Trump: Kim Jong Un and I fell in love

The Sparrow Tower was finished January and includes but is not limited to: I played at Bellagio last month and also tracked my express points. Last two yrs barly any. North East Minnesota, the taconite mines, are owned by the Chinese and you just might end up pounding rock in a slave camp.. We are approaching dark times no matter how anyone looks at it, and those who still wear their blinders and refuse to open their eyes are either ignorant, evil, or both.

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Too many decades had passed since that book was written. But, I did go on a hot air balloon ride at sunset something everyone should do if they get the chance. I just wish we were allowed to have chickens and goats here. I feel for ya, Jen…. The hills and mountains of east TN never looked so good after being up in NE for the week!!

I was a nervous wreck.. Just the thought of being stuck with my liberal in laws, let alone all the other libs that live there, was enough for me to want to pack up and come home early!! I wanted my home AND my preps!! I hate living here, with all these people jammed so close together. I nearly did fall under his spell, the first time he ran. It was only about halfway through his campaign when he said something about bombing Pakistan who, at that time was more friend than enemy. It was not the response I expected to whatever question had been asked, and it made me realize he would take us to war every chance he got.

From then on, everything he said just made him look worse and worse as a future President. Last year after we drove out there I was an absolute wreck. The traffic, the folks on the freeways, the millions of sheep, the horror of being stuck out there in the midst of that mess even now gives me shivers up and down my spine. It could make for a wonderful new Christmas tradition. I love baking cookies, decorating the tree and drinking cocoa while watching Christmas specials on DVD.

Last year as I started to say grace before meal the interruption was horrific and they continued on as if I were speaking a foreign language, which for them I guess it was.

Told the wife the same thing 2 yrs ago. I will never cross into CA again. I can honestly say we were terrified the whole time. Unarmed and around so many degenerates.

ME is getting pretty full of morons too. VT is a Looney bin. Feel free to go to either of those states. But since I keep myself to myself, you probably will never have a problem with me or know I exist, anyway. And stupidity is a jerk online who shoots his or her mouth off without knowing someone AT ALL, just to insult them for no reason.

I can do the bitch-slap thing, too. What the hell does that even mean? I was born somewhere else. My parents were born somewhere else. My wife was born in Tijuana.

I guess I hate her too? It was more like a useless flailing that made me laugh because you ran away instead of refuting me. Just to the north of you isnt bad either. Got laidoff 2weeks back and already have a better job and still working part time at cabelas.

Are you in Nebraska? I h andave a 3 year old and myself, and I want to try to coordinate a small group around these few states Kansas included. But nobody will come to my town for help. We have rednecks here?? For a while, I really thought I would want to live in the Berkshires. Then I discovered you kinda have to be rich to afford property there.

You could do like the sheeple in Boston and cower in place. I lived in CO for a year. That was nice in some ways. And too far away from all of my family. Why the fuck you think I went so far. You would go to jail there just for looking at the guns I own, let alone going out back and blowing things up with explosives. It sure is nice living free. No cowering in place here.

Good luck with the zombies. I lived in so cal for about 15 years. I bought an M1A once upon a time from out of state because the shops in Cali wanted over 2K for em. Some asshole told her about the brothels, so she thought she needed to keep an eye on me.

Go look ahead of time. Being buried in east bumfuck is not always the best choice. Your ok where you are… just go deeper north some, or head in BS County. You have a lot of options. Dont even think about getting there by 91 or 90 though. Get your alternate routes planned now. One guy from Montana mouths off and you have the whole state pegged as assholes. I cross into Montana weekly and the people are alot more friendly than you.

James in Dallas…you will do fine in Montana. More of a libertarian, maybe. Just what I get from reading your posts. Good luck to you. Great wake up call! None of us on SHTF wants the riff-raff moving in on us; dont matter what state you live in now. Hard to seperate the sheep from the goats at this point in time. A real true down to earth honest freedom loving, America loving prepper would be a welcome addition to my neighborhood.

Most libs are socialist and dont know it. They will be generous with tax dollars other peoples money but not thier own. Merry Xmas or happly holidays on thier yard displays instead of Christ. They cant hide thier lib unvalues any more than I can hide my constitutionalist values. It is very difficult to convert one because they are thinking of thier next statement instead of listening to what you say. The only way is through Fear.

Liberals are toilet bugs, just like their president and ALL his boyfriends. In , there was a chance for America to reverse course, fix the economy the right way, start paying down the national debt, and avoid what is coming. Everything that has transpired politically has occured because they gave these progressives the political cover to destroy America.

They are a disease, and diseases need eradication. I just want to get settled and start having the kind of life I want to lead the kind where I have a large garden, animals, and maple trees to tap, and I get to spend more time each day on my paintings, instead of just being a secretary.

I really need to stop replying to things before coffee. Parentheses, and even while words, go missing in pre-coffee replies. Jenn, If by garden you mean that you may be 6 feet under with family and your decomposing body creating great fertilizer then your headed to the right location. We had a retreat location in central maine but my inlaws sold their cabin this past spring. I offered market value but they wanted more which I couldnt afford. Unfortunately the real estate market spiked the last 4 months and they ended up getting 20k more than my offer.

It was a generational cabin in the family with acreage. A couple low life, greedy aunt inlaws who leech anything and everything off the system blocked me out. Now Living the dream on Maui! The levels around Fuku are barely above background.

Only high readings come in small spots the size of your kiddi pool. Was just talking about the glow in the dark lobsters with a friend, Were already getting Fukushimad i think, maybe why the FDA tripled the allowable background radiation in seafood, so as not to panic peeps, Would rather just not eat seafood!

