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Owner Name Melody Mischel-stockton. Island West Little Miss Addams. CH Mischiefmaker At Secrethaven. Owner Name Patricia Gustafson. CH Gorniy Hrustal 'iz Druzhinihi. CH Gremmlyn Panda Doll. Tama No Hideryuu Go Yoshihidesou.

Minehime Go Awa Yamainusou. CH Choukyuu Go Arame. Owner Name Bonnie Schaeffel. CH Nanook's Canya Run. CH Champagne Diamond Victory.

CH Ocerico Baha' Al-din. CH Broquel's Celtic Warrior. Owner Name Eileen Weatherbee. Owner Name Eileen B Weatherbee. Dog Name Spanish Greyhound. Owner Name Richard Allan Steele. Bellacampon Hootwire Bark themoon. CH Katya Theogonia Black. Owner Name Denise Hanna-nosko. Owner Name Sherry M Stanley. Owner Name Rebekah Zurbrugg. Now I'm back, inching my way along the remainder of the trail because, apparently, I'm too stubborn or foolhardy to give up.

I'm Greg "Pegleg" Simpson. It was on that trip that I began playing around with the idea of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Upon finishing in Georgia, the idea was to begin planning for the PCT that next year. As many of us know, adulting took precedent and so here I am six years later about to embark on my second thru hike. My hope is that I can provide some sort of insight to those interested in the thru hiking culture or even inspiration those dreaming of a thru hike themselves.

Other than hiking, I enjoy travelling to new places, learning about people, and reading new ideas and stories. I'm excited to share my AT thru hike with you and hope it sparks your own adventure. Mental health, empowerment, justice, healing. Recent college grad, possible future social worker, currently figuring it out.

Hiker, Historian, and Writer. Hey everyone my name is James Thomson, aka Grumpy Gramps. I'm from Maine and currently live in north Florida. I retired from the United States Coast Guard in after a 27 year career, and it's now time to start on my bucket list.

If you are interested in some no nonsense, funny at times , and "stay off my lawn you young punks" grumpy blog posts, I would be happy to take you along on this adventure. A glacier gallivanting gal from the lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Home is found in the fjords of Alaska and Iceland, and in the unknown. My goal is to bring positive change wherever I go and live a good and simple life outside through adventure and film.

I'm a Communications specialist and long distance hiker who hails from the California Bay Area. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail for five and a half months in and the experience brought me more strength and confidence than I knew were possible. Now, in , I am walking from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail to fundraise for girl empowerment nonprofits.

Learn more at janelhealy. Hey, we're the Robinson's. We enjoy tacos, slaying pow, dancing, backcountry adventures, desert trips, fresh beats, taking a good joke too far, a warm cup of tea, and occasionally some peace and fucking quiet.

Join us for our Southbound stroll of the AT starting June Washington NH was my first ever hike- and foreshadowed my fondness of the outdoors since I was Excited to do some yoga, read as many books as I can handle, and consume even more pizza than that.

Girl 25, backpacker - 28 countries, usually broke, retired basketball player, pretty lost. SOBO attempt July 1st.

Hiking the trail is probably easier than the decision to get a job. Be part of my Maine to Georgia struggles and triumphs! I grew up in the Appalachian coalfields and can't remember my first hike or hymn. Still, adventure and music have been the core passions of my life. I enjoyed 15 years beach-living on the Virginia coast, and have spent the last few years globetrotting all over the world while working remotely for a travel brand.

I've been a freelance writer for almost 20 years and am excited to blog a little about my upcoming adventures on the AT in ! I grew up in Florida with sand and sea in my soul, sailing, camping, and exploring this beautiful world.

After raising a family in Georgia, my spirit of adventure demanded to be set free. Investor, Writer, and doting husband to Ms. Coco and our puppy Norman G Bates. We also try to spend lots of time in the outdoors between al the reading and writing we do. Born, raised, and living in the cornfields of Southern Illinois but our hearts belong to the mountains. We're excited to be living life above 10, ft this summer and looking forward to bagging some peaks in addition to our mile journey on the CT!

My name is Jon trail name: Born and raised in the lovely hills and country roads of West Virginia. Life has taken me from there to Indiana, then California, and back to Mountaineer Country.

I'll be starting my next adventure of thru hiking the Appalachian Trail in March I'm so stoked to share this with all of you! Keep checking in for the good, the bad, and the ugly of that trek. You won't be disappointed, it's the journey of a lifetime. As a graphic designer and former competitive gamer Major League Gaming , the outdoor trails are a reprieve from all things digital and a sanctuary to recharge creative energy.

