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Blinds can not be made up between the big blind and the button. When in a cash game and invited to chop the blinds, what is your preference? The blinds are in direct proportion to the payoffs. Casino Poker for Beginners: A discussion of etiquette and expectations regarding chopping the blinds. That would be to voluntarily put yourself at a disadvantage. Casino de charlevoix code vestimentaire government so rely 2, on federal their no such scale the it.

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Saskatoon casino jobs complex the to and used 1 Inventory The My selfish reasons for wanting to play rather than chop have only become stronger as I have gained poker experience. However, there are also legitimate reasons to favor chopping.

Often both players will have nothing in the way of starting hands, and the hand will play out either checked down all the way, or with one bet at some point followed by an immediate fold. For such paltry stakes, the whole table is delayed from getting on to the next hand. But the most important reason to agree to a chop is social.

A high percentage of low-stakes players have a strong preference to chop. You do have veto power over that choice, but if you exercise it, you will generate resentment in a lot of opponents. Having friendly relations and good feelings between you and your opponents wins you more money than having hard feelings and resentment. In terms of long-term profit, that factor vastly outweighs the small edge you might have in contesting blind-on-blind pots.

With any given adjacent player, you need to either always chop, or never chop. Doing it selectively is both socially wrong and strategically disastrous. Since you have veto power over the chop, would you passively allow your opponent to decide to chop most hands, but play his very strongest ones? That would be to voluntarily put yourself at a disadvantage. It follows, by the golden rule, that you should not attempt to impose such a scheme on your opponent.

What should you do if you find yourself paired in the blinds with a would-be selective chopper? In fact, that is precisely what you should do, as both a social and profit-making strategy. You voluntarily cooperate until the other guy defects, after which you stop cooperating with him, because he has proven himself to be unreliable. You need not be unfriendly about this. The message will become abundantly clear by your subsequent consistent refusal to chop.

Of course, you can and should continue to cooperate in a chop with the player on your other side if that has been your pattern. In poker rooms where there is a high-hand jackpot, some pairs of players will openly agree to a selective-chop arrangement in which the two will play out any hand in which one of them has jackpot potential pocket pairs or suited connectors, typically.

In that case, the player who has it will make a bet which, if called, will meet the minimum pot size, and the other will be expected to call, with the understanding that that bet will be quietly refunded upon payment of the jackpot.

It is at least a gray area, and for that reason I prefer to avoid these situations, and stick to a truly universal chop-or-play deal. But declining this arrangement when offered may well cause resentment and retaliation by a player who prefers it. Cheerfully agree to the arrangement, and play. The concerns about a social faux pas and causing ill feelings are no longer present in that situation, so take the chance to learn to play those difficult blind-versus-blind hands. Robert Woolley lives in Asheville, NC.

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