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The Shooter — the person that throws the dice. You have nothing to lose but your yolks! Place 5 and 9 Per House Edge Bet made 1. The final 27 holes of an hole golf course. A cushion for the sitting room. I got fired in Las Vegas from the Frontier Hotel for saying "shit.

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I have never seen this before, but it seemed to offer the lure of craps with a video slot feel. I lovingly nicknamed it robo-craps. Up to eight players sit around it with individual video screens and the shooter presses a big red button to shoot, or more accurately pop, the dice.

Each player has a video screen that allows all the traditional craps bets to be made: I believe it also offers 5x odds. Also, I may just have been sitting with a group of duds! But then finally, the magic began. The player sitting on my right had a great roll. He was rolling lots of numbers and I believe he hit the point 3 times. This was starting to shape-up as a good craps night.

Then it was my turn to shoot and shoot I did. Number after number, I kept rolling a 4 as the point so it was a little harder to make but who cares, the numbers just kept rolling. No, it was a great craps night and on a robo-craps machine to boot. It's possible that she thinks that one or both of these people will be her heir in name rather than blood.

But, really, I think it's that she's still too immature to have thought things through. This all assumes that she truly is barren forever, which is by no means definitely true.

From her perspective, I suspect she figures it's something she'll deal with when the time comes but she has more pressing problems now ; from an external perspective I doubt she's actually barren.

This is also assuming that she can't adopt and legitimise a child, or nominate an heir; this sort of thing happens in the real world to ruling monarchs without children, and assuming her plan succeeds and she becomes queen, who's going to argue with her?

She gets to make the laws. I think she plans to save the succession until after she is on the throne. It's not like she doesn't have several options, adoption or naming an heir being chief amongst them.

As just one example, Walder Frey has 22 sons and just 7 daughters. Many might have already married off or sold their daughters to other houses at younger ages, while the boys have more time to grow.

They'd still be listed in the appendices, which is where I got those numbers. Death by Childbirth , perhaps. Because of the military focus of the series, sons bulk out lists of people on the battlefield.

Since daughters tend not to be on the field, they only get mentioned and added to the appendices if they're actually mildly important. Or Walder Frey takes the continuance of the family name to objectionable levels As an aside, Westeros' gender imbalance is nothing compared to some fantasy worlds. When the Targaryens had their dragons, they could have told the Freys: We'll give you other castles, but this one we have to hold.

Because they had Dragons. Fiery death machines that could fly over the land without any trouble at all. Dragons could literally take out entire armies, so there was no need to keep the twins for safety measures.

They were too busy holding the Red Keep citadel for what seems to be the largest city and a major port and Dragonstone directly. They wouldn't have been too worried about any fortresses while they had dragons, and arbitrarily revoking titles wouldn't make them popular.

So long as they could make like Harrenhall and melt fortresses they wouldn't need to upset everyone like that, and afterward they wouldn't dare. Are the Twins really that strategically valuable at all? Presumably, the Green Fork is very difficult to cross, which makes the rare crossings like the Twins very valuable property as far as charging tolls and the like. But as it happened, the Jaime Lannister's army was west of the Twins, in the Whispering Woods, while Robb's army was east.

Using the Twins' Crossing was the only way Robb's army could catch up with him, and from a direction the Kingslayer wouldn't suspect. So in this one instance, the Late Lord Frey knew he had Robb over a barrel and squeezed him for everything he was worth for permission to ford his army.

On the other hand, the most valuable real estate in the North would be Moat Cailin, which stands directly on the northern Kingsroad and along a very narrow and highly defensible isthmus. When tensions flared, the first thing Eddard Stark did was dispatch archers to Moat Cailin, confident that that would be enough to hold off almost any force the Lannisters or even the Crown could raise on short notice.

Rivers are very, very big and often quite difficult to cross. Also, traveling on a river is faster than travel by foot or horse. Fords and other river crossings have always been vigorously sought and defended throughout history. So the Twins is a river crossing on a very important river. Further, it's a stronghold in the middle of a narrow stretch of land, meaning that it has strategic importance as a place that can manipulate the entire region.

Finally, being on the river itself means that it has easy access to resupply, making it difficult to besiege. A castle is never just a castle, it's like an aircraft carrier; it projects force a distance from itself and you ignore it at your peril. Let's take a page from Dune , which has a similar social structure to Westeros. Remember why it's a big deal that House Harkonnen has Sardaukar support when they retake Arrakis?

Because every noble house fears the Sardaukar being unleashed on them. They know they can't stand against the Sardaukar on their own, which is why they banded together as " the Landsraad " for mutual protection. The same is true in Westeros If King Aerys or whoever just arbitrarily declares, "I'm removing Walder Frey from his ancestral seat at The Twins," he not only has to remove Lord Frey by force , but he risks every lord in Westeros saying, "Uh-oh, that could be me," and, say, declaring a rebellion.

How many high lords does it take to screw a new king into the Iron Throne? When the king was Robert, it only took four. To answer the original question: Functionally, it isn't "in the hands of the throne itself" unless you decide to park the throne on it and govern directly. By the conventions of the land, removing the Freys and placing a new vassel to control the Twins just means that you've got exactly the same situation, except the names are different.

For all the effort it takes, you might as well leave the Freys so long as they are loyal because otherwise, unless you wipe them out comletely, you're going to create unnecessary aristocratic tensions between the Freys and the new guys for generations like what happened in the Reach, which was much more relevent to control because it was a breadbasket, and because the original owners didn't yield. I think you're looking at this backwards - it's implied that the reason Frey can get away with being so backstabby in the first place is the fact that he holds such an important territory.