Rather than make this just a personal experience, his desire is to make each step across the countryside benefit a worthy cause touching the lives of other people in a positive way. I am a grandmother of 2 sweet little girls and one handsome baby boy. I have a son and daughter. They are both married to wonderful spouses and my husband has 2 sons that I consider my own , one is married to an amazing woman and the other single.

My husband and I no longer have children at home and we enjoy biking and camping in our 30 foot travel trailer--my husband's idea of roughing it.

My name is Kat and I'm 25 years old. I am originally from Minnesota, but currently reside in Florida. I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, my dog, and peanut butter. I like long walks in the woods and hot black coffee in the morning. Catch me Nobo Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail starting the end of February, , or just keep up with me here from the familiar comfort of your home or office. Thru hiking has always been a dream for me, so what better time than the present? I look forward to meeting amazing people, witnessing breathtaking views, and documenting my journey along the way.

When I'm not planning for this hike, you'll find me hiking in the White Mountains, rock climbing, traveling, or seeking out craft beer and delicious food in the great city of Boston. Hi everyone, I'm Sassafras. I grew up in the rural Midwest, spent some time in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and have hopped around the Mid-Atlantic and New England the last few years before settling in Maine.

I'm a hiker, writer, and triathlete in my mid-thirties, and I do a lot of whooping at races and on the trail. I'll be taking a break from software product management to hike the AT NOBO starting in March and doing my best to make hikerswithsass a compliment.

I'm an avid outdoor enthusiast, outdoor industry employee and dog lover. I enjoy craft beer, cheese curds and chocolate! She is also entirely made out of high-fives. This is my first thru-hike. What's good my friends? I'm Katie a hopeful Nobo Appalachian Trail thru-hiker.

Know for being one up for adventures and saying yes to most things that probably won't get me killed. I'm a photographer and I've got a soft spot for people and their stories so I've always got an ear that's ready to listen. I enjoy walking and so I thought a long walk the woods would be nice. Excited to see what the trail has in-store for me and all the unknown adventures I will have. My name is KD.

I am a super tall, super outgoing, super goofy AT Thru Hiker! I've been wanting to Thru Hike since I was 16 years old, and after 3 years, 2 majors, and 4 eighteen credit semesters I finally am getting my chance. I had a really cool job in college where I got to take students on Adventure Trips. I am an LNT Trainer, lifeguard, and WFR, but a real achievement of mine is being able to eat an entire bucket of movie theater popcorn.

Things that I've done that make my mom worry: I'm just a girl, standing in front of a mountain, asking if I can hike it. I'm a twenty-something photographer who's looking to give my visuals a voice while walking every mile of the worlds oldest mountain range alongside my partner, Conner. With every step, we hope to help those in need of clean water through Charity: There will be blood, mud, sweat, smiles, tears, beers, all embodied here, in the form of a blog.

Hi, My name is Kimberly, but I go by Ronin on the trail. I am a 53 yr old female with gypsy heart and incurable case of wanderlust. Hiking and traveling abroad has taught me to live by two mottos, "Hike your own hike" and "Eadem Mutata Resurgo", or "Although changed, I shall arise the same". I believe humor is an important part of life, and as a Boston native, my second languages are wit and sarcasm.

Please enjoy, but as with life, take everything with a light heart. I invite everyone to experience the Appalachian Trail through my journey. I will sharing the struggles, reflections, meditations surrounding my trek. I'm Laura, a southern lady living in the beautiful PNW. I'm a lover of sunrises, medicinal herbs, poetry, gummy worms, and lofty run-on sentences. After being tossed around by life for a little bit, I've decided to take a reboot by hiking the Appalachian Trail in If you come along on this journey with me, you will be privy to my insights into the characters found on the trail, the constancy of my cold, cold feet, and a widow's sense of humor.

As I like to say, feel free to hang out with me as I explore life after it all falls apart. Together, we will combine our super powers and tackle all the PCT has to offer.

With the help of an occasional oatmeal cream pie, of course. Follow along as we aim to offer an honest and transparent look at what hiking the PCT is like! I'm a craft beer enthusiast, a crazy dog mom, an avid Mountaineer football fan and a book nerd. Follow me on my great adventure!

I'm Lindsey - also known by my trail name, Flash Gordon. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in with no plans to do another long-distance hike.

I seem to have a Type A mind and a Type B soul. Sobriety was boring at first until it eventually forced me into doing activities.

