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Christmas Dress Up Popularity: A really great feature of the focus system is the beautifully ergonomic rear joystick which is so intuitive to use that with this camera gone are the days of physically having to move the camera around to focus and recompose. Now it's cleaning time, so make your home nice and tidy again. Prince's family seeks justice for his death. This witch proves that witches can be cute.

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Je vriendelijke buurtheld Spider-Man is weer terug voor een nieuw avontuur. Vijf van zijn ergste vijanden hebben het op Spidey gemunt. Gebruik je web, om ze op afstand te houden. SpiderMan Web Shooter Populariteit: Altijd al je eigen spiderman willen maken?

In dit spel kan het! Help spiderman om zijn kleding terug te krijgen! Red Mary Jane uit de klauwen van de gevaarlijke vijanden. Ga het gevecht aan met Spiderman! Zorg ervoor dat je een aantal rake klappen uitdeelt en houd je handen voor je gezicht als hij helemaal doordraait. Lukt het jou om genoeg gevechten te winnen zodat je een van de nieuwe wapens vrij kunt spelen? Superman, Spiderman, De Joker etc. Alle helden die jij kan verzinnen hebben een probleem.

Ze willen allemaal zelfmoord plegen. Maar gelukkig ben jij er, om daar een stokje voor te steken! Gebruik je muis om de pijlen te schieten. Schiet de touwen neer en probeer de helden niet te raken.

Save the Supers Populariteit: Kruip als een spin, in de huid van Spider-Man. Raised afterward by the father of his best friend Zaiqahal, Gyro became antisocial with a desire to drown the world in evil.

Though fed to the Chimera Ant Queen, his evil being an influence in her later offspring as consequence, Gyro's will and pride endured as he is reborn a Chimera Ant that refused to follow the Queen's command, with his memories completely intect. Concealing his appearance to avoid arousing panic, fully renouncing his humanity, Gyro is forced to abandon the compromised NGL and start anew elsewhere.

With the passing of the examination, a Hunter is awarded a license which bestows a number of benefits on the licensee. This results in massive registration numbers for the annual licensing exam with an extremely high failure rate. Netero is said to have been the strongest Nen user in the world years prior to the start of the series.

Decades prior to the beginning of the series, Netero spent four years rigorously training every day in order to express gratitude to the martial arts. He eventually attained enlightenment , giving him the ability to punch faster than the speed of sound and the power of the bodhisattva Guanyin. He has a son, Beyond Netero , that no one knew about until his death.

Out of loyalty to the chairman, most alter their behavior, physical traits, and even their legal names based on the animal each represents. A member of the Zodiacs, his code name is " Boar " and he is one of the only two members who do not mimic their corresponding animal. He tells Gon to apologize to Kite and about the meaning of adventure before they once again separate. He then resigns from the Zodiacs and joins Beyond Netero's expedition with Pariston.

Ging claims that he does not want to see Gon because he is too ashamed of himself for being absent in Gon's life due to his own selfishness, and challenges his son to find him.

All information about Ging is classified even in the official Hunter database. Ging tied with Silva for fifteenth place in the series' first popularity poll. Pariston is a skilled politician, and eventually the winner of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc.

However, he resigns from his new position and from the Zodiacs. In the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, she always gets the second place, until Leorio takes her position after he punches Ging in front of all hunters. She - along with the rest of the Zodiacs - conspires together to prevent Pariston from winning the election, because the Zodiac members do not trust Pariston, but in spite of their efforts, Pariston wins but gives his position to her because he only wanted to have fun.

After she becomes chairman she accepts the resignation of Ging and Pariston. She also, as ordered by the V5, orders the Zodiac to hunt down Beyond Netero because he intends to explore the Dark Continents, but instead strikes a deal to accompany him instead. Cheadle later boards the ship to the Dark Continent. She directs the center medical care facility on the third deck. In the end he decides to tell his supporters to vote for Cheadle.

Mizaistom was shocked when Cheadle tells her supporters to send their supports to Leorio, which she does in order to stop Pariston's intention to become the Chairman. He is a public prosecutor, military analyst, and Terrorist Hunter. He devotes his attention to the three lower decks, where the conditions have turned out to be worse than expected. He and Mizaistom help the royal troops and private security to maintain the order and handle the criminal issues in the Black Whale, with Botobai also acting as a court official.

Kanzai comments that having three Zodiacs watching Netero is a waste of personnel, prompting a sneering remark from Saiyu and responding in kind. She has the ability to change her arms into a snake which she uses to briefly threaten Pariston when he suggests the Zodiacs to make him the Chairman without election. She is a coroner, pharmacist and Poison Hunter. She appears to have the power to manipulate birds, as shown when she informs all hunters for an election.

She is a musician, dancer, and Botanical Hunter. He is a detective and handyman. Saccho thinks to himself Kanzai is right and having three Zodiacs guard Beyond is a waste of personnel. He suggests they decide on a rotation and confront Mizaistom so one of them may go help the royal troops.