He has a very defensible and valuable location, but not much military force, so he goes in for treachery in the confidence that no-one will want to call him out on it. Look at it this way- let's say that at some point in the past the Targaryens had made The Twins part of the throne's direct holdings. Of course, the king is in King's Landing, so he'd have to send one of his relatives to rule it. Now, I seem to remember lesser Targaryen siblings having this problem with rebelling And it's an ongoing theme in the series that even those characters with armies at their beck and call have to make political compromises with people they may not entirely trust.

Having dragons enabled the Targaryens to conquer the Seven Kingdoms, but to rule it they needed to parcel out the goodies to their lesser vassals, else they'd do nothing but fly around Westeros all the time trying to stamp out dissent. Someone has to gather the taxes and harvests for you, so you need lesser lords whose loyalty you can buy through putting them in a position where they can make themselves wealthy — the gold mines of Casterly Rock, the toll bridge at the Twins, the vineyards of the Arbor and the fertile lands of the Reach.

It also should be noted that the Targaryens did seem to think of the Freys as trusted vassals. Remember, the Freys only joined the rebellion when it became obvious that the Targaryens would lose and a number of the Frey children bear Targaryen names Aenys, Aegon, Rhaegar , suggesting that they did have a connection to the Targaryen house, though probably not a blood one.

Because in a world without instant communicatons although the raven system seems implausibly efficient , you need to leave somebody in charge wherever you're not. They need to be people whose interests align with your own.

This is where Tywin was awesome and Cersei was not - nobody may have loved Tywin, but everyone knew it was dangerous to go against him and the Red Wedding was Tywin's idea, not Lord Frey's, we are to believe.

Cersei cannot trust anyone and so wanted weak people in authority so she could control them easily - unfortunately, that generally means they were also pretty useless in their actual jobs. Because power in Westeros is incredibly decentralized and no King seems to have made much of an attempt to centralize it.

Nevermind asking about why they didn't seize the Freys, ask why they allow all of their Lords-Paramount to have larger domains with more men sworn to them than the Crownlands.

The Twins in their location would be an extremely valuable position. It would take an army an extreme amount of time to go around north or cross at any other point, especially if the waters were high.

What's more, the castle itself is damn near unbeatable. You try and lay siege to one side, they simply retreat to the other. Now you have to cross that long bridge to get to them. Sure you hold one castle, but they have an open line on their side and can just wave at you while they wait out the war or you try a fruitless assault. Meanwhile they have patrols making sure you aren't trying to find another way across and preparing in the event you do.

The Targaryans were a bit shortsighted by ignoring such a valuable castle due to their air superiority, but they also weren't anticipating a sudden lack of dragons either. What makes the Eyrie such a valuable castle? Since it has no force projection, as it does not have a garrison, and is very difficult to enter or exit even if you're welcome. The only benefit of it, is that cannot be sieged, since it can't be starved out, and storming it is nigh impossible.

The defense of the Vale seems to most be important at the Bloody Gate, so why waste men defending a castle that cannot be assaulted? Because it's pretty much immune to being conquered, and it's the regional capital. It's easy to bottle an army up in it, but the war isn't over until you actually conquer it.

The Bloody Gate is also important because of its strategic location, but to actually hold the Vale in any security you need to dig the Arryns out of the Eyrie. If it weren't the capital, an invader could simply build another castle at the foot of the mountain and wait until they convinced someone to give them the order to surrender, but it is the capital.

In short, it's important for reasons unrelated to strategic value, and also is nearly impossible to take. And, for the entire duration of the series so far, the Lord of the Eyrie and Protector of the Vale by hereditary descent i. Short of abandoning feudal inheritance rules, which would require a royal decree, any challenger would have to kill Robert first, and because the Eyrie is immune to conquest, they can't do it by force. It's made fairly clear in the AFFC scene where Littlefinger meets with the other Lords who want to take Robert out of the Eyrie—if Littlefinger lets Robert out of the Eyrie, his control over it becomes worthless and no one will care about his claim to the Vale.

However, what value is such a castle? Basically, all one would have to do is leave a garrison large enough to hold the bloody gate from the Eyrie's inhabitants and go about conquering everything else in the meanwhile. Eventually they have a choice of surrendering or going stir crazy. Now you're getting to the heart of the matter.

This kind of goes back to Varys's riddle to Tyrion about the nature of power. Of course, on the surface of it you are correct: But the castle and the people in it have meaning to others, meaning that it's hard to put into words. We can say it's hereditary rights and feudal law and the will of the gods and whatever else but when you get right down to it, people just agree with each other subconsciously that certain things and certain people have power.

And the power of those things and people doesn't really go away. As long as those cut-off Arryns are holed up in the Eyrie, somebody somewhere would be thinking "man if they only just showed up, I'd rise up against these usurpers for Lord Jon's trueborn heir like nobody's business".

The occupiers will never be comfortable and secure until all the vestiges of the old regime are excised. Shouldn't they use the castle that best guards the edge of the wall next to milkwater river? Westwatch is separated from the rest of the wall and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms , by the Gorge.

So wildlings would need to cross the Bridge of Skulls that spans the Gorge to get into Westeros proper anyway. The Nights Watch decided to just garrison the Shadow Tower and defend the other side of the bridge, rather than garrison a tower that could be easily isolated from reinforcements by someone destroying the bridge.

They do use it. It's stated in the tabletop RPG's Night Watch for what that's worth sourcebook that it's a towerhouse above the bridge that spans the Gorge, and only houses a dozen men, who are rotated in and out by the main garrison at the Shadow Tower. It's only a "castle" in the same sense that Sky in the Vale is a "castle", and isn't even on the Wall to begin with- it's a fortification on the natural border provided by the Gorge.

There's an absurdly large number of instances where people seriously antagonize or threaten the Stark children without seeming to realize that their direwolves are right there. It makes sense when they're relatively small, but Ghost's eyes are level with Tyrion's chest before Eddard even reaches King's Landing and Summer has killed someone.

