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It's when someone says to you, "I bet you even-money that I can roll double sixes box cars at least once in 25 rolls. Believe it or not, I'm stumped by that one! Should you buy them off the guy? The best thing to do is simply be aware that it happens, and when you note drastic playing-style changes of a player you're up against, it's very likely that it's not the same player, so you might have to adjust your style--without selling your account! Same thing you should do if you see Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds at your poker table:

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In Macau's sub-tropical environment, swimming pools are a welcome luxury. Sofitel Macau's main free-form pool and landscaped terrace with its luxuriant palms make a magical setting for events or leisurely lazing away with a cocktail from the pool bar. Subscribe to our latest news and offers.

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Experience the glamour of Macau in magnifique style. Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16 is located on the picturesque waterfront and uniquely situated amidst the charms of the Old Macau historical quarter. Please join us for a Magnifique voyage to Macau embraced by Sofitels French art de recevoir amidst the centuries-old union of European and Chinese culture.

Life is Magnifique in Macau Mr Christophe Le brun. Indulge in Pampering Bright lights of the city Riverside views from our sleek, elegant rooms offer a veritable spectacle, day or night. A connoisseur's address The only French international hotel brand in Macau, Sofitel excels in the art de recevoir.

Based on traveller reviews. Trip type More Less Based on traveller reviews. The ultimate luxury experience. Sofitel Macau at Ponte Accessible by public transport Airport: Macau Intl Airport 9. Macau, a European island in Asia. Executive floor Club Sofitel perches on the 17th floor welcoming guests from the Executive Floors club rooms suite guests and residents of The Mansion at Sofitel to enjoy complimentary breakfast afternoon tea evening cocktail and numerous exclusive privileges and service For an even more luxurious level of service internationally trained Club Sofitel Butlers are available to anticipate and cater to guests every need from the moment of arrival to departure.

A smile and cocktail at your beck and call. Delight your delicate tastebuds A culinary voyage Enjoy an abundance of fresh dishes from around the world at picture-perfect Mistral. In search of a private dining venue? Find out more Openings hours: Non smoking area, Air conditionning Menu. Organize magnifique meetings A backdrop of the harbour sets the stage for your Macau event.

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But savvy passengers know to get off along the way—inside the Torre Jaume I aerial lift pylon. Begin or end your trip at Torre San Sebastian, a smaller support tower that includes a restaurant at its top. In theory, this overlook affords mile views across seven states. Clingmans Dome is open throughout the year, but the access road closes from December 1 to May Visitors are still welcome to hike or cross-country ski to the overlook.

When it comes to iconic skylines, few cities have benefited from a single structure as much as Seattle has from the Space Needle. Most observation decks rely on their precarious positions to thrill visitors. And this mountaintop viewing platform is also completely open to the elements, which can be harsh. The firm that designed it also works on ski jumps.

The overlook is covered by snow for all but the warmest summer months. In typical Las Vegas fashion, the Stratosphere Casino offers more than just gambling thrills. Then, head up to Level lounge for cocktails—and the best view of Sin City. For vista-seekers, the real draw is the Infinity Room, an enclosed, pointed platform whose 3, windows provide a gorgeous view of the surrounding forest. The room starts at a comfortable 30 feet wide, but tapers to just one inch at the end.

When you stand at the entrance, the optical illusion is unnerving. Eiffel Tower too crowded? There are many energy-generating wind turbines in the world, but few offer viewing opportunities for intrepid climbers. Feeling the whoosh of the massive foot-long blades as they swing past, just yards away on the other side of the glass. Control your agoraphobia for a view of downtown— feet directly beneath your feet.

Use your multimeter to find the two posts on the back of the power switch that are normally open, but closed when the switch is on. Pass the switch mounting nut the thing that screws on the back over one lead from the power cable, inside the enclosure. Run the lead out through the power switch hole. Solder that lead to one of the posts you identified in step 2. Tuck the wires inside the enclosure, place the switch in its hole, and tighten the mounding nut to secure it in place.

Next, wire together the heater leads. Separate the leads from the heating coils. Gather together one lead from each coil to make two bundles of three. You should now have two bundles, each with four wires — 3 of which go to the heaters, and one left dangling.

Solder the wires in each bundle together, then cap with a wire nut and some electrical tape. Of the leads you have coming out of the heater bundles, one will go straight to the incoming power, and the other will go to the relay that turns on and off the heaters. At this point, it gets too difficult to describe the rest of the wiring in words, so refer to the wiring diagram. Pass the wires through the mounting ring on of the PID controller before attaching them to the terminals, etc. After wiring the connections to the relay or SSR , coat the bottom with hot glue to surround the connection points.

This will act as an insulator and prevent the relay from shorting out against any metal inside the case. Or, if your SSR came with a plastic cover, secure it in place to prevent the connections from shorting. If you are using the PT thermocouple which I recommend , make sure you connect the leads exactly as shown in the wiring diagram or you will have an inaccurate temperature reading.

Wait until dry before proceeding. This glue joint is a popular point of failure. Glue the nut for the eye bolt to the inside of the hole in the J clamp. Ensure that the nut lines up with the hole so the eye bolt can pass through. Seal the openings for the power cord and pump cord using tub and tile caulk. Put the back cover on the enclosure and wrap the seam with electrical tape. Stick the suction cup feet of the immersion pump to the flat end of the J clamp and position the water outlet to pump through the middle of the heating coils.

Step 6 — Testing Now that everything is wired up and assembled, you probably want to see if it works. Set the value of Inty to Pt I had to set it to Pt, then back to Pt Select End to exit the programming menu. Ideas, Improvements, Thoughts After burning out my first set of heating coils, I realized that there must be a better method of heating the water. Ensure that your OUT1 light goes on and off when it should. If this looks correct, proceed to step 2.

This should be specified on the sticker on the side of your PID controller. The controller in the photo below only has a relay output this is not what you want. PID controllers generally have two types of outputs: Contrary to how it sounds, a relay output is not used for controlling a relay.

Rather, a PID controller with a relay output actually has an internal relay. Unfortunately, the internal relay is typically not rated for the kind of load that the heating coils pull, so you cannot connect them directly to the internal relay.

Telltale signs that your PID controller has a relay-only output: If you have a PID controller with a relay output, not all is lost. The wiring diagram for this configuration is below. Verify that you are using the right kind of relay for your PID controller.

You should hear a clicking noise coming from that relay when OUT1 lights up or turns off. In practice, there is some wiggle room ex. If your relay is clicking, proceed to step 5. Your heaters are likely burnt out. This can happen in a flash if you accidentally supply power to the heaters when they are out of water.

Double check by submerging your heaters and connecting an VAC power source directly to the leads exercising great caution not to electrocute yourself.

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