I like jumping out of planes and long handstand walks on the beach. I have literally never backpacked before so if nothing else, you can expect to learn from my mistakes. I'm Liz and attempting my AT thru-hike. This has been a dream of mine for over 10 years, and I can't wait for this experience and all the trail has to teach me. I've never attempted a backpacking trip like this, so I'm sure to have plenty of learning curves, but we're all in this together I also love to read, geocache, do yoga, spoil my 12 year old mini poodle, and attempt new recipes!

Hey, my name is Mackenzie but I will be going by Wilt on the trail. I am thru-hiking the AT because I am thankful to be alive. My mantra for the trail is: Have you ever had a skunk try to cuddle with you at three a. That's how my backpacking trips always seem to go, and that's why I'm a plant person. I'm Madi, and weird stuff tends to happen to me. So here I am, an environmental biologist and writer, meeting mountain goats and marmots, and loving every minute of it. Since my first Pct adventure in , I have shed my perceived exterior a multitude of times.

I consider myself an onion, gradually peeling back one layer at a time, on the ultimate quest to discover myself and embrace the authentic being residing in my inner core. The loss of some of those layers makes me cry, some cause me to scream, some to laugh. All are pre-conceived notions placed on me by society, other people projecting onto me, or false identities I have adopted. The process is brutal, but one I am committed to.

I am a warrior. I am a survivor. I am stubborn as hell. I am a high school dropout. I am sometimes a mess. I am proud of the person I am finally letting myself be. I am a thru-hiker. I'm a raisin in a bowl of grapes. I'm an overly anxious high school teacher in my mid-thirties from the south suburbs of Chicago.

Eagle Scout returning to my roots in to the great outdoors after years of urban adventures. This will be a process of gear selection, physical training, and mental preparation, proving you don't need to quit your job, be in shape, or be completely mentally stable to be a thru-hiker. There will be some jokes. Maximilian "Bloodhound" Armstrong has a penchant for adventure. He's backpacked Canada, hitchhiked America, motorbiked Vietnam, and spent a winter in the Alaskan Arctic. His current expedition is thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

I was born and raised in Florida, but got hooked on mountains when spending summers in North Carolina and college in Virginia. I'm in DC now and spend weekends away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy some good ol' quality time with nature.

If you're interested in "spur of the moment regardless of the plan" stories, follow along on this adventure! I have a love for all things outdoors particularly the mountains. In I completed a thru-hike of Te Araroa in New Zealand which now has me addicted to long distance hiking.

Day to day I'm a forest firefighter in Australia and have had the opportunity work internationally. Be sure to check out my webpage www. I'm a very recent college graduate hiking the Long Trail before I start my "real" job. I'm not the most outdoorsy person I know, but I know I have the skills to make it to the end.

I was born and raised in Front Royal, Virginia. I am now exploring the west, and I've have worked seasonal jobs in Alaska, Utah, and Montana. I do lots of skiing in the winter and then backpacking and trail running in the summer. On trail I go by Top Nach. I am new to both extended hiking and blogging old guy. I do enjoy being outside, cooking BBQ on my big green egg, and driving my jeep with the top down and doors off any chance I get. I have a wife of over 20 years and we have two children that are both currently serving in the US Air Force.

I myself am a US Marine Corps veteran. Getting ready to hike the AT! Exactly three months prior to my start date I met my girlfriend and now thru-hiking partner Michelle.

Our goal is to share both the male and female perspectives as well as a look into what it's like to thru-hike as a couple. Follow along as we put our young relationship to the test while we walk from Mexico to Canada, while sharing all the ups and downs along the way! Life is patches, not upgrades. Living at the intersection of necessity and free will. Hi my name is Olympia, but people just call me Opa. I'm a conqueror of the useless, or perhaps i've been conquered by the 'useless'..

In i'm going to pursue that love further on the Pacific Crest Trail, on foot. The trail is my best reality. Knows a thing or two about sea cucumbers. Loves cheese and craft beer. Writes about science, hiking, and intersectional feminism. Thru-hiking the AT in to catch up on all of her favorite podcasts.

Would love to have you read about her crazy journey here. Free spirited, fun loving prankster going for a long walk. My name is Melanie but on trail I go by Peanut. Elephants are my favorite. Coffee is both a necessity and a passion. I like concerts and craft beer. Boo Radley is my cattle dog-beagle-hyena mix, who has hiked one thousand miles of the Appalachian Trail.

