Ultimate Guide to SPECTRE (Bond 24) Products and Locations

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These Tom Ford Henry glasses are available on Amazon. Madeleine Swann is wearing a pair of Persol sunglasses. In one of the first set photos from a shoot on December 15th, when Bond is riding on a speedboat on the River Thames together with Bill Tanner played by Rory Kinnear , we can see Bond wear a navy Tom Ford overcoat , navy scarf, and necktie which are probably Tom Ford. The blue dress shirt and black shoes are not yet identified. The grey trousers could be part of a Tom Ford suit.

Looking closely at the cuffs of the blue dress shirt, we can just see a pair of black round cufflinks with the initials "JB". The cufflinks seem to have the same design on both sides. The cufflinks may have been made by Tom Ford, just like he did for SkyFall , when he created a very limited set of cufflinks featuring James Bond's family crest and motto "Orbis Non Sufficit".

Those cufflinks were also black, round and double sided. On some photos from the Mexico pre-title sequence it looks like Bond wears the same cufflinks, but this is not confirmed yet. The black gloves don't seem to be from Dents the gloves worn in SkyFall , but it was suggested these could be from Mulberry. The shoes include the Camberley in black calf, Alex in black calf, Northcote in black wax calf, Norwich in black calf, Radnor in black calf and Swansea in dark brown suede.

The Sanders Chukka boot was made famous by Steve McQueen, the movie star and style icon that has inspired Daniel Craig in some of his personal clothing choices as well. The colour of the Chukka boot in the film looks like either Chocolate Suede or the slighly lighter Snuff Suede. We will see Bond wear N. Peal cashmere sweater, the same model that he wore in the movie SkyFall. On the teaser poster released in March, Bond is wearing an N.

Peal sweater that will almost certainly be seen in the film as well. The sweater is the N. The sweater is available on the N. Bond will also wear an N. White in the cabin in Austria. This sweater can be ordered now on the N. He wears a Dior Homme jacket with the sweater, and yet unidentified trousers, beanie hat and Agnelle gloves.

In the trailer at 1m27 and one of the new released stills see image above we can just spot Bond wearing another N. Peal sweater, confirmed by N. Peal to be the N. This is the sweater worn by Bond underneath his Tom Ford snow jacket, when he meets Madeleine Swann at the Hoffler Klinik and later in the action scenes in Austria. The blue peacoat style jacket with zipper and zipper at the sleeves worn by with the grey N. This jacket is currently impossible to find anywhere.

The Bond Experience has found on of the 20 jackets ever made, watch the video here. James Bond wears this blue jacket on the boat on the lake in Austria and when he meets Mr. White at the cabin in the mountains next to the lake. Together with the N.

The jacket features a two-way front zip closure, hand pockets and zip cuffs. This jacket has just been re-released, but most sizes are out of stock again. Daniel Craig left wearing the John Varvatos jacket product image on the right over the N. In the same outfit, Craig wears Sanders Chukka Boots. The trousers are not yet identified. Q wears a Canada Goose Como Parka the film itself. The same jacket was worn in London during some shoots in May. In the final film there is one Canada Goose jacket: On photos released by the Daily Mail and Bond Bulletin , Bond can be seen crashing an airplane and running with a weapon in his hand.

The jacket is a Tom Ford Bomber jacket and already selling out fast, but available at Tom Ford boutiques and online at Harrods. The sunglasses in the pictures are only worn in between takes and will not be seen in the film, although he will wear Vuarnet goggles in the film as can be seen in the first official SPECTRE image below:.

This is very cool, adding to Bond's retro look of his slim fit snow outfit. Vuarnet has just released a similar pair called the Vuarnet Glacier. The navy zipper jacket with ribbed front is a Tom Ford bomber jacket - read more.

Pants with button on side pocket are also from Tom Ford - read more about the trouwens or get them on Harrods. Agnelle Gloves The gloves are Agnelle leather gloves, read more here. The boots are Danner Mountain Light II 5 Black boots the same brand but different model boots he wore at the photocall and they have black anti-slip grips or ice cleats with steel spikes the rubber with yellow circles and metal spikes although these are not seen in the film.