I used to buy imitation crab for salads, the cheapest fish you can get. BI is good, you could walk into the Laupahoyhoy forest above Ookala and never be seen again! Or MtView, miles and miles of fern forest up there! Prayerfully there will be no earthquakes and tsunamis. Otherwise you may well be living the dream. I love the mountains, Lived in Co for a while, but well you know whats going on there now, I like large scale farming or ranching, grew up in that, so naturally has a draw, would love to spend time in the Northern Rockys, beautiful country, dont get me wrong, Maui is beautiful, but if you like shooting sports or four wheeling, this aint the place, SHTF, not the front of the line, so lots of experiences i want to have in whatever is left in my life, so finding a farm or ranch in south west Mt or Nw Wy or somewhere like that would be a good starting place, still gotta work, so if i can at least be closer to the kind of recreating i want to do would be excellent, varmint management could be good?

Get to keep up on my LR shots. What school did you go to. I worked for the city of Stockton untill California Resident… Lodi high I graduated in Japan. Was born in Stockton and went to HH and Webster. Sounds like you might have lived in the same area. Country Club graduate sports bar near I I went to ST Bernadettes from 1st through 6th grade until they closed the school down. Maybe we should keep in touch just incase I get caught down there I still visit my mom or you excape and head North… stop about 30 miles before Canada.

What is never taken into consideration or even info that preppers are aware ….. I provided ministry there just to get a tour of the camp which is a lot like a college campus with a giant fence around it. That was propaganda to soften the rest of us about the ridiculously callous treatment Katrina survivors received from the fed govt.

And I can just hear a. Saw this earlier — -same thought went through my head, i. Thing is, all those blue areas are where the jobs are. And the welfare offices. Agree that being well off Interstate routes is a major factor. Lots of cities not on that map are traps, though. Or replace them with incorrect ones that point into deserts or swamps. There is not one blue dot in my entire state WV , yet the county I live in has a 4.

The movie series Wrong Turn is not as far from reality here as we like to think because we still have about the same population as we did 80 years ago. When i think WV i think Deliverence! No offence PP Just had a friend from there years back, good guy but really reminded me of those fellers who were screwing with Burt and his possee. Ah, cool beans guys, been so long since i saw that i really couldnt remember where it was set, some movies leave a lasting impression.

My plan is to ask nothing of anyone, and to look as though I have nothing and want nothing. That is, if I have to be seen at all. When society breaks down, and gangs start coming on our property wanting to break into our house, will God forgive us for shooting them so that our small family can survive?

Thanks much, and God bless you all. If you are in the panhandle and away from hwy 90 and at least a few miles from IH10 it could be survivable. However, all you can do is trust God, use good tactics, focus on the front sight, squeeze the trigger and do the best you can. To look at it a different way, these areas will be full of food sources, assuming you are properly armed.

Pick the vegetarian, because they would taste best. Plus, they probably practice other aspects of clean living. I WW2 the people who ate human flesh in Stalingrad said it made them crazy and most conmitted suicide. I will die before I eat other human or a pet. I think something similar happened on Easter Island. I would have a hard time eating another person.

Lol, yea, i gots the fat finger syndrome too! But hey i can listen to music and surf the web and text my friends all at once! The comment was made my tongue in cheek I assure you. Hunger does weird things to people though, if the cows and chickens vanish it is possible some people could go full Hannibal Lecter.

Just food for thought. Bake covered at til tender usually hours like any pot roast. Remember as soon as they become a threat they cease to become human. I live near enough to major city to be a slight problem. A great choke point near the house. And neighbors of like mind… and a great team… lots of chow, ammo, well, mostly off grid, ….. Ok time for another prep tip thank me later this is only for the serious prepper!

I got lbs of books from 50 years ago to present. If I was going to use technology, I would buy one. Good for you Dave! Most of those books are hard if not impossible to find now. Having them on a usb drive all in one is great for portability. Maybe get one as a bugout backup? Three different name brands, too. If you can read a thumb drive you can read a CD. New Orleans is not marked. Anonymous, I was just looking at the map and noticed that myself. I got into a fight with someone in a bar on Bourbon Street and just barely made it out of there before the cops arrived.

Never been back since. Very few Cajuns live anywhere around New Orleans tard…Creoles maybe. Learn a little about culture before you make broad summarizations like that. So your comment that Cajuns are going to be dangerous due to lack of booze and drugs is based off your single visit and bar-fight in New Orleans?

I would agree that New Orleans is probably the most dangerous city in America, but that has little to do with the Cajun people. They avoid the city like the plague. You may condemn alcohol, but no man on Earth has a right to.

What the hell do you expect us to do after we stop supplying your sugar, let it go to waste? They would help you out if you were in distress, even while knowing that you think so little of them. Or they might get a wild hair up their ass and use you for bait if they discover that you originate from North of Interstate Have some like minded friends, neighbors and family to ride it out with.

Too many entitled losers just 10 miles away. A Great Bugout Vehicle: Would perhaps be folks combine some cash and have an old style Pirate ship or english man o war ship made. Then live aboard ship, use Sails to travel and go opposite directions of trouble spots. Many islands will likly remain safe compared to cities or even rural areas. One old style sailing vessel lke that outfitted with Modern day weaponery, a few large cannons just incase, and off we go to an island to stock food and fresh water.

Plus modern water filters can change salt water to fresh drinking water. We could live like Kings and just keep moving around wherever we want to go to. With a few xtra modern day convienences, it could be way eaiser than it was for pirates in their day.

Free wind into sails and asap its Land HO! Wonder how much cash that would take? Enough to buy a boat like that? I am real good at working the telescope to look for land.

Just need aprox more folks and its a done deal almost. Up until May this year, I had totally lost hope of getting out when the balloon goes up or even before.

I still have enough supplies to hold out awhile at home just in case. I truly dread the idea of trying to survive in the city with everything that will be happening. All of the rules we live by for now will go down the toilet.