In , I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail solo. On April 15th , I will be attempting my thru of the Pacific Crest Trail with my significant other. I'm excited to be back at the Trek sharing my journey with ya'll! My name is Pete and I'm an aspiring Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. Like many this journey marks a time of transition. I'm from Duluth, Minnesota where the outdoor life is not so much a choice but simply the natural order. After college I spent 28 years as an Air Force pilot, moved many times, and saw a lot of the world under good and not-so-good conditions.

Along the way I married, raised two boys to adulthood, and mostly lived the life I had planned, Until the day the plan went terribly wrong. In cancer struck my wife and in the summer of she lost her battle after a long and brave fight. Devastated but determined to keep living I've returned to Duluth and am set to start the AT in March. With all due respect to F. Scott Fitzgerald I believe there are second acts in American lives and this hike is the opening of mine.

Thank you for visiting and I invite you to follow along with me. My name is Preston Elliott, and I'm a travel, outdoor, and landscape photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently hiking NOBO on the Appalachian Trail and love meeting new people, telling stories from my experiences, and backpacking up and down mountains all day! I'm Rachael, a 28 year old married old lady heading north solo on the AT in I love audiobooks, campfires, and apparently, very long walks.

I grew up on a ranch in the mostly flat state of Illinois and am very excited to meet a mountain for the first time this year. I'm a writer, massage therapist, hospitality ninja, and adventure seeking warrior.

I've made my home everywhere from Georgia to Maui to Colorado and most recently Alaska, yet I keep landing where my roots sprouted. For the last 3yrs I have been dedicated to personal growth and transformation in order to live a more fulfilling life free from the clutch of past trauma and societal standards I willingly adopted as my own.

So my name is Rachel. I just graduated from Amherst College with a degree in Geology, and I'm just getting into this solo hiking thing. I whine a lot, and I'm also both extremely sappy and sassy. I've wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail since elementary school, so I'm excited to be finally making that happen in ! I was raised by hippies and was taught to appreciate the great outdoors. My outdoor lifestyle was put on hold to be a competitive coxswain.

I completed the northern bit of the Camino earlier this year and realized I really like walking! I mean -- I don't like to brag -- but I've been walking now for about 24 years give or take a few months and am really stoked to hit the hills I grew up in. Thanks for checking out my page! I live in Naperville, which is a suburb about 25 miles west of Chicago. After spending 35 years as an IT cubicle dweller, I felt the need to do something epic. A thru-hike of the AT seemed to be the ticket.

I love the outdoors and physical activities. I have an amazingly supportive wife, adult children, and grandsons. You can also follow my journey on Instagram robonthetrek.

The birds are calling you! Oh, wait, it's just me, Robin! I don't have a trail name yet, but rest-assured as soon as I do, you will know about it! In college I fell in love with my major, Wildlife Sciences, and now I spend my outdoor time identifying birds, trees, plants, and well Join me here as I come to terms with this crazy endeavor, experiment with making my own vegan trail meals, and prepare mentally and physically for the Pacific Crest Trail; not to mention my thoughts and experiences while I'm out there!

I hope that reading my blog will show you that if I can do this, you can too! When in doubt, just listen to the little bird on your shoulder me! Trail name to be determined I'm a nurse working in the operating room. Three years ago, I got divorced and moved to Boise, Idaho. I began discovering myself, making new friends, seeking new adventures, and striving to be a better person.

To ensure my 40th birthday is one of epic proportions, I'm taking "over-the-hill" as literally as possible. Let the countdown begin My name is Ryne, which is pronounced like the Rhine river I grew up in Arizona, came of age in Chicago, learned the most about life in Florida and developed my passions in Washington State. In , I hiked the northern half of the Pacific Crest Trail. On The Trek you can read about my experience on the AT in Sara Dhooma is an adventurer! Some highlights include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, wrestling an anaconda in Venezuela, and day-hiking in North Korea.

Sara is a 'Camino de Santiago' addict and has walked thousands of miles on different routes across France and Spain including the Via Podiensis and Via de la Plata. Follow Sara's video blogs at www. Hey my name is Sarah Legg! I am 24 years old and live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am currently a th year student at UNCC. I'm a biology major and have no idea what I'm doing with that. I have a huge passion for life, my motto is to always be happy no matter what, if you're not happy I love all things outdoors.

I also love avocados, wine, my dog Ziggy And I guess I have a thing for hiking too So NOBO it is. I have wanted to hike the AT for a few years now, and fate intervened and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I have lots of experience as a day hiker but have recently fallen in love with backpacking and camping.

I will also be turning 40 in , so it could be a ploy to hide in the woods for months to avoid the black balloons and Grim Reaper birthday cake.

