10m, causing 1. The Queens are shown to have their origins as far back as the Old Empire, and Teshin is revealed to be a Dax Soldier, meaning he was under their command due to them being of Orokin origin thus gaining the ability to wield the Kuva Scepter. Valve renames Artifact card after feedback questioning racist connotations 9. Author An engineering students that writes things every once in a while. Dual Skana Conclave Skin. Deals 70 damage over 4m for each explosion.

Warframe frames and mods guide

Obtaining frame blueprints for Octavia, Inaros, Harrow, and more

Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems. Typically, the chance of those three dropping are in descending order. So, Neuroptics have a higher chance than Systems to drop. Other Warframe components and Blueprints can be picked up by way of certain Quests Sands of Inaros rewards you with everything you need to build Inaros, for example or through Clan Dojo research. One more recent example is the Revenant:.

Equipping this mask and entering the Plains of Eidolon during nighttime will start the quest. Following the white waypoint towards the south-west of Gara Toht Lake, a spectral being will vanish.

Interact with the energy you find there and Nakak will have another vision. Rebuild another part of the warframe with the bounties, becfore returning once more at night. Doing so will reward you with the blueprint for the Revenant Warframe, meaning that you only need to acquire one more part of the Revenant Warframe and the relevant parts to make it.

This frame has the following four abilities:. Some frames require relatively specific conditions to be met in order to obtain the relevant blueprints, such as defeating a boss, completing bounties, or finishing certain quests. Due to the number of frames currently in the game, the first ten alphabetically are displayed. In order to find the frame you want to know more about, please use the search function and type the name of the frame you wish to know where the various blueprints drop.

This list will be updated as and when new frames are introduced into the game. All new Frames start at level 1, going all the way up to level Warframe Mods can do a whole lot of stuff, like increasing their tankiness, their speed, the strength and duration of their powers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Naturally, Rhino is one of the tankiest Frames in the game.

From there, you can toy around with other min-maxing opportunities. Equipping mods that let her get around the map as quickly as possible are always welcome, but not necessary. The tricks of the Warframe trade are taking advantage of every last bit of possible Capacity to get your Frames to their strongest state. Formas help to do that, as well.

You can do this as many times as you want, however every time comes at the cost of dropping the Warframe all the way back to level 1. If you want to add Polarity multiple times to a Frame, be ready to level it over and over again.

Riven mods are special mods that have randomised stats. These will always be listed on the mod itself and can be anything from killing a certain number of enemies while hidden, or killing enemies in a particular way. So what happens when you unlock it? Well the stats will then be rolled for the weapon, with up to four in total.

Some stats are negative to counterbalance the more positive ones. Sometimes the stats will be awful, so thankfully you can re-roll them by spending Kuva — a Grineer resource obtained by killing Kuva Guardians spawning on higher level Grineer maps. You can also spend four unveiled Riven mods via a Riven transmuter dropped by the Hydrolyst Eidolon in the Plains of Eidolon to turn them into one veiled Riven mod. Should you wish to dabble into the more powerful Prime Frames or indeed tinker with Prime weapons and the like, be sure to check out the Warframe Prime Relics guide to get started.

Tagged with Digital Extremes , feature , Warframe. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here. Western publishers were not keen on the science fiction setting, while a large unnamed Korean publisher warned him that they would "fail" as Western developers did not know how to properly support free-to-play games with quality content. They built out a playable version of the game, at the time known as Lotus in about nine months.

Warframe was publicly announced in June [10] with its closed beta launched in October An early change in the beta in early was their monetization scheme to avoid pay to win scenarios. For example, initially, each warframe had a skill tree that the player could unlock completely through missions and gaining experience. An extended version of the tree was available if the player augmented the warframe with an in-game item, then only purchasable through microtransactions.

Digital Extremes found it difficult to get attention from the press as around , free to play games were typically shunned by game journalists.

However, Digital Extremes found they had a small but dedicated group of players that latched onto the title, buying into the game through Founder's Packs, telling their friends about the game, and interacting with the developers to provide feedback which was integrated into the game's design.

The open beta for Warframe launched in March for the Windows platform, with the game available from their own server systems. Warframe was released at the same time that the studio was also completing development for the April Star Trek game to tie into the release of the film Star Trek Into Darkness.