Police will be nowhere to be found. The same will go for judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. Courts will definitely not be in session.

I fully expect someone will try to break in my place and take whatever I have. I believe it will happen. Yeah, I think lesser criminals should be allowed to go the thieves, the jaywalkers the embezzlers, etc.

Why turn them loose just because the building gets flooded? They should just get a sentence upgrade, to keep the REST of us safer.

They will all be shot inside their cells. I said what I said because if I were a deputy sheriff in a prison, I would do the dirty work myself. I was trying to say I was glad there were other people out there who would do that same sensible thing in the event of such a catastrophic event.

I would save the ammo to defend myself and just leave the cells locked. If GOD wants them to survive he will provide a way out. Just my 2 cents. Better to die fighting standing up than go on my knees. No, what makes you sound like an elitist, is the idea that YOU have the right to decide who lives and dies, according to YOUR parameters. She had a restraining order against her ex husband, who had previously attacked her on several occasions after the divorce.

Once she ended up in the hospital in critical condition and almost died. She was 98 pounds soaking wet and he had literally beat her within an inch of her life. She woke up around 4am one morning, with her pound ex sitting astride her in her bed, beating her in the face. He had climbed in her bedroom window drunk. Part of the tiptoe of totalitarianism is the criminalisation of dissidents, intellectuals and anyone who dares speak out against the regime.

I want to live in a community which obeys the rule of law with respect to human life, not one that supports the type of summary torture followed by execution which the mild mannered college professor grandfather of my son suffered. Ceucescu was keen on doing away those who disagreed with his many inhumane policies.

There was one jail where all the guards left and forgot about the inmates. The bottom floors flooded…. Sorry, I strongly disagree. For one thing those embezzling, are part of our current problem. Why should they be set free? Another thing, there have been too many people incarcerated for murder and rape who have been later found to be completely innocent.

I am not in favor of mob mentality, it is hard enough these days to get a fair shake in the courtroom. I have worked as a jail guard and I know that there are some nice people there who at one time in their life made some bad choices. Lots of people are free now, who have done some of the same things, just not caught.

Maybe you too, ever used drugs? Urban environments by virtue create a level of mass-mindedness in human beings that is unhealthy by nature, shallow people integrating in the belief they are evolved and have found some new form of thought that in the end is no different than the communism of is not the future of mankind.

Cities have done nothing but create a progressive vacuum of thought that is so destructive to the individual human being that the effect will not be understood until the damage is done and a complete reboot of life is required to recreate civilization. Good evening, Y99, and yes, what you say is all too true. Braveheart… if your truck is an oldie but goodie… your good. If you can get a six with a stick. Reasonable mileage, built like tanks and a five year old can fix them.

Planning another trip there later this month to move some more supplies there. So when bugout time comes, I can just load up a few bags and the gas cans and away I go. Get a little enduro dirt bike, and get more of your gear moved so you can travel light and fast! Just a thought Bh. Braveheart, Your best bet in that circumstance is to escape and evade at night , you do not want to exfiltrate on any natural lines of drift.

Keep noise , smells food prep to a minimum. Deep bury your waste. Keep your profile broken a recognizable shape can get you killed , stop , look and listen before moving and keep to inside of the tree line. Avoid sky lighting your self and if possible glass the area ahead before moving , when doing this keep the sun to your back to avoid reflections from you optical equipment giving you away. Make sure you break camp at dusk and set up camp just prior to sunrise check your site from a distance to be sure it is concealed enough to be prevent discovery.

When traveling in a small group be sure to set watches when camped during the day. If alone try to find the most secluded spot you can. If evading regime forces be away of thermal signature when in a stationary posture during the day use a space blanket over your tarp to block your IR signature from FLEIR detection.

IF you do stumble onto hostile others , break contact with minimal firing travel parallel to the noise avoid line of sight keep below the terrain local military ridge Always stop and check you 6 from cover. IF things get as bad as I think they will you will not be safe in a small town of people.

Cause when those people get real hungry where do you think they are going to go? Bury some preps, stored in 5 or 6 gallon plastic pails, sealed in mylar bags and the lids sealed with silicon and then buy them in your back yard where no one sees you doing it or knows about it and ONLY tell your wife an older, trusted son or daughter about it and swear them to secrecy. Be safe NOT sorry. Thankfully I had two other locations where I had preps stored.

Thinking like that really saved my ass. Would like to see an article on food storage and how and where to store it AFTER you pack it in mylar and plastic pails where to put it then…. GOOD people, people you love, can be too sweet and trusting of those in authority , especially if caught off guard. In SHTF that could your downfall. Most of the area west of the Mississippi is too dry and water is an issue in many areas.

Marquette, Michigan is on Lake Superior. No chlorine is necessary. North East Minnesota, the taconite mines, are owned by the Chinese and you just might end up pounding rock in a slave camp..

At Backspace… you might reconsider N dakota…go to this web site. The map is incredibly egocentric just like the densely populated parts of the country. And the good news is that everywhere else, although seriously under represented and much less dependent upon the grid.

The move here was difficult but worth it…I sleep so much better at night. I love my neighbors, I see them every morning and evening…deer and wild turkey.

Like I said, was a difficult move but I sleep much better at night. Zombies do travel fast specially when they are hungry and most of them have been used to get free stuff and what is yours belong to them since Archivist, I once knew a girl from Kingsport whose family was related to Jessie James, a real beauty named Terry James. I try to pass valuable and worthwhile information, particularly when it pertains to history! In dry form it weighed a lot less than when wet, but once water at sea hit it, it not only became heavier, but the process of fermentation began again, of which a byproduct is methane gas.

As the stuff was stored below decks in bundles you can see what could and did happen. Several ships were destroyed in this manner before it was discovered what was happening. In other words, high enough off the lower decks so that any water that came into the hold would not touch this volatile cargo and start the production of methane.

