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October 16th, at 8: The Iron Cross bet consists of a one unit place or pass line bet on the 5, 6 and 8 plus a one unit field bet. Everything was done exactly how I was told and when I was told. On the other hand, a seven appeared results in losses of all your four bets at once. Wanting to give the research a decent test, I continued to bet the Iron Cross every time my point was a 5. The high winning roulette is one of the features cross are considered as the biggest advantages of the betting system.

How to Play the Iron Cross Craps System

Field Bets and Place Bets

The real question is "Who is that redhead Dr. Johnny is using as his avatar? She's one of my Facebook friends. I remember when she used to deal at the Golden Gate. Heavy , Jul 14, Nov 25, Messages: Jul 4, Messages: I believe there are 11 numbers.

It seems like you would win alot, especially with only losing on only 3 numbers SevenOut, Aug 23, Nov 9, Messages: I always have a pair of dice handy. So, I made some room on my desk and did some shooting: Is the Iron Cross set up and working on the Come Out? If so, those could hurt with my 7 front line winners.

Two points were made, the 5 and 6. Where I am scratching fleas is with this If you win so much with "play money" why hedge? Or is this theory still and the confidence is to arrive, be worked upon or is this System ready to take to a Craps Table? The Point, a number and Seven Out is a real hit in the bankroll. It takes a number of hits to regain the bankroll left on the table after a Seven Out.

This is where your gain percentage is taken to the landfill. A long roll is sweet and bringing in fresh chips into the bankroll. Your Iron Cross is killed with a short session. Do you play the Pass Line? Do you have the Field bet and have it working on the Come Out Roll? Just a lot of loose ends. You are working on this the way anyone would test out an idea. The Iron Cross has been around since the ending of the Bronze Age and I have yet to see anyone squeeze out a profit by staying at the table too long.

The last I watched was at the Venetian in Las Vegas. He was getting ahead and then would miss the Field Bet with a 5, 6, 8 or 7 being rolled when he was trying to double up to Martingale his previous loss. He did not play the Field every time but by impulse, which is as good as any other way. I am curious how money on the cloth will provide for you.

There are several IC players on the Forum and I am sure they are anxious for you to play your cash and let us know how it all worked out. Find that table and hit the long shots. SevenOut , Aug 23, Finally got around to using my Iron Cross at the tables. Can't wait until I go again! TheRedOne, Sep 23, Aug 10, Messages: TheRedOne , Sep 23, The Midnight Skulker, Sep 23, The Midnight Skulker , Sep 23, Grizzoola, Sep 23, Nov 22, Messages: Any system can "work," including the 5-Count, if you "know" when not to bet.

The trick is in "knowing" when not to bet. But each roll occurs in a different proportion, so let's multiply by the ' Roll Frequency ' column to yield the ' Pro-rated profit ' column above. Remember, however, that in order to be counted as a win in the amount in the " Profit per Roll" column, we need to take the bet down.

What we are doing in reality is collecting our winnings and bet and then replacing the bet. The New Bets After Roll column in the following table details these amounts. Divide these two, and we get an actual casino edge of 3. Using Smart Craps and script betting, the Iron Cross betting scheme can be modeled.

After 10 millions execution rounds, the empirical edge is Not sure this approach makes sense? If you came directly here and bypassed the proof above, you either completely trust me, or you get lost easily in math and charts and tables.

Either way, the results are accurate. We surmised early on that the house edge for the Iron Cross bet would be between 1. Lets check the answer to the original question. Even though you are getting paid on 30 out of 36 rolls, the "tax" on those winnings amounts to about 2 times as much money. This is not a good bet. No matter how tempting is may be prudent players will avoid it. In the next installment on the Iron Cross I will look at what happens when you vary the amounts bet on the individual components of the Iron Cross.

I will also show the effect on the house edge of varying degrees of dice control and various betting combinations. The results should prove interesting to you. Get all the latest updates and events from GTC, including information on current craps and dice control seminars.

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Sounds like an ideal situation, doesnt it? And it would be, were it not for the fact that when you throw the 7, you lose all your bets. This much we know: The 6 and 8 have a 1.

The field bet has a 5. Alright, if you are still with me, here comes the technical stuff. First, what do we mean by house edge? The simple to understand definition is: Sum of all profit or loss Sum of all bets made Next, we need to come up with a way to apply this to the Iron Cross betting scheme. Let's look at the problem on a per roll basis:

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