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To honor Diane Goodwin and bring awareness of Colorectal Cancer. If it goes really well, I will also consider taking my show on the road to the Town of Tonawanda and Grand Island. A brawl reportedly started when two women began arguing over a prime European tourist spot — Italy's Trevi Fountain — where they both wanted to use for a selfie. See the website for more details and registration. First, the authority is not a county department.

Finchglow Travels

Hershey’s Chocolate World Niagara Falls

Where are we flying? Where are you flying from? Where are you flying to? Do you want to make any stops along the way? What are your preferred dates for departure? When is the earliest possible date for your departure? When is the latest you can depart? If you are not flexible, leave this field blank. When do you prefer to return from your trip? What is the earliest date you would want to return?

When is the latest date you can return? What are the minimum number of days you would like to spend at your destination? In order to obtain the lowest pricing, how many connections are you willing to make? Do you have "Elite Status" with this program? What is your points or miles balance?

Which class of service do you prefer to fly? Do you have a co-branded airline credit card? Chiropractic mini evaluations, five-minute chair massages and acupuncture information. Island Prescription Center will provide blood pressure and glucose screenings. Additionally, staff from People Inc. Senior Companion and Senior Outreach information will be available to share information and answer questions. The Andersons Food Truck will also be onsite prices may vary.

Seniors and their families are encouraged to attend the event as apartment tours will be provided. Marigold Senior Living apartments are for independent older adults age 62 and over who are income eligible.

Two benefits of People Inc. Marigold Senior Living are the affordability and safety features. To RSVP or for more information, call Middle School Principal Mr. Two programs were held, one for the middle school and the other for the high school. Inducted into the program were, graduate Dr. Schroeder-Watt was ranked number one in the United States in the discus event for high school, was two time All-American at University of Florida, and went on to get her medical degree from Syracuse.

Brett Kern played high school football as a punter, was named All-New York State as a senior and after graduation from University of Toledo, won the starting punter job for the Denver Broncos. He has been with the Tennessee Titans since Dipak has worked on missions to Mercury and Pluto, among others. He sent in a video describing some of his projects and thanks to the Grand Island schools and community.

See awards program for greater detail. Doors will open at 12PM, raffles will begin at 1: There will be some raffle tickets available at the door. Ducks Unlimited has donated a wide variety of awesome items for the raffle! You don't want to miss this one!! There will be four aircraft, a C, B, P and a Corsair.

Garbage should be caught up by Thursday evening. Much of the scheduled Monday routes remain, leaving them behind one day in some areas. Additionally, northern West River from Long to Staley, 1st-6th streets, and that associated portion of Whitehaven, as well as Westwood and Sunset still need pick up.

Most days they have two trucks on the Island. Tomorrow, they will start the day at 7am tackling what remains of the Monday route with three trucks, and add a fourth truck that will become available at 12pm. They are hopeful this will allow them to hopefully finish the Tuesday routes and catch up by midweek. If your street was not mentioned and concerns remain, you are welcome to contact their standard customer service number at or use their local dispatch number which is The entire Republic team passes along their apologies for this situation.

The dispensers have been installed at Veteran's Park and are now available for public use. The specially designed dispensers, which are being purchased and installed across the country, are part of Practice Safe Skin, a program that offers sunscreen as an effective preventive measure to help avoid sun over-exposure year-round.

Ingredients are printed on the dispenser. The sunscreen dispensers were donated in memory of David Petit, a long-time resident of Grand Island who died in at the age 55 after a two-year battle with melanoma. At the time of his diagnosis, doctors at Rowell Park explained that this deadly form of skin cancer was likely caused by sun damage that occurred when he was a child.

His family hopes that making sunscreen readily available will raise awareness about skin cancer, believing that if even one person is spared from a future diagnosis of melanoma, then their efforts were well worth it. A recent study from The University of Colorado cited this program as an influencing force behind the decrease in melanoma rates in the Northeast.

