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We specialize in painting the indoor and outdoor walls and ceilings of a variety of different industrial structures. At the beginning of the project, Painting Contractor USA develops and designs a painting plan to meet the day-to-day needs of the client. We take into consideration the size and location of the industrial structure and design a plan that will require minimal disruption to the daily activities inside the structure.

We serve a variety of industrial clients including:. Painting Contractor USA also provides industrial cleaning services. Many of the structures we service manufacture a great deal of products on a daily basis and require routine cleanings to maintain business productively. We provide chemical high pressure cleaning, solvent cleaning and water blasting among other cleaning services. One of the main services that we provide is commercial painting.

We recognize the ever-changing needs of our clients and work hard to address them. Painting Contractor USA works closely with clients who are making alterations to their commercial businesses to make sure their needs and expectations are met. We employ a team of highly qualified painters that have extensive experience in painting the interior walls and ceilings of a variety of commercial structures.

We serve a variety of commercial clients including:. One of the things that we specializes in is providing painting services to factories. We work individually with clients to create a painting plan that will meet their individual needs. We take many factors into consideration including the products manufactured at the plant and the daily activities taking place there. We paint interior ceilings, sidewalls and structure steel.

We primarily paint structures in white because this helps improve lighting, visibility, safety and cleanliness in facilities. Because of the specialized care that we take, there is no need to shutdown the facility while we are painting. We can paint any size facility, from 10, square feet to a few million square feet.

We employ a large, qualified crew that can complete up to 10, square feet per painting shift. This show is a fill in for the Pasadena Civic Auditorium with Love and Canned Heat that had to be cancelled due to renovations that were being done on the auditorium at the time.

Jim meets many famous people such as Andy Warhol and Paul Newman who pulls Jim aside and talks to him about the title song for a movie he is planning to produce. The Doors had made it big.

Jim's behavior on and off stage becomes much talked about. He acts almost possesed. The Doors are now rock stars in every sense of the word and Jim takes it to new heights as the life of every party, every night, all night in an arena that makes his self-destructive fantasies come true. The Doors become the biggest draw in the history of the Scene and the owner Steve Paul throws a private champagne party for the band and their new entourage after their last gig.

The album will go gold in September. July 28th - Sun. This is of course an apology for drilling him in the head with his twirling microphone during their last performance on June 9th and 10th. The Doors play marvellously and as good as ever with an extended minute version of "Light My Fire" that totally erupts the packed auditorium.

Richie Havens; James Cotton. This is a special evening. Jim returns to the home of his teenage years in which he attended George Washington High School to play a concert for the 2, - 4, in attendance this evening. The Britons; The Tokens. This is an extremely busy month for The Doors.

Riding the success of their first album, they're finishing their second album, touring non-stop and Elektra is pushing a huge media explosion. This is their second appearance and final show here.

Jim with the strength and confidence of a number one behind him is becoming more theatrical on stage blending rock and drama. At the beginning of the concert, Jim hangs on to the curtain as it goes up and at the last moment he lets go vaulting to the stage and begins "When the Music's Over" with an incredibly primal and electrifying scream which sets the pace for an energy filled evening.

The band closes with "The End" and encores with "Light My Fire" in their late show to tremendous applause and mass adulation. This is one of the few television recorded shows the band is happy with. Tonight's crowd is sparce and only show up under the tent that is made for 2, Jim says to start the show "This is one of the finest tents I've ever belonged to, but where is everybody, man.

Ambassador Theater - Washington, D. These shows may have been cancelled. Our record album is only a map of our work. I'd like to play in a club where we could be with the people. Maybe we wouldn't even play. It would be great to sit down and talk with the audience, get rid of all the seperate tables and have one big table.

Our music short-circuits the conscious mind and allows the subconscious to flow free. It doesn't use sets, lighting and actors in the usual sense. It does use the rawhide-thong vocal chords of people like Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors. Morrison floats to the microphone, hangs limply on it, looking aside and down. Then his butterfly hand raises the microphone up, his body goes taught, his eyes look wildly in a personal darkness, and he forces his wild voice into the mike.

It emerges from the amplifiers turning the room blue with hot, electric thunder. Then quietly, one hand cupped over his right ear, he begins to sing. The Doors are packing every place they play. The "young lion" photos are appearing everywhere and Jim's layout in Vogue omes out in the middle of the month. Both Time and Newsweek run articles on The Doors. The Doors are now mainstream news. Jim is becoming masterful on stage turning concerts into seances evoking cathartic experiences with his calculating moves and control of the audience.

The Doors are playing at or near their best. Jim is treating each show as if it's his last giving all out performances. So simple that they might mislead you into thinking that the young man whose picture you see on this page is- well, a lot like a lot of other young men. His full real name is James Douglas Morrison. He was born on December 8, , in Melbourne, Fla. Jim is six feet tall and has brown hair and haunting blue-grey eyes.

Fortunately, he was side-tracked into the world of music which had always held great interest for him and he soon found himself the lead singer of a group called the Doors. After almost two years of hard work, the Doors Jim, Robby Krieger, John Densmore and Ray Manzarek finally did what every group has to do in order to start their climb to the top- they cut a hit single record. Oddly enough, the hit had been sitting on record store shelves in the Doors Elektra LP for quite a while.