Or maybe Bullying a Dragon is a traditional passtime. I don't think they'd go and antagonise a wild direwolf, but a tamed one following obediently usually at its owner's heels would likely be perceived as a somewhat exotic dog. Also, if any of the Stark children ordered their wolves to attack someone they'd probably get charged with assault or the Westeros equivalent.

Just because you happen to have a gun doesn't mean you can shoot anyone who insults you, to make a modern comparison.

Just remember what happened to Lady But Ned Stark has one, Jon Snow has one, and very early in the book someone attempts an assassination with a dagger of Valyrian steel that was cheap enough to be given away in a bet Shouldn't the king's armory have most of the steel that's left in the world anyway?

Shouldn't King Robert have had a few Valyrian steel swords his son could inherit?. Ned's and Jon's both belongs to the heads of some of the most powerful houses in Westeros Stark and Mormont respectively. Your clearly not far enough in the book to know this, but the dagger was given away by a very wealthy person, and that is actually a hint on who could have possibly done it. And even if the king does have some valyrian steel stowed away, for Tywin, it was a matter of pride that Joffrey had one from the Lannister line, rather than just from the Baratheons.

The steel is often recycled by maesters that are able to work it. So, in other words, two of the richest men in the Seven Kingdoms. The Lannisters had lost their own Valyrian steel sword generations before in Valyria.

At least one attempt was made in recent generations to recover it, unsuccessfully. Tywin had also tried to buy the ancestral Valyrian weapons of lesser, impoverished houses, who would gladly have married a son or a daughter to one of his house, but whereas there are more kids every time you look, it seems there are fewer and fewer Valyrian steel swords in the world with every passing year Next thing you know, you'll be telling me that there are gambling tournaments with multi-million dollar pots or something And considering that the bet in question was between the Master of Coin and the King, yeah, I can believe that they'd bet priceless weapons.

It's the equivalent of two multimillionaire playboys betting a yacht or something in a high stakes poker game. Also, a dagger is not a sword—you're talking about a much smaller amount of steel, and something that is basically a sidearm, not a weapon of war, making it likely an order of magnitude less valuable both in real life, and in terms of prestige. The dagger from the start of the book was probably given away without it's rarity being known.

The character in question is also not known for being very smart, so they wouldn't have known the implications of giving it away. It is mentioned there are about Valyrian Steel blades in Westeros. I would estimate there were over k men fighting in the War of the King Fives. As for why there were none in the royal armoury the book itself tells you: Lords hang onto their ancestral blades harder than they do to their daughters. It also seems like swords tend to be taken by the people who killed the previous owner if they get transferred at all.

I can see how he discovered that they were not Robert's, all Baratheon-Lannister unions having Baratheon looks. But to immediately jump to that conclusion? I mean, it may well be that he was just guessing based on his dislike and then Cersei admitted it, but I don't quite see that last bit of the jump.

It's more than just that. There are other clues as well. First of all, Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen all look like Lannisters, so the idea of Cersei having an affair with a non-Lannister seems questionable. Then, there was Bran's fall. Ned suspected the Lannisters were behind it and Bran saw something that he shouldn't have seen.

Conveniently, Jaime was one of the only men who hadn't gone hunting that day. Third, Ned knew as well as anyone that Cersei and Jaime were very close and that as a member of the Kingsguard, he'd have plenty of excuses to spend time around her.

Finally, there's Jon Arryn's mysterious death that Lysa claimed the Lannisters were also responsible for and Stannis' departure from King's Landing Put that all together, and it becomes apparent that something very wrong was going on. Some of that does help, like Jaime not being out hunting, but the "non-Lannister partner" thing was actually one of the unsettling points.

If every time a Lannister married the children looked like the other party, how could theirs be the typical Lannister appearance? This definitely does alleviate my head-scratching, but for whatever reason I still feel like a tiny note is missing.

Also, the Lannisters are an old family, and probably marry from within the Westerlands most of the time, where their influence both political and genetic has had 8, years to percolate.

To keep the "Lannister look," Report Siht Lannister needs a blonde wife And, if that's not good enough, do what Tywin did and marry your cousin. Early in the second book Tyrion ponders on the connection himself and notes that Cersei would have been able to keep this truth hidden if only she'd borne Robert one child note that all Robert's bastard children had his hair , before simply concluding that if she'd done that, she "wouldn't be Cersei".

All the factors added up and the smarter characters came to the logical - and true - conclusion. To explain further, in order for a child of Cersei pure recessive blond and Robert dominant black to come out blond, it would mean that Robert would have to carry the recessive trait, even though it was suppressed. Westerosi obviously don't know the literal science behind figuring that sort of thing out, but they likely know enough from circumstantial experience to puzzle out that something's up.

It's also mentioned at least a couple times that the Lannister family's relatives, descendants, and cadet branches are all over the westerlands including an entire other branch of the family running Lannisport, making golden hair quite common in those parts.

Also, it may well be that Ned had help coming to that conclusion - it is fairly heavily implied that a lot of House Lannister at least have suspicions Tyrion has known for years and Kevan hints to Cersei that he does.

It is even more heavily implied that Varys and Littlefinger already knew. And let's not forget that Ned has one huge factor in his favour — Jon Arryn had already done the legwork quite possibly with more bases for suspicion than we become aware of. Who knows if he would have been able to put it together himself, but he was guided by the question "What did Jon Arryn think he knew? Once he realizes that it concerns lineage and the king's offspring, it doesn't take a genius.