Melanoma is rising faster than any other cancer with one person every 50 minutes dying from the disease. Studies show that with daily sunscreen protection, the risk of melanoma is preventable. In response to the Surgeon General's Call to Action to address skin cancer as a major public concern, IMPACT Melanoma and partner Bright Guard, launched a pilot program called Practice Safe Skin during the summer to donate free sunscreen throughout Boston parks and Massachusetts beaches at no cost to taxpayers.

Following the success of the pilot program, the Practice Safe Skin initiative is expanding to offer cities and businesses across the country the ability to purchase and provide this public safety program. IMPACT is a national non-profit organization dedicated to working to reduce the incidence of melanoma. Committed to skin cancer prevention and early detection, we provide a variety of award-winning programs which aim to raise awareness and educate the public about skin cancer, as well as support services for those struggling with the disease.

We are likely to see water birds, nesting song birds and raptors. Bring binoculars and dress appropriately. Paths could be muddy. Conservation Advisory Board is the sponsor. Questions call Diane Evans at The temporary office will become the permanent location with a building addition.

Please help spread the word and watch for community announcements to help with the buildout. Supervisor Nathan McMurray and guest speaker Lt. Coast Guard Presentation of Memorial Wreath, from left: Memorial Day is celebrated in honor of the men and women who have given their lives for our country.

There was a lot of interest in going solar with 62 people in attendance. Councilwoman Beverly Kinney, Team leader of 'Solarize Grand Island' started off the program by introducing the large diverse Solarize Team of community leaders.

Bev spoke of why she thought so many people stepped up to help. They want to leave Grand Island a better place for their children and grand children. They want to leave the air, water and the soil cleaner for the next generation.

People hesitate because of their inability, due to time or resources to properly vet a company. That is the core of Solarize. And when you throw in discounts due to state and federal grants, as well as incentives based on income and the campaign itself, it is a wonderfully safe and well-vetted path to use.

Through the educational program of NYSERDA the plan is to educate the public to better understand solar so they can make the best possible choice for their needs. Bev and Jenn both agree that it has been rewarding to serve on the Solarize Grand Island campaign team. Our Meetings, which have been frequent, have been focused, civil, and effective. A local representative, Jason Kulaszewski, Clean Energy Coordinator, from the UB Regional Institute has commented on the effectiveness, as a short term campaign such as this requires all hands on deck, but also all of them pulling in the same direction.

When you hear from those on the outside that your team stands out, it's reassuring. We are not surprised we were the first community to have a Solarize campaign begin this calendar year, while securing a promotional grant as well. The next event will be at the Town Cafe, a free event on Monday, June 11th at 6: Solar by CIR, the designated solar company for the campaign, will be present for a short presentation and the options to sign up for a free evaluation. Collection will be June 9th and 10th in the parking lot at Town Hall.

Residents, this is your chance for proper disposal at a nearby location. Official hours to come. They need volunteers who are able to lift lbs. If yourself, your family, or your organization is willing to help for an hour or two, please email ewynne grand-island.

Fischer reports findings from asbestos expert Bill Schaab may make rehabbing the community room at the Nike Base implausible. Republic will attempt to catch up ASAP. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on Tuesday, May 22nd, reminded the public that the state's native turtles are on the move in May and June, seeking sandy areas or loose soil to lay their eggs. Drivers that see a turtle on the road should use caution - not swerve suddenly or leave their lane of travel - and take care to avoid hitting turtles while driving.

In New York, thousands of turtles are killed each year when they are struck by vehicles while migrating to nesting areas.

New York's 11 native species of land turtles are in decline, and turtles can take more than 10 years to reach breeding age.

The reptiles lay just one small clutch of eggs each year, which means the loss of a breeding female can have a significant effect on the local turtle population. This time of year, it is especially important to be on the lookout for turtles and to drive cautiously, particularly on roads near rivers and marshy areas. If a turtle is spotted on the road or near the shoulder, drivers should safely stop their vehicle and consider moving the turtle to the side of the road in the direction the reptile is facing.

