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Milwaukee Chicago, IL The Barton Family Foundation was established in to support charities within the congressman's district. Archived from the original on July 25, January 30, at January 26, at 8:

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Carol Stream, IL Mount Prospect, IL Caseys Gen Store S. Fairfield Quick Shop N. Oak Park Gas Mart Inc. Oak Park, IL Medford Food Mart N. Archer Ave Chicago, IL Roosevelt Rd Westchester, IL One Stop Food and Liquor N. International Foods W. Farm Fresh of Carterville N. Division St Carterville, IL Several research reports had found that exporting the glut of shale oil would ultimately lower U. Barton has sought to permit online poker , and regulate it on a federal level.

We knew the president, if we could get a repeal bill to his desk, would almost certainly veto it. This time we knew if it got to the president's desk it would be signed. Barton voted against Hurricane Harvey relief in Barton supported President Donald Trump 's Executive Order banning entry to the United States by nationals of seven Muslim-majority nations. In November , Barton called on the House leadership to pass naturalization legislation for children who came across the border illegally with their parents.

In , Barton ran in the special election for the U. Senate seat vacated by the resignation of Lloyd Bentsen , who became United States Secretary of the Treasury in the Clinton administration. Barton finished third in the contest, behind state treasurer Kay Bailey Hutchison and Senator Bob Krueger , thus missing a runoff slot.

He divided the more conservative vote in that election with House colleague Jack Fields of Houston. The Barton Family Foundation was established in to support charities within the congressman's district.

Major energy corporations, such as the Chicago-based nuclear energy producer, Exelon Corporation, make major gifts to the Foundation. In November , nude selfie pictures of Barton surfaced online, which he acknowledged were authentic, and which he apologized for to his constituents. An anonymous woman said that she had received the selfie and other explicit images from Barton, but had not been the person who posted any of them on the internet.

She also shared with the Washington Post a recorded phone call in which Barton warned her against using the explicit materials "in a way that would negatively affect my career", threatening to report her to the Capitol Police if she did so. A week later a second woman, Kelly Canon, a board member of the Arlington Republican Club and a member of the Republican Women of Arlington who is a constituent of Barton's, shared a series of messages — some with sexual overtones — that Barton had sent to her.

I am not thinking good thoughts at this moment A third woman, Cheryl Small, said on November 30, , that Barton had sex with her multiple times in his Ennis office while he was married.

His second ex-wife said: I guess I was more surprised that some of these ladies finally came forward. While Barton had no plans to resign immediately, according to a spokeswoman, [] and initially had said that he would run for reelection in , a number of state and local politicians indicated that they might challenge him in the election for his seat.

Randy Bellomy, Chairman of the Ellis County Republican Party, said "His lifestyle is inconsistent with Republican ideals, and he has brought disgrace not only to Ellis County and the 6th Congressional District, but also to the people of Texas and this great nation. We should all think very hard before we post, text or otherwise share anything. It's time to go. He remarried in , and divorced from his second wife Terri in He has four children and five grandchildren.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people with the same name, see Joseph Barton. United States Senate special election in Texas, Energy and Commerce Committee. Retrieved January 30, Republican congressman shouts down a constituent at tense town hall , Retrieved March 15, , ""You, sir, shut up. The crowd responded with a combination of apparent anger and applause, with one attendee screaming: You don't tell anybody to shut up!

You work for us! Joe Barton apologizes after lewd photo surfaces," Fox News. I will not seek re-election". Retrieved November 30, Archived from the original on Archived from the original PDF on Archived from the original on May 4, Joe Barton on GOP primary race: Texas Secretary of State. Archived from the original on March 6, Retrieved March 4, Joe Barton's Congressional seat? Retrieved December 17, I will not seek re-election", Dallas News.