To answer the question of "How Ned figured out Jaime was the father" as opposed to "How Ned figured out Robert was not the father", it's possible that after he figured out Robert was raising someone else's kids he sat down, mentally took note of what he knew about Cersei, and ran through a list of likely candidates. Who does she spend time with? Who does she trust? Its possible he had a eureka moment where he recalled seeing some innocuous action between two people that gives you that feeling that "Hey, those two are fucking!

How much Joff looked like Jaime might have helped clue him in, too, not that that means a whole lot given that Jaime and Cersei are twins. This is kinda backed up by hints in later books that Jaime and Cersei weren't nearly as discreet or subtle as they should have been or thought they were.

Tyrion knew the whole time. Varys, Littlefinger, and Pycelle all knew. Kevan, if he didn't know from the start, apparently suspects that it's true after Stannis declares it publicly, which would suggest that there's something about their behavior together that does give the impression of two people in a sexual relationship that others might write off because they're twins.

And of course, Stannis of all people was apparently the first person outside of the Lannisters to figure it out; he claims to Renly and Catlyn that he had gone to Jon Arryn with his suspicions and that was the reason Jon had been investigating it in the first place.

Stannis doesn't elaborate on what tipped him off, but one would think it would be something fairly obvious, given the difficulty Stannis has in relating to other people. They're really just lucky that Robert was too drunk to notice and that their father was too busy trying to see what he wanted his children to be that he couldn't see what they were.

I also want to point out that when Eddard was studying the outrageously dull book with the Lannister lineage described, he notes that the recessive blonde hair is present in every Lannister child for many generations back, even when they were married outside the family.

That is, all Lannisters are the offspring of incestuous cheating. That's how there can be a "Lannister look," they never have any outside blood. Not only would that not prove they're all incest babies, that is the opposite of what the book says. Doesn't really get into the other Lannister pairings. If that were what the book said, it would actually be strong evidence for the kids being legit; Westeros doesn't have the science to know about dominant and recessive genes.

Only that some traits show up more often than others. Ned would simply assume that Lannister traits were dominant over other families, not that the Lannisters were getting Targaryan behind their spouses' backs.

The Lannisters can't be solely based on incest - leaving aside that they would mostly be horrifically deformed, Tyrion makes it clear that he views Cersei's and Jaime's relationship with distaste, which would make no sense if they were all incestuous.

Kevan also hints that he knows to Cersei, which again would make no sense if all of them were incestuous. Also, Kevan is married to Dorna Swyft, and in his fatal POV chapter before he dies, makes it clear she is the real mother of his kids and that he loves her deeply. You mean, like a crippled dwarf with heterochromia? Maybe their children has some trait that makes them look really similar to Jaime remember, he and Cersei are not identical twins, since they're brother and sister and that with the other evidence makes Ned draw the right conclusion.

Also, any civilization that knows how to breed animal knows about dominant and recessive traits. They don't have to know about genes to know about breeding. It should be noted that Ned doesn't know for certain that Jaime and Cersei are lovers until Cersei herself admits it.

It wouldn't matter if Cersei had birthed children by Jaime or anybody else. What makes it such a huge deal is not who the royal childrens' father really is, but who he really isn't. Illegitimate royal children would be certain to cause a succession crisis, and almost certain war between the Lannisters and the rightful Baratheon heirs, and that is exactly what ends up happening.

What is important to Ned is the fact that Cersei bore another man's children. The fact that the father is her own brother, while majorly icky, is kind of beside the point.

It also probably helps that centuries of Targaryen incest would make the whole idea of a brother-sister love affair far less unthinkable than it would otherwise be. Varys is okay with offing Dany? Not only that, he actually was OK with Robert Baratheon's plan of killing her off.

Now, why would he want her killed he actually sent a poisoner when it's later revealed that he and Illyrio were conspiring all along with the idea of Daenerys and Aegon uniting? Bear in mind that Varys and Illyrio's plan has been changing month-to-month, and it's still unknown what they actually want. Varys might be calculating that killing Dany might be just the thing to provoke Drogo into invading Westeros, which might be what he really wants.

But yeah, I guess him and Illyrio are constantly improvising. Bonus points for him if the attempted murder is actually a hoax. He supported it in court to keep up appearances in front of Robert, and it's likely that either: He set up the poisoner knowing he'd fail, or Littlefinger was the one to arrange everything. Of course, that is if you believe that Aegon is actually Rhaegar's son and not the mummer's dragon from Dany's House of Dying visions.

It seems that even more important than having a Targaryen on the throne is having a king with a certain "King Arthur" like education who would be willing to work for the realm, not himself. And Aegon the Puppet is not a such king. As about Varys' true motives and end goal, we know nothing of them yet. Varys is a liar, and his words can't be trusted in the slightest. I wouldn't put "Aegon" in the same league as Joffrey, the worst of his name, yet; he just seems a little bratty. However, it is interesting that Dany and Jon - even with their mistakes - have more positive qualities as leaders than the heir trained in selfless rule.

I had more trouble working out his plan for Viserys. If he wanted him to build up power and conquer Westeros, then "use the Dothraki" in itself is a terrible plan, because they won't cross the sea willingly and if they did they'd utterly butcher the realm in the process, so that seems unlikely.

If he'd noticed the Taint and wanted him to die, there must be easier ways of getting it done though this might explain the assassins. If, as seems most likely, he wanted to keep him out of the way until Aegon could be installed, leaving such an arrogant and unstable guy in the hands of the Dothraki seems like an unnecessarily dangerous place to keep him.

The utterly unpredictable way it's actually played out is probably close to the best-case scenario in terms of putting a Targaryan on the throne - use the Dothraki to extort some major cities in Essos and recruit sellswords and ships to take you west.

