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Travel Golfing and biking highlight a shoulder-season weekend escape to Whistler, Canada. Given name among old Chin Given new position, I relaxed outside Given order, go in early as soldier Given permanent position, replacement editor's content Given room, perhaps, adapted Given some time to think, wrenching back and shoulder Given support, said we'd see who starts to leave Given the ax? Gracefully thin Graceland name Graceland, e. CJ can walk up the tree. Detours worth taking on your next road trip.

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I started in with a basic list that I pulled off of the web. That list had been compiled by Hugh Stegman, a highly respected radio hobbyist and columnist for Monitoring Times. One should take most military calls with a grain of salt. They are often used by more than one unit. Also, the US military is closing bases left and right, moving and combining units, transferring tasks to the reserves, and the like. We may not see them again, but then again they could be reused.

A callword is a station identifier without numbers, such as Mudbug Control. A callsign is one with numbers, such as Abnormal Fighters are more macho. Reach callsigns suffixes are usually either a mission number or some variation on the aircraft tail number. The following is from a knowledgable source: As far the numbering convention is concerned, the 11, 21, etc.

Give up, as a habit Give up, as rights Give up, slangily Give up; desert Give up; leave behind Give us a ring about love that's heartless Give vitality to Give voice to Give wading bird protection on flight? Given Given out Given to Given 11 bids, unusually, for special edition Given 32 by "great" dramatist Given a line Given a name Given a new colour Given a raw deal, slangil Given a shot, maybe Given an expensive coat Given an eyeful, you migh Given an honour Given an income, but at the finish was in debt Given an R or PG Given authority Given away Given bar tabs, you'll craftily show Given by word of mouth, a Given calming drugs Given directly Given dope, play jazz aimlessly Given dunce's cap, Knut's stupid Given experimentally Given false facts Given for a time Given for safekeeping Given form Given form of Villa, ultimately I shed no tears Given formal approval Given free Given glossy coat, tailless llama needed to be replaced Given guidance about new grant Given help, salesman got out of debt Given illumination Given life, perhaps Given medical care at another's expense?

Given name among old Chin Given new position, I relaxed outside Given order, go in early as soldier Given permanent position, replacement editor's content Given room, perhaps, adapted Given some time to think, wrenching back and shoulder Given support, said we'd see who starts to leave Given the ax?

Given the boot Given the chop Given the go-ahead Given the heave-ho Given the nod Given the runaround, English father boards cutter Given the sack with enthusiasm Given time, a small work becomes a major one Given time, American golfer makes a comeback - it's a struggle Given to blushing Given to burrowing, maybe Given to drunkenness, I tee parent off about maternity initially Given to excessive consumption of alcohol Given to forcefully Given to gab Given to gabbing Given to glad-handing Given to lying Given to pompous moralising Given to showy affectatio Given to snorting, say Given to touching Given up Given; allowed Given; plastered Giver or receiver of al Giver of compliments Giver of relief Giver's opposite Giverny summers Givers and receivers of a Givers of unfriendly hugs Gives Gives 10 percent to the c Gives 32 to Anglicans wearing 31s Gives a "Yoo-hoo!

Gives a heady response? Gives a hoot Gives a leg up Gives a lift Gives a little Gives a little, say Gives a number to Gives a passing acknowled Gives a piece Gives a protective cover Gives a rap Gives a shot in the arm Gives a speech Gives a spritz, perhaps Gives a stage cue Gives a thrashing Gives a thumbs-up Gives a yegg a hand Gives a yellow flag Gives advance warming Gives aid to gullible people, say Gives an audience to Gives and takes Gives as one's share Gives away Gives birth to a kid Gives cause for optimism Gives deep massage therap Gives everything away Gives evidence at trials Gives for a limited time Gives for a time Gives for a while Gives forth Gives freshman introducti Gives ground to favourites coming out of trap Gives help Gives hope to Gives immunity to Gives impromptu scathing Gives in Gives in to Gives in return Gives in to gravity Gives last rites to, e.

Gives notice Gives off Gives off, as an odor Gives off, as heat Gives one his due? Gives out Gives over Gives power to Gives religiously? Gives rise to Gives safety information Gives some air time? Gives some lip Gives someone a hand Gives someone the slip Gives succor to Gives teams a short break Gives the boot Gives the boot to Gives the brushoff, maybe Gives the cold shoulder Gives the coup de gr Gives the double O Gives the double-O Gives the gas Gives the gate Gives the go-ahead Gives the green light Gives the heave-ho Gives the impression Gives the nod Gives the nod to Gives the oath Gives the oath of office, Gives the once-over Gives the slip Gives the third degree Gives the thumbs-up Gives under pressure Gives up Gives up bitter?

Gives up office from basic date Gives up on Gives up responsibility Gives up the fight Gives up, in a way Gives way Gives way suddenly Gives way to rage Gives wide berth to Gives with confidence Gives workers pointers Gives zero stars to Gives, as homework Gives, old-style Givin' name to waxy substance Giving Giving a hoot? Giving a little lip Giving a pink slip Giving adequate return for the outlay Giving affection in bed Giving an award to the wr Giving basics to Shakespearean theatregoer missing line Giving birth Giving birth — it may be done in a van Giving extra flavour, special, with sugary coating Giving for free Giving fresh life to Giving full particulars of a notable achievement involving the weaker batsmen Giving goosebumps Giving great service?

Giving help Giving is seasonal? Gladsheim palace resident Glam rocker's accessory Glamorgan's opener very much likes protective wear Glamorous Glamorous actress Turner Glamorous Gardner Glamorous people I follow around Glamorous, high-profile p Glamour Glamour competitor Glamour rival Glamour types, for short Glance Glance at Glance obliquely Glance over Glance over upon hearing Hieroglyph cry Glance through quickly Glanced at Glances Glancing bullet Glancing rebound Gland in the neck Gland that secretes corti Gland: Prefix Glandular fever, for shor Glandular opening?