Joe Barton faces new primary challenger after sexting revelation," Dallas News. Konni Burton joins Republicans asking U. Maybe there is some loophole they are targeting. Is there any limitation to what the DOJ can seize? For example, does money Ferguson earned as a player or a shareholder before the shady bank dealings happened fall into this category? Or perhaps he could say he reinvested the money when the business was legit into his own poker account, and that those funds should be treated like every other players funds.

Pretty sure the values that the DOJ could seize are dependent on the statutes and the charges. I think that would be true for anyone in any case. What I can say is that the monies we referred to in the article are totally separate from anything CF had in his player account. We referred specifically only to his distributions. Do you think Jesus is a main culprit in all the scheme? You should wake up and realise who are the bad guys in this story.

The government shakedown arm is truly deserving your help? Instead of spending your time researching to snitch you should take some time to see in what country your living and who you are helping with those articles.

My conscience is totally clear sir. Right up to Black Friday, Ferguson had no issues withdrawing tens of millions of dollars. Most players were not as fortunate. The fact that he had neglected to withdraw 14M by BF and agreed to use it for the company to stay afloat does not make him a hero. This was at a time when the true nature of the state of the finances at FTP were a big secret to those of us on the outside looking in and it was well guarded. This was also at a time when we were being told our funds were safe.

If they didnt know this informatio before, they would have found out soon enough. But the poker community likely would not have. There are more things that I do like.

Failure of the company was imminent, with or without BF happening. That should be clear to you by now. I have a soul and a conscience. I sleep fine at night. Wow, does this ever make Ferguson look bad, or perhaps more accurately — shows how bad he was. Had he been smart when the chit hit the fan, he return the money saying something like, I didnt know this was player money.

Take it back, its theirs. Now I hope they string him up by his friggin balls and his beard. Noah or DF, could one of you be so kind as to either verify or falsify the contents of this article? To be fair, there could certainly be more. I am glad that someone is taking the time to put all of the accounting, money movements, and the results of bad management into a coherent framework.

There is the basis for a great book, if not a terrific movie, in this basket of weasels called FullTilt. I dont understand how Phil ivey could be receiving thous a month prior to black friday.

Over 4 year 42 mil the top 15 persons involved made over 40 mil each over 4 years and the top 3 made mil each for million total. The goverment needs to build a prison for them all and also go to jail them selves, Well the way i see it if the doj left well enough alone i would have had a better chance of getting our monies lmfao say by to are money and move on i am only out 78 thousand bye bye dont get to comfortable in a live tourney.

Can anyone confirm this? How much do you want to bet he never declared any of this on his tax returns! I will bet the IRS will be interested in knowing all about these accounts. Still talk about balls of steel, still trying to chase the money when players are owed so much! This article says more good than bad about Chris Ferguson as far as I am concerned or have I misunderstood this article and its contents?

At least he has paid money towards the running costs and possibly some player repayments since BF why havent any of the others. He hasnt takenor received his full share of dividend money whilst all the other shareholders have done so.

Most importantly and highly significantly he has bought out other shareholders and lent some money against their shareholdings. If he did this at inflated valuations of the FTP companies then it strongly suggests to me that he was not aware of the true financial situation at the company and that others namely Ray Bitar hid the true state of affairs from him.

If he knew the company wasnt making sufficient profits to warrant the excessive dividend payments why would he buy out and lend money at a greater than fair rate relative to the true value? Couple this with reports from employees that he appeared to take very little interest in the running of the company and I think it becomes clear that maybe he could just be an innocent victim in all this and has a solid defence against the accusations against him and the uninformed and quite likely unjustified vitriol being directed at him in the above comments.

I believe that this interpretation of the article in relation to Chris Ferguson would be a fairer and more realistic one to draw than the united and universal hatred of him relayed in the comments above. Where you see innocence, I see negligence.

Everyone who took substantial funds from FTP is proportionally guilty and morally responsible for player funds until such time as the players are made whole. The whole article went right over your head. You probably never heard about washing clothes or been to the laundry, or even thought about the laundry process.

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