Possibly he knew about the dragon eggs and the "three heads" prophecy and was originally hoping for Aegon to hook up with Dany and Viserys? If you believe that Blackfyre theory i. Varys is a Blackfyre loyalist , it makes more sense. Varys was using Viserys and Dany as pawns. The Dothraki were supposed to be the vanguard of the attack on Westeros. They'd utterly devastate the small folks and Westeros would hate Dany and Viserys for invading with such a brutal force.

Enter valiant Aegon and the Golden Company, who would clean up the mess. Aegon would ascend to the throne as the hero who saved Westeros from the Dothraki. Viserys and Dany would either end up dead in the invasion or valiant Aegon would execute Viserys for war crimes and marry Dany to cement his claim.

Unfortunately for Varys, Viserys was too dumb to live and died before he was supposed to. We never actually see anyone poisoned by the wine. Maybe Varys actually sent unpoisoned wine and convinced the seller and Jorah that it was poisoned, counting on Jorah being in love with Dany.

So, his plan was for Jorah to stop the assassination, provoking Drogo into attacking Westeros. Or, despite being a Targaryen loyalist, he recognizes that Viserys would be a totally inept ruler, unlike Dany, so he sends Viserys to the Dothraki to get him killed. No one sent Viserys to the Dothraki. Viserys insisted on going himself, Illyrio tries to talk him out of it and he goes anyway. You could argue reverse psychology here, but the fact was he was deadset on going with Khal Drogo from the start.

Keep in mind that Varys had no way of knowing that Dany would come up with three real dragons. Even if you throw the Seven Kingdoms into chaos, you still have to conquer them. A Dothraki army, brought across the Narrow Sea by sellsails or allies, was the only practical way of doing so. House Martell and others sympathetic to the Targaryen cause would only take on the Lannisters, Starks, Tullys, and Baratheons if they had a good chance of winning.

Ten thousand mounted warriors would throw the odds in their favor. The chapter mentioned something about a cutpurse, a heart attack, and a "valar morghulis" coin Remember the prologue of Feast for Crows? Pate died after he bit down on the gold coin the stranger gave him, likely because it had a veneer of poison on it. The Ugly Child observed that the old insurer bit down on every coin he counted.

All she had to do was replace a poisoned gold coin with one from the person she "robbed," and when he handed it to the insurer he would bite it and die.

Also, kind of wondering what they do with what must be fabulous wealth by repute, they are very expensive to hire. They have a nice temple, but there's got to be more to it. Maybe they're closely associated with the Iron Bank that became an important plot point at the tail end of Dance with Dragons.

If you are going to be ruthless with collecting debts as the Iron Bank is, it would be important to have skilled assassins It isn't for us but for the God of Many Faces to decide who deserves the Gift. Remember too that the Kindly Man offered Arya Stark a number of other life choices including being a high-class courtesan, or marriage to a husband at any level of society she wished. This implies that their cult has a great deal of influence, which they would get through a combination of wealth, fear, and tradition given that their guild existed when the Bravossi were still slaves, long before there was a Braavos.

Why would he send him there as opposed to, say, the Maesters, who ALSO forswear all lands, titles, and inheritance, but are a bunch of peaceable advisers and scholars?

Wouldn't that have been far more up Sam's alley? He obviously wanted to go with the option more likely to leave his son dead. Further, it's not like Sam thinks of himself as much more suited to being a maester than the Black — the cutting up of dead and all that. Lastly, and probably most importantly, the maesters train in close proximity to his family's holdings, and the whole point was to get Sam far, far away. He wanted to get rid of the kid in a way that gave himself and the general concept of "honor" on the whole house, I suppose enough ass-cover to at least allow for the pretense that he wasn't just plain disinheriting him.

Also, making him swear service to an order that requires lifelong service on penalty of execution effectively means he can't ever try to come home again, much less try some sort of revenge not that that was likely, but you never know.

After that, I think he just figured whatever happened to Sam or didn't was someone else's problem. If he'd cared at all about scholarly pursuits or his son's sensitive feelings, or the idea that one's son even has a right to sensitive feelings or his own desires at all, he'd never have sent him away in the first place.

Sam actually mentions that he had some interest in becoming a Maester minus the dead body part but his father forbade him to join the Maesters because Maesters serve other lords. Sam says Lord Randyll told him "The life of a maester is a life of servitude. No son of House Tarly will ever wear a chain. The men of Horn Hill do not scrape and bow to petty lords. Basically telling him if it is chains you want then I'll give you them.

A Feast For Crows infers that this is why Sam is so against going to Oldtown, not cutting up dead bodies. Cutting up dead bodies is the excuse that he gives Jon. Randall would not accept any son that wasn't a badass. The way he saw it, the Night's Watch would be Sam's last chance- he'd either finally become a warrior there, or die.

He'd rather his son get killed than not live up to his expectations. Not all men of the Night's Watch are rangers.

Someone's got to clean the stables, cook the food, mend the clothes, and so on. Furthermore, if he wanted to make sure that Sam would never be able to interfere with him or his chosen son again, the Wall was a much safer bet.

Once a Maester finishes his training, he is usually assigned to a Lord's house. And even though they hold no formal power, maesters can still influence their Lords, and thus Sam could conceivable try to work against his father. No such problem at the Wall. He is going to stay there until his death, and even if he is one of the few to do business south, he still has almost no way to influence politics.

He threatens to murder Sam via a Hunting "Accident" , but Sam 'volunteering' for the Wall enables Randall to kill his hated weakling son without breaking the taboo against kinslaying.

And if he doesn't die, well then maybe he's at least a little tough, and not a complete disappointment. Another point is that the Night's Watch isn't seen as a group of professional badasses, at least not south of the Neck. They are the losers, the second sons, the also-rans, the castoffs, and the has-beens. Because Westeros practices primogeniture, this means that these families have not failed in the male line for about years longer than all of human civilization.

