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What might make sense? The underrated hole the Rams will need to fill through all their offseason movement is the one left by Alec Ogletree , the leader. He was inconsistent as a player, but a major piece in a great locker room last year.

If things go a little sideways? Word is the Texans and Jadeveon Clowney are making a lot of progress on a mega-extension. What can the Giants get for Odell Beckham? We wrote earlier in the week that New York should think about dealing the mercurial fifth-year phenom. A first-round pick and something else, which is an immense return for a player that only has one year left on his contract and a full file of problems from his early years in the league.

The Giants drew their line in the sand this week three times over. First, GM Dave Gettleman declined to say a trade was out of the question. Second, it got out that the asking price was two first-round picks. That now becomes the key date. In that circumstance, of course, it would be either pay the guy somewhat blindly, or trade him.

So yes, this is complicated. And April 9 is less than two weeks away. The point made by the half-dozen coaches I spoke with was that no one is coaching anyone to lead with their helmet anymore anyway, and the rules were already set up to punish those kinds of hits. Eagles coach Doug Pederson, who played for over a decade in the league, chalked up player grousing to age, saying that he understands why players have a hard time understanding.

This initiative has been moving towards this for quite some time. And while this change does broaden what can be penalized, it simplifies the guidelines for players. There were a lot of boilerplate answers that came out of the annual coaches breakfast, as usual. Which is probably why what Miami coach Adam Gase said really stuck out to me after the hour-long session shut down Tuesday morning.

He was asked if he was hoping the culture in South Florida would improve after he and football czar Mike Tannenbaum flipped the leadership of the team over a three-week span. You have some alpha dogs who are not going to accept a lot of the bulls that has gone on. So what was the problem last year? The Dolphins of were presented with a lot of strange circumstances. And when things went sideways, the brass felt like the roster lacked the infrastructure to straighten much of anything out.

There was the day Ryan Tannehill went down. There was the infamous video of line coach Chris Foerster, complete with cocaine and an escort. And that was all before Columbus Day. The problems metastasized because the staff lacked the foot soldiers in the locker room to keep everyone on board. So Ndamukong Suh who had a reputation for being worried about himself and not much else , Jarvis Landry who was unpredictable day-to-day and Jay Ayaji traded in midseason and seen as another me-first guy are gone, and in their place are players like Danny Amendola, Albert Wilson, Robert Quinn, Josh Sitton and Frank Gore, guys the Dolphins had solid background on and felt like they could count on.

Was it a little expensive? Did some good talent walk out the door? My belief is that if all bids were equal, the league would be preparing Steelers minority owner and hedge fund manager Dave Tepper to be voted into their club as the new Panthers owner in May. As we detailed the other day , Tepper has not been the most aggressive bidder, and I think I now have a more clear understanding of why.

His bid was never going to be crazy. And so my lesson this is something I learned a year later: It seems now that their voices are being heard. You mean we get to turn the lights off for another five weeks? There was no one in the room to advocate for player development, or warn about the damage that losing that time could do, and so that part of the CBA, cutting offseason programs down from 14 to nine weeks and limiting contact and time in the summer and fall, was swiftly pushed through.

We want to have a safe game, an exciting game. We want to be able to protect our quarterbacks and do all those things. And if we want to present the NFL in a real positive way, we need time with our players. Harbaugh mentioned that the league sent out worksheets during the year to all 32 staffs to get feedback, and get better results on the field, and in developing players.

Through the process, the league had it confirmed that more needs to be done with quarterbacks and offensive linemen in particular. Lewis acknowledged that part of the issue coaches have is self-inflicted. As Lewis sees it, finding a way to let players drive how much they work. They need time away. There are other ideas, too. Payton, for example, has advocated for fixing the schedule in camp to make sure every team gets the same amount of practices.

Right now, the earlier a team has its first preseason game, the more practices it gets, creating an inequity. But the general idea here is consistent. It makes sense that the league would tap into that.

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