Beautiful area in the Gap! My brother lives close by near Corbin, ky, thinking of moving there myself. Everything is cheaper there, not a lot of big cities to worry about. The water is some of the cleanest in the state! I read somewhere a long time ago that the Romans used to skin their slain enemies, tan the skins and wear them for capes. Would certainly send a message. And the leather would be quite soft. I feel the same way about his wife too, sick of hearing her spout about diet and gardens and stuff, disgusting is all i can say and bullshit too.

This truly explains part, not by all means the whole picture, of the reason why Russia and China will go to a hot nuclear war with the U. In World War 3 the use of nuclear weapons is almost a total certainty. Will BO and his puppet masters blink? I have discussed this extensively with my wife. We will know well in advance compared to the sheeple as to when its time to G.

We should have a significant head start, if we are bugging out or need to acquire those last minute preps…never enough bullets, beans or band aids. RSOE warned me with a red warning it makes a different tone on my phone when a major event happens about the Japan earthquake back in March of a full 40 minutes before the MSM reported it. When I told my wife there had been a major quake and tsunami in Japan, we turned on the news at about 2: In a related event, I had an interesting conversation in passing with someone at my job today whose husband is an officer in an Army Infantry unit.

He was just deployed to Japan and left orders with her to get as much food and ammo as she could. Take it at face value, call me full of shit or whatever you want, but this is very interesting. The units in Japan are to support the invasion of South Korea by the North the second we start bombing Syria. So do we truly have the potential for WW3, our worst nightmare??

The book was written by Nevil Shute. The premise of the book is that some inconsequential country detonates a nuke and everyone else retaliates with their own, and so this globe-spanning nuclear cloud travels slowly around the earth, killing everyone by radiation poisoning.

The last place to get it will be Australia. The rest of the book centers around how various people deal with their impending demise. Some get religion, some get drunk, some get daring, some get courageous, some get noble, and some just get on with life as though nothing was wrong at all. That happened to me the first time I read it in 10th grade. I kind of feel like Syria could end up being that stupid little country that causes the nuclear chain reaction. Australia is about the size of the Lower 48 and we have 23 million people — less than Kalifornia I think?

Lots of places to hide here. Our gun laws are crappy but but it is still possible to have most longarms and pistols. And if you have a BOL that is kinda on the quiet and when TSHTF if you bug out with your guns and supplies although they should have been prepositioned earlier!

Thats not how it was in Mad Max. And your cops killed Crocadile Dundee for having a gun. I will just sneak under Denver Airport and live with the Elite. Also I think your population is less than Los Angeles when you factore in the illegals! Have you looked up sinister sites on your computer. Denver airport is listed there with a most interesting article. Was on my way to Nascar race in Las Vegas and had a stopover there.

I would get kicked off this site if I posted a few things that I have researched. The hardest part is separating the Bullshit fear porn and photochop from the truth. A little hint for finding stuff… The gov does release info sometimes and its up to you to connect the dots.

Hope I never have to fly into that airport. You can learn to live with the spiders and the centipedes arent deadly. We do have 8 of the 10 worlds most venemous snakes though and the acknowledged top 3. Awesome and thanks for the laughter. For 5 min I forgot that I am 50 miles away from the zombie center.

Moved back home to Bama in 88, saw this crap coming. Just wondering what if they hit the wilderness areas first? And no where was safe. Yes it can be grim but on the other hand can be very advantageous to survival.

Second of all it may afford better privacy as alot of people will flea and others will be to scared to venture in. Living in a rural environment is great for large scale food growth and production and avoiding the initial chaos of a urban collapse. However things do and will settle down eventually. I guess its all in preference. Farming can be done in urban areas as well. Our government is anti gun, but lots of the old school people are armed, there are lots of people who are talking now and are watching, the ethnic hawaiians are warriors at heart, they may be disorganized but will pull together when threatened so we will be a strong resistence between the locals and the Hawaiians.

The biggest problem is not invasion, but what happens when they bomb the shit out of our installations to blind the military and destroy their ability, no missle batteries here, collateral damage will be huge.

I dont think they would nuke us because this could be a strategic point for them to take. A bio weapon could kill everyone and leave stuff in tact, scarry shit. There is one word in the English language that is always pronounced incorrectly.

A man gave one son 10 cents and another son was given 15 cents. What time is it? A boat has a ladder that has six rungs, each rung is one foot apart. The bottom rung is one foot from the water. Is this the kind of service we can expect in the future? Dead as dead could be…no lights, no camera, no action. This would be 3: Again within minutes, I received a call from Bill Jurgenson, who stated he was on the way to tow the motorcycle into the shop. It is now about 4: When we arrived, Clint was waiting with the parts necessary to make the repairs to what appeared to be an electrical issue.

Within a couple of minutes, they found the problem loose battery cables and by 5: Told me to pay it forward which I will remember for the rest of my life. So this is my shout out to the world of Facebook…. In a world where all we hear about are the bad things people are doing to each other, I wanted to make sure my Facebook World knows there are good people still around and willing to help a stranded motorcyclist!

These guys are lifesavers!!!!!!! I bought a HD Fatboy from Black Hills Harley a couple years ago and purchased the pre-paid service contract at a substantial cost that would have saved me money in the long-run if I had to pay for the services every 5K miles. The contract was for 5 services.

I used the 5K service and the 10K service but still had 3 services remaining on the contract. A month or so ago, I decided to trade the Fatboy off for something a little bigger and was thinking I would get a Streetglide.

After test-riding one, however, I was very disappointed with how it handled. The same day, after I test-rode the Streetglide, I went to the Indian dealer in Sturgis and test-rode the new Springfield and fell in love with how well it handled.