I understand that Westeros has some kind of temporal stasis, but this doesn't seem possible. Banknote somewhere in Nevada handed over Banknotes Bankroll Bankroll, e. Cub Banks leaving Barbados to move overseas Banks look once more the other way? I don't believe it! Banksy's penultimate source of graffiti provides surprise Banned act Banned aids?

Banned apple application Banned apple spray Banned article of trade Banned blocks Banned bug spray Banned chemical Banned chemicals Banned from consideration Banned fruit spray Banned insecticide Banned insecticide, for s Banned medicine used to t Banned moving which would leave you bent over Banned notes poet carries about Banned one Banned orchard chemical Banned orchard spray Banned pesticide Banned Pete Banned pollutants, briefl Banned spray Banned spray on apple tre Banned weapons Banned Wilde drama Banned: Banner Banner spurned by first river boat Banner, excellent example Banners on the Internet Bannister, e.

Bannockburn boy Bannon denying the First Lady is "clever, steadfast" Banquet Banquet holder Banquet on Banquet's starter brought up, cooked Banquet, e. Bans Banshee's cry Banshee's sound Banshees' boast? Baptism and bris Baptism and others Baptism introduction? Baptism of fire Baptism or bar mitzvah Baptism or bris Baptism, e.

Baptist regularly drinking rum in conflict Bar Bar "where everybody know Bar someone from their native country Bar - bird Bar activity Bar allowing in half-cut Tory gets stick Bar and bench losing their heads once again Bar area supporting couple with beer in them? Bar exercise Bar exercises? Bar fare Bar fig. Bar mitzvah boy, barely Bar mitzvah boy, for one Bar mitzvah dance Bar mitzvah dances Bar mitzvah highlight Bar mitzvah officiator Bar mitzvah or bris Bar mitzvah party Bar mitzvah party staple Bar mitzvah reading Bar mitzvah scroll Bar mitzvah toast Bar mitzvah, e.

Bar or car starter Bar order Bar order, with "the" Bar orders Bar patron's request, wit Bar personnel Bar placed across a guita Bar preference Bar product Bar promotion Bar raising large sum of money Bar regulars, e. Bar soap brand Bar sounds Bar staple Bar stock Bar stools, e. Bar story not mentioning a bus at the airport? Bar stuff Bar supplies Bar supporters from the football ground? Bar Sweden's building Bar tap Bar tenders?: Bar to promote in America that's not your business Bar topic Bar used by swingers Bar vicar found locked on the outside Bar wedge Bar where spin doctors congregate?

Bar with two screw thread Bar worker: Barbarian of pulp tales Barbarian songwriter? Barber chair attachment Barber chair feature Barber Eddy won't see kinks Barber losing one thousand dollars in card game? Barber of opera Barber of renown Barber shop call Barber went crazy, with odd eyes Barber's accessory Barber's call Barber's challenge Barber's cry Barber's emblem Barber's focus Barber's job Barber's motion Barber's obstacle Barber's obstruction Barber's offering Barber's powder Barber's supply Barber's work Barber?

Barbera's partner in cart Barbers Barbers shave them Barbers' challenges Barbers' needs Barbers' tools Barbers' touch-ups Barbershop band Barbershop band?

Barbershop boo-boos Barbershop call Barbershop emblem Barbershop figure Barbershop girl Barbershop quartet member Barbershop quartet part Barbershop request Barbershop sharpeners Barbershop sights Barbershop sound Barbershop sounds Barbershop symbol Barbie doll purchase Barbie feature, at times Barbie or Ken Barbie the doll's best fr Barbie's beau Barbie's doll Barbie's doll partner Barbie's ex-beau Barbie's guy Barbie's inscription on romantic gift Barbie's maker Barbie, e.

I wouldn't do that! Bare from the waist up Bare half-cut granny, one of a bunch Bare land here Bare minimum Bare one's soul Bare pass Bare peak Bare worthless stuff accepted by a French revolutionary Bare-bones Bare-legged, perhaps, avoiding ugly leer of despicable person Bare; not marked Bareback rider?

Could be for a tattoo! Barefaced Bareheaded Barely Barely adequate Barely any sleep before noon or six? Barely beat Barely beat, with "out" Barely beaten Barely beats Barely best Barely better Barely bites Barely boiling Barely catch Barely catches Barely clearing, as an an Barely contain one's ange Barely contain one's anger Barely cook, say Barely cooked Barely covered Barely covering the fundamentals of rules, insufficient for legal expert Barely credible sports chiefs' endless lies start to unravel - so corrupt Barely defeat Barely defeated Barely defeats Barely done Barely earned, with "out" Barely earns, with "out" Barely eats Barely edible fare Barely enough Barely fair, maybe Barely flows Barely gather together, a Barely get past Barely get the words out Barely get, with Barely get, with "out" Barely gets along Barely gets, with "out" Barely got by Barely got, with "out" Barely hit Barely injures in passing Barely lit Barely made it home?

Barely made, with "out" Barely maintain Barely maintain, with "ou Barely maintaining, with Barely make Barely make headway Barely make it Barely make, with "out" Barely makes out Barely makes, with "out" Barely making out Barely making, with "out" Barely manage, with "out" Barely managed Barely managed, with "out Barely manages Barely manages, with "out Barely managing, with "ou Barely mention, as someth Barely miss, as the golf Barely missed, as a hole Barely move in sprint Barely move?

Barely scrape by Barely see, getting on boxes Barely shining Barely speak Barely sufficient Barely touch, on a pool t Barely touched Barely touched, as a meal Barely visible Barely visible art collec Barely walk Barely winning Barely wound Lee's men?