Drivers should only stop and move turtles when it safe to do so and should never put themselves, their passengers, or others at risk. Most turtles can be picked up by the side of their shells. Do not pick up a turtle by its tail. Picking the turtle up by its tail may frighten or injure the reptile. It's important to use extreme caution when moving snapping turtles; either pick the turtle up at the rear of the shell near the tail using two hands, or slide a car mat under the turtle to drag the turtle across the road.

Do not take native turtles into personal possession. All native turtles are protected by law and cannot be collected without a permit. Snakes can sometimes also be seen crossing or basking on the road. If safe to do so, please slow down and steer around them.

For more information on protecting turtles and other reptiles, visit DEC's website. Check the flyer to see which items are accepted and not accepted. This is a free event and only residential household waste are accepted. The guest speaker will be Lt. Doors open at Pre-sale tickets and table reservations are available by calling Pam at Limited seating, get your tickets early. The informational seminar will be Monday, June 11th.

Blue Rock Solar is offering solar electricity produced on Grand Island. The kilowatt hour credits purchased with your subscription "will be able to offset all kilowatt hour supply and delivery charges on your utility bill. You are not eligible if you already have a solar energy system on your property. Campfires of clean wood or charcoal under three feet tall and four feet wide are permitted from May 15 to March The burning of leaves or other waste including yard waste such as trimmings and plant matter is not permitted anywhere in New York State.

More information can be found online at http: Please contact the DEC with questions or concerns. While we fully appreciate that this is the time of year to enjoy all the recreational opportunities living on Grand Island provides, it is very important that you do not enter the Construction Zone Area which is defined by the entire eight miles of the previous West River Parkway and the adjacent greenspace.

Motorized vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians are prohibited from entering the area. We currently anticipate a Fall completion but are told that if we can keep people from using the new trail, the contractor can complete the work sooner. Additionally, any mowing of this greenspace is prohibited which is along the parkway and river is part of the construction zone area. For more information visit https: Check map above for detour.

Submission deadline is Friday, June 1, To access the online version, visit here. All comments and feedback will be accepted at this time. Communications regarding the Comprehensive Plan can be sent to mp grand-island. North end of West River Parkway. The northern most end had a heavy equipment machine digging up the concrete parkway.

At the north and south ends of the Whitehaven overlook, gravel paths were seen from the "old road" to the former parkway. There were also gravel paths at the southern end that led from Alt Road and Legion Drive to the former parkway.

The grass is also cut, not sure when that happened. Proceeds from this year's event will go to the outpatient care of local children suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Christina Podlucky started the walk in honor of her mother who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in , and died in If you would like to become a sponsor of the event, register by May 9th to get your name on the t-shirt.

Please avoid the area or drive with caution and heed police traffic direction. If you are interested in running or volunteering, more details can be found at https: This years event was re-routed due to the closure of the West River Parkway.

The race will begin and end within Beaver Island State Park but runners will be using the bike path that runs along the east side of South Parkway. If you plan to be in this area at that time please heed police and volunteer traffic control and be mindful of pedestrian runners. Disaster Preparedness with Rev. Understanding and recognizing sanctity of all life; advocate for equitable allocation of resources to those in need; as centers of community activity, natural to be centers of disaster response; acting out God's compassion for the dispossessed; unique role in Long-Term Recovery.

WNY resident most of adult life. The event takes place at St. Timothy Lutheran Church, Staley Road, from 1: Contact Gary Roesch c- or email groesch gtsupplies. Bogey's will serve breakfast items, hot dogs, burgers, chicken sausage, wraps and wings as well as beer, wine and spirits throughout the golf season from 6: The restaurant will open on April 26 when the course opens but will be holding a grand opening in May.

She will also carry various beach novelties and necessities. Both operators will operate through the season. Friday, April, 27, through 9 a. The work is part of the toll barrier removal process following the successful transition to cashless tolling at the Grand Island toll plazas in March. During this time period, all southbound traffic will be shifted to the northbound span, creating a single lane of travel in each direction.