Needless to say, I traded my Fatboy for the Springfield. I called Black Hills Harley today to see what I needed to do to get a refund for the 3 unused services remaining on my contract and was told it is non-refundable. What happened to the days that people actually had to perform a service to earn the money. Even if he contract specifies that, I am not so sure a court would uphold that provision. I visited one of your dealership and was very upset that the parking lot was blocked off due to an event to include handicap parking.

I am a disabled veteran and had to park a long distance away from the doors. I decided to contacting you first in attempt to avoid a lengthy and embarrassing public court process.

This situation is totally unacceptable. Denying access to these parking spaces is denying other handicap people access not only to your business, but to an enjoyable pastime, and passion for some. Not to mention potential business, as blocking these spaces can make visiting your store impossible for more severely handicapped individuals. I recently purchased a freewheeler and been experiencing a high gas fume smell after riding, I park in garage let cool down and still fill garage with fumes, took to dealer and was told it was caused by the new way your venting tank in this year model, no matter how long its sets it still fumes up garage I feel this should be looked in to, to prevent a house fire or worse.

Tifton Georgia Harley Davidson picked up my bike for a fuel pump replacement. When delivering it back there was a dent in the tank and the fairing. Damage was done while they had custody of it. Two weeks later physical damage still is not repaired. Another week or so passes then I find out that the paint is not the same type nor color. A couple of weeks pass and I am now told that Tifton HD has done all that they will do to fix my bike and for me to come get it.

No return call from their corporate headquarters. Tifton HD damaged it, they need to fix it, and fix it to my satisfaction. Come on Harley Davidson.

I would expect this type of service from and independent shop, but not a franchise dealer. Ford, Cheverolet, Dodge, Toyota and Honda dont treat their customers this way.

I want the head office email to take my concern further. I am 56 years old and would love to own a Harley trike but feel that someone that is selling your product would be a little more appreciative of the costumers time and needs they are still trying to make a deal with me I feel that I am done with it at least them I am still looking for a tri glide and will find one at a dealer that well do business with me quickly and fairly thank you for your time Tim Buckallew. It bottoms out no matter the air pressure my road King had great air shocks!

Next bike a goldwing. Bought a road Zeppelin seat off craigslist. The switches on it leak air. Called the local dealer, they say I have to bring them the seat. They mail it to the company that made it. They fix and send it back to the dealer. Plus the cost of them fixing it. I have the switches out already. What kinda crap is that? You have to pay a rediculus cost to do something, that you can do yourself. Harley needs to quit selling these.

Bad business in my book. Ice taken bike into my local dealer and the Dealer has also picked up bike with a trailer from my home upon my request for it to b repaired under warranty. It is not EZ to control a bike when this type of failed occurs ,I promise that. I continue to ride with much concerns for safety of myself on faulty Bike made with foriedn parts,mind boggling that someone thinks this is ok.

Live To Ride ,over and out Monster. I greedy sell outs hear me yet. I posted a comment on the corperate website on October 15, about my street I talked to a guy yesterday that has a street I took pictures of it.

Keith, okay nothing negative, I have a cvo road glide and love it! I have a request, please put The new ci motor in a stripped down road King. No stereo, just a killer bike with a killer engine.

A cvo maybe even a limited? You guys rock and thanks for making the best investment I have ever made! I had a late payment for may and harley reports a month later so the reported i was late in June which was incorrect. We were in the process of buying a home and they would not fix this issue which has cost us to lose the house we had under contract. We are responsible for our late in may but if its late in may then report may not June because thats when you reported our late payment.

That was my 4th Harley. If it goes like that it will be the last one. I live 15km away from the coast of blacksea. And a big european tour.

I love my harley too much. Always the dealer cleans out my harley while on maintenance period. They took the bike from my garage. They wrote it to europen warranty center. There are photos of my bike in my garage. The photos of corrosions on mirrors and highway pegs before and after dealers cleaning.

I can send all. This is the first problem about corrosion on my bikes. And this is a brand new bike and just I want you to solve the issue and change your mirrors and highway pegs with their connections. Or I will send the bike back. My boat is always on the salt water but No Corrosion….

I believe it would be quite a hit. I have been riding for over 40 years and it was not until that i actually bought my first Harley Roadglide, loved it, not so much the power it was adequate but the bike was nice.

I traded for a Roadglide and fell in love with it. The first roadglide i had about 7 thousand in chrome parts and pieces the second i went nuts and had about 19 thousand in extras. OK Yes i have sucker written on my forehead. So i buy it and then really ride it, on the expressway my 13 Roadglide was like a bullet this new and improved fairing was suppose to cut through the wind better, not a chance it bounced around like a pinball and in most cases whistles while you ride.

The infotainment center which is suppose to be the almighty is flat out junk for playing music. Ad all the dealer would tell me is yep like crap sorry, but if you would like to upgrade dollars to a speaker and amplifier that you can actually here we would be happy to sell it to you. I get the aftermarket part thing but if your going to jack up your bike to that price level you should at least be able to here and understand the radio.

All in all we own 3 Harleys, soon to be 2 as the 16 is up for sale as i have looked at the new Indians and sorry Harley the quality is better and the price is a ittle cheaper. I purchased a Ultra Classic Low in June a great machine and about miles on it already but I have a problem with it.

When I take off from a stop at an intersection or traffic light the engine stumbles and knocks, sort of like when you try to take off in 2nd gear. Hi my name is Todd I bought a brand new Harley Dyna Fat Bob the bike was delivered to my home on November 1st the day after purchase, from that time I realized there was flaws in the paint job on a gas tank, also the gas gauge did not work, also there were flaws in the chrome on the exhaust.