Bargain basement containe Bargain basement unit Bargain bin abbr. Bargain bonanza Bargain establishment Bargain event Bargain events Bargain for leniency Bargain haberdashery items taken back Bargain hunter's bonanza Bargain hunter's delight Bargain hunter's event Bargain hunter's haunt Bargain hunter's joy Bargain hunter's lure Bargain hunter's stop Bargain hunter's stop 2 wds. Bargain hunters look for Bargain hunters' events Bargain hunters' haunts Bargain on a wrap?

Bargain over attempts to import power suits Bargain repository Bargain shrewdly? Barker Barker and Kettle Barker and Kettle, e. Barking hounds awaiting a farrier?

Barking movie star, smarter naked Barking noise Barking noted with terminus in Upminster, best Underground station Barking sound Barking sounds Barking up the wrong tree Barking, or place in China Barkless dogs Barkley served with him: Barkley was his V.

Barks Barks on cue, as a dog Barley beard Barley beards Barley brew Barley bristle Barley product Barley product used in brewing Barman in a club dancing on piano Barman prepared repast after very little time Barman taking up current job in the Republic of Ireland Barman's one whiskey in bed Barman, in short, quite contrary to start with Barmy army boxes tough cockney: Baron's title Baron, e.

Baronet who wrote of a pi Barons and earls Baroque Baroque and rococo, e. Barrel of laughs Barrel org. Barrel part Barrel parts Barrel piece Barrel race participant Barrel race participants Barrel race venues Barrel racing venue Barrel statistic Barrel supports Barrel toward Barrel-maker in company work, retro, off and on Barreled along Barren Barren area Barren ME region some have generously backed Barren meadow needs a bit of nitrate Barren open country Barren region of South Dakota and Nebraska Barren: Barrister's accessory Barrister's concern Barrister's deg.

Barristers collectively Barristers' accouterments Barristers' degs. Bars for guitars Bars from a store Bars from the refrigerato Bars have one Bars in a checkout line, Bars in house however extremely loose: Abbr Bartlett relatives Bartlett's abbr.

Bartlett's kin Bartlett, e. Baryshnikov, by birth Baryshnikov, e. Base entertainment Base figure Base figure, for short Base figure: Base line Base line on a graph Base line? Base lines Base lines? Base negotiating amounts Base numbers, in math Base of a column Base of a crocus stem Base of a fajita Base of a number system Base of British Legion damaged externally Base of some ethanol Base of support Base of trifle with less calorific cream Base off the coast of Bre Base on balls Base One - broken leg holding most of bone back Base pay recipient?: Abbr Base person Base person's cloth hat Base person?

Base place Base protector Base runner's achievement Base runners? Base with central sports ground tended to become familiar Base's opposite Base, dishonourable Base-clearing hit Baseball Baseball Baseball brothers' name Baseball C. Baseball card buys Baseball card deals Baseball card number Baseball card stat Baseball card stat. Baseball catcher's positi Baseball catchers Baseball club Baseball club designation Baseball commissioner Bud Baseball commissioner sta Baseball cover Baseball coverage?

Baseball figure Baseball figures: Baseball player, famous for hitting home runs, d. Baseball position Baseball positions: Baseball statistics Baseball stats Baseball summary inits.

Bash grandmas with violence in this raid? Bashkir's close cousin Basic Basic - ordinary Basic - original Basic accommodation Basic accommodation in Black Country Basic algebra technique Basic amino acid Basic arithmetic Basic arithmetical quantity: Basic counters Basic course for a future Basic desire Basic dictionary entry Basic drive Basic education, familiar Basic exercise routine Basic faith Basic first step Basic food choice?

Basic food in drinking establishment for 2 Basic food keeps a lecturer going back for tasty cake? Basic French verb Basic grading system Basic gymnastics move Basic Halloween costume Basic hotel banquet entre Basic idea Basic ideas Basic infirmities Basic issue recalled about stuff, including redundancy, primarily Basic language course Basic learning, for short Basic lunch Basic monetary unit for 19 countries Basic monetary unit of several North African and Middle East countries Basic multiple choice Basic natures Basic of golf instruction Basic PC program Basic piano installed in flat Basic pool exercise Basic principle Basic procedures, informa Basic reading Basic religious belief Basic rhyme scheme Basic school subj.

Basic verse option Basic version: Basically Basically mean to keep empty house Basically, here in row 15 Basics Basics of any subject Basics of brewing Pilsner Basics of education Basics of grade school le Basics of learning, brief Basil or oregano Basil picks fruit while.

Basil sauce Basil's "Captain Blood" c Basil, e. Basketmaking material Basketmaking need Basketry fiber Basketry material Basketry palm Basketry pattern book?

Basketry twig Baskets, e. Basra native Basra residents Bass Bass alternative Bass and others Bass brass Bass has warning about fish in opera Bass holders, maybe Bass in a barbershop quar Bass line players Bass loudspeakers Bass lover?

Bass, for one Bass: Bassoon's cousin Bassoon's little cousin Bassoon's relative Bassoon's smaller cousins Bassoon, basically Bassoon, e. Bassoonist's buy Bassoonists' buys Bastard Nigel; the Greeks hate him! Baste Baste over, e.

Bat on continuously before this in US in cover? Bat one's eyelashes, say Bat shapers Bat signals? Bath site Bath site, area covered by extended rental Bath sponge Bath sponge made from dried plant fibres Bath sponge: Bath suds Bath suds spot? Bathes Bathes in sunlight Bathhouse Bathhouse wear Bathing attire Bathing beach Bathing beach you'd love, if topless Bathing beaches Bathing beauty at a swimm Bathing facility Bathing place Bathing place at European resort Bathing resort on the Lah Bathroom bar option Bathroom basin Bathroom block Bathroom buzzers Bathroom cabinet item Bathroom dispenser refill Bathroom division Bathroom door sign Bathroom fitting Bathroom fixture Bathroom fixture sales re Bathroom floor installer Bathroom flooring Bathroom hang-up?

