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Plus, it is more of a challenge as opposed to the pure luck game that is craps. If you deliberately wait and tease him, you are just slow rolling. If I had a big A, I would hit nothing and the dealer would pair up with their junk hand. This may be it. Summary The way to play 3 card poker and the strategies you can use to improve your chances are fairly basic, but that doesn't stop the game from being a favourite of many casino regulars. Saw a lot of money left on the table by players around me. I used to play Trips in Detroit 1.

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The Future of Edge Sorting. Creating an Online Slot Machine. Gambling with James Grosjean. The Best Casino Cheat in History? The Secrets of Casino Design. What Happens in those Underground Casinos? The house makes money because a mathematical edge is designed into the game. Players and the dealer each start with two cards face down.

Your two cards are used only in your own hand. All other cards are community cards that may be used in all hands. They are turned up in two sets, one with three cards, and then another with two cards. The ante bet makes you eligible for play against the dealer , while the blind bet makes you eligible for bigger payoffs on high-ranking hands. You get another chance after the first three community cards have been turned up. So you can bet the most and potentially win the most if you have strong cards early.

If you bet after your first two cards or after the first three community cards, you still stay in action until the final betting opportunity. But after all community cards have been turned up, you must either bet and hope you have a stronger hand than the dealer, or fold and lose your ante. The cutoff point for the dealer to open is a pair. Your winning ante and play bets are paid at even money.

Your hand is King high, with no pairs or better. Blind bets are paid according to a pay table, regardless of whether the dealer opens. Here are the winning hands and payoffs. Not one to play regularly, but can offer a little extra excitement if you're well up on a session.

With different hands possible on any draw, only of these would net you the progressive payout. If you do want to play in a progressive, the best strategy is to keep an eye on the amount in the pot, and the number of players. If you take into account other players and the way the Envy bonus works, each other table player adds another 0. After many years of online casinos offering their games in the standard format, the industry needed to start looking at ways to present games in new and innovative formats.

Live dealer games were born in an attempt to replicate the excitement of a live casino and many of the big operators now offer them. So where to play live dealer 3 card poker? Try these well known casinos for starters: There is of course a free practice game right here on this page. Apps Playing any game using an app is a perfect way to enjoy your gaming on the move - anywhere or any time. Apps of all kinds are hugely popular, so it'll be no surprise to learn that there are apps for playing 3 card poker too.

Using one to learn and practice is a great way to use up a spare few minutes while you're on the move. Some that are worth looking at include: It also contains a useful table showing the probabilities of achieving specific winning hands. If you want to practice before stepping up to real money games at an online casino, there are free practice games on the WizardOfOdds website while the dedicated 3 card page at the long running Pagat.

The useful site at 3CardPoker. Forums are always a great place to get some real player viewpoints, and this Casinomeister thread has some useful info. Reading through a list of Frequently Asked Questions is always a good way to learn about the intricacies of any subject. Check out this link for the best list of 3 card poker FAQ. And don't forget 3 card poker videos at Youtube , or social comments via Twitter or on Facebook.

The main difference between this version and casino 3 card poker is that Teen Patti is played against other players rather than a dealer. It's been a highly popular form of the game in India for many years. This variant works best for gambling purposes when played with between four and seven players, with an objective of either betting in a way that makes your opponents fold ie bluffing , or betting because you have a great winning hand. Hand rankings and the betting process are explained on the Wikipedia Teen Patti page , while the strategies and winning techniques of Flash are similar to those shown above in the best playing strategies section.

Online Teen Patti It's clear that Teen Patti has been played for hundreds of years on the streets of India, so it won't be a surprise to know that online versions are available.

They're becoming highly popular with Indian and other Asian region families, who are increasingly being drawn to the ease of playing online games. For Indian players who want to play online one of the best options will be the fast growing Junglee TennPatti , however there are plenty of 3 card poker casinos that cater more for western players but which also accept Indian registrations.

They're essentially highly similar, and the main difference between Mini Flush and its better known counterpart is in the betting. You win the High bet by getting a high hand flush upwards and the Low bet from a low hand starting from a maximum of a 9. Just as in 3 Card, you'll be paid out on High and Low bets irrelevant of what happens in the main ante game.

There is no payout for a pair. Payouts for flushes and straights may be lower than in standard 3 Card make sure you check the rules before playing. The bonus bet effectively entails you placing double the money ie on High and Low, rather than just on one bonus overall. Some operators of Mini Flush will force you to double your initial ante if you want to continue playing after the flop of your 3 cards and to see the dealers hand.

Standard rules generally apply, but the big difference is in the betting process. In an Ultimate game you need to make an additional blind bet that's the equivalent of your Ante. Of course you can choose to make a pair plus bet too. If you show at least a pair in your 3 card hand, you can make an additional bet of up to three times the ante instead of the normal double. Clearly this 3 times bet is allowed because you can only see one dealer card. Anything less than a pair, and you can only double up on a bet as in standard games.