I will say now I will never deal with that dealership again did I get a good price on the bike when buying it absolutely but a warranty is only as good as the people that stand behind it for a minor thing like a gas tank and a gas gauge I should not be fighting with them for a year to get it taken care of and obviously I have.

Had several different problems with the bike shutting down lights going out. Harley been in my family for years. Took it to Treasure Coast Harley in Florida they tried several different things to fix motor not problem.

Then I was having problem with just completely shutting off on me in the middle of intersections had at their 5 times for this replaced wiring harness replaced a bunch of the stuff on the bike. Had their rental by on the last time they brought my bike to me and said take it to the dealer you bought it from that we going to fix it. Took at the Space Coast Harley they fix one of the problems.

Then I tried to get them to fix the motor problem. They said it was the juggs. Harley extended warranty did not cover this the money had to come out of my pocket. Took it to a professional shop V Twin Don Vero Beach Florida and he found out the cam plate was bad and the bearings were bad on the crank. I think my next alternative is to contact a lawyer insu Harley Davidson.

Has called customer service they said it was a used bike what do you want us to do about it. If somebody could contact me before I contact an attorney I give one week. Thanks for your time. Have owned 6 Harleys now. Currently have a Streetglide Special. Love the bike but the Speedometer is off 4 mph.

Speedo reads 64……actually doing Unacceptable to have the speedo off this far. The GPS shows my speed exactly as the speedometer. Now, the GPS runs off a satellite to provide the maps. Love my ride……just the little things that should be given attention.

Keith Wandell; This seems to be the only means of contacting HD directly. You make it extremely difficult for your customers to talk to a person, in Customer Service!

All other options are automated and are not applicable to my situation. Took it into a dealer for assessment the shift linkage came off the transmission.

I told them I spoke to the dealer at length and they still refused to adjust the repair order. I did not ask for any additional or costlier parts above what ESP originally approved.

To get our bike back, we had no option but to pay what they demanded! In damage was caused by this poor installation of their mechanic! My bike is at Bruce Rossmyers sitting because General Mgr will not authorize the repairs to be done!! Is this how you do bussiness??! I just spent an enormous amount of cash for a Ultra Limited. The very next day I attempted to play the radio. I found the speed control did not work and the volume can not be controlled.

Up and down, never steady. I returned to the dealer and he checked for the latest update. It has the latest update, and he told me this is a problem with the new boom box system.

I called the company and was informed it was indeed a problem and they were working on it. My thought is why has it taken over two years of work without any results. I bought the bike because of the cooling system and the sound system. Or at least what I paid for. I had problems with my sportster. I took it in to a dealer to have it fixed. I brought it back and again, it was not working. I decided to fix it myself.

I took the clutch off and discovered the clutch was never looked at even though there was a new gasket. There was metal everywhere from the rivets that were grounded. Some of the friction plates were completely gone.

I replaced clutch plates and bike is working fine. I need to know the proper protocol for dealing with this issue. I no longer trust the service department. I have been disabled veteran for years and have never asked anyone for anything before. But I need help with my home and can not get the v. I am always denied the grant to fix my home. I am an amputee and have some other serious problems. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that will help a veteran that needs heat and air and other problems I am having here at home that I can not afford or do myself due to the problems that I suffer.

I do not have the money to fix this and it is my home. I want to stay here! Thank you for your time and have a great day! I spent quite a bit of cash, well for me it was.

In less than a week the logo on both skull caps have come off and the stitching undone, the store refused to exchange or return the items, I had the receipt. I put my su ppe r gl ad in Cy cle world of Athens, Ga. Nothing has been done to it as of today. Its under your ESP Warranty.

I talked to a company rep of HD. My reference number is ok her name is Ann she told me that she talked to the service manager where my bike is. I need someone to get someone to get to work on it. It is my first Harley and my first dealings with your company.

I am financing the Bike through Harley and making automatic payments. I contacted your finance department and informed them I will be needing a release letter to be able ship the bike to Italy. I called the finance department today and was informed that my request was denied, due to the fact that my orders are dated July and I bought the bike in April and they need something before April. I will be stationed in Italy for 3yrs, so if I am not able to bring the bike to Italy I have to make my monthly payments, pay my insurance and pay for storage of the bike for three years.

Now this makes no sense. Please contact me so we can fix this issue and I can enjoy riding an American bike in Italy. I am contacting your company because I want too do business with your company am the inventor of glow in the dark clothing that I would like too present too your company designed too save lives when light is shined upon it very unique a must see please contact me at email or looking forward too doing business with you must see how this idea will help your company thanks ROBERT PRICE.

Due to your non action to the Fort Washington hosting a bike rally that supports the the killing 9f police officers and whites we have now put our motorcycles up for sale as well as all related gear and Ironhorse trailer. I am on my 4th bike CVO Deluxe and each one had over 40k when I traded and my husband is on 3rd bike most his bikes had 70plus bikes all since He just bought a CVO Street glide which is only 3 months old with now 8k on it.

So we love our Harleys but I be damn if I sit my ass on a brand that allows the destruction of America. Hope you and Harley Davidson goes down the toilet. I am on my 4th bike CVO Deluxe and each one had over 40k when I traded and my husband is on 3rd bike most his bikes had 70plus Mikes all since Now I know buying used usually has issues but… they had to change the battery out the day I came to pick it up because it was dead.

On my ride home a fuse blew due to the battery being changed. I took it to my local dealership which confirmed it and after a couple of phone calls it was taken care of including the bill.

I was told at Renegade all the fluids were checked and everything was good to go. When I got home, the temp gauge came on. When I checked the coolant level, it was empty. The grips on the bike were aftermarket from the previous owner so I decided to change them. Upon taking off the right one I found the throttle cable only had one thread left out of the whole braid.

