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The Poker Room is the ideal space for up to people for seated dining, and up to people for conferences and presetations in a theatre style layout. Thursday, 18 October Thursday 18 October at Can a vegetarian person get a good meal at this restaurant? Saturday, 13 October Saturday 13 October at It is a friendly Poker room and I

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Friday, 28 September 2018

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The original raiser passed, but when it got to me the raise size from the open to to a 3bet of just screamed AK at me. I can pass and maintain my 20k stack here, or put my money in and flip for a 50k stack, given the dead money but also my lack of fold equity given his raise. Again it was a long day, especially having played 8. Progress was slow on some more tough tables, and by the time the last level started again I was plugging away with 20k again.

The flop was rainbow, hopefully perfect for him to keep firing, but when I checked he checked behind. I played snug until 20 minutes before the end of day 1 I got a nasty cooler to send me spinning again.

He could well just be looking to pick up the pot, but I felt that unlikely given the number of players, and instead thought he must have something, probably a king. He asked to see my chips, thought for a while and called, excellent! The turn was a four and while it brought in some gutshots, I knew this guy would have played A3 type hands that way. Heads-up of course is brutal, as the button has such an advantage and can win waves of hands in a row, turning it into a game of badminton or something, one of those games where you can only score on your own serve!

The guys to my left were hating life as I won pot after pot and made them pay blind after blind, and eventually after a bit of up and down, I took down the trophy. Team Grosvenor is descending on the APAT team event in Blackpool, hopefully they will hold up their end of the bargain and smash up the biggest team event of the year on UK soil. But even given all that, the highlight for me was seeing my mate Kav turn up to play.

Now wheelchair bound after the cancer found its way into his spinal column, and in need of a bit of help from his mates especially Jamie Clossick, happily getting up to ferry the old boy round even though it cost him a blind or two , Kav was there, having won a seat in the online sat, battling away trying to make it to day two. Alas his tournament came to an end on the very last hand of day one.

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