One single was lifted from the LP and didn't make it. Then someone came up with the bright idea of releasing the vocal part of Light My Fire as a single record if you have the LP, you know that the whole Light My Fire band is eight minutes long. Anyway, as they say, the rest is history. Except it really isn't- for Jim Morrison is not like any other pop singer to appear on the scene: One word that can describe him is "total".

He is so whole, so complete, so all himself and nobody or nothing else that just meeting him is an unforgettable experience. Hearing him sing and watching him perform- well, that's really magic! I've been lucky enough to have this experience, and I'll try mind you, try to describe just a little bit of what it's like to you.

So close your eyes, open your mind and take my hand while I try to lead you through "Jim Morrison's magic land". It begins like this: At first, everything is serene- blue and green. The lights are low and the stage is empty. Slowly, the boys come out and in the dark ness they start to "set up". You can hardly distinguish which is which. After a minimum amount of tuning up, the house lights suddenly go on.

Just as they do, there is a fabulous blast of sound. It's the Doors- and they are on and it's unmistakably their music that you hear. Then, seemingly from nowhere, a figure leaps onto the stage.

It's him- Jim Morrison! And you feel something you have never felt before. It's like an electric shock that goes all through you. Jim is singing and you realize that it's a combination of him, the way he looks and moves, and his sound that has completely turned you on.

His voice is like spirals of flame, and beautiful red and yellow colors seem to fly out of his fingertips. Come on, baby, light my fire He is singing it to you and all at once the room around you seems to glow. At first it's warm, then it's hot- like something burning, but it doesn't hurt.

It's the fire- the fire that Jim is singing about. The fire that he knows all about and now- suddenly- you do too! You are consumed by his vibrant presence and his sensational singing. He is all afire. And everything that he is, he is giving to you freely and totally! Then he is gone. The music continues for a while- echoing through your mind- and the room around you, which you think must have been consumed in the blaze that Jim created in you and all about you, slowly comes back into focus.

Soon, all is serene again. But the gigantic talent of Jim Morrison has changed you- and you will never be the same again. Eagles Auditorium - Seattle, WA. Gill Coliseum - Oregon State Univ. Bushnell Auditorium - Hartford, CT. The band is not accepted well and the crowd doesn't want an encore.

Jim is depressed and doesn't return to NYC on the plane but opts to take the limo miles back alone. A police officer interrupts them and orders them out of the stall. Jim defies the cop, who thinks Jim is a hippie who snuck backstage, and eventually gets maced in the face. Jim screams in pain running towards the dressing room.

Bill Siddons arrives and explains everything to the cop. The officer apologizes and Jim soon recovers taking the police lined stage.

During the last song of the evening, "Back Door Man", Jim tells the story of the backstage episode and starts taunting the police and baiting the crowd.

The auditorium lights are switched on. Soon policemen surround Jim and drag him off the stage brutally arresting him. The crowd riots leaving the venue in disarray and many are arrested.

Jim is the first rock star to be arrested on stage. Jim is charged with "breach of peace, resisting arrest and indecent or immoral exhibition. Jim is released around 2: Trial is set for January. The Doors make headlines across the country with the press siding with Jim finding no justification for the arrest.

A few weeks later the charges are dropped. Otis Redding dies just 2 days after recording his only major hit "Dock of the Bay".

Jim tells the crowd of 7, that they are going to take a break to fix the problem but never return! Strange Days ends the year in the third spot nationally. The Doors jam tonight for the grand opening of Gazzarri's new location on the Strip just down from the Whisky.

The Doors sign on for 7 more shows ending on March 2nd. Jim is both drunk and on acid most of this week giving poor overall performances. It is during this engagement that Tom Baker, a friend of Pam's, first meets Jim.

Tom is a struggling actor with an interest in all of the arts including writing, directing, and producing. He, like Jim, also loves hard drinking and fast living. Tom and Jim will become good drinking buddies regardless of the short lived affair he and Pam had while in New York.

Pam kept telling me I was seeing him at far from his best. I replied that he was a good guy, but he should keep his day job. They call their music 'primitive and personal' and find it hard to work without audience reaction. Their numbers change constantly at live shows and new ones are written as they perform.

The words build with the music into an accelerating crescendo of frenzied sound. Trying to avoid the 'hard straight sound' of many rock groups, the Doors aim for 'dramatic impact' in their music. Gazzarri's crowded dance floor proves that the Doors' lyrical freedom hasn't hurt their strong rock 'n' roll dance tempo. The film was to be in places where The Doors couldn't appear to promote themselves. Primarily, it was for television. But it was getting their name out that was important then.

It was our first really large crowd. He looked like a Greek god gone wrong, with masses of dark brown curls and a face that sweaty dreams are made of.

It was really mind-boggling. There was no modern sexy American icon at that time and he instantly became that for me and all the girls I knew and we never missed them. I saw The Doors play a hundred times. I graduated from high school in and then went to Cal State Long Beach. After Rich started helping with the Doors equipment, he started telling me about them, but I wasn't very interested. I didn't know who the Doors were, 'cause they hadn't had a hit yet.