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To avoid being overcharged, ask at the hotel what you should expect to pay for the juorney. More Info Got It! Send a private message to sicklife. Don't know how the stores in the malls with Tommy and Polo etc stay in business. Bingo Bingo guide Bingo news How to play bingo History of bingo. This is a comprehensive gambling information site with advice on winning, how to gamble, Betting systems , gambling articles, world land-based casinos directory , casino reviews reviewed and rated , the best Online casinos , free online games, and lots of gamblers information and resources.

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Be the first to know all the latest poker news, tournament results, gossip and learn all about the best online poker deals straight from your inbox. Share this Facebook Twitter. Located in South America, The Republic of Ecuador provides tourists with many attractions to guarantee a memorable vacation. Bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west, this country offers everything from beautiful beaches to spectacular mountains.

Another unususal geographical feature of this 98, square mile country is that it straddles the equator, hence the name Ecuador. Ecuador, the smallest of the countries up in the steep Andean lands, is one of the most gratifying tourist destinations in South America. For those beach lovers, there is surfing, diving and snorkeling on the beaches of the south coast. The popularity of poker knows no geographical boundaries, poker players can be found in every corner of the globe, and Ecuador is no exception.

There are many casinos scattered throughout Ecuador, with five of them located within the Pichincha region, in the main city of Quito. The Tambo Real Hotel and Casino is open 24 hours and advertises five tables and poker games. The property has one restaurant, one bar, and a hotel with ninety rooms. The hotel also offers a Fitness Center and Spa, outdoor heated pool, and five bars in addition to the casino.

Hilton is a name well respected worldwide for their high standards of service and features. The Quito hotel meets all the Hilton criteria, including five restaurants offering gourmet cuisine from Mediterranean to Japanese. Located right on the beach, this property is very popular with tourists and the casino sees plenty of action.

Electricity is pretty accurate to that list depending on ac usage. Things that are imported like US brand clothing are outrageous here. Don't know how the stores in the malls with Tommy and Polo etc stay in business. They hit you up for roughly 7 to make the trip at night, 5 during the day. We do places like that sometimes. So overall, it is definitely much less expensive than places like costa rica, panama, chile, and argentina, but you have to know how to budget correctly.

I have been living on a very very small budget- much less than I was used to in the states, but if I was playing higher and cashing out more, it is pretty easy to live a fun, worry-less life from what I can tell from my friends that are working for American companies and making decent money for entry level type positions.

And forget about it for one of my other friends who makes alot more and lives in a sick place, has a driver, drops bills on bottles and strippers all the time, and is generally getting a crazy amount for his dollar compared to how it would go for him in LA, where he still pays a mortgage.

But in general, budgeting is not hard at all. Hope this covered most things. Thanks for answering questions in the thread kerwinty. Is it possible to do 90 day visa runs continuously if a person was planning on going there without employment poker player? So there is no longer a fee for overstaying the visa but you can't come back to Ecuador for 9 months?

And if you want to do it legally you can pay a fee how much did your friend pay? So If I overstayed in Ecuador for two years on that visa at the airport they would just ban me for re-entry for nine months without any legal consequences or fees?

Sorry if im spamming the thread with questions I just find this a really interesting option can you pm me your skype info if you don't mind if I have a lot more questions and want to go in detail? Thanks a bunch man. I linked moneybookers within a week and was pretty much set.

I came in on a 90 day with my passport, and got a day extension cultural visa at the end of my 90 days. Originally Posted by ndahlhoff Could you expand on this a little? I'm in Colombia now and heading to Ecuador sorta soon and have had difficulties opening bank accounts both here and in Panama.

And everything I've read online is not promising. Did you have a tourist visa? Also, does the national friend need to be a professional, or will anyone do. This is a great thread. How old are you kwerty? Did you go to college in the states? I am a dual citizen of U. How good is moneybookers? You said you were using Banco Bolivariano, why not just use their debit-international card to deposit and withdraw? I was thinking about doing this as it seems like the fastest way on getting my money.

For moneybookers, how do you withdraw from that site? Once I am down there, we should definitely get some beers I know some people there but would like to expand my contact base.

Have had it connected to my account at Banco Bolivariano since moving here. Usually it takes 3 days from the ongame skin and another 12 hours or so wants it hits MB to get to my bank account. I don't have a credit card in my name with Ecuadorian origins and my debit card can't be used online so my only option was MB. I do have to say that getting money onto moneybookers was a tiny bit complicated. Had to have a friend use his CC and transfer to me to avoid the fee. Hence I've only made one deposit since being down here, luckily I don't mind moving down and then up stakes when I over cashed out a bit too much.

Good crew, but yes, definitely, let me know when u head down. And as always, feel free to add me on skype lkpearson Ecuador is a small country but offers to its travelers comfortable airports in the main cities. Since June , all foreign nationals have been allowed to visit Ecuador without a visa.

When taking yellow taxis in the major cities you should ensure that the taxi meter is reset. The minimum charge in Quito is USD 1, even if the meter registers less for your journey. You should only use authorised taxis yellow cabs that display their taxi registration sticker on the windscreen and doors, as well as the orange license plates. You should avoid hailing taxis on the street and should instead book one through your hotel or by calling a known radio taxi service.

Larger supermarkets and airports also have taxi ranks. Before getting into a taxi, agree on a price with the driver. To avoid being overcharged, ask at the hotel what you should expect to pay for the juorney. The US Dollar is the only legal currency in Ecuador.

Ecuador has used the US dollar as its official currency since Both US coins and Ecuadorian coins 5c, 10c, 25c and 50c coins , which are equivalent to the value of the US coins, are used. Credit cards and traveller cheques are generally accepted in the cities. Taxi drivers are not commonly tipped.

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