I have owned and operated Double Crown Records, a Bellingham, WA based surf and instrumental rock n' roll label, since the mid's, but have always been a hiking enthusiast. Over the last few years I have worked towards doing just about every hike within miles of Mt.

Baker, and have also made it a goal to do every trail on Chuckanut and Blanchard mountains near Bellingham, WA. Really though, I think that if he was honest, he would say that it is my adventuresome spirit that he likes the most. It has, after all, led us to some fascinating places. Thru-hiking the AT in is precisely the kind of extraordinary adventure that I am not at all surprised to find myself in pursuit of. This time, hubby is sitting out of the adventure, but I am bringing my handsome and courageous thirteen year old son Cole.

Together we will have five months to tackle whatever the AT throws our way as we aim for Katahdin. We'll be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail starting March and we can't wait. We'll probably write some of our blog posts together and some separately, but either way our hope is to give a first-hand view of all the ups and downs of our adventure.

Fingers crossed for ups! Hey there, I am currently hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I am from Maine and have no experience with rattle snakes, waterless stretches, or injuries. Luckily I have experienced all these things in my first weeks on trail. But feel free to call me by my trail name, Drop Bear. In , I got a taste of hiking failure after or so miles on the PCT. He is also a certified Leave No Trace Trainer.

Reports on his other travels, mostly in New England, are at https: My name is Anna trail name Spooky and my favorite activity is sleeping. I hiked the first 1, miles of the PCT in the summer of and will be finishing the trail summer My name is Sydnee. I was once voted "Most Likely to Survive the Apocalypse". I am a PCT hopeful. You can find me on the trail singing at the top of my lungs, leading a dance party, or trying to find a way to make a backcountry meal gourmet. Follow my adventures to find out how I transform from weekend warrior into a PCT thru-hiker!

Hello friends, welcome to my blog! I grew up in Northern California, but just graduated from the University of Denver. The PCT was something I knew I wanted to do before I start my career — especially since my dream is to be an outdoor journalist.

I like running in 90 degree weather, can eat a whole loaf of bread in one serving and eat chocolate signifying the end of each meal.

Please say hi to me if you see me so this trail doesn't make me even more uncomfortable in social situations. I make no promises about shaving my legs or washing my hair, but I do promise to update this blog as frequently as possible, so keep me accountable fellas.

This has been an incredible experience so far and I've only just entered Oregon! Aside from hiking, I'm into riding my bike, skiing, yoga, and learning new things - especially from other people or books. I'm from British Columbia, Canada. I find my fear of the next day fading as my curiosity grows, secure in the knowledge that I have overcome obstacles in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I am landline free since , desktop PC free since , and now only use a laptop for larger projects.

My socially responsible factory production job experienced a marketplace contraction which combined with a cultural shift in the workforce. After two rounds of therapy for anxiety and depression, despite glowing performance reviews at work, I quit the job, dumped possessions and left.

I am making a trial of being a full-time nomad, using art and trail therapy to recover and exploring where the cameras take me. On completion, I plan to convert a vehicle to use as a mobile studio and adventure base. The flat land of oranges and hurricanes is currently home.

I am sizing up the possibility of a yoyo, just walking back after Katahdin and getting picked up from the Florida Trail. If that happens, I'll figure out a passport and plan to complete the ECT.

We're the Swords and we are starting our northbound thru-hike of the AT on March 19! We've really been very fortunate so far, but the problem is that we love the outdoors and traveling, and our current jobs have really limited our ability to enjoy those things.

Hopefully, it will lead us to great things! Hello all, I currently live and work in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I'm married with three children and have recently retired from a career of teaching special education.

Film photography is one of my obsessions. Recently, my time has been spent studying graphic design and training. Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail is something I have thought about for decades. I had all but given up on the idea when the cartilage in my hip joints prematurely wore out due to dysplasia. Currently, I am on track to begin thru-hiking the beginning of March A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, my parents took me and my siblings on a roadtrip through the Smoky Mountains.

I remember walking up Clingman's Dome and my dad telling me about thru-hikers for the first time. I remember my 10 year old self thinking how crazy people must be for wanting to walk all the way from Georgia to Maine.

Fast forward to now and after completing college, military service, and working a mediocre job, I've found there's nothing else I'd rather be doing this year. Join me for the ride as I share the stupid things I do and enjoy the trip of a lifetime! Clinical dietitian by profession but spend my days dreaming of the outdoors.

My blog focuses on experimentation with trail friendly ultralight foods, meal preparation, menu planning and resupply strategies. Thanks for tuning in. I'll be writing here about my upcoming PCT hike.