The blind bet is a loser if lower than the dealers, a winner if higher, and a push if your hand is lower than a flush. From a house edge perspective this version offers roughly the same winning chance in percentage terms, but of course there are some additional elements thrown in that could increase the volatility.

You'll need to take the extra risks into account and it's suggested that you fold any hand lower then J Also be wary of raising the full 3 times your wager unless you're holding at least a pair. Bets on the pair plus in this game can be worthwhile.

It's a unique slots game based firmly on the card game version we know and love. William Hill offer the option of either playing it for cash or for free. The slot features both Hold and Nudge options which help improve on potential winning line combinations.

Each reel is made up of symbols showing all 52 cards in the deck. Operation is straightforward - select your stake, press the spin buttons, and stop each reel individually to stop it spinning. You're obviously trying to line up a good 3 card hand on the win line.

Holds are awarded randomly and can be applied across any of the reels, nudges are awarded when a 4th reel to the right of the normal winning three stops on the same number as any of those three. When this happens you get one free nudge. If the number matches and the suit matches, you get two nudges.

Seems like a good option to me for any players who are also keen on slots. I think this one would work well as the subject of an online slots tournament. Sadly as we've seen before , it's hard to find 3 card tournaments though playing a 3 card type game in a slots tourney could be a good alternative.

Three Card 21 "n" Done This variation of the game has only recently been introduced to Nevada casinos, and it may not be long before we see it in the online casinos game list. It pays good odds on strong hands of 3 cards, but if you land a weakish hand that totals over 21 you're able to split it into three separate hands.

It takes a bit of concentration to get your head around the rules at first. Each round begins by players placing two bets - one for the standard 3 hand and another for the 21 bonus game. Three cards are then dealt to each player, with payouts for the 21 bonus as follows: Now we move to the bit where blackjack comes into play.

If the dealer is showing an ace, each player has the option to buy insurance which pays out 2 to 1 just like normal. If the dealer does have blackjack then all insurance bets are paid out. If the dealer does not show blackjack and the player shows a total that's more than 21 there are two options for the player - they can either surrender the hand and lose half of their three card wager amount in the process, or they make two additional bets of the same amount, splitting the three card hand into three distinct blackjack hands.

Some additional rules to note: If a player has an ace it can be counted as 11 to take the hand count to over 21 If a player has a pair - irrelevant of whether the total count is over 21 - their 3 cards can be used to make 3 blackjack hands.

Note that this is not a forced decision, you could still just hold the hand you have and stand or draw another card. In any round where hands are split, each hand plays like a normal blackjack hand except for any hand total of 21 is paid 1 to 1 automatically plus pairs cannot be split twice.

All in all, if you find 21 n Done on the games list wherever you're playing it'll be worth taking a second look. The odds should be more in your favour provided you play optimal general strategy. Strategy For Live 3 Card Poker Games You won't see too many articles on the techniques used to gain an advantage in live games, so here I'll try to fill the gap. Knowing What's In Play Clearly if you have knowledge of one or more cards being held in the dealers hand, you are better placed to make a decision on how to play your own.

It'll be extremely rare to ever be in this position legally, though there are remote chances of using your eagle eyes to watch as an inexperienced dealer deals out the cards. Using Promotions Promotions for casino gaming are widely used in live casinos. They'll come in the form of VIP or comp points or bonuses which can normally be used in exchange for goods, services, or occasionally rebates on losses. None of these of course give any added info about the hands, and the reality is that the strategies for live 3 card are really limited to those for online games.

Summary The way to play 3 card poker and the strategies you can use to improve your chances are fairly basic, but that doesn't stop the game from being a favourite of many casino regulars. For safe gaming, making sure you play at respected and trusted casinos is of course a sensible step to take, plus keeping an eye open for the payout percentages of any casino you do play at.

These can vary from casino to casino. Especially if you're looking for a guaranteed long term profit. What you will find though, is that intensive practice and playing the correct strategies will ensure you get a sufficient number of wins to keep your money going as long as possible.

It's a game where you don't need to spend too much time thinking. There's no real worry about table etiquette, and if you play online the electronic software that drives casino games will make playing easy.

The optimal strategies, secrets and tips involved in learning how to play and win at 3 card poker are straightforward and easy to understand.

With the correct approach, you can get plenty of playing time for your money. Land three big cards when you have a bonus side bet and you could win a jackpot-type sum on one hand. On this page you'll find an easy to read guide exploring how and where to play, the odds of making winning hands, and what the best playing strategies are for winning at 3 card poker Fast-paced card games like 3 Card Poker are high on the favourite list for many poker fans who like to play casino games on the side.

Three card has straightforward rules and is a lot easier to learn than other poker games such as Texas Holdem. You'll play plenty of hands per hour, there are many ways to get low value wins using optimal playing strategies - and winning side bets get generous payouts for strong hands like three of a kind or a straight flush. Not enough cash to buy a car, but the enjoyment level is high. The key to 3 Card is that Probability is what the game is all about, and any description you read should force home that point.

Practice all you want for free of for fun with the three card poker practice game to the left.

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