Bathroom installation Bathroom item Bathroom items Bathroom need Bathroom on wheels? Bathroom powder Bathroom powders Bathroom problem Bathroom rug Bathroom screen? Bathtub sound Bathtub submarine, e. Baton twirler, maybe Baton wavers Baton waves, e. Batsman Batsman at a wicket, say Batsman facing the bowling Batsman having got amongst the bowlers this amount? Batsman sent in to play out time late in the day Batsman's aggressive strategy found by accident?

Batsmen going in first Battalion having no time for course of therapy Batted first, with "off" Batted the ball too high, Batten down Batter Batter before Casey Batter or bruise Batter's asset Batter's bane Batter's base, maybe Batter's box Batter's dry spell Batter's fig. Batter's woe Batter-dipped dish Battered and saut Battered food - waste Battered nuts, each scarlet?

Battered plaice's a dish not on the menu Battered tins of cake regularly disappearing off the shelf Batteries may be attached to this horse Batteries not included in preparing this food Battering device Battering wind Batters patient person in crime involving employee Batters take them Batters' stats Battery Battery ailing in vessel Battery brand Battery component Battery components?

Battery replenishers Battery size Battery supply getting energy for some computer storage Battery terminal Battery type Battery unit Battery units Battery used to measure b Battery, e. Battery, perhaps Battery-powered computer Battery-powered vehicle Batting a thousand Batting average contribution 2 wds.

Batting coach's concern Batting game for kids Batting helmet feature Batting helmet protecting Virginia declared ineffective Batting line-up attainable Batting order for cricket? Batting position Batting positions Batting posture, for example Batting practice aid Batting sides interrupted Batting stat.

Batting team dismissed comprehensively Batting turn Batting whiz Jeter Batting woes Battle Battle and lose, losing the same lead in strike, and flee Battle assignment, once Battle between black and white bags Lidl supply without issue Battle Born State: Battle stars Battle stat. Battle that led to union? Battle the clock Battle to eat food -- I restrict my diet Battle to remember, with Battle to send away one looking for business Battle traitor taking over in heroic narrative Battle victim — may he just have seen the one that got him?

Battle-axe, solid article circling heads of Roman invaders Battle-scarred Battle-scarred lug Battle? A Battlers, at times Battles Battles a western city Battles to unwrap birthday present Battleship blast Battleship inits. Battleship letters Battleship shade Battleships and war, e. Bauxite, haematite etc Bavaria and others, once Bavarian beer festival Bavarian capital Bavarian city Bavarian river Bawd Bawdy Bawdy author's first mob, so to speak Bawdy series of lectures on the radio Bawdy university sportsman Bawdyhouse figure Bawdyhouse manager Bawl Bawl out Bawl club?

Baylor of basketball fame Baylor U. Be a couch potato Be a crybaby Be a dandy Be a dead weight on Be a different way? Be a dilettante Be a director Be a fall guy Be a fink Be a food critic? Be a hindrance Be a homebody? Be a hustler Be a klutzy chef? Be a warning of Be a water witch Be a whipping boy Be a willing participant?

Be altruistic Be always anxious Be amazed at Be ambitious Be amorous with, in Brita Be amorous, giving ring with love in romantic light? Be an A-one scout? Be an accessory to Be an agent for Be an agent of Be an eager beaver Be an example of Be an indication of Be an innovator Be an omen of Be an utter bore? Be angry Be angry about curtailed attempt to get garden tool Be angry as heck Be anxious Be apprehensive Be apprehensive about degree study Be approved Be asleep Be assured of Be astounded Be at Be at one match Be at rest Be at variance Be attentive Be attributable to Be aware of Be aware of return of policy advisor Be aware refusal has been announced Be bad to Be beaverish Be bedridden Be behind Be behind in payments Be beholden to Be bested by Be biased Be boastful Be bold Be bold enough Be bombastic Be born in spring Be born with Be bothered Be bound to Be brave at first in bending the rule of law in advance notice of possible charges?

Be consumed with envy Be contemptuous towards teacher — and send her packing Be content with where one Be contiguous to Be convinced of Be covered with, with "in Be cozy Be crabby Be crazy about Be creative Be critical about inventor Be cruel to Be cut down to size Be cyclical Be dead and buried Be deceitful Be deceived Be decisive Be deeply dormant Be defeated Be defensive in reactions to new allowances Be deficient in Be delayed Be deliberative Be delighted, given small part in broadcast Be dependent Be dependent on the Tube train?

Be deprived of Be deprived of an opportunity Be deprived of two - I ought to struggle Be different Be disadvantageous to Be discordant Be discriminatory in absence of head Be disgusted by articles - see above Be dishonest with Be disloyal to Be dismissed Be dismissed from one's employment Be disposed to Be disqualified, in the 8 Be distinct, in a way Be distressed Be dizzy Be docile Be doomed Be dormant Be doubly protected Be down Be down, apparently Be dressed in Be due a refund, perhaps Be economical Be economical with Be ecstatic Be editor of Independent, admitting wife is no friend of cyclists Be effective Be efficient with Be elated to have one's stroll broadcast?

Be emotional after beheading fish Be emphatic Be enough for Be enraptured Be enthralled by this person's contribution to framework Be enthusiastic about account, one saying little about island Be entirely satisfactory Be entitled Be evasive Be evasive about taking in island horse Be everywhere in Be everywhere, so to spea Be exasperating Be exceptionally good Be excited about earl's old rifle Be experienced and competent Be extant Be extra sure Be extremely expectant Be extremely nervous Be exultant Be fair to a fault Be false Be familiar with a city n Be far better than Be