A Bounty Hunter and martial artist, [ ch. He is Pariston's informant within the Zodiacs. When Kanzai comments that having three Zodiacs watching Netero is a waste of personnel, Saiyu mocks him. The Hunter Exam is divided into several stages, each one overseen by an experienced hunter.

Although Menchi fails all of the candidates due to her stubbornness, Netero pressures her into giving the candidates an alternative test. Chairman Netero organizes the final stage as a one-on-one fighting tournament, where the winner must get his opponent to admit defeat. In a twist, contestants pass the exam after winning only one fight with the loser advancing to the next round, meaning only one examinee will fail.

The examinees that took part in the th annual Hunter Exam, the year the series' main characters took the exam. Noting the lack of hate in Gon's eyes after this act, Hanzo realizes he actually has come to like him. He willingly bows out of the battle, giving Gon the victory needed for him to pass the exam.

He believes the murderer might strike again, and deduces that he is one of the two bodyguards taking a break. He swears to Biscuit that he would make the murderer pay for killing Momoze.

Hanzo came in eighth and sixteenth place in the series' first two popularity polls. He has taken the exam for 35 consecutive terms, [ ch. He often brags of his experience to those taking the exam for the first time and then offers them a helping hand.

This is merely subterfuge as he takes a perverse pleasure in sabotaging their attempts to get the license. In order to do this, he uses methods like spiking drinks with a strong laxative and being contradictory simply to delay progress in a time-sensitive arena, where he is teamed up with them.

The arrows are tipped with a potent tranquilizer that, even with a small nick, induces paralysis for any person for up to a week. Pokkle is then seen in N. Ponzu is rescued by Gon, but her badge is taken when she is unconscious so Leorio can pass, causing her to fail the exam. She is shot and eaten moments later by a Chimera Ant. With the infestation of man-sized Chimera Ants within N. The extermination team is led by none other than Chairman Netero himself.

Netero also handpicks those who are to accompany him, causing significant political bickering within the Hunter Association. As his role progresses during the Chimera Ant arc, Morel shows himself as an experienced and resourceful fighter, which is shown in his fight against Leol wherein he uses his pipe as a snorkel so that he could allow himself to breathe underwater, and in doing so suffocates his opponent with the carbon dioxide he had emitted.

The smoke that he produces is controllable with his Nen ability; he is able to make it take on various shapes and even act independently from him once commands are issued. He is Palm's master and the target of her affections. He can create warp gates to a "safe house",called "fourth dimensional apartment complex", which he creates doors in.

It is similar to teleportation, but instead of instantly arriving at the destination he goes to his safe house, which is a windowless room, with a single door.

When infiltrating Meruem's palace in order to place a portal, he comes into contact with Neferpitou's En. It frightens him so much that he retreats upon suffering a severe nervous breakdown while going bald. When he later returns to aid in the attack, his hair having grown back through whitened from the psychological ordeal he went through.

He also gets along well with animals, having the habit of taking care of abandoned pets. Knuckle's ability "chapter-7 bankruptcy" is when he punches someone by lending some aura he simultaneously attaches a small indestructible nen-creature "Amortizing Power Redirector A. If the aura count exceeds his opponent's total aura, the opponent goes bankrupt.

Bankruptcy causes the conjured "A. Shoot's Nen ability is called "Hotel Rafflesia", and involves manipulating a cage and three disembodied hands that levitate. Shoot can shrink and seal off the body part that was hit, in the cage.

He has a timid personality and is often afraid of taking advantage of opportune times to attack his enemy. She develops a crush on Gon, but is unable to further their relationship. On most occasions, she appears disheveled and stressed, exuding a frightening aura.

However, she is depicted as quite beautiful when dressed up. During the extermination, Palm is sent in as a personal secretary to Director Bizeff in order to covertly discover Meruem's location, only to be captured and transformed into a chimera ant hybrid soldier. But Killua manages to help Palm regain her memories and return to the side of the Hunters. As a human, Palm originally tracked the location of anyone she has seen with her own eyes using a small merman relic fed by her blood as a human.

But after becoming a Chimera Ant, able to create outfits from her hair wrapping over her body, Palm's Nen ability reformed into "Wink Blue" and enables her see the last three people she saw with her right eye whenever she covers it. A student of Ging Freecss, Gon's father, he traveled to Whale Island three years prior to the start of the series looking for leads in order to pass his final test, find Ging.

His Nen ability is Mad Clown: Kite is killed by Neferpitou, and his vessel rebuilt into a manipulated puppet to train the ants. He is later captured by Knuckle and Shoot. Though his original body is dead, Kite used a secret function of Crazy Slots to be reborn as Meruem's twin sister who was initially the size of a finger when found on the Queen's corpse.

While named Reina by Colt, the new chimera queen ant that Kite became quickly matured while regaining the memories and personality of her former human male self and helped snapped Gon out of his depression.