I worked, hiked, skied, and played in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and Maine for a while but now I'm living in Tahoe City, CA where I work as a backcountry ski guide and environmental policy advocate. I was born and bred in the suburbs of Chicago, near the cornfields of central Illinois, and next to the greatest of the Great Lakes. But, at 24 years old, I remain conflicted by a love for higher elevations, sequoia giants, and dramatic vistas. So obviously the logical solution is to venture out on a 2, mile long jaunt along the height of the Western United States to embrace that love, right?

My passion is hiking. Over the course of ' I completed hiking the Appalachian trail. In , I completed miles of the PCT. This year, I'm hiking the Appalachian trail again! My name is Adeline, 22, and a photojournalist by trade and writer by heart.

I will be stepping off from Maine in July of for a southbound thru hike. Our names are Alex and Amanda and we backpacked the Appalachian Trail in ! We learned that we are purist backpackers while on the trail. We left elite kitchens to take a chance and do something we had no prior experience doing. We are not completely sure where life is taking us right now. Is there another thru hike coming up or are we bound to return to our careers?

We know as much as you do at this point so let's figure out life together! I'm Alex and I'll be heading down to Georgia in May. I'll be skipping my college graduation to start my NOBO thru-hike with my mom! I'm a 22 year old, college senior, from NH- the Whites are my home. I love hiking, doing cool things, eating snacks, and long walks in the woods I love a full glass of cheap champagne, binge watching HGTV, and sauntering in the woods.

I'm a born and raised beach bum relocating to the mountains for stint on the Appalachian Trail. Yes, I've read Wild. No, I'm not bringing a gun. I can't wait to get my paws on the trail in April! I enjoy talking nonsense, making connections with new people and spending time around trees and I have high hopes that the AT will provide all three in abundance I also blog at www. I'm known as Amy off the trail, and Tuff Broad on the trail.

Hiking helps me take myself a little less seriously, makes me grateful for these legs of mine, and reminds me how much I like Cheetos. I could eat macaroni and cheese every day. If you'd like to read about what other foods I like, and the trails that I've hiked, you can read more at my personal blog http: Hi there all you wonderful people! I am Happycamel, in heart and soul passionate hiker, adventurer and restless nomad.

In my daily life yoga instructor, birth Doula, mom of three and Permaculture farmer living on a farm on a small island called Tjome in Norway. I will travel across the ocean and hike the Pacific Crest Trail through Oregon and Washington; from Ashland to Stehekin, solo this summer, starting July 1st.

Looking forward to hit the trail, meet all of you badass hikers and share all of it with you excellent readers here on The Trek and on www. My name is Anna. I am an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. I'm not a writer but am a photographer and I'm trying to live this one life to the fullest. In , I put my career on hold to attempt a flip-flop thru-hike from Harpers Ferry with my dad.

We hiked more than 1, miles before I found out I had cholecystitis, which resulted in the removal of my gallbladder.

It was a really weird diagnosis for an otherwise healthy year-old, and for awhile, I was pretty upset about the setback. But now, I'm just grateful I still have miles of the Trail to look forward to. The Universe has taught me that journeys are sometimes better when they are longer -- and that we can't argue with timing. We have been working in the professional world for about 5 years now and have quickly realized that working 9a-5p, five days a week until we're 60 just isn't the life for us.

We're heading out NOBO on the Appalachian Trail in March of looking for an adventure and hoping to figure out what the heck comes next. I have suffered with depression on and off for years but recently came out of this severe low point with a brand new attitude to tackle hardships and live life to the fullest.

This led me to attempting a flip flop thru-hike of the AT in , making it approximately miles before having to leave due to knee issues. I am hoping to continue LASHing the trail until completion. I grew up deep in the middle of nowhere in Virginia and have loved exploring more of my beloved Appalachian Mountains.

Hello My name is Barbara. I live in the Midwest but, spend time in Southwest Florida because of the trails. I retired the end of and now plan to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. I taught school for a number of years and retired from the military after serving 23 years. I am a vegan and I'll make an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the trail. My other passions include photography, gardening and herbalism. At age 55, hiking has changed my life and I know that this thru hike will be truly magical Next up on my adventure list is an AT thru hike!

I'm Bethany from Houston, Texas. Ever since learning about the AT a little over a year ago I've been planning my hike, but i'm still having trouble trying to figure out how to keep a pint of blue bell ice cream in my pack without it melting! Just kidding sort of. I'm Big Jim and I am a thru-hiker for the class of But, I am a little different.