The Star Trek game was critically panned, leading to financial hardships at the studio and forcing them to layoff developers. Once the game turned profitable, Digital Extremes found themselves in the position of needing to generate content for the game to maintain its audience. Because they retained their person staff throughout this process, they were able to expand upon content quickly, and soon hired in another developers for Warframe. One major change after release was an update to the game's movement system, titled "Parkour 2.

They had found before this, players discovers ways to rapidly traverse levels by a trick known as "coptering" using specific weapons, warframes, and upgrades. Though Digital Extremes had considered these movements to be game-breaking and considered removing the abilities altogether, they realized players liked to have exotic moves like this available to them, and thus created the Parkour 2.

Players reacted very negatively for this, as some found it would take a large amount of Platinum to get the color they wanted. Digital Extremes removed this random factor and instead added means to purchase such customization options directly. The company has also avoided the use of loot boxes that other free-to-play games are often criticized for. The studio had found it important to release new content regularly to keep a stream of income from the game, but at the same time this challenged them for how fast they were able to fix bugs and other problems with the game.

This led to them investing more into the player community to keep them up to speed while helping players understand what the game's systems offered. This included starting a weekly developer video games "Devstream" on YouTube hosted by community manager Rebecca Ford who also voices the in-game character Lotus , [2] starting a fan convention called TennoCon, and working with Twitch.

In , Digital Extremes was acquired by the Chinese investment company Leyou. This quest features prominent characters from the game and introduces a new faction, the dreaded Sentients. Also, and most importantly, The Second Dream serves as an "Awakening" to the Tenno's true nature, as more than a mere Warframe, more than human, "but once a child, like any other". Completion of this quest grants access to a new game mechanic named Focus and allows the player to enter the battlefield as themselves, temporarily, through Transference.

During Transference, the Warframe is temporarily deactivated, and a spectral form of the Tenno themselves enters the battlefield, channeling one of five Focus Abilities, depending on which of the five Focus Schools the player chose during the quest's events. This quest sends the player on the chase for Teshin, the master and overseer of the Conclave, as he is seen suspiciously gathering Kuva from the pods of the newly awakened Tenno. Tracking Teshin across the solar system leads to the discovery of the Kuva Fortress, a massive asteroid under Grineer control where the so far only known as a legend Twin Grineer Queens reside.

The Queens are shown to have their origins as far back as the Old Empire, and Teshin is revealed to be a Dax Soldier, meaning he was under their command due to them being of Orokin origin thus gaining the ability to wield the Kuva Scepter. The Queens cause an overload on the connection between Tenno and Warframe, forcing the Tenno to seek them out themselves, slowly discovering their Void powers.

On the mission's climax, the Tenno unlocks Transference, an ability which allows them to roam independently of their Warframe at will, weakens the Elder Grineer Queen and has the option to kill her or "Let her rot", since all Grineer bodies decay over time due to excessive cloning. This quest also introduces an Alignment system to the game, with possible options being Sun, Neutral and Moon. This alignment has so far not had any consequence in gameplay, leaving its purpose unknown.

An update to the game in November , titled "Plains of Eidolon", added an open-world area to the game. The Plains are a semi-open world, initially accessible through a "hub" named Cetus, a settlement on Earth where a people named the Ostrons reside, then directly through the player's ship.

As the game describes them, the Ostrons are "A tight-knit band of hucksters and merchants. Finally, the Plains of Eidolon offer a new series of boss fights to the game, the titular Eidolons. These Sentient-origin titans require extreme gear and in most cases teamwork to take down for unique rewards.

An update to the game in June , titled "The Sacrifice", added the third cinematic story to the game. This quest provides insight on Umbra's past, the ability to gain Umbra into your arsenal after the quest's climactic point, and information on the origins of the Warframes themselves, answering multiple questions, but creating even more.

Since then it has had several versions and hotfix releases, [19] [20] and open beta was launched on March 25, Warframe received "mixed or average reviews" on all platforms according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Game systems are haphazardly stitched onto one other in ways that are sometimes incoherent, but oddly charming all the same. The game is among one of the most-played games available on Steam.

Digital Extremes describes the game as a "rogue success", as the game is able to secure and sustain a large number of players without gaining significant attention from other people. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Warframe Storefront artwork, featuring four of the game's various character classes.

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