Glandular organ Glandular organ of the stomach Glandular prefix Glare Glare blocker Glare, vile yet arresting? Glassed-in porches Glasses Glasses for a scientist Glasses may improve it Glasses option Glasses part Glasses trapping potassium particles Glasses, commercially Glasses, for short Glasses, goggles, etc Glasses, in ads Glasses, informally Glassmaking ingredient Glassware and barrels rolled over into river Glassware ovens Glassworker, at times Glassy look Glaswegian "Gee!

Glib patter Glib quality Glib responses Glib sentimentality stifles a writer Glib, ultimately foolish, course of action Glibness could be seen as dubious gift Glide Glide over Glide aloft Glide lightly over Glided Glider wood Glider's need Glider-towing plane Gliders Glides Gliding ballroom dance Gliding dance step Gliding step Gliding step, in ballet Gliding, not initially using propellers?

Global conflict Global currency org. Global divide Global energy company Global finance org. Global legal venue, with Global lending org. Global peacekeepers against entering Israel maybe Global positioning datum: Global positioning system Global sports event Global Surveyor's destina Global traveler Nellie Global warming panel conc Global warming treaty cit Global warming? Glowers Glowing Glowing hyph. Glowing ash Glowing coal Glowing gas Glowing girl initially ashamed during harangue Glowing remnants of a fir Glowing review Glowing warmly Glowing women in dinner arrangement?

Gnaw Gnawed Gnawed around the edges Gnawed salt providing source of perspiration Gnawing creature Gnaws through Gnome Gnome home acquired by enthusiast Gnome repelled me abroad, going after a kiss Gnome's promotion coming with maturity Gnomes Gnossiennes, part of which this ropemaker's got into Gnu Go Go "pfffft" Go "poof! Go aboard Go about after plunder Go about two Go above and beyond Go across Go after Go after bucks or ducks, Go after group of hags in Midlands city Go after legally Go after men making profit Go after success, being bitter Go after, as a rebound Go against Go against a rule Go against, as someone's Go ahead Go ahead of Go all out Go all over Go all the way through Go all-out Go along Go along with Go along for the ride Go along with Go along with our heartless wooer Go and exercise, having run, after friend oddly neglected to provide fruit Go and fish below the old road Go and make a speech about training Go and see topless women first Go and sweet talk leaders in private meeting Go and wash round back of house Go around Go around and around Go around empty gallery at speed Go around for rounds?

Go around in circles Go around in circles? Go around in women's clothing Go around on southern motorway creating air pollution Go around small French city Go around the Internet Go around the world Go around, taking article into repairman Go ashore Go askew Go astray Go at Go at a clip Go at each other Go at it Go away Go away and get busy Go away in a hurry Go away singing jazz Go away to take drugs and cry Go away with husband, travelling east into red light district Go away with vocal trainer?

Go away, son, and do some intensive work for exam Go back Go back on a promise Go back on Go back and forth Go back and forth with Go back and forth in deci Go back and forth in the Go back and put on another coat of creosote? Go back coming from right way out Go back in Go back into business Go back on a promise Go back on rickety crate carrying rebel leader to Thailand Go back over Go back over caterer's revised order Go back over the main points Go back to a favorite boo Go back to bed?

Go back to brunette, say Go back to renew Green Energy Go back to square one Go back to square one on Go back to the drawing bo Go back to the start, in Go back? That's the right way out! Go backpacking Go backwards Go backwards, and initially reach way out Go bad Go bad, as teeth Go bad, in a way Go bad?

Go by, as time Go by; mountain route Go canvassing, say Go carefully over Go caving Go cold turkey Go crazy Go crazy, flipping Go crazy, slangily Go directly and quickly Go directly to competition in Korea and inflame rioting Go door to door, perhaps Go down Go down a slippery slope Go down a slope with a ch Go down again, so to spea Go down its plughole? Go down, so to speak Go downhill Go downhill fast Go downhill fast? Go downhill in a hurry Go downhill, dividing illicit payment for performing illicitly Go downhill, in a way Go downhill, maybe Go easy on the calories Go effortlessly by bicycle to coast Go extinct Go far afield Go far and wide Go fast Go first Go fish Go fish, e.

Go fishing Go flat? Go for Go for a course of action in hearing Go for a few rounds? Go for a part Go for a party, say Go for a seat Go for a swim, say, durin Go for a wok? Go for again Go for another 12 issues, Go for another tour Go for broke, e.

Go for first Go for flipping instruction to cycle Go for help Go for it Go for prominent aristocrat Go for the bronze? Go for the gold Go for the gold? Go head to head Go heavy on the levy Go here and there Go here due to alcohol from time to time Go hiking — support Wolves, perhaps? Go hog wild Go home and go to bed Go home empty-handed, say Go home, maybe Go hungry Go hunting Go hurriedly Go in Go in - in my discomposure, shame Go in advance of gym class, crossing playground with journalist Go in all directions Go in circles Go in for Go in only a little way, Go in peace, no end of peace Go in pursuit of pleasure without currency, old man!

Hel Go off romantic meeting outside school Go off scratching head after bee sting Go off script Go off sex - it's not all that! Go off the deep end Go off the point Go off the tracks Go off the wall? Go off topic Go off track Go off track to get round edges of Eastern Front? Go over again with a blue Go over again, as with a Go over and over Go over and over with slow horse Go over and over, as argu Go over and scrape it off Go over clue type with no apparent answer Go over every monarch's disloyalty Go over in bad mood Go over in launch in a dream perhaps Go over just before a tes Go over old ground?

Go over old territory? Go over proofs Go over someone's head, being close to exam result Go over the wall, maybe Go over Time? Go over to fellow player Go over, as lines Go over, as with radar Go overboard, in a way Go overseas? Good to enter Arab state Go pale Go parasailing Go partners? Go past Go past a normal limit Go past midnight, maybe Go past midnight, say Go past the mark Go pffft, with "out" Go places Go plum over fences Go postal Go preceder Go public with Go quickly Go quickly and directly Go quickly on descent: Go round the globe on it Go round the M25?