If these products will actually make it in to the final film is not yet known. Read more about the Sunspel announcement in this news article. If any of the Globe-Trotter products will be seen in SPECTRE is not yet officially announced, but it is very likely that the brown suitcase, seen on one of the recent promotional images, is a Globe-Trotter case. Bond's case looks like a Globe-Trotter Original Brown suitcase. Matchless On the same image see above , Mr.

Hinx is wearing a soon to be launched Matchless jacket, according to Matchless. Matchless revealed in September that James Bond himself wears a suede Matchless jacket in Morocco, in the first scenes when he arrives in Morocco and later again in one of the train scenes.

Read more about that jacket here. In a funeral scene filmed in Rome on February 19th see photos on ComingSoon. The color of the sunglasses is said to be Shiny Black 05B although now also claimed to be Havana 52N. Read more about the glasses here. More photos and details can be seen in these photos on Daily Mail. Monica Bellucci is wearing black Christian Louboutin Bianca suede knee-high boots note the red sole , knee-length black dress and black jacket and hat.

In new photos from the set we can see many new details. James Bond wears a Tom Ford navy three-piece Windsor suit. The jacket has peak lapels, double pockets and one vent in the back. The white shirt has a collar pin and turnback cuffs thanks to Suits of James Bond for spotting that, read a detailed description of the suit on TheSuitsOfJamesBond.

Black round cufflinks can be spotted on the white dress shirt, which might be the same JB cufflinks seen on Bond in London. These shoes are not produced anymore, and can't be found online at the moment. Q wears the "Rise" model.

Q's jacket is the Billy Reid Astor wool-blended tweed coat. The Astor jacket can now be ordered on the Billy Reid website. The dress can be spotted in the trailer and one of the new stills when we see Swann in the restaurant car of the train.

The colour sometimes looks green, and sometimes blue, but according to new information from Ghost the colour is Dusty Green.

You can change your order to the new colour if you already ordered a Silver Lake version, just contact Ghost customer service. Madeleine Swann wears David Deyong earrings with this dress read more.

Get the dress at JohnLewis. Update 26 december She also wears these shoes, but in the colour Champagne Glitter, with the Ghost Salma dress in the train scene. Another official partner is Sony Electronics and Sony Mobile. It is likely we will see James Bond using another Sony Xperia mobile phone and maybe an Xperia Tablet and if Sony wants to put all their mobile devices in the film, maybe even a smart watch probabaly not worn by Bond though, as he will wear Omega.

Other possible electronics might include Sony cameras and Sony TVs. Maybe we will see him in a Burberry trench-coat, the item the brand is most famous for, but it could be another piece of clothing. This gun has a double barrel. The weapon can be spotted in the Mr. Hinx image released by Empire magazine on February 26th, and also in the Behind The Scenes video released on the same day. James Bond also a Matchless suede jacket, see it here.

This brand new Aston Martin model is exclusively made for the film and only 10 cars will be built for the film.

The car will be driven by James Bond and will almost certainly feature several exciting gadgets. The Aston Martin can be seen in action in this YouTube video with footage from the set at Blenheim Palace , and it was also spotted for several car chase scenes on the streets of Rome.

See video footage of the Aston in the chase here. The car was already spotted in Rome , where a chase was filmed between the Jaguar and Bond's Aston Martin DB10 see photos on the Daily Mail and the official video blog with spectacular footage here. The choice for a Jaguar is a logical one as Le Chiffre and Mr.

The choice for a C-X75 is also an odd one though, because this car was a prototype and never made it to production. But since Bond's Aston Martin DB10 in the movie is also more like a prototype and not a production model yet , it would be an equal opponent. The C-X75 will be powered by an F-type sourced 5-litre V8 as opposed to the concept car's original four-pot hybrid powertrain.

Read more about the Jaguar C-X75 announcement. See video footage of the Jaguar in the chase with the Aston Martin here. During filming in London on 7 June , Christoph Waltz was spotted getting in and out of a dark green Rolls-Royce Phantom, going to or coming from his Aerospatiale helicopter which was also on set.

The car is not visible in the final film. In a shot in the music video Writing's On The Wall , we can see a vintage red and black Rolls-Royce driving through the desert. It is a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith from as Bond mentions in the film , in two-tone burgundy red and black. A Rolls-Royce driving through the Moroccan?