Kite later tracks down Koala and forces the regretful hitman to become her subordinate as penitence for the death of a girl whose physical appearance Kite had assumed as a Chimera Ant.

Kite came in tenth place in the series' first popularity poll. Izunavi teaches him about Nen and informs him of the ability to make Contracts that strengthen your abilities based on how strict the limitation you place. As Leorio notes, she is one of the very few characters who has made Kurapika open up to her.

Melody's physical appearance is in short contrast to her kind soul. Due to effects of the "Sonata of Darkness", a musical piece said to have been written by Satan himself and that whomever listens to it will be greatly cursed, her body is short and her right arm disfigured. Its power was so great, that upon hearing only the first movement of the flute solo, Melody was disfigured. Her friend was not so lucky; his entire body was disfigured like Melody's arm and he died after playing it.

Melody gained her Nen abilities in exchange. Melody's goal is to find the Sonata of Darkness and destroy it. Melody also has a very sharp sense of hearing and can tell a person's psychological state just by listening to their heartbeat. Melody reappears in the Dark Continent arc as part of Kurapika's party, becoming the bodyguard for the tenth prince of Kakin, Kacho. When he is first introduced he is quick to underestimate Kurapika, but after Kurapika's display of his Dowsing Chain, he grows respect for him.

Basho returns in the Dark Continent storyline as part of Kurapika's infiltration party, becoming the bodyguard of Kakin's seventh prince, Luzurus.

A witty old man, his advancing age has not dampened his quick thinking and speed in battle. He noticeably hesitates in the battle when he realizes the king has come to care for the safety of a human prisoner. Zeno favors Killua more than his other grandchildren. Zeno came in ninth place in the series' second popularity poll. A silent, pensive figure, Killua's interaction with him seems limited. He allows Killua to go along with Gon on their journey to find his father, but only because he sees it as a crucial step in his development as the head assassin of the Zoldyck Family.

Silva tied with Ging for fifteenth place in the series' first popularity poll, [4] and placed thirteenth in the second. She was injured attempting to prevent Killua from running away from home to take the Hunter Exam, although she is proud of Killua for doing so. Kikyo is looking forward to Killua excelling in assassination and anticipates that one day, he will continue on with the family business. According to Illumi, Killua is her favorite son.

Kikyo came in thirteenth place in the series' first popularity poll. He seems to be a sort of otaku , since his room is covered with figurines from various anime, manga and video games. He was also injured during Killua's escape. However, he is unable to win a copy and leaves in frustration.

While the other members of the Zoldyck family refer to Alluka as male or as an object, Killua, who is the closest to Alluka, states that Alluka is female.

Fearing that Killua will ask Alluka's help to save Gon's life, Illumi asks for Hisoka's help in searching for and killing Alluka, as Alluka poses a grave danger to the entire Zoldyck family in the case of Killua getting killed by Alluka's power. I'm from the Dark Continent. She later joins Kurapika's party at Killua's request during the Dark Continent arc, becoming the guard of the thirteenth prince of Kakin, Marayam.

So you want to go for a round of golf? Test your skills on the green and start hitting that ball. Can you land a hole in one? Can you get through the platform levels? Work together and find a way to get past all the barriers and past the toxic goo.

Max can help Mink reach higher platforms! Everyone knows it's Bubble! In Bubble Chams Xmas, you must shoot the bubbles and make pairs of three. If you take to long and don't connect.

A new layer of bubbles will appear. So make the right decision and keep shooting those bubbles. Bubble Charms Xmas Popularity: Under the sea, we are as happy as can be. Under the sea they are familiar with the game Tetris. You know this game? Place the blocks in the right order and make sure you clear an entire row.

Do you like fairy tales, fashion of other things? No problem, there are puzzles for everyone. Choose a subject and find all the words that ar hidden in the field.

Be quick, because the time is ticking. How quick can you solve the puzzle? Pretty Puzzle Princess Popularity: This game is like Mahjong. But with cute little duckies. What more do you want? Just play this cute game. Duck Pond Mahjong Popularity: Pop goes the zombie. These zombie heads keep on falling down. We have to clear them out before they start growing. The more you can take in one shot, the better. When your down and out, Use a grenade. We sure would like some candy.

Can you organize all the candies? Red candies with other red candies. Blue candies with the other blue ones. Shoot the single white candy against the colored ones. Can you match them all before there are no white candies left? Mila's dream has finally become true. She owns her own magical shop. The job is pretty straight forward. People come in, they tell Mila what they want.

Mila grabs the magical items. The magic shop is fully functional. Can you keep up with the magical demands? You are Milla the mage! Mila's Magic shop Popularity: Captain May-Ham needs your help.

He's being attack by pirate bunnies. They try to kill the captain and are not going to give up easily. But the captain stands his ground and won't leave. Can you help him during his battle against the evil bunnies? The Bunny Invaders Popularity: You're a cake monster and you're looking for cake and pie.

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