To add to that, both the throttle and return cables are nearly rusted and need replacing making it hard to simply adjust. And lastly, for now, I still do not have the keys to the bike. I bought it off their ebay sales. This is my 5th Harley and besides my first one and this one, they have all had security.

In the picture of the bike in the ad you can clearly see the keys hanging from the nut holding the upside down mirrors on. When my wife and I picked the bike up on July 16th, they could not find the keys.

I have been told many times since then that the keys have been ordered and I should get them in the mail. Nearly 2 months later now and still no keys with the same story. I had problems with them signing the title correctly and nearly missed getting it properly titled for Florida in time of the expiration date of the temp tag.

I own the bike outright and should have the keys. I should not be responsible for getting the keys and should not be responsible for paying for and installing the throttle and return cables. Dear corporate office, I just purchased my 3rd Harley Davidson the other day.

I received a call from Harley asking about the experience. This is rude and arrogant behavior.. My next purchase will be from a company that appreciates the fact that I spend my money with them. You may want to consider hiring people with better manners. Dealership is hosting a noi Nation of Islam rally.

HD is a great American organization or at least it use to be. This is a huge insult to your heritage and if this is the direction your dealers and company is heading in I look forward to your demise. Harley Davidson should denounce this shop immediately. Milwaukee had better make a stand.! This shop disgust me. What will you do.??? You are opening up your target customers of upper middle class with expendable dollars that spend tens of thousands on bikes and apparel to bitter disappointment when they get their asses handed to them for wearing an MC patch.

You are pissing on 70 years of protocol and brand loyalty of every single mc club in this country by selling this in your stores. Indian is making headway with improved quality that is slowly eating at HD dominance.

Dont help them by alienating the hundreds of thousands of real MC members that are loyal to HD. This is a total slap in the face and disrespectful to the people that kept your company in business even when you produced inferior products in the AMF days. I have a fat bob. I have had nothing but problems with the bike.

I have taken it in now for the 4th time for the front brake and I just hit 5k miles. I dont know what to do now because it seems that nothing they do fixes the problem. I have a road king classic. I should have let them put me up in a hotel for a week while they found one and give me a loner bike please help I did the right thing now I exspect Harley to back me thank you bill. I have a road glide having its third stator installed in less than miles when I asked he dealer where I bought it crystal Harley if we could work something out I was told since I have extended warranty I should ride it into salt water.

Way to back your product. I have a big blue roadglide it has less than miles and is having the stator replaced again. This has been an issue since one month after purchasing it used with about miles.

When I asked the dealer where I bought it if we could work something out since there is obviously a problem with bike I was told I have extended warranty so drive it into the salt water. Way to back your product Harley. Some of my friends are also disappointed with the colors and like myself, have not pulled the trigger on a new bike for that specific reason.

The two-tone colors are awful and keeps me from buying a new bike. The two-tone colors that are offered are not what we are looking for and it is my hope that perhaps the colors will have something for me. Hopefully your listening to your customers, I know of many riders who would upgrade if you would only give us better colors. I have replaced the switch twice, to no avail. The motorcycle in question has DOT 5 brake fluid reservoirs front and rear.

There is no problem with the front brake system, just the rear. I have had my bike back to the shop 3 times for the same problem and all the say is we can not duplicate the problem. The dealer tells me that Harley will not pay there technician to chase a problem they can not duplicate. All I know is I am not the only person in this world that is having this problem.

When I ride my Street Glide for a constant 60 or 70 miles then turn the bike of it will start again Hard start I will not have any throttle. I will have to try it sometimes 10 times before I hear a little click down by the air cleaner then I will have throttle. Has anyone out there had this problem? Harley has BAD customer service!

Also Walker is planning to have more rallies at other Harley Stores across the Midwest? I for one was and even retired still a Union Member and will be till i die be a union man.

I also have owned a Harley Davidson for over 20 years. I am appalled that this is being allowed at one of the most upstanding union corporations in the US. This is a kick in the face of every union employee at Harley Davidson.

Please consider letting you dealerships of your dissatisfaction in their allowing this to go on. There is already talk of a boycott of these dealerships and perhaps this can be quelled before it goes to far. Hi I have purchased two different pair of Harley Davidson boots within the past year and the first pair the sole has come apart within wearing a handful of times. I think it sucks because Harley Davidson is pretty pricey to end up like this.

This business has been very successful in selling many Harley Davidsons to the Kingaroy community for over 30 years and shows no signs of slowing down. This is one of the few businesses in Kingaroy that has remained for over 30 years, many businesses have opened and closed in this time, however this business still remains. If this business is to close, this money also stops flowing through the local community. And what happens to the current Harley Davidson owners? Where do they go now for the servicing of their motorcycles?

In regards to the renovations that have been requested by Harley Davidson, Mr Hood can organise and complete the renovations required for under half of the cost quoted by Harley Davidson, however your company will not allow this. If Mr Hood is to organise his own renovations, this will not only keep this well supported business open and continuing to sell Harleys, but the money for the renovations will stay here in the local region. Our closest regional dealership now, Toowoomba, Qld is 2.

Who is going to drive three hours to get a motorbike serviced? In these days where convenience is the number one lifestyle neccessity, riding three hours to get a bike serviced is going to be a major consideration in their decision to purchase, and excess travel will wear thin very quickly. So less Harleys will be sold in the regional areas, and does Harley really care?

I am of the understanding that the franchise in Kingaroy is still in the top market share for Queenslandband is apparently in the the eyes of Harley Davidson one of the top franchises for customer service. Mr Steve Hood has been a loyal Harley Davidson franchise owner and has his own dedicated customer base and following such as my husband and myself, here in Kingaroy. My husband and I have owned Harley Davidsons for decades, and like many others, have bought a Harley through the wish to support local business.

