If you are holding Aces, you would rather see a "dry board" - something like 2s-7c-Qd. For example, vs a tight opponent, a board consisting of high, suited, connected cards is wet, but not necessarily so for an opponent who is very loose. I'd say it's better though to consider wetness as "always relative to an opponents range". Yeah, it's kind of arbitrary semantics, but from a teaching perspective texture comes way before ranges at least a deep understanding , so it might be overload to take what is essentially "How scary is this board? Wet board is oftentimes called draw board as well. Pokerglobal uses cookies, this enables us to provide you with a personalised experience. Sign up using Email and Password.

What Does Wet Board Mean?

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What does the term "wet board" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "wet board"? In poker, a "wet board" refers to a board in which the community cards give numerous possibilities for straights or flushes. For instance, let's say that the board reads 5c-6c-7s after the flop. This is a "wet board", as there are obviously possibilities for straights and flush draws.

Wetness is relative to the opponents range. This is important when considering how to proceed against specific opponents, as the same board isn't wet for all types of opponents. For example, vs a tight opponent, a board consisting of high, suited, connected cards is wet, but not necessarily so for an opponent who is very loose. This is after consideration of the width of an opponents likely range.

A wet board is a board with many possible straights, flushes, straight and flush draws, and 2 pair hands that make sense. Plenty of suited one and two-gappers also have a lot of equity.

In contrast, a flop of Ks9d6c is very dry - the only big draw is 78, and 2 pair is fairly unlikely although many otherwise tight recreational players will play A wet board is one on which a single pair is not a significant favorite against a significant portion of a non-air range. For example, on [Tc 9c 7d] continuing ranges that hit do not contain significant sub-ranges which are huge underdogs to any single-pair hand.

This is not true for a board like [7h 2d 2c] on which hands like , comprising a fair amount of continuing hands, have poor equity versus a better pair.

I don't like defining wetness relative to a situation-specific range since it makes sense to speak about how your opponent perceives the board texture to have connected with your own range the texture can thus be wet even though Villain's action-inferred range does not connect.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is a 'wet board'? AlG 1, 11 It is worth noting that just as one might suspect, the opposite of a wet board is a dry board e. Specifically, there are three things to consider when judging the wetness of a board, Highness Aces, Kings, Queens, The higher the cards, the wetter the board.

Suitedness Monotone or all one suit; Two-Tone; or 'Rainbow' noting all different suits. A board of Ace, King, Queen, is very coordinated. A board of King, 7, 2, is wholly uncoordinated. Jeffrey Blake 4, 1 16 A paired board is usually considered fairly dry - opponent is less likely to have hit it because there are fewer outstanding cards that hit, and there can't be a flopped straight or flush and even JJT doesn't offer as many straight draws as JT9.

Chris Marasti-Georg 3, 2 18

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