I am actually starting from Panama City, Florida and hiking all the way to the Canadian border and weather permitting continuing hiking the International AT into Canada, Newfoundland and to the trails end at Belle Island. I am walking with a purpose. As a recovering addict alcoholic for over 34 years, and this being my first time ever sober in my adult life, I am taking on this journey impressed by God to walk.

This is a spiritual journey of self discovery that I pray will bring a message to all affected by addiction in any way that there is HOPE! There is LIFE after addiction!

There is a new life after recovery. Brook and Kona here. Just a girl and her dog on a mission to see the world. We will be hiking the PCT in April , and couldn't be more excited!

I love the outdoors, especially winter in New England although I haven't given winter in the West a try My "mid-life-crisis" is requiring that I quit my job and hike the Appalachian Trail this year and I think I'm going to listen to THAT voice since the timid-safe voice hasn't done much for me thus far.

I've been reading so much - especially the blogs on The Trek and I can't wait to meet some of this year's thru-hikers!! I'm a little undecided right now about where to start but I'm leaning on flip-flopping, starting at Harper's Ferry. I'm a backpacker, kayaker, climber, and fisherman who loves all things outdoors. I enjoy good burritos and craft beer.

I hope to keep up with my journey, people I've met, and my gear through this blog! If you would like to help me out any way with my hike feel free to get in contact with me! My dream to hike the Appalachian Trail began two years ago when I became utterly and over-the-top obsessed with the idea of hiking from Georgia to Maine.

For whatever reason, walking from Georgia to my home of New England was exactly the kind of insanity I had been yearning for. In the beginning of my planning, I researched what it would take to rescue a Chihuahua puppy to raise as my hiking companion on the trail, strapping it to the front of my pack like a newborn baby. Unfortunately, after several hours of research on the importance of keeping your pack light, the dream of the Chihuahua faded, but my dream of hiking the AT remained!

Anyways, I look forward to sleeping on the earth every night and feeling no guilt about the junk food I will be consuming along the way. I enjoy long walks on the beach, as well as through the woods. Hi everyone, Cassie here!

I'm a 21 year old girl from central PA who was born to travel. Every place I've been to is stuck in my heart forever- from the giant Redwoods of California to the mountains of the Adirondacks and the rocks of Utah. I'll be skipping out on my graduation for my BSN and setting out on my thru hike of the Appalachian Trail March of I love good wine and the great outdoors.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia. When I grow up, I want to be a gypsy. I was born and raised in Olympia, WA, graduated from Montana State University — Bozeman, and for the past 3 years, my husband and I have been living an adventurous life in the beautiful state of Wyoming. My motivation for this blog comes from 2 Timothy 1: Together, backpacking and being outdoors has become an important part of our lives, our faith and will forever remain a priority in our marriage.

I hope as you continue to follow me in my wanderings that you will be inspired to go after your dreams. They beckon for a reason.

Decided to hike the AT a year ago for a new adventure in life. I look forward to the experience and challenges ahead of me. I see it as another growing moment in life. I'm certainly excited to meet new people and friends from all over. Can't wait to get out there. I squirmed to a sitting position in my sleeping bag and looked out of the open side of the shelter.

Of course, I sighed, the birds were chirping and the sky was blue and I just was not ready to go back yet. But back we must go because the incoming freshmen we were leading were due for their welcoming orientation. What if we just did this? And that was the beginning of my thru-hiking dreams. I kept playing with the day dream and then this year I realized, wait a minute… I could totally do this. This trail goes from Mexico to Canada, entering six different North American ecozones and passing through the whole length of my home state of California.

The following year I worked in New England as an environmental educator and outdoor educator with Christodora and this year in San Francisco I work as an education specialist for Save Nature teaching conservation science and as a sales specialist at REI. And now I am heading off, to immerse myself in the world of nature and biology, a world I have loved since childhood and a world fear is too often forgotten.

I am heading off to do a very simple thing—I am off heading off to walk. I'm 22 years young from a small town in the great state of Alabama, home of my momma, the greatest college football program ever Roll Tide , and some of the dankest BBQ you'll ever have the privelege of gnawing on.

My community is unlike any place I've been in America. We express a genuine interest in the wellbeing of our neighbors, and as cliche as it might sound, we'd give the shirts off our backs to ANYONE in need. I should feel right at home in the AT community. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving something in its place I have traded for it.

I want it to be gain, not loss — good, not evil. Success, not failure in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it. You can call me Roo, shirt for Ruby Throat. If you see someone smelling wild roses and marveling at flamboyant fungi along the way, that will be me.