Overhead lane designation signals will be used to safely direct traffic over the bridge. Traffic seeking to enter I south at exit 21 Niagara Scenic Parkway and Buffalo Avenue will be detoured northbound to exit 23 Porter Road - Packard Road where signs will be posted for motorists to reenter I south. Motorists should expect delays during peak travels times.

Contractors will be performing pavement removal at the base of the North Grand Island Bridge approaching the southbound Grand Island toll plaza and installing full-depth asphalt pavement for the new mainline alignment. The weekend lane reduction will reduce the number of disruptions and lane shifts that would otherwise be necessary to safely remove and reconfigure the highway and result in a higher quality, longer lasting roadway. Drivers are strongly urged to use caution around the toll plazas during this time as it will be an active construction zone.

The posted speed limit when traveling through the toll plazas will be 20 MPH. The temporary traffic pattern for the North Grand Island Bridge can be found here.

The temporary traffic pattern for the South Grand Island Bridge can be found here. All work is weather permitting. A rain date for the closure will be announced if necessary. The Grand Island Music Department has long held a tradition of excellence in music education through the support of our administration, our Board of Education, and most importantly our community members.

Island residents, Frank McNamara and Michael Paternostro share a similar background; large families with children having attended Grand Island schools and both retired police officers. The Town of Grand Island will be taking part in a Solarize Grand Island Campaign, a program that makes investing in solar power easier and more affordable for local residents and businesses. Residents and business owners can attend events learn about the program, talk to local installers, and find out if solar is the right fit for them.

After a thorough pre-qualification process, Solarize Grand Island will select a designated solar installer to work with residents throughout the campaign. Residents and businesses who sign up for solar installations by the fall deadline will be able to take advantage of group rates below market prices. Historically, Solarize campaigns can lower the cost of solar up to 20 percent.

New York State's Energy Research and Development Authority NYSERDA helps make the transition to solar easier and more affordable by supporting locally-organized community campaigns aimed at getting a critical mass of area homes and businesses to invest in solar.

NYSERDA, a public benefit corporation, offers objective information and analysis, innovative programs, technical expertise, and funding to help New Yorkers increase energy efficiency, save money, use renewable energy, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The Solarize Grand Island Team is excited by the enthusiasm for the upcoming campaign and is grateful to have a dedicated committee of community leaders and residents who are committed to clean energy initiatives.

The campaign kick-off will be held in the courtroom at Town Hall on Saturday, May 12, from Details will be posted on the Town website.

The campaign is led by Councilwoman Bev Kinney. The yard trees include: Trees are available on a first-come, first-served basis. One tree per household. One was found injured on Baseline near Webb Road after being hit by a car. One was found on the side of the road in Buckhorn, and a third on Ransom Road. Once loons land on land, they cannot take off, as their legs are at the rear of their body.

They need to be able to dive up to 20 feet underwater so they can launch out of the water and take off. The DEC picked up the birds. Tom Burke informed me that this is the peak of migration and 11 loons were seen in Ferry Village and six at Beaver Island yesterday.

Group paddles are at 8: Food trucks, beer tent, vendors. Register online or by mail starting Mary 11th. Volunteers are welcome and should arrive at 9: You can also pre-register at Buffalo Niagra Waterkeeper's website, bnwaterkeeper.

The cleanup is from The project will take several weeks to complete and will close Alvin from Whitehaven to Baseline Road from 9: Fischer published April 10, , announced that work has begun to close the West River Parkway as of Monday, April 16th.

An introductory class will be unveiled during the division's annual All American Week in May, according to spokesman Lt. The class will be announced April Buccino said the first class will include 10 to 20 veterans. They will be enshrined at the division's Hall of Heroes on May 23, the same day of the 82nd Airborne Division Memorial.

Officials have already announced some of the honorees, which will include two former division commanders - Lt. James 'Jumpin' Jim Gavin and Gen. Matthew Ridgway - and all seven of the division's Medal of Honor recipients.

