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It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies. Well this has been mentioned. It makes no sense to take this further. Originally Posted by Grethe Have you read this thread? Find More Posts by September. Find Threads Started by MrFabulous. Learn to play poker with the free Card Player Poker School.

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But if you do come across a player whose actions consist of some of the characteristics mentioned above, he may be a bot programmed to play poker in a standard fashion in order to turn a steady profit. Most poker sites, at least the reputable ones, have ways to detect poker bots.

In fact, some players who spot a bot can easily beat him once they know his patterns and routine. I would be remiss not to mention that human beings sometimes play online poker robotically, too. Playing for several hours straight at a number of tables simultaneously can make the actions of even the best players seem rote. In any event, bots are not permitted at the poker tables.

Sites that may suspect bot infestation and would like to weed them out can flash a server message across the screen informing all players to type a certain word in the chat box within a certain amount of time or risk being removed from the table.

Send a private message to jayme Find More Posts by jayme Find Threads Started by jayme Waiting for the heater Posts: Send a private message to Grethe. Find More Posts by Grethe. Find Threads Started by Grethe. Originally Posted by Grethe On popular demand the banned accounts are: Send a private message to Josem. Find More Posts by Josem. Find Threads Started by Josem. Originally Posted by Josem wow - this would be big, if true. Send a private message to donkerr. Find More Posts by donkerr.

Find Threads Started by donkerr. Send a private message to Scar Find More Posts by Scar Find Threads Started by Scar Originally Posted by Scar18 pokerstars failing again. Originally Posted by Grethe Absolutely agree. Originally Posted by Josem You don't know how fast or well they're able to detect bots. Originally Posted by Josem It's not at all "obvious".

Originally Posted by Grethe Have you read this thread? Send a private message to MrFabulous. Going to showdown with too many weak hands. July 19th, , 9: There're also the weak-tight players who play very tight and get scared easily after the flop, you can push them out easily representing whatever the board makes possible. And the guys who think poker is all about bluffing , will always try to bluff you and interpret all your bets as bluffs.

July 19th, , July 20th, , 1: July 20th, , 2: July 20th, , 5: I can only beat players that try and outplay me post-flop. Well this has been mentioned. But the biggest one for me to spot out is the player is playing way to many hands, compared to the other players at the table.

I will get a sheet of paper and make tally marks. I can spot a good fisher that way. Plus i just watch and put my tally marks and my brian together and it works out pretty well. Easy way to spot a fish while you are choosing tables is to look for players playing with not full stacks.

July 20th, , 6: I m not a expert, bue I try to learn and practice every. July 20th, , 8: Just watch out for the number of negative ev plays someone makes.

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