Basic Strategy for PokerStars Fifty50 Sit and Gos

In each round, I generally can easily break even, and can usually eke out between one or two buy-ins. Originally Posted by Tgen i was searching about the easiest ways to reach supernova because i may set this goal this year , a lot recommend fifty50 sngs because according to what they say its the easiest game to autopilot and therefore the easiest to multitable and put decent volume. January 22nd, , I would like to know about the tournaments fifty-fifty. I was, admittedly, playing above my bankroll and probably also playing too much auto-pilot, which tends to happen after I play the same type of game for too long. Other than that, there are far more profitable forms of poker to invest your money in. Due to their unique payout structure, Fifty50 tournaments are not eligible for any Tournament Leader Board points.

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Overview And Strategy Primer for The Fifty50 SNGs At Pokerstars

With Pokerstars taking the controversial decision to close their popular Double or Nothing SNGs , their replacements — known as Fifty 50 SNGs — have sweetened the pill for many players. This article gives you an overview of what is available and how the structure works for the new format, and then looks at some high level factors which affect your strategy for these games.

Fifty 50 SNGs end when there are 5 of the original 10 entrants left. At this point half of the prize pool basically your entry fee minus the rake is paid out to the winners.

The remaining half of the prize pool is paid according to the number of chips you hold when the game ends. Only 10 player NL Holdem games are featured at the moment.

With a wide range of buy-in levels from the micros up available, turbo 3 minute blinds and standard 6 minute blinds are running. I expect to see the variations increase once these games are established.

Rake fees are smaller than for standard SNGs with the Turbo games having a smaller fee than the standard speed games. Opponents at the lower levels will make big enough mistakes to make the games profitable for you just by playing solid poker.

At the mid-stakes and above you will need to identify and exploit the weaker players, and adjust to the the tendencies of the grinders too. In my view the key to exploiting opponents in these games is to identify those who understand how the prize pool affects their end-game on a conceptual level, at the detailed level have checked the math!

Each of these players have different push-fold ranges… and if you know an opponents ranges you can find out the most profitable adjustment. If you want to know the bubble math well enough to be consistantly profitable - then an ICM Calculator is a must. This is available via a low price monthly subscription, and willl pay for itself over and over again!

December 29th, , 1: No, it's really not. Sure thing if you win most of them then go ahead, but if you that good why not to play more profitable tournaments. Those tournaments are definitely fun to play and since most people play to win money those tournaments is not a good choice.

December 29th, , 7: Of course it is difficult, as everywhere else I only play when you want to make the tournament money in cash or quickly earn VPPs. Tried to play them on a regular basis is not what horochow not led. December 30th, , 6: I believe for a solid player these are one of the most profitable games to play as all you need to do is beat half the field.

January 6th, , 9: Is that really true? January 6th, , January 7th, , I dont know in which one you want yourself to buy inn but in the higher buy inns there are quiet a lot of regs who will bleed you out if you are not a very good player.

January 7th, , 9: January 7th, , 8: January 10th, , 8: It is hard but it is possible. January 14th, , 7: They are good if you fill Vpp playing at multiple tables,and about money minus.

January 14th, , 9: I find them very profitable at the lower levels indeed. January 22nd, , January 23rd, , I won every table! It tournaments for beginners. I am a beginner to play them often. But in the long run is not much good. If you are a beginner I recommend you. Join the Conversation at CardsChat. CardsChat is an online poker community of , members in countries. Why more than , poker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game.

Learn from online pros. Join more than , active members on our forum. Originally Posted by Tgen how much icm affect those at the bubble? May 6th, 5:

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