DeGlopper will be in the first class. After engaging the Germans in a one-man firefight, allowing soldiers in his battalion to retreat, DeGlopper was killed Buccino said the goal is to honor legendary figures who have made an extraordinary impact inside and outside the division. Legacy of Charles Neilans DeGlopper. To Donate to the Deglopper Expansion - click here.

This committee will look at at bringing best practices to Grand Island to help with mental health and substance abuse issues, especially the opioid epidemic and suicide prevention. The organizational meeting will be held on Monday, April 23, at 4: All are welcome to attend. That will not stop me, though, from penning my annual spring cleaning column touching on a variety of subjects.

The aforementioned brutal winter has left our roadways in various states of disrepair. As the area's asphalt plants begin to open we can begin to address the pothole population with something other than the cold patch which is nothing but a stopgap measure. On a recent Tuesday morning I organized meetings in both towns to coordinate our efforts.

Both have excellent working relationships with the County DPW and routinely share services with the county. This has given us the ability to make the most of our limited highway dollars. Even so, we could always use more money to improve our county roads. Some habits are tough to break. Regardless of what we call it, the college's STEM Building Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is open and receiving rave reviews from students and faculty, alike.

The college's new president, Dr. Daniel Hocoy, is settling in and beginning to make a difference. I am a big fan of Dr. Hocoy and cannot wait to see all of his plans come to fruition.

We all have a stake in his success, as chargebacks from other counties for Erie County students who attend their community colleges have been killing us for years. Our ongoing effort to curb the opioid epidemic is another area in which we hope to see further progress in the coming months. Erie County has not been immune to this nationwide scourge and many of us know someone who has been affected. We continue to seek ways to address the situation. One of my colleagues, Ed Rath, recently hosted a successful event in Clarence aimed at educating the public about this continuing crisis.

Stay tuned for further details. Nick Stankevich of Mumford, NY has withdrawn from the race. New York State law requires residents to call free service prior to digging in order to prevent accidental damage to underground utility lines. Diane Evans will be the speaker during the informal coffee hour service, and will speak about the South American country, Suriname.

Church, Island Presbyterian Church, St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, St. Timothy Church and Trinity will be participating. Mychajliw recently updated school districts throughout Erie County on their share of collected sales tax from the first quarter of the year.

Checks that support programs and services for children, teachers and administrators have been delivered to Erie County to School Superintendents. The sales tax revenue, generated in large part thanks to our Canadian neighbors who come here to shop, is used in countless ways to support students, teachers and districts.

Compared to other counties throughout the state, Erie County shares a larger percentage of the sales tax with schools. I have the deepest respect for public education and I'm proud to be a strong partner with our schools," said Comptroller Mychajliw, himself a product of public schools through his attendance at Buffalo Public School 33 and the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts.

The amount a school district receives in sales tax revenue from the County was set in agreement between the County, and the three Cities of Buffalo, Lackawanna, and Tonawanda. The agreement, signed in , forbids the three cities from enacting their own city-wide sales tax which they have the authority to do under state law, in exchange for the county sharing some of the revenue they collect with them, other towns and villages and school districts.

This money should stay right where it is: The story also details the new state Welcome Center plan to hook up to Grand Island sewers by boring under the I This was never in any plan brought to the Town Board and other Advisory Boards. The pitch is "You'll save money on electricity while supplying your home with clean energy produced right here in the town of Grand Island.

Space is extremely limited, so we're giving Grand Island residents a priority access window until April 30, to sign up. These repairs will take approximately 2. Access to driveways may be limited at times, but the contractors will work with homeowners to minimize inconvenience. In school funding, Grand Island will see a 1. See press release for complete information. Quanitities are limited so order today. Order deadline is May 25, , see website. All donors receive a Tim Horton's gift card. On Wednesday, March 28th a representative from Sen.

Please feel free to visit between the hours of 9: Help make Grand Island an even better place to live? Get involved and make a difference by joining one of our many Town advisory boards. The following advisory boards are looking for new members: For more information and to apply, visit: See flyer for details. When visiting your home, if the representative's identification card is not visibly noticeable, you should ask to see it.