Not with a learner! Go steady with Go straight Go straight to win big, aces not high Go the other way Go this way and that Go through Go through again Go through boozy dessert, but skip the starter Go through channels? Go through church under mass of stonework? Go through hell Go through ruined arches Go through slowly Go through volumes Go time in a game Go to Go to a different state?

Go to a lot Go to an extreme Go to and fro Go to another place Go to bat for Go to bed Go to bed late Go to bed with short old age pensioner? Go to seed Go to seed again? Go to sleep with this bimbo model Go to sleep? No - party's very loud Go to staff barrier Go to the gallows Go to the limit Go to this place for treatment, with gratified response, being admitted Go to this place saving time, then do a flit Go to waste Go to work on Go to work on Time?

Go together Go too far Go too far - slip up over every single old volume at first Go too far onstage Go too far with Spooner's old woman's hairpiece? Go under Go under for the third ti Go unhurriedly Go unused Go up Go up against Go up and down Go up and down in the wat Go up and down rapidly Go up and down the dial Go up and down, as in the Go up and see Go up for graduation Go up in smoke Go up in the middle Go up the creek without a Go up, cutting first bit off branch of tree Go up, ignoring first branch Go up, up and away Go up, up, up Go up: Go very slowly Go visiting and buy the drinks?

Go with exotic corset Go with staff to cover hospital observation point Go with the current meaning Go with the flow Go with the flow? Go with the wind Go with, with "for" Go without Go without food Go without food — tears flowing about five? Goal-oriented guy Goal-oriented org. Goal-oriented sorts Goal-oriented superstar? Goals of some candidates, Goals or assists Goals, e.

God afflicted medic with common disease God and others, e. God associated with a poor Indian city God attended by two raven God attended by Valkyries God be praised God commanded him to marr God commonly depicted wit God defeated twice by Her God depicted holding a cr God for whom a month is n God heard supplication for support God hurt back God in fallen idol making a comeback God initially seems hateful in various areas God is love?

God left to skulk about God makes mistakes over replacing king God may absolve really stupid leaders God of death who underwen God of discord, in Scandi God of fertility God of love God of love getting a head start God of shepherds God of the Canaanites God of the Koran God of the sea God of the south wind God of the underworld God of thunder God of war God of war and poetry God of war, magic and poe God of wine God offended by Daphnis God often depicted unclot God or goddess God represented in mummy God right to desert French artist?

God seen on "Xena: Warrio God shown with a burning God snatching gold from writer God swiftly abandons aerospace God upset by deranged, evil old animal God welcomes each song of praise God who cuckolded Hephaes God who gave up an eye to God who hurls lightning b God who killed the dragon God who presided over the God who rides an eight-le God who rode an eight-leg God whose symbol was two God willing, it's all right to admit artist and composer God with a chariot drawn God with a day of the wee God with a hammer God with an eight-legged God with iron gloves God with raven messengers God worshiped in ancient God wounded in the Trojan God!

One backed it in Mahatma Revisited God's dog and ten animals I slam in a net, perhaps? God's honest truth God's house in Tangier evacuated God's little acre?

God's peach and raspberry slice God's present: Goes after Goes after, in a way Goes against Goes ahead Goes all out at an auditi Goes along Goes around Goes around skirting with brush Goes astray Goes at like a beaver Goes back Goes back on Goes back and forth, in a Goes back into business Goes back on one's word Goes back out Goes back over Goes back to Goes back to sea?

Goes back to the beginnin Goes back to the start Goes back to the top Goes back to zero, say Goes bad Goes bad, as fruit Goes ballistic Goes belly up Goes berserk Goes beyond Goes blindly Goes bonkers Goes brunette this time Goes by bus Goes by foot, in a way Goes by foot, with "it" Goes by jet Goes by taxi Goes climbing, securing line - try dropping off?

Goes down Goes downhill Goes downhill fast Goes easy on the French in tears Goes faster with drug and drink Goes first Goes for Goes for a spot on the te Goes for it Goes for the bronze? Goes for the gold? Goes for, as a fly Goes from cover to cover Goes from first to third, Goes from walk to trot an Goes further ahead of, in Goes hang-gliding Goes hard at Goes haywire Goes head-to-head Goes here and there Goes in Goes in front of Goes inside Goes into ecstasy Goes into new recipes Goes it alone Goes kaput Goes lighter on Goes like the dickens Goes no further Goes none too quickly Goes nuts Goes off Goes off on Goes off on a mad tangent Goes off on a tangent?

Goes postal Goes public Goes quietly Goes right Goes site-seeing? Goes slowly Goes south in a big way Goes straight Goes stretches dry - most affected Goes this way before that Goes through Goes through customs at university Goes through the motions Goes to Goes to a warmer place, p Goes to bat Goes to bed, in Britspeak Goes to ground, so far ahead in golf match? Goes to hell Goes to market Goes to pieces? Going back through Dudley Zoo, was in a daze Going back to base, we do harm, becoming drunk Going back to engineers, 6 protest against government Going back to repeatedly Going back, regret road is up Going ballistic Going bonkers for the Bri Going brand?

Going by Going by air Going by Greek's letter, glean changes coming about Going disguised with fashionable gear Going down south, wanting to be respectable Going either direction Going everywhere Going for Going for broke, as a pok Going for, with "at" Going from A to B, say Going from concert to con Going from the desert to Going gray Going head over heels Going in circles on a trail to Barking Going in circles, maybe Going in side-by-side pai Going in the appropriate direction, Joe's joined the rowing crew Going north, run over horse Going nowhere Going nowhere in commercial break Going nowhere, jobwise Going off Going off course Going off with tot on to heather Going off, chased by police Going on Going on and on Going on and on and Going on and on, once Going on the least Going on to make entrance without expert Going on, advancing Going out in waves?

