But the thing is I play on 3 other networks, not to mention I have multiple names on some networks. Loose yes, passive well not really. Whether you just have an hour between errands or need to get out of the house for the whole day November 17th, , 2: The Shark Tank specializes in membership treatment and strives to be the friendliest and most welcoming private poker club in Columbus. Originally Posted by terryk. After doubling up Quentin Jones, Rex Clinkscales had less than one big blind after paying his ante and put his chips in trying to get back in the game.

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Monster versus monster at the three-handed table and the aces held after the turn and river. Michael Cohen opened the action from the button and Chaz Wexler moved all in. Cohen called and Wexler was the player at risk. Cohen was ahead but it was a race. The turn and river complete the board and Wexler was eliminated. Kahrs was in a lot of trouble and they both paired the flop.

Cohen locked up the hand with trip queens on the turn and Kahrs was eliminated in fifth place. Joshua Garber open-shoved from under the gun. Justin Donato called all in next to act for 1,, and the rest of the table folded. Garber was dominated and Donato picked up a double when the board ran. Garber was left with only , and moved all in shortly after.

Donato called with a chance to take the rest of his chips. Garber needed to hold to stick around but Donato paired the flop. Donato improved to trip aces on the turn and Garber was gone after the river. After doubling up Quentin Jones, Rex Clinkscales had less than one big blind after paying his ante and put his chips in trying to get back in the game.

He was all in from under the gun and it folded Justin Donato who picked up rebate on his big blind. Clinkscales had two live cards to double and paired the flop to take the lead.

He needed to dodge an ace or a four, the turn was no big deal, but the river gave Donato a wheel to send our defending champion out in seventh place. Rex Clinkscales opened the action from the hijack and Quentin Jones moved all in from the big blind for 1,, Clinkscales called and he was dominated. Jones was ahead with the monster and virtually locked up the hand on the flop.

Clinkscales needed running miracle cards but Jones overkilled with the case king on the turn. After doubling up Quentin Jones, Charles Kahrs needed to make another move and open-shoved for , from early position. It folded around the Justin Donato in the small blind and he called. Prolly someone with the software was sitting at a table for 25 hands when I was tilted or something. By the way, I think Sharkscope and Poker-edge are massive collusion and consider them tools of the slightly dishonest.

I imagine there may be much disagreement with that statement here. August 12th, , 4: I dont know why anyone takes sharkscope seriously. Its so wrong in its figures its absolutely unreal. Any time anyone ever says they have scoped me, I laugh and tell them that they are the bigger idiot for believing the shite they come out with Originally Posted by fcumred.

August 12th, , August 13th, , 1: Well "every single hand I've played on that site" is something on the order of only 10k. Loose yes, passive well not really. I honestly don't think it has enough data from my tiny pool of 10k hands to know me accurately yet. After all it gets it's data from users, and I bet I haven't sat with them every time down at my little stakes. I don't play tourney except for odd fun here and there so it has to have me from ring games.

But like I said I haven't been playing them much at all. And like I said i figured I'd run into opposition on my opinion. I don't think results k, pole dancers etc justify massive player database collusion. FWIW, Pokerstars at least agrees with me.

I'll keep trying for my "miracle flops and 2 outers". I'm just that dumb. August 13th, , 7: I've found my sharkscope to be very inaccurate. I'll just stick to notetaking for player info. August 13th, , 4: Ive read these posts on Sharkscope and cant find any reason to use it.

What does it tell you? How lucky some people are, maybe but if it is not accurate then forget about it. Hey some days I can't lose and other days can't buy a hand. I think a new thread could poll people who use these guides poker tracker included and if they are any better at winning than if they didnt use these tools.

PokerStars now limits the amount of Data that SharkScope has access to. This causes it to be very incomplete and inaccurate when reporting on PokerStars activity.

August 13th, , 6: I say scope away! August 14th, , 6: Originally Posted by KidFlopadelic. Page 1 of 2 Use the arrow to the right to read the next 1 page s. Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries. Why more than , poker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. Learn from online pros. Join more than , active members on our forum.

Page 1 of 2. Can SharkScope statistics be relied upon. June 15th, 1: January 20th, Originally Posted by fcumred I dont know why anyone takes sharkscope seriously. Originally Posted by KidFlopadelic I say scope away!