If you suspect a problem, please call your local police. In addition, customers are reminded that: Any door-to-door salesperson wearing a hard hat or another article of clothing or accessories commonly associated with utility employees is not likely a National Fuel employee.

Employees will carry identification cards and will produce them without resistance if asked. The big question is where? As the New York State Parks have not given a definitive timeline for closing and construction on the West River Parkway, the race committee is considering Veteran's Park as a back-up.

The popular event will have a classic car show, the Lions Club garage sale, a food truck rodeo, pony rides and a basket raffle. The Buffalo News reported that the cashless tolls will begin late at night on Thursday, March 29th. Reporter Aaron Besecker was tweeting from the news conference, that took place on March 14th, and has photos of the temporary traffic patterns to take place at the north and south toll stations.

See more information at Gov. I figured there is plenty of time to panic later. I would first gather more information. The next day I went on Facebook to the Tonawanda Community page and saw many posts from some very angry taxpayers. As I scrolled through the comments I saw a number which raised legitimate concerns. I saw many more, however, that seemed to be grounded in confusion or misunderstanding. As time went on, the confusion seemed to only get worse. A big part of the problem is that most of us never were taught anything about property taxes in high school or college.

I never had one class on it in high school. Nor did I learn about property taxes as a college undergraduate or even graduate student even though I was a political science major. The first time most folks learn about property taxes and assessments is when they get the bill in the mail after buying a home. By then, however, the bill is marked "paid," as their escrow has covered it.

So they throw it in the pile and don't think much about it. I hope to help clear up some of the confusion surrounding taxes and assessments that exists in our community. I have a PowerPoint on all sorts of taxes, including property taxes. I use it in my state and local government class at Canisius College. I have tweaked it to focus primarily on property tax issues and have scheduled an educational session at the City of Tonawanda Public Library at Main Street.

It is set for Tuesday, March 27th from pm in the library's conference room. I thought about reserving one of the school auditoriums, but I have seen PowerPoint presentations on their screens and it isn't pretty.

The library, on the other hand, has a big television screen in the conference room and should work out well. The only problem is that the conference room can only accommodate 41 people. So it will require reservations with my office. These can be made by calling my aide Susan Gregg, who does all the work for which I take all the credit, at My hope is that this session will educate folks on something we were never taught in school that has a great impact on our lives.

It should also serve to focus residents' attention on the real issues surrounding the reassessment and clear up the confusion on the other distractions resulting from misunderstandings. If there is enough demand I will schedule more sessions. If it goes really well, I will also consider taking my show on the road to the Town of Tonawanda and Grand Island. Here's hoping it goes well.

Registration is now open. Find the registration link here. Funds were raised through dress down Friday fundraisers at Veronica E. Connor Middle and Kaegebein Elementary School.

The request for donations was sent districtwide and many employees throughout the district participated with individual donations. AnnMarie's daughter, Amy, was the victim of a pedestrian hit-and-run accident in March that left her with severe traumatic brain injury at ECMC. Amy is a graduate of Grand Island High School.

She earned her master's degree in education and works as a special education teacher in Syracuse. Stewart and Amy are featured in advertisements for ECMC's promotional campaign to raise funds for the new unit. Another connection to the unit is Mrs. Stewart's work colleague Dana Papaj, who suffered traumatic injuries from a hit-and-run accident. Papaj also received lifesaving emergency and trauma care at ECMC. The new Emergency Department will meet the growing needs of the community while giving the caregivers in the Level 1 Trauma Center the tools they need to continue to deliver world-class care.

Donations can be made online through supportecmctrauma. The Town of Grand Island Clerk's office has ezpass tags too and information for commuter and resident rates! Fischer, addresses the opposition to closing the West River Parkway. The only requirements are: Be registered to vote; 2. Live in Erie County 3. Be a registered Republican or Democrat. There is one three-hour training class. Contact Ted Morton or ted. See flyer for specifics, including apply online, bring resume, no phone calls.

