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You'll learn everything you need to know about roulette. My course is complete. Even if you have never played the game, you will become a pro in just a short time.

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With the Power of This Strategy You Are Favored to Win! This strategy can be used on any roulette wheel. You can put the power of Target Roulette to work wherever you find a roulette game.

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How about single-zero European roulette? The Target Roulette Strategy unerringly zeros in on the Key Numbers, so that you will start winning immediately. Given the way roulette is played, there is nothing the casinos can do to prevent you from winning with this strategy.

And once you start winning, you can take huge amounts of cash from the casinos! With a win rate of Can you think of anything else with a win rate this high?

Try speculating in the stock market. Or how about baseball? Can you imagine a player with a batting average of ? With this powerful strategy working for you, you can walk up to any roulette wheel and start winning large amounts of money in a very short period of time. Pick your favorite casino. Or the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. You can use this system and win in Mississippi. In New Mexico, Nevada and Missouri. Do you like to travel?

All of your vacations can be paid for using this incredible winning strategy. Visit Antigua or Aruba in the Caribbean. How about Gibraltar or Luxembourg?

Why not plan a trip to Monaco and pay for it with your roulette winnings? If you want to go a different direction, you can play in New Zealand or Australia.

The casinos "down under" are excellent for using this strategy! You can even use the Target Roulette Strategy against the Internet casinos. Every roulette wheel, even the computer driven games online, will reveal its key numbers to you and give you the exact information you need to start beating the game! Once you decide where you want to play, you will know exactly what to do. This powerful strategy will guide you every step of the way. You will know exactly how much to buy-in for roulette play.

Your bets will be automatic, guided by the target strategy. You will know exactly which bets to make as the "Key Numbers" are revealed to you. I have been trying for years to find a dependable way to make money at home and this is it! Thank you for your excellent strategy!

Let me show you just how easy this is. My average session lasted only 15 minutes. As you can see, the power of this system is very strong. I haven't found an easier or more effective way of beating casinos than using this system to target and beat the roulette wheels! When you use this incredible targeting approach, you will feel like you have clairvoyant powers, as wager after wager wins.

Many dealers will shake their heads in amazement as you win bet after bet. This strategy is so effective that it simply overcomes the house edge in this game! Occasionally, the house will win.

No system is perfect. However, the losses will be small and infrequent. You will easily make up for any losses with the almost never-ending stream of winning sessions. You must have this system now! I have put together all of the winning information you need in a fact-filled manual.

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You get a full year to try it out at my risk. If Target Roulette somehow fails you and it hasn't failed to perform yet , just send me an e-mail and I'll make sure that you are refunded every penny you paid - promptly and courteously!

However, if you are still not convinced, and you'd like to read more about how others have done using this system, just keep reading. How It All Started. I thought you might like to know about the origin of the Target Roulette Strategy. I discovered this system several years ago when I met Andrew Devereau to review his new roulette system. Andrew has created several winning strategies for roulette I published an earlier strategy of Andrew's called The Wheel of Fortunes.

We met strictly for the purpose of reviewing his latest creation which he promised is "unbelievably reliable. I don't normally go out of my way to seek out and meet with persons who create and sell gambling systems. Many of the systems are fraudulently presented, or at best, are just untested theories that don't work as promised. I made an exception in meeting Andrew because of his reputation. He is not a gambling system peddler by trade - he works as an aerospace engineer.

When he met me, he was not particularly interested in selling his system to anyone. He was using the system himself and making a darned good side income playing roulette. This was before online casinos had proliferated and he confined his play to Las Vegas casinos, since he lives in Phoenix and Las Vegas is only a short drive north. Andrew wanted me to help him evaluate his system.

He had accumulated a lot of data from playing games in Las Vegas casinos and he wanted to go a step further and have it professionally evaluated. Since I formed Silverthorne Publications in , my major focus has been to find or develop promising gambling strategies and release the handful that can pass a battery of tests I use.

Andrew was seeking my services with his system. I first evaluated his system for logic, consistency and reliability. I do this using a battery of tests, including computer-simulated games. If a system can get past these tests most don't , then I will consider the system for casino play. Even passing the initial tests doesn't guarantee that I will ever use the system in a casino. For instance, I can name half a dozen systems that are consistent and reliable enough but they fail in other areas.

I won't accept any system that: Requires standing around recording decisions and then jumping in for a few bets.

Doesn't win enough per hour to make it worthwhile. Is too complicated to use and requires the extensive use of paper and pencil just to figure out how to use it. Requires betting a large amount in exchange for a small win.