It truly is a loss for Harly Davidson, and to achieve what exactly? If it was their livelyhood being decided in this manner, how would they feel? I have chosen a few quotes from the Harley Davidson USA website to simply remind you of your companies vision.

We bring a commitment of exceptional customer experiences to everything we do — from the innovation of our products to the precision of our manufacturing — culminating with our strong supplier and dealer networks. Exceptional customer experiences, strong supplier and dealer networks, obviously this is not how Harley Davidson truly sees commitment to its customers and dealers here in regional Qld, Australia.

What part of your business strategy is turning away business? What part of your business strategy is closing down small or minority businesses? This statement is very untrue of Harley Davidson Australia. Are we under different beliefs and strategies here? But somehow you want all the Harley Davidson shops to look the same world-wide, that is so unbelieveably contradictory. Unfortunately it now appears that even though you have had so much support, you are now picking and choosing who you want to support as your dealerships here in Australia.

I know that this email will fall on deaf ears, but you need to know how people feel. Your morals and ethics leave alot to be desired, very un-Australian, very un-Harley Davidson like. Dear fellow rider, The Motor Company is only there to make money.

They do not care about you and I. To expect any more of them would be obtuse. To expect the kind of action you have received from them only makes them Harley-Davidson. I was completely shocked to find out that it would be One of the concerns I had is the front forks bottom out if you hit a pebble on the freeway so I ask for it to be checked and tighten up the suspension.

I was told that they could adjust the rear shocks, but it would be They had indeed, checked the forks and they are within factory specification.

So I take it back to Huntington Beach Harley. The service manager tells me it is covered under my extended warranty with a He tells me that if I want the stiffer suspension, I would have to buy the heavier oil and it would be an extra charge to do both forks. I go back up and ask the service manager did I get a new boot with the service. This is what this clown said to me word for word! NO it was not covered under extended warrantee and I would have to pay for it?

I proceeded to ask how much is it? Ok I would like it replaced I replied? So I can understand how someone so horribly stupid can become a service manager at a Harley Davidson dealer ship. I posed the question to him, for a 10, To make matters completely worse, he tells me to go talk to the service manager.

Who proceeds to completely insult me? Belittles my intelligence, to the point that I needed to walk away, before his safety became an Issue!!

After my walk, I returned to the store to speak to the manager about my concerns, if the service department was so incompetent not to notice a failing front fork seal. I will be taking the motorcycle to Orange County Harley Davidson, some 30 miles further and completely in convent. Then 10 minutes later the service manager tells me the bike is done and I need to pay I was crystal clear about wanting my motorcycle returned unrepaired, so I could take it to Orange County Harley Davidson.

This behavior is tantamount to theft by deception and I firmly believe I should be reporting this to the state of California, due to the fact I asked for the old parts and was refused them. This is simply NOT how you treat customers. I paid but, I well call bank of America and reverse the charge. It leads me to ask, is this what should expect if I have a problem while traveling with this Motorcycle. Is it even safe to take this motorcycle more than 50 miles from the dealership I bought it from?

I also have to ask myself, the question hum a machine with miles on it and the seal fails. Is this the caliber of people who resent and support the sales and service of Harley Davidson Products, this little pissing contest between the dealerships really puts a black eye on a company that at one time represented the freedom of being a proud American and supporting American culture, reducing you to being another Asian company selling disposable products made by Chinese children like Apple and Hewitt Packard did.

Plus compensate me for wasting my time, insulting my intelligence and missing a wonderful vacation La Celina Mexico. Not act like a bunch of charm school rejects running a clown college. You know I do not ever remember replacing the oil or seals in the front forks. Hum I would expect similar performance from Harley Davidson and that is just not happening.

This whole issue could have been resolved by a service manager that had the basic understanding of a concept called diplomacy. With some common since integrity, from a person who believes in and stands behind the products they sell and service.

It makes the whole company look stupid. I know exactly how you feel! Joseph Missouri it has ended up me losing the bike I had because they could not fulfill the promise to me to do what they said they could and would do! I have lost presious riding time and still am, its back in the shop!

The sad part about all of this lousy service from a Harley dealership is not isolated. I live in Orlando, Florida and we have two dealerships in the adjacent county, one decent, the other not so much. The one in Orlando is terrible. So, I am beginning to believe that the service departments for Harley dealerships all over the country suck. I have a Dyna Wide Glide that has been garage kept and custom painted and completely chromed out and I have had 3 clutches in the last 3 years.

My factory clutch lasted 17 years. I am afraid to take it on a day trip anywhere as I have been stranded 3 times in three years. After speaking to anyone of importance in that store, I feel like dirt!!

The funny part is that my MVP gives me 1 year parts and labor!! I guess not in this case!! The bike is there till days end tomorrow, and I am taking it out brakes working or not!! He was a very humble and private man, but would be the first to offer help to anyone who needed it. Visiting Club members soon learnt of his affinity to Vodka, and of his amazing card tricks.

He was also a consummate poker player as many an innocent found out to their cost. Unfortunately, ill health curtailed his activities within the Club during the last years of his life.

CeeDee was not just a Club Brother; he was a very knowledgeable man, a confidant, a mentor and a true friend. I miss you Brother. During his time with the Millis Police Department, Hotrod served as a detective, as well as a highly distinguished K9 handler. As a K9 handler, Hotrod and his K9 partner won first place in multiple regional K9 competitions. He and his K9 were ranked third overall in the country. He was just 71 years of age. Hotrod will be missed by all of his brothers. We ask that he look down upon us and protect us.

We lost a beloved officer, a brother, and a friend. Mack will forever be remembered by us all for his kind demeanor, and for his compassion for helping others. Mack began his selfless career in Public Safety in the Fire Service, moving to South Carolina and becoming a dispatcher in Charleston County where he served for several years before entering the brotherhood of Law Enforcement.