The following list is a breakdown of the roads not owned by the town. The respective agencies are responsible for all the maintenance of their roads. The exception being, during the winter months the Town of Grand Island Highway Department plows, under contract, all the County roads. A second emergency benefit is now available for households who have exhausted both the regular and first emergency HEAP benefits. HEAP provides income-eligible families and individuals with financial assistance on a first-come, first-served basis, based on income guidelines.

HEAP payment assistance benefits are available until April 27, , or until the funds allocated to these programs are exhausted, whichever occurs first. New York state also offers a screening tool at www. In addition to HEAP, numerous programs are available to help individuals who struggle to make their payments. National Fuel encourages its customers to contact a customer assistance representative to discuss their personal situation.

A quick call can provide information on the following programs: Neighbor For Neighbor Heat Fund is open year round and helps qualified customers, aged 55 years or older, or have a certified medical condition, or are disabled, or are currently receiving unemployment benefits or are a veteran, to prevent an energy emergency; a Deferred Payment Agreement allows the potential to negotiate a repayment plan in the event of a problem or special circumstance; Special Protections is applicable for households where all residents are aged 62 years or older, 18 years or younger, blind or disabled.

Customer assistance is available each weekday from 7 a. For customers who want to have level, predictable month gas payments this winter, National Fuel suggests budget plan billing as a way to stabilize monthly heating bills. Information is available at www.

Space is extremely limited, so we're giving Grand Island residents a priority access window until April 16, to sign up. They would like your help to do it again and are looking for: Participants to make a pasta sauce.

Items to be donated for the basket raffle. Volunteers to work the event. Lots of folks to come out and attend the event! Call Kim Nemeth at to sign up. Fischer reports that the Grand Island Town Board unanimously voted at a workshop on Friday, February 16th, to ban the building of truck stops, anywhere on the Island.

Plenty of parking is available. There are no scheduled interview appointments; candidates can arrive to the fair anytime between 9: Substitute applications will be accepted in all areas at the district office, high school, middle school and three elementary schools, as well as transportation, food service and building and grounds.

A Quick Link is also on the district homepage. Candidates for the teaching and nurse substitutes will use the 'View Open Certified Positions' and search for the respective postings. Candidates for the school monitor, cafeteria monitor, food service helpers, bus attendant, teacher aides, cleaner, clerical and bus driver substitute positions will use the 'View Open Classified Positions' and search for the postings by job title.

The mission of the Grand Island School District is to foster academic excellence, personal growth, and social responsibility. Substitutes are critical to the staffing of our buildings and may lead to permanent employment. The event will take place at Veteran's Park on Bedell Road and will have a handicap accessible egg hunt for the first time, thanks to Miracle League of Western New York. Indoor Easter activities will take place at the Grand Island Memorial Library after the hunt, starting at Thomas on February 9, In it, Jacobs asked for "three specific assurances from your office before this project proceeds.

The 21 acre site is not sitting well with most Grand Island residents. If you are interested in more information, the Town of Grand Island website has a page with details. McCarthy said that leaders of the eight counties that make up Rep. The outcome is a Comprehensive Plan - also known as a Master Plan - that "dictates public policy in terms of transportation, utilities, land use, recreation, and housing," as stated at the kickoff meeting in March The Master Plan is crucial to the longevity and success of a community, because it defines the vision of the town.

The previous Master Plan was created in and revised in Community demographics, economic and market dynamics, and other factors shift quickly, which makes it necessary to review and rewrite the community's goals every years. Their findings will be presented to the public on Wednesday, February 28 at 6: Citizens will have an opportunity to express their opinions. It was reported that upwards of people attended the meeting, but were not allowed to speak.

See Buffalo News article by Nancy Fischer. See Buffalo News article by Melinda Miller. The fines are outrageous if you don't pay within two weeks of the offense, and your vehicle registration could be suspended for non-payment.

Link to discount info. There will be no courtesy telephone calls made. If yo have not already done so, please bring your paperwork to the Assessors office at Town Hall on or before March 1. See Buffalo News story by Nancy Fischer. See Buffalo News story by Maki Becker. All participants must be at least 10 years old on the day of the course. Motorboat operators must have this course if they were born on or after May 1, The grandparents of an employee of the Office of Erie County Comptroller were called by scam artists and almost victimized.