Please visit me at rubythroatjournal. I'm Joe "EarthTone" Harold. I have always had an interest in the outdoors and backpacking. That interest has morphed into an obsession with the A. I'm a 30 year veteran of the U. Coast Guard and have just finished up as the Manager at the A.

Museum in Gardners, PA. You can also follow my life adventures at my personal blog: Hey guys- my names Liz. I once gave a snack bag to an Irish man, who was hiking the Appalachian Trail. It changed my life.

I'm settled cozy in Southern Maine, and engaged to my best friend! Yoga, reiki, rivers and mountains soothe my soul, but cider and icecream also help with that. I have dreams of hiking the trail and living in the woods. I thru hiked the PCT in I'm a hiker, boulderer and aspiring filmmaker currently working in digital. I live in London, UK so my journey to the trailhead was a long one and planning for my hike was been a complicated affair at times.

I'll be writing about my experiences as an international hiker and as a solo female hiker. On a normal day you can find me either in a tree, field, or forest, most likely being a total goofball and making horrible puns.

Although I have zero experience with backcountry cooking, I'll be constructing all my own meals and food drops due to food allergies. Looking forward to the quiet of the woods, the simplicity of living out of a backpack, my legs as my vehicle, and doing more with less. Ann Arbor, MI to be exact. T starting March 1st, I am hiking to raise money for the National Brain Tumor Society in honor of my father who has brain cancer. Before I do that I am finishing up a business degree from Hope College.

After finishing the AT, I pursued my goal of spending my life outside by becoming a guide for a wilderness therapy program. Despite living in the woods for a living, the lure of thru hiking has persisted. Stay tuned for more adventures to come!

Im Erick but you can just call me Styles. I live in a small 45 min outside of Boston, MA. My love for hiking and just being outside all started when i was young after climbing Mt. I first heard the trail call my name shortly after graduating high school, and after just a few weekend hikes, I could no longer keep myself from a thru-hike.

Between medical waivers and appeals for the Navy, being called in for 14 hour shifts at a gas station, and all the other stresses of the daily grind, a 2, mile hike sounds like a great break.

My wife and I are into long distance cycling and trail running. Wilderness conservation and environmental justice are my passion. Building an environmental ethos in my students, as well as getting them out into the wild, gives me meaning. Hiking the AT has literally been a goal of mine since I was in elementary school.

This thru-hike will be an opportunity to share the wild with my students back in AZ, push myself physically, do an adventure with my wife, and be in the wilderness in the way it always transforms me.

I am a 23 year old kid born and raised in South Bend, IN. Graduated college in and survived 2 months in an accounting internship. Since then I haven't spent more than 5 weeks in the same state. I am addicted to road trips and have been to 49 states in my 93 Buick help me get her to Hawaii.

I make money when I am home by substitute teaching and scalping tickets at every Notre Dame football game. I love having fun, playing games, helping others and listening to good stories.

My best friend rose from the grave one time true story. I am hiking the Appalachian Trail NoBo starting March 26th and taking a couple weeks off the trail in May to go on a mission trip to Guatemala to help some children there currently accepting financial support.

I'm a 67 year old retiree from a long career in the Oil and Natural Gas industry. I am a native Oklahoman, I have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

I have always been more comfortable in the woods than any other place. I love God and all kinds of outdoor activities, I hunt, fish, kayak, play golf, hike, camp and enjoy God's creation. I first caught the thru hiking bug back in during a 10 day section hike through the Saddlebacks and Bigelows. Since then I have had the opportunity to hike the mile wilderness, portions of the White Mountains, the whole of Georgia, and countless other mountains on both the east and west coast.

I return to the trail because of the serenity and non-aggression. I am a happy guy by nature and the AT provides an escape from all things stress, politics, and judgement. I'm ready to leave my worries at the doorstep, and live life out on the loose for a bit. I love trees, Harry Potter, summer camp, donuts, airports, dogs, lists, and just about ten-million other things.

I'm taking a semester off from college to thru-hike and figure out where I'm supposed to go next. At present, I live in Washington state and I work as an occupational therapist. I am a lover of documentaries, peppermint everything, my sweet dog, and early bedtimes. Louise our dog is such a joy, but she won't be coming along with us. My wanderlust is the product of being raised in the military; I don't think I will ever see enough places or meet enough people. My husband had the hare-brained idea to hike the Appalachian Trail I took that idea and ran with it.

Follow along with our adventure! Hey there, nice to see you here.

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