Going out with Going out with topless degenerate Going overseas, say, unknown during affair Going past the fourth qua Going places? Going postal Going rate Going rate? Going round by word of mouth, part gets assimilated Going round in circles, taking part in test Going round the twist prematurely, it's casually suggested? Going stag Going straight again, and let out with gun! Going strong Going this way and that, locating equipment Going through Going through litre bottle Going to informal Going to bed?

Going to the dogs? Going together, after "in Going too far Going too fast Going topless, complain there'll be swinging around here Going under gangster's arm, it'll raise the temperature Going underwater Going up old street in France for currency Going up, like conservative spending latest information hidden Going west and not really caring - OK?

Gold bar Gold bar obtained after mint is stripped of million tons Gold bars Gold braid Gold brick Gold bug? Gold digger seduces a dif Gold digger's destination Gold digger's quest Gold digger's target Gold diggers, in a way Gold earring turns up by the end of four dawns Gold fabric Gold finish? Gold fruit mostly displayed by vending machine Gold Glove winner, Gold Glover Suzuki Gold holder Gold included in benefit payments for woman Gold is one: Gold liquor that Hoskins will have around dawn Gold meas.

Gold measure Gold medal alongside pens for prolific writer Gold Medal product Gold medal, e. Gold medalist Lipinski Gold medalist Nurmi of th Gold medalist skier Herma Gold medalist's claim Gold metal picked up with information indicating another element Gold mining washers Gold oak leaf wearer: Abb Gold on cheap feathered hat Gold or silver, but not b Gold pair ordered, being recklessly extravagant Gold rush could be magnificent Gold rush locale Gold rush storyteller Gold rush territory Gold rush town of the lat Gold rush writer Gold Seal co.

Gold standard Gold standards Gold star Gold star, e. Gold statue Gold statuette Gold stds. Gold streak Gold streak? Gold that is left to an Oxford college Gold under counter in frozen moment Gold units: Gold used by artist creates atmosphere Gold watches, e. Prefix Golda of Israel Goldberg Variations composer, d. Golden calves Golden city rebuilt centre of golden road Golden deity, say Golden Delicious and othe Golden egg layer of story Golden finish?

Golden period Golden pond fish Golden reefs flanking northern 5 Golden rod? Golden syrup Golden syrup runs clear, when poured into hollow tube Golden Triangle country Golden Triangle land Golden yrs.

Goldfish swallowing in th Goldfish, at carnivals Goldfish, e. Golf prop Golf range played over par? Golf rarities Golf rarity Golf score of two under p Golf score range, with "t Golf score, or a descript Golf scorecard abbr. Open win Golf's U. Goliath Goliath on a can Goliath's undoing Goliath, one troubling student of religion Goliath, to David, e. Gondola propeller Gondola's place Gondolier's need Gondolier's song Gondolier, e.

Gondoliers Gone Gone across a pool Gone ahead, accepting a terrible year with one thing on top of another Gone around a port in Italy Gone away - remaining Gone bad Gone by Gone by in time Gone completely, 1D instead? Gone con Gone flat? Gone forever Gone from the company, ma Gone gray, say Gone out with Gone platinum?

Gone sinister Gone to glory Gone up Gone wrong? Gone, a dish from Italy Gone, in a way Gone, now Goner? Good at arithmetic Good at home repairs Good at one's job Good average Good base, light Good baseball throws Good beer needed for powerful air force Good behavior Good behavior Good books, briefly Good break from work - about to have a meal? Most excellent Good bridge locale Good bud Good buddies on the road Good buddies use them Good buddy Good buddy's transport Good buds Good butter Good buy Good call letters for Rad Good candidate for job involving late work with long shifts Good card in blackjack Good card to have "in the Good cat Good cheer Good cheer?

Good cholesterol, for sho Good Citizens contest spo Good clean fun? Good clear network Good college board Good comedian Good companion for an ace Good company Good conductor for one sort of music Good cops beginning to realise nice may be bad Good cut of meat Good day in Whitehall, ordinarily Good day?: Good diving scores Good doctor Good dog Good dog for livestock dr Good drink for the flu Good drugs seen repeatedly in Hackney? Good earth Good eating and clean liv Good economic news Good egg's rank?

Good eggs Good ending? Good engine sound Good engine sounds Good English food! Good enough Good example I found in a record book Good exercise channel Good faith Good farming results Good feature Good feed making Spooner's horse kick up a fuss Good feeling Good feller Good fellers Good fellow Good fellow offers to recruit for English county Good fellows left on board Good fig.

Good flavor Good floor material Good for a doctoral stude Good for a magazine write Good for a mail carrier, Good for a returning trav Good for a scientist, bad Good for a wage earner, b Good for a wish maker, ba Good for an attorney, bad Good for Caesar? Good for farming Good for nothing?: This is a bit of a pig Good going down Good gone bad, one fancied?

Good Greek character penning study about Italian food Good group of students: He's skint and an arse - run, don't trust him! Good Joe Good judgement Good judgment Good landlord serves spirit Good laugh Good line erased, dreadfully vague Good lines to speak in a surly way Good listener?

Good lookers Good looking husband — with a lot more, too! Good looks Good looks? Good lord follows drinks with game Good Lord is merciful Good Lord! Good lot size Good luck charms Good luck for an elite? Good luck symbol for King Good luck token Good man churlishly giving up last dessert Good man in charge, with love at heart, makes a good bearer Good many soldiers engaging in odd talk in winter quarters Good map magazine one frequently browses Good meal Good meals out, eaten regularly over in Spanish city Good morning - I say, how's your bad leg?

Good mousers Good music pop is something Italians devour? Good name Good name for a cabin att Good name for a chef Good name for a chef? Good name for a cook Good name for a cook? Good name for a lingerie Good name for a minimalis Good name for a surveyor?