Only until this individual's family called the Rath Building and confirmed the individual's presence at work, did they believe their loved one wasn't behind bars. The scammers call a family member and pretend to be their grandchild or tell them their loved one, usually a grandchild, is in police custody and that to get them out of jail they have to send money immediately. Here are tips for taxpayers to educate themselves on Erie County's inmate procedure: The Sheriff's Office maintains an active offender list on its website of everyone who is in Sheriff's custody.

That list can be found at www. Erie County also has an app with inmate information. It can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices. When in doubt, call the police. Quite often there is no restitution. As for the employee in my office, their grandparent had the sense to eventually call the Rath Building and personally check on their loved one. At first they were convinced he was in trouble. They were willing to do anything to help him, including sending money.

Fortunately in this case, the grandparent called. Our employee knew how to stop their grandparent from believing the scammer before it was too late," added Comptroller Mychajliw. According to police reports, the victim received a call that his granddaughter was in a car accident. The victim complied and called the number back, furnishing the numbers on the card and PIN.

If you or a loved one has received a call from a scammer, please file a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission. You can also call the FTC at to report a complaint.

Anyone with a question can also contact the Comptroller's Office at The Comptroller also offers "Senior Fraud Protection" seminars to senior groups, social clubs, churches, senior housing complexes, etc.

To schedule a presentation, please contact the Comptroller's Office. See article by Jerry Zremski, dated January 26, Grand Island competed against 15 area schools that submitted a one-minute video. The prize is a pizza party for the students. The "You Choose Your Destiny" PSA shows how poor choices lead to consequences like getting kicked off a sports team, failing classes and not earning the trust of parents. Last October, student leaders from the middle school and high school were selected to attend a full day Kids Escaping Drugs Summit.

Students participated in various sessions where they heard from peers about the consequences of experimentation and drug use, and learned ways to work together to promote positive choices within the school community.

They were also challenged with the task of creating a public service announcement. The group met a few times after school to brainstorm ideas and developed a plan that was put into action with the help Mark Gorton, the district's audio visual technician.

The video can be seen on the district's School Tube channel. The District is offering many varieties of conservation trees and shrubs, wildflower seed mixes, and seedling packets which have combinations of trees and shrubs chosen to attract, feed and shelter birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Seedlings are also an inexpensive alternative for replacing trees that have been damaged or lost. Thirty-eight species of trees and shrubs are available this year.

The one-to-three-year-old bare root seedlings, which range in size from 6 to 24 inches, are available in lots of 10 to The District is offering an expanded selection of four-year-old evergreen transplants which are more mature trees with thicker stems, more branching and more developed roots.

New seedling introductions to the program are eastern redbud, quaking aspen, winterberry holly, swamp white oak, and black hills spruce transplants. The District also stocks marking flags, fertilizer tablets, and tree shelters to help promote the success of your plantings. Bluebird nest boxes can be ordered through the program or be purchased at the District office. Order forms may be obtained by: District website - www.

Orders are due by March 16, and pick-up will be on Saturday April 21, at the Fairgrounds in Hamburg. Special guest speaker will be David Borg. This is a paid position. Feel free to visit with any questions, comments, ideas or assistance you may require on a state issue.

The office will be open Saturday, February 10, , 9: The last day to pay without penalty is February Envelopes must show a legible postmark of February 15 to be accepted on time. Taxpayers should call the office for correct amounts for payments made February 16 and later. Payments can be made until July 2, See Buffalo News story by Andrew Z. See Buffalo News story by Melinda Miller.

Tucked into his luggage was a handmade note that thanked him for his service to his country. Deeply touched by the personal note from the children, Pealer, a Niagara Falls resident, decided to give back to the Grand Island School District to let them know just how special the message was. It was absolutely beautiful how much more their contributions added to the trip," said Pealer.

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