The car is used in the scenes filmed in Austria as can be seen in the Behind The Scenes video. The SVR is an extremely powerful and fast version of the 'regular' Sport model.

Read more about the SVR. The cars included five Range Rover Sport models and had been specially customised for the Bond film. The cars were going to be used in sequences filmed in the Austrian Alps. Range Rover New Discovery In scenes filmed in London in May , a grey Range Rover New Discovery was spotted with and without camera rig mounted on top so we can assume that it will make an appearance in the film.

In the first behind the scenes footage , we can see two Big Foots and a Range Rover speeding through the snow. The exact model variant of the plane is not yet identified yet.

The plane is black or navy and the registration number is "OE-FZO" thanks to Ian for the alert as can be seen in this video. This model is made by British company and in real life the aircraft is also used by the British Army and Police forces in the United Kingdom, so it would make sense if the plane in the story is property of MI6.

But it is also possible that Bond takes control of an enemy plane, so we will have to wait and see. Joseph Dempsey thanks to Frank Anderson for the alert. Read more about the Bollinger limited edition bottles here.

Belvedere will promote the film and the vodka in their new "Excellent Choice, Mr. It is likely that James Bond will drink a "shaken, not stirred" martini, created with Belvedere vodka in SPECTRE , but if the brand and bottle will be mentioned by name or be visible in the film is not yet known.

Two Limited Edition Belvedere bottles were released to celebrate the announcement of the partnership and more merchandise items might follow. In September the first limited edition bottles are available for sale, and an advertising campaign was launched starring Bond Girl Stephanie Sigman. Available from September at retailers around the world, the collector's item will be released in 70cl , 75cl, 1L and 1. You might be able to find the Belvedere bottles in a retailer near you, and more online stores will offer the bottles soon as well.

The collaboration between Bond and The Macallan is also being continued. The collaboration between Bond and Heineken is also being continued. The bottle can clearly be spotted in the hotel room at Hotel L'Americain in Tangier, Morocco, and Bond even uses the beer to discover a secret. The bottle is sitting on a table of some extras. Daniel Craig hasn't been seen on skis yet in his Bond films. If the scene will actually take place in Austria, or if the location doubles for a location in another country is not yet known.

Road up at the Glacier, road tunnel at the Glacier 07 - 10 Jan. Road up at the Glacier, road tunnel at the Glacier 09 - 17 Feb. Road up at the Glacier, road tunnel at the Glacier. See the photos and see which clothes they are wearing in this article. It is not likely that any of these clothes will be seen in the film, but it's possible. Earlier some temporary buildings were already built just for the movie, which will be used for filming in On 15 December , Daniel Craig was spotted filming some scenes in London.

In the scene, Bond is wearing a navy coat, navy scarf, a light blue dress shirt, grey trousers, black leather shoes, black leather gloves. More filming will take place on Westminster Bridge in June , indicating that something will happen on or around this bridge in the film.

Bond is wearing a striped dressing gown, while looking down from the apartment onto the street, while Moneypenny is wearing a blue coat, blue dress and blue shoes. In the apartment we might see the book "Birds of the West Indies".

We can see the book on a promotional teaser image from SPECTRE , which is taken in the apartment or a studio made too look like the apartment. This is a real book written by James Bond. Ian Fleming knew this book well and took the name of his spy hero from this book.

Another edition of the same book can be seen in Die Another Day After the attack on MI6, one of the few things that survives is the Royal Doulton figurine.

It was damaged, but the pieces were glued together and once more it stands proudly on M's new desk. M bequeathes the statue to Bond, who didnt particularly like the statue, after her tragic death. A special SkyFall edition of the Jack bulldog was released in , which was very popular and sold out quickly, even after several re-releases in and Also available on Amazon.

The Aston Martin was spotted filming an action scene on the location see video on YouTube and spectacular footage of the chase in this video blog , and the Jaguar was seen parked next to a Bugatti EB in the parking lot where the luxury cars are parked. The location is doubling for a location in or near Rome , as some of the cars have Italian Roman license plates.

A partly covered up model of the Jaguar XJ was also spotted, this could either be the car of just one of the guests, but it could also indicate a visit of M who drove an XJ-L in SkyFall. According to first reports, a Fiat might also be used.

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