Good name for a trial law Good name for a worrier? Good name for an investme Good name for an investor Good name for someone bor Good name, casually Good name, for short Good neighbor policy Good news for a worker Good news for an angel Good news for an investor Good news for some prison Good news for theater own Good news from lenders Good news from loan offic Good news from the financ Good news on Wall Street Good nickname for a cook?

Good nosh in excess makes you extremely big Good number prepared chic items for a course in Milan? Good number raced in frosty conditions, showing lack of awareness Good ol' boy's nickname Good ol' boys Good ol' country, for sho Good old girl in a revolutionary, hardly heard? Good ole boy Good Olympics score Good on exotic dancer getting resident's permit Good on imposing French city! Good one Good ones are cracked Good online behaviour Good opponent? Good or bad intake Good or bad luck Good or bad name, informa Good outcome Good pal Good party Good people in freedom from sin Good people left in two seconds Good people showing kindness Good people to have around, say, with speech defects Good period of time inhaling good grass?

Good person goes by air for a bit of a flight Good person keeps longing for container Good person out of bed, male breaks in to confuse Good person right set against another?

Yes, oddly Good person with halo maybe in train Good physical form Good place for a smoke Good place for reception where trouble may flare up?

Good place from which to observe Good place to be in a rac Good place to go, given the writer's despairing Good place to have a cow? Good place to look when y Good places for basking Good places for hen parti Good point Good points Good poker hand Good problem solvers, as Good profit source Good proofreader's reward Good quality sound Good quality that comes from being 8 Good question about old lady's wartime protection Good radio station for a Good ranch stock?

Good rate of speed Good reception Good recipe, simple to follow and oily Good relations Good reputation: Conservative and Socialist have it Good resting place? Good riddance to happy and stable employee Good routes for long-distance drivers Good routine Good Samaritan Good samaritan's assuranc Good season for kite-flyi Good seat but he's not happy Good secret-keeper Good sense Good service?

Good shot Good shot in quoits Good shots through cover from those cutting half-heartedly Good show! Good sign at a motel Good sign for an angel Good sign on a candy box Good sign on a car trunk Good sign on a highway Good sign on a lawn Good sign on a sales char Good sign?

Good singers have large chests Good situation for a serv Good smoke Good snorkeling site Good soil Good source for Vitamin C Good source of antioxidan Good source of energy alternative - fellow briefly giving its description?

Good source of exercise Good source of potassium Good source of protein Good sources of vitamin C Good spellers? Good sport, perhaps Good sportsmanship Good spot for a date? Good spot for a jingle Good start for game Good student's reward Good students have many o Good telling-off Good thing Good thing for a medic to Good thing for a politici Good thing to be in Good thing to be sheltere Good thing to break Good thing to build on Good thing to build up or Good thing to catch Good thing to end a close Good thing to find a lot Good thing to get over Good thing to have Good thing to have about Good thing to have in a s Good thing to have in com Good thing to have in war Good thing to keep low on Good things Good things come in small Good things that come to Good things to rack up: A Good things to reap Good thinking Good time Good time catching good bird Good time for suntanning Good time girl, American one Blairism corrupted Good time to change sides with spirit Good time to collect seas Good time to cover a royal seat, wiping one for John's chamber Good time to find biography on the top shelf?

Good to escape from monster: Good to get out more then, after a touch of solitude Good to go Good to have around Good to have garment Good to look at Good to mouth off, in 19 Good to run golf competition over US course Good to share the Head's point of view Good to support family, sound as a bell Good to tuck into powerful beer - 9 on the scale?

Good value Dutch cheese, processed thus Good value for money Good vantage point Good viewing spot for a c Good viewpoint Good walker, one taking risks Good watchdog Good watcher Good water sport on the up Good way to arrive Good way to choose Good way to drive Good way to go out Good way to rest Good way to write Good weather surrounding start of loud cheers for ruler Good wedding attendant: Good-for-nothings Good-hearted soul Good-heartedly backed this see Good-humored Good-humoured teasing Good-looker Good-looker was female's help in kitchen Good-lookin' Good-lookin' fellah Good-looking Good-looking companion, i Good-looking detective not confident among others Good-looking girl, timid Good-looking guy Good-looking worker, so attached to me Good-looking, briefly Good-natured exchange Good-natured pollster embraces birds Good-size field Good-sized Good-sized combo Good-time Charlie Good-time Charlies Good: Goodbye Goodbye dated Goodbye Fr.

Soil-like deposit's reportedly found in desert Goodness masking evil: Goodness, the French interrupt rudely Goodnight girl of song Goods Goods about to be put in box Goods barge Goods bought Goods for sale Goods sent abroad Goods sent abroad for the second time Goods stolen from manipulated person after revolution Goods stored in purple round food container Goods vehicle Goodson's game show partn Goodwill, e.

Google competitor Google down early - somehow misses a prime minister Google executive Schmidt Google feature Google had one in Gorge a small measure? Some diners can't cope with it at all Gorge crosser Gorge in middle of Yeovil, a tree ruined Gorge on a slice of cake and then some for starters Gorge oneself Gorged Gorged oneself Gorged oneself, informall Gorged, gorged and gorged Gorgeous Gorgeous Georgian?

Gorgeous lady enters room Gorgeous nymph rejecting a diamond ring, having lost heart Gorgeous quality of rugby forwards? Barrier's placed all round city Gosh! Half of that is fiction! Gossip about to strike tabby, say, outside hospital Gossip and joke about capsized sailors Gossip bit Gossip did this - her tongue's beginning to flow freely Gossip fodder Gossip has alcoholic drink belonging to us Gossip heard for a moment Gossip in front of both petite and neat topless model Gossip mag subject Gossip one had about broken leg is suggesting painkiller Gossip over rigged votes is a source of heat Gossip queen Barrett Gossip spitefully Gossip subject Gossip tidbit Gossip topic Gossip unit Gossip's attribute Gossip's question Gossip's subject Gossip's tidbit Gossip, to an Aussie Gossip, with "the" Gossip-filled gathering, Gossiped Gossiping Gossipmonger Gossipmonger's stuff Gossips Gossips head outpouring from chemical plant?

