If my motherboard has 4 ram slots, can I use only 2 sticks?

Something always explained here If you use 8gb and you have 16gb it won't make any difference. I run ram in my Ivy Bridge i7 because it was slightly cheaper than the when I bought it. Or does it use equal amounts from all sticks totaling 8gb? If you add more memory, then you'll be less drive intensive because you'll have more memory for cache. Generally you should go with fewer modules as long as it's a multiple of the number needed for full bandwidth. My i7 has a tri-channel controller, so I add memory is sets of 3.

Use Crucial online tool

Examine the motherboard

Using all 4 slots also makes adding more memory more costly. If you can get the system with 2 ram modules, thats what I would get. Nenu , Feb 18, Feb 18, 3. Just has to be super stable, because it is running all day. Feb 18, 4. Nenu beats me to it. Too slow to type. I don't think you would see much of a difference if any unless you are overclocking. Are you sure 2gb is enough for what you will be doing with this machine? I would go with 2x1b because it is cheaper and it allows you to upgrade to 4gb without having to toss away smaller ram sticks.

Feb 18, 5. Well, 4 sticks would use a little bit more power. Insignificant, yes but for the sake of argument In addition it can limit your upgrade choices down the line - if all things were equal I would choose 2 vs 4 sticks. Feb 18, 6. There's no meaningful performance difference.

You'll want the two 1GB parts because that leaves two more slots open for future expansion. Feb 18, 7. Feb 18, 8. If you add more memory, then you'll be less drive intensive because you'll have more memory for cache. Feb 18, 9. Feb 18, I am using 2 RAM stick, where do I put em? Why is it bad to use 4 sticks of ram in a 4 slot motherboard? I cant find a decently priced 2gb ram on single stick for asus mobo wid 4 g supported but only 2 slots?

Can 2 stick of ram work on a 4 slot board? Socket motherboard with 4 ram slots? Just build gaming PC. Hooked it up to screen and not even bios is showing? My HP Mini is not working always. I am told the bridge ac s are not always working. Replacing the motherboard is the option. My computer is getting very hot. How do you reboot a computer after installing a new hard drive? Need help with a possible cpu problem on a brand new build?

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