How to increase health bar in Far cry 3??

The best example is when liberating outposts that have dogs that will most likely get you spotted. Square Enix will rely on Dragon Q.. Comment and Save Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. Health bars refill 2x as fast requires 3 Supply Drops. A snake attacked me as I was taking on a Heavy Gunner and I died.

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This allows ESP to guide you in any area of your education loan program. From sales and marketing, to operations and finance, we've seen and done it all. Our sole objective is to execute your education loan strategy. We bring the tools, the knowledge and the experience to get the job done. To do so you must find, kill and skin many animals. The Zoology skill point helps greatly in this task. You shouldn't have to kill anymore than 10 of each animal to complete all the pouch upgrades.

If predators are giving a hard time then unlock better weapons and increase skill points that give more health. You can also try using Hunting syringes to increase the damage against animals.

Basically if you want to carry more of this or that then get the skins and upgrade. There is no best way in terms of which to upgrade first as it always depends on how you play. To get extended pouches you usually have to liberate outposts to unlock the rare animal quests but note that not all are for rare animals. By completing story missions and some side missions you unlock more recipies for syringes.

Most people claim that they are mostly useless but that isn't true unless you're just rushing through the game. Medical syringes are of course a must.

Eventually you unlock a medical syringe that heals all health bars and increases the total by 4. Once available, dont bother using the first one. In Hunting the animal repellant can be used tactically against predators.

The best example is when liberating outposts that have dogs that will most likely get you spotted. Use the animal repellant and that problem goes away. If you can't spot an animal, kill an animal or don't need predators ruining your plans then use Hunting syringes. Combat syringes help by making you fireproof or spotting enemies and explosives nearby. Exploration syringes help you dive for longer, spot plants and my favorite that allows you to sprint significantly faster.

There are also two bonus syringes if you find 30 and then 40 relics. The first makes you invincible and the second allows one shot kills. The downside is the high amount of leaves they require to be crafted.

Again, the syringes are only as useless as you make them to be. It's easy to simply go crazy and shoot everyone at an outpost. This only gives either or xp. Instead I recommend liberating them undetected to gain xp. Always remember to keep moving when attacking an outpost to avoid getting caught. If they see their friend drop dead they will run towards the attack origin, this is when you need to move and avoid getting spotted.

If you fail and get detected you can try again by dying on purpose and the game will load you in a position nearby the outpost. Always save before liberating an outpost.

The most efficient way is to use the knife, a silenced sniper rifle or a bow. Some enemies have body armor and require a headshot to kill to avoid being detected. Always recon the area using either an aimed weapon or prefferably the camera which has great zoom. The game marks the enemies and animals for you so you know where every threat is. If there is a caged animal, make sure there are no enemies using molotovs.

They scare the animal away. If they are not present then shoot the cage, release the animal and watch the fun. Any predator released can clear out an entire outpost. You can also use the released animal as a distraction to pick off enemies silently. You can also use explosives and remain undetected. When you shoot an enemy and they run towards your position, you can have mines already placed as a trap. You can also sneak in and place C4 near enemy positions.

As long as they never detect you then the outpost will be liberated for xp. Freeing radio towers unlocks weapons, makes them free in stores and reveals a section of the map. Usually money is no problem and your wallet gets full really fast. Don't be afraid to spend your money on armor, ammo, attachments and paint jobs. I wouldn't suggest buying any weapons unless you really want to because every wepaon eventually becomes free, you just have to free the radio towers.

To earn money, complete side missions and sell loot often for fastest results. The best weapons to use is a matter of opinion but some weapons just make the game easier. The first would be the. Heavies wear helmets that forces you to shoot them in the back of the head. On the second island, they have armor covering the back of their heads as well. The bow just makes stealth simple and is detected less than a sniper rifle. As for the rest of the weapons, your customizations and skills as a shooter determines what weapons are "ultimate.

Free radio towers to make these weapons free as well. There are a total of 8 signature weapons available throughout the game. Note that they cannot be customized and are expensive. The AMR which is a sniper rifle unlocked by collecting 20 relics. The Bull Shotgun is unlocked by collecting 10 relics.

The Bushman is an assault rifle unlocked by activating all radio towers. The Cannon is a revolver pistol unlocked as a Uplay Reward. The Japanese Tanto machete is unlocked by discovering 6 letters. The Shadow pistol is unlocked by liberating 17 outposts.

The Ripper is a light machine gun unlocked by completing 6 trials of Rakyat. Finally the Shredder is a submachine gun unlocked by collecting 10 memory cards. Just the same as Far Cry 2 , there is an extremely large amount of running around, driving and all around traveling.

Fortunately, this time there are fast traveling points which are usually unlocked by liberating an outpost.

How do you get more health and armor?