Got a feel for, in a way Got a flat boot? Got a good look at Got a hundred pound note deposited Got a little dirty, in a Got a load of Got a look at Got a move on Got a partner changing diaper?

Got around Got around at a get-toget Got award after award Got away from Got away from Got back Got back to Got back at later date after arranging where I will live? Got back into business Got back together Got back, as hair by a Ro Got beaten by two people? Got down Got even on time, a trifle upset Got fed up Got fed up? Got hitched Got hold of Got home in a cloud of du Got hooked quickly Got hot, then cooled off Got in Got in illicitly Got in on the deal Got in shape, with "up" Got in the game Got into a jam?

Got into a pickle? Got into a stew? Got into deep water with one religious teacher Got into hot water? Got larger Got less done, with daughter replacing son Got less quiet, leading to row Got limited access? Got longer, like Pinocchi Got lucky at poker Got maybe cold out Got mellower Got milk Got more life from Got naked Got nourishment from Got oboe duet or toccata's earliest parts transcribed?

Unbelievably fantastic Got off Got off a train, say Got off just over halfway through dismal government-free existence Got off the bottom? Got off the bus Got off the dime Got off the ground Got off topic Got off track Got off with a journalist around fire Got older Got on Got on in years Got on the horn Got one's fill of?

Got one's hands on roofing material? Got one's mitts on Got out Got out from Got out of Got out of bed Got out of Dodge Got out of the ground Got out, thrilled to avoid the cold Got over there cycling at the same time Got pink paper out first! Got promoted Got quiet, with "down" Got ready for a big game Got ready for a tongue de Got ready for takeoff Got ready to be upset having left first Got ready to drive, with Got ready to fly Got ready to kiss Got ready to pounce Got ready to shoot Got ready, like fruit with rind removed in advance?

Got ready, with "up" Got really upset Got rid of Got rid of a chaw Got rid of marks Got rid of some tobacco j Got rid of, in a way Got settled Got shot in a studio? Got situated Got smaller Got smart with Got smart, with "up" Got sober? Got some leverage on Got some shut-eye Got some shuteye Got something down Got stage fright Got started Got started, with "up" Got suddenly sad Got the better of Got the fare down Got the gold Got the lead out?

Got the message Got the picture Got the shakes? Bush of Florida Gov. Faubus in Arkansas h Gov. Landon and others Gov. Landon, who lost to Gov.

Lester Maddox walked Gov. Perry of Texas Gov. Ventura of Minnesota Gov. Government employee Government expert on cycling skills Government fact finder, f Government failed about 18 area - what will brighten things up? Government fashion decree Government finance department Government financiers Government grant? Government halting a surprisingly spectacular show Government health program Government in power Government issue Government issue, for sho Government largesse Government leader took advantage of accommodating group, allowing freedom of movement Government left soldiers with bills to pay?

Wonderful Government marked by ramp Government ministry to employ all the numbers? Government official Government order Government overlooked by summit in exotic land Government palace rarely seen incomplete Government problem about limiting smack and horse Government pubs.

Government set to offload first growth area Government subsidy Government support for ho Government tax Government to move quickly following princess's loss of reputation Government worry Government's gift to I. Government's wrong about working - you're not, if you have to do this Government, often Government, say, will block historic poem Government-appointed 'expert' gets a right stuffing Government-commissioned vessel authorised to prey on enemy shipping Government-financed independent body Governmental bureaus Governmental guarantee Governmental reorganizati Governmental suffix Governments, by their nat Governor Governor for whom a North Governor in Austin?

Governor of German city changed direction twice? Governor, at times Governors leading boy into evil practices Governs northern city mentioned in speech Governs; regulations Govt. Grab fine material, as lawyers may Grab hold of Grab most of Grab osier, twisting segment into line Grab quickly Grab several chickens?

Grab small part Grab some chow? Gracefully thin Graceland name Graceland, e. Graceless group Gracie or WC? Gracie's comedy partner Gracile Gracing a magazine's cove Gracious admission of an Gracious Evita reportedly turned up to embrace workers Gracious introduction? Gracious loser Gracious sigh in pig Latin Gracious to unite around band with Italian maestro Gracious when, at first, young swimmer's keeping score Gracious, very, about city in India Gracklelike bird Grad Grad sch.

Grade school administrati Grade school comeback Grade school door sign Grade school marching ord Grade school subj.

Grade schooler's reward Grade-C movies? Gradual increase in volume from zero Gradual return to health Gradual rise in volume Gradually Gradually adopted Gradually appeal to Gradually approach field exercises wearing brace Gradually become part of Gradually become smaller Gradually chip away tons in a space of time Gradually construct Gradually corrode Gradually corroded Gradually decreasing Gradually deprive of mother's milk Gradually destroys Gradually developing Gradually develops volume that's brought in days before Gradually diminish Gradually diminished Gradually disappear Gradually disappeared Gradually eat away Gradually eliminate Gradually establish in a person's mind Gradually faded away Gradually introduce coins, tilting bottles Gradually move closer to land with border Gradually quickening, in Gradually quieting, in mu Gradually reduce Gradually reduces feeble lights Gradually remove Gradually removes Gradually slacken Gradually slower, in mus.

Gradually slowing, in mus Gradually substitute Gradually take in summary of news Gradually withdraw Graduate Graduate after drink and a dance Graduate entertains a slimmer's objective - eating off this? Graduate repeatedly brought in to reform old university Graduate school first to get low grade Graduate stops Mad Hatter getting drink?

Graduate welcoming grandma into Australia in stroke of good fortune Graduate working for a smart set Graduate's desire Graduate's qualification Graduate's recent entertaining time amid old tribesmen Graduate's reward Graduated Graduates Graduates from a smoker - Scot's certainly not Graduates from university in Milan running riot Graduates tucking into tortilla with relish Graduates's garb Graduates, briefly Graduating class: Graduation attire Graduation day array Graduation day award Graduation day V.