Can only be used during unusual circumstances, meaning that the user will spend most of his time just observing. Can't produce wins in a short-time period on a consistent basis. Andrew's system passed all of the initial tests. I fact, I was so impressed with it that I immediately tried the system in a local casino. I am pleased to report that the system performed just as well for me as it had for Andrew.

Now I faced a dilemma. Testing, Testing and More Testing. I was convinced that the Target Roulette Strategy was filled with promise.

But I needed help desperately to help evaluate it. You see, based on my preliminary tests of the strategy, I had worked out a deal with Andrew to distribute a limited number of copies of the system. Now I had boxed myself into a corner. Because of other commitments, there was no way that I could play this system enough to ensure that it was everything it appeared to be. Yet I needed to test the system a lot more before I could be certain that it performed well in all conditions.

That's when a bit of luck helped me out. I ran into an old friend, Jim K. He was heading to Biloxi, Mississippi, with his wife for her high school reunion.

He told me he really dreaded the trip, because he had agreed to stay for five days and he knew that June, his wife would kill him if he didn't go. Yet her plans consisted of "almost endless visiting with old friends" as he put it, and he really wasn't up for it.

I made a suggestion. It will give you something to do every day and a way to make a little money at the same time. I knew I had his attention. I explained about the roulette project. A smile filled his face as we concocted a plan. He would go with June to some of her social events, including the reunion itself. The rest of the time he would work for me as an official "roulette system tester. Jim said he really looked forward to telling June's friends what he was up to.

Jim was one of several of my group of friends who helped me out with the testing. It was an unusual way to gather statistics on the roulette system, but it worked.

Each tester played the system in accordance with exact instructions. Complete information was recorded, including the average win per coup, the percent of attempted coups won, the percent of games won and lost, the average win per hour, the bankroll used and many, many more items of information that were very necessary to complete my evaluation of this system.

Are you curious how well Jim did? Here's a brief summary of four days play in Biloxi casinos: If you've already decided to take me up on this Risk-Free Offer, click here now and you can have the Target Roulette Manual in your hands five minutes from now! However, if you're not yet convinced, and you'd like to read more about the specific strategies you'll learn in my course, just keep reading.

The typical roulette system is strictly what I call "a mechanical system. Over the past couple of hundred years, there have been dozens of these systems created for roulette. There is even one system with the colorful name "Oscar's Grind. Some of these systems are better than others, but they all eventually lose and you cannot become a consistent winner with any of them.

There is another school of thought that entails finding a biased roulette wheel. This has been called the "scientific approach" to roulette. Please don't be fooled by its name. The so-called scientific approach entails Wheel Clocking a roulette wheel. The idea is to find a roulette wheel that is out of balance or has some other defect that causes some numbers to appear more often that others.

To be reasonably sure that a wheel is biased, you should record a minimum of spins. In the United States, with an average spin rate of spins per hour, this would take you about eight hours. At the slower European rate of 40 spins an hour, accumulating the information on spins will take about 20 hours.

After taking a sample, there are methods you can use to determine if the frequency of a number is statistically significant, indicating some bias towards that number. Obviously this approach applies only to mechanical wheels and is not valid for the virtual roulette games in online casinos. It is also a fairly painful way to earn a living.

Of course, you could hire assistants to clock wheels for you and only call you when a biased wheel is found. Many times a signal of bias will turn out to be false and you will gain no advantage at all using this approach.

As you may have guessed by now, I don't have much patience with using wheel clocking to find and play a biased wheel. And we know that the mechanical betting systems will not win on their own.

There has to be a better way. Fortunately there is a better system. That system is Target Roulette. And with this approach, you are not limited to only real roulette wheels. The same principles work with virtual or software created roulette wheels. Instead of observing for hours, you just watch a few spins or even use the display boards that many casinos have for their roulette wheels. Every table will produce numbers of the short-term in an unevenly distributed way.

And, using the Target Roulette approach you can gain what I call an "unfair advantage" over the casinos. If you decide to claim Target Roulette and download this information in the next five minutes, you should know what you are getting. First, you can feel confident that the information you will receive is complete.

It is not some "teaser" designed to upgrade you to something more expensive. Second - and much more important, because this information has been restricted, very few persons are privy to its exclusive targeting approach. From high-end multi-performer stage shows to interactive walkabout acts, to incredible live musicians and bands, to acts that embrace and utilise the latest technology — entertainment specialists Scarlett Entertainment will have something for you.

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