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Now, restart your Minecraft server. You just have to step into the world of Role Playing Plugins for Bukkit to begin warming up to the unknown flavors of Minecraft gaming. Item stack and inventory serialization, Supports plugin integration, etc. Someone plz help, all the configs and that keep opening up with notepad and im not sure how to make my max players or or whatever. I am currently paying for unlimited slots on my server and in the server properties i have set them to so the plugin will look there to find the real max player slots and will not add more slots when players online for example Ideas for commands: This would be fairly simple.


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Na Twoim serwerze ID 1 wykrylismy pluginy, ktore omijaja ustawienia slotow serwera. Prosimy o zaprzestanie takich praktyk, w innym wypadku bedziemy zmuszeni zablokowac serwer. I love this plugin totally, my host limits me to 20 slots and makes people pay for more slots but it can easily handle 40, so its real good. They won't find out but that doesn't matter, they wouldn't want to shut down my server even if they did. Anyway i wanted to talk about Tab Deco, it doesn't work with this plugin , how i figured it out my prefix is too long with my name and its like 28 characters at all and it kicks me, saying that max is So it still interferes with it, it would be better if you made a tablist for this plugin, if its possible to increase number of characters.

I know that it'd be nice, but unfortunately it would interfere with plugins like TabDeco and other which modify tablist which are a 'bit' more popular than mine. To be honest I don't really care, if they are happy because of that I'm fine: P To change license I'd have to release source, but then I'd have to document it, etc. Maybe in the near future You mean that if there are more online players than number specified in server. CurseForge Register Sign In.

X Table of Contents. Description What is this? I have make a German message. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. This also can make the server have more slots than set in the config file right?

Last edited by 00petar GoldenCreeper97 I know that it'd be nice, but unfortunately it would interfere with plugins like TabDeco and other which modify tablist which are a 'bit' more popular than mine. Can you add to have a bigger Tablist with this plugin?! Log in or Sign up. I have an RPG server with the Factions plugin, so I was thinking that it would be good to give the players a chance to have a few of their items secured and that would also add some "points" to the RPG experience!

So what would you do? Put your stuff into an enderchest? But it doesn't have enough room for everything. You'd just go to the Bank and put the items in your vault! Just like in the "GlobalBank" plugin. But that one's buggy and does not have Citizens support.

So, basically, I need a plugin, which will: Let players have a configurable amount of free private slots Allow admins to view any player's slot for ops or people who have the permission Let players buy more slots for a configurable amount of money Have Citizens 2 support will only work if you have Citizens installed Of course, whoever makes this plugin for me will get credit for that will write your name in every bank using a hologram and a sign.

I really need this! TheZerok , Nov 23, HunterGPlays , Nov 23,

How many player slots can I have? (1GB Bukkit|40 plugins)