Belvedere" Graff of stage and screen Graffiti artist's additio Graffiti artist's equipment Graffiti or litter Graffiti signature Graffiti, e. Graffiti, part 2 Graffiti, part 3 Graffiti, say Graffiti, to some Graffiti?

Graffitist's trademark Graffitist, e. Gramm or Grams Grammar class exercise Grammar concern Grammar school trio? Grammar subject Grammar topic Grammarian Grammarian's bugaboo Grammarian's concern Grammarian, at times Grammarians Grammatical classificatio Grammatical fluency largely acquired by male poet Grammatical infelicity.. Grammatical mistake Grammatical reptile? Abbr Grand Coulee, e. Grand farmhouse fruit, good for nothing Grand filling for soldier's jacket Grand finale?

Grand grounds Grand in scale Grand jury's activity Grand larceny, e. Grand Prix, for instance Grand publicity incorporated small cathedral city Grand relative permitted glove Grand searches Grand slam foursome Grand slam, e. Grand space for curry? Grand stories Grand study about some in deep depression Grand style Grand theft auto, e. Grandfathers of III's Grandfathers, e. Granitelike Grannies Grannies making money Granny Granny and Windsor Granny clasping back in fall, silly sod, after trouble doing a backflip in sport, she writes Granny eats fruit up - this should fix things quickly Granny involves lad in backing Toc H perhaps Granny just the same, looking back?

Granny meets monarch in Chinese port Granny on vacation charges for twerks? Granny perhaps seen reversing in Milton Keynes Granny Smith, e. Grant for a filmmaker? Grant for a movie? Grant for films runs out of support Grant free film in circulation Grant freedom, with loonies let loose after a month Grant giver, for short Grant grp. Grant immunity to European politician replacing one in withdrawal Grant in four Hitchcock f Grant including some support offered initially for Edward, say Grant leads off the show?

Grant maker Grant money? Grapple Grapple with , colloquia Grapple with Grapple with - ship's rigging Grappler Grapples with, as a critt Grappling site Grasp Grasp back muscle during performance Grasp forcibly Grasp hold of Grasp the nettle Grasp tightly Grasp what's behind porkies, we are told Grasp; fastener Grasped Grasped by worker, US soldier moving back a shade Graspers Grasping Grasping extensive cold front is disappearing, ultimately milder instead Grasping penis here, left aroused Grasping things more slow Grasps Grasps the point of concealing the Italian addresses Grass Grass a problem in the mouth, might you say?

Grass skirt accessory Grass some ungulates rejected Grass surrounding artists at pub is put down afresh Grass unit Grass units Grass variety Grass-cutting implement Grass-cutting machine Grass-eating trio Grass-like plant Grass-roots org. Grassy areas Grassy areas acting as WC? Grate fragment ending in fire Grate on Grate stuff Grate-ful? Grave mound Grave plunderer Grave positions one may end up in Grave robbers Grave words for those who are late Grave's counterpart Gravedigger Gravel order, perhaps Gravelly glacial ridge Gravelly ridge Gravely ill, once Graven image Graven images Graverobbers Graves perhaps containing bone Graves suggesting appropriate farewell to , to go by a death toll that's terrible Gravesite sight Gravestone abbr.

Gravestone inscription Gravestone inscription produces a tear Gravestone inscriptions Graveyard Graveyard shift periods, Graveyard shift time Graveyard-shift work? Gray lines Gray lines? Gray matter Gray matter?: Great admirer shows marriage promise subsequently Great affection Great all-around reviews Great American Ball Park Great American Ballpark t Great American Cookies ri Great amount Great and exciting performance influencing current leaders Great and favourable point discovered Great anger Great ape Great ape is right poorly in Indian state Great ape?

Great apes trying to display work of art Great applause Great Asian captain's claim to being eighth in line and not third Great ball o' fire? Great deal of interest Great deal! Great declines overturned with investment of loan Great delight Great delight, accepting very good beauty treatment?

Great deliveries of oranges Great depression Great Depression figure Great depression? Great desire Great destruction Great dislike of a particular interpretation Great dismay Great distance I travelled with lethargy Great divide Great dosh arranged for those looking after some kids?

Great effort Great Elizabethan duck Great emotion to overtake one performing? Great enjoyment from a superior type of dancing Great enthusiasm Great exhilaration Great expanse Great expectations Great facility Great fear Great film Great Fire of London diar Great flair Great flood Great friend very much the greatest though without it being put about Great fun, though not for Jonah? Great Gatsby player, Great girl, marrying unlawfully Great gulp Great happiness Great happiness and exhilaration Great healer, so they say Great hotel renovated completely Great Indian prince Great influence?

Great manager Great manner may be seen in this of itself Great many on one leg Great merriment Great mind - intelligent Great misfortune Great move Great moves Great music show with singer Adam in charge Great name? Great number massacred Great numbers of dogs beheaded Great one in 3 age group Great one? Great plays may be seen i Great pleasure Great power could possibly Great shock to hear short old lady's stolen gold Great shower of endearment, he backs fallacious truism Great sin could make you most irate Great size Great skill - magic Great Society agcy.

Great Society initiator's Great Society inits. Great sorrow Great sport with deer - sadly it'll set you back a bit Great St Bernard, say, with barrel large round neck in first half Great start? Greedy person hoarding Chinese coin and old German one Greedy person to follow long hairstyle Greedy person's cry Greedy person's cry befor Greedy person's demand Greedy race in the "Star Greedy rancher's final meeting with Native American - he's ejected, being given vague promises of settlement Greedy sort Greedy type Greedy type has quite a few, hosting a New Year celebration Greek Greek "I" Greek 2 has Poles in turmoil Greek ambassador repulsed European girl Greek and Italian resolution Greek aniseed-flavoured spirit Greek antepenultimate Greek architectural featu Greek aubergine-based dish Greek author writing a page about European leader thus Greek B Greek bar or restaurant Greek brandies Greek bread Greek cafe Greek capital Greek Catholic, e.

Greek character, a bold man born at odds Greek character, very small, getting leg over Greek character? Greek for top of a house? Greek head of reconstruction invests in informal currency Greek hero recognised in Florida and Georgia? Greek hero who had an epic journey to get home Greek high spot Greek holiday island Greek house Greek house, for short Greek Independent for Labour Greek island Greek island - home of 3 Greek island associated with a savoury snack Greek island hosts functions, producing warm feeling?

Greek island in the Aegea Greek island or its capit Greek island to ancient city? That encompasses satisfactory type of holiday Greek island where Zeus w Greek island with hot club Greek island's request for help to save American Greek island, second to be captured by special troops Greek island, site of the Minoan civilisation Greek L's Greek lawmaker is to do without car club Greek leader Greek leader?

Greek Minerva Greek moon goddess Greek moralizer Greek Mother Earth Greek mythology figure Greek name for Greece Greek New Age musician Greek nickname Greek nymph who pined awa Greek nymph with a musica Greek odist Greek opera feature perhaps done - nothing missing Greek or Roman jar Greek oracle site Greek pain container of legend Greek paste made from fish roe Greek peak Greek penultimates Greek philosopher Greek philosopher known f Greek philosopher of para Greek philosopher who fou Greek philosopher's man I reached when perplexed Greek philosopher, large and fat, turning to consume last of meat Greek philosophical group Greek physician with boxes for large animals?

Greek piper Greek plain known for games Greek plays Brahms and Liszt trio with ease Greek poem describing the siege of Troy Greek poet of yore Greek poet's energy about to inspire one of her letters Greek port Greek port where Prince P Greek portico Greek portico or colonnade Greek porticos Greek promenade Greek promenades Greek queen of heaven Greek R's Greek region once booted out rival every so often Greek Resistance character?

Green Man and Gawain are so alike - very jolly! Green seas generated enthusiasm Green shade Green shampoo brand Green shoots, cooked and eaten as a vegetable Green shot Green shows shape of hole, as it happens Green skill Green space attached to a house Green space vessel with bit of pink on top Green squares Green stinger Green stone Green stretch Green stretch in Grenoble Green stuff Green surroundings?

Green tea type Green team working in harmony Green topping Green vegetable Green vegetables Green vehicle Green wall up protecting revolutionary army Green Wave's home Green welcoming tax rises in fixed interval Green who starred in Broa Green's concern: Greenfly, for one Greenhorn Greenhouse area Greenhouse effect? Greenhouse for fruit bushes Greenhouse gadgets Greenhouse operation Greenhouses Greenish Greenish blue Greenish-blue Greenish-blue colour Greenish-yellow Greenish-yellow hue Greenish-yellow pear Greenkeepers?

Greens Greens at outset backing new surplus stores, first of series Greens back US city, ousting Liberal Greens keeper? Greens pick a rogue to enter house? On the contrary Greens, politically Greenskeeper's gizmo Greenskeeper's supply Greenspan concern: Greer Garson role, Greet Greet and seat Greet at the door Greet bad weather Greet cattily Greet ceremoniously Greet cordially Greet from afar Greet loudly Greet obtrusively Greet someone Greet son with a stringed instrument Greet the day Greet the judge Greet the villain Greet us, somehow giving signal Greet warmly Greet warmly at the door Greet with loud laughter Greet with old-fashioned Greet, as a new year Greet, in a way Greeted Greeted a shepherd Greeted at the door Greeted deferentially Greeted rudely Greeted the day Greeted the morning Greeted warmly Greeted, as the New Year Greeted, with "to" Greeter Greeter at the door Greeter's greeting Greeting Greeting an OAP roughly, a youngster may be showing it Greeting at bottom of page: Gretzky's team from Gretzky, nine times: Grey Cup sports org.

Grey hat tipped or removed Grey in literature Grey or brownish cat Grey or white wading bird Grey who co-starred in "T Grey who wrote westerns Grey-faced Greyhound alternative Greyhound and others Greyhound fare?

Greyhound route Greyhound stop Greyhound vehicle Greyhound, e. Greyhounds may run in it Greyhounds, e. Gridiron complements Gridiron cues Gridiron datum Gridiron divs. Gridiron dream Gridiron feint Gridiron formation Gridiron gain or loss Gridiron gain: Gridiron maneuvers Gridiron mishap Gridiron move Gridiron number Gridiron official, for sh Gridiron option Gridiron order Gridiron org. Gridiron ploy Gridiron protection Gridiron ref Gridiron scoreboard info Gridiron scores: Gridiron specialist Gridiron star Gridiron stat Gridiron stat.

Grim prospect for yachtsman trying to catch rival Grim to take in to hospital: C-in-C took the risk Grist for "Jeopardy! Grizzly Grizzly - ancient Grizzly doing a stripteas Grizzly remains? Groan causers Groan trigger Groan-inducing, perhaps Groaner is bad for one making arrangements Groceries Groceries carrier Groceries holder Grocers — men to upset street trader Grocery Grocery area Grocery carrier Grocery carriers Grocery coupon value Grocery feature Grocery items Grocery leisure?

Grocery list item Grocery offering Grocery part Grocery pathway Grocery section Grocery shopper's aid Grocery sights Grocery stick Grocery store lineup Grocery store suppliers Grocery store workers Grocery stores Grocery tote Grocery vehicle Groening who created "The Grog ingredient Groggy query Grogshop choice Grogshops Grommets Groom Groom accepting love causes depression Groom carefully Groom elaborately Groom in Mates condom gets positive remarks Groom on time in equestrian event Groom oneself Groom oneself elaborately Groom queries polite title Groom quiet about knight pinching bride's bottom Groom runs into bloke with girl Groom stood around to pass bride's first course Groom tries again, completely forgetting one line, in final run-through Groom with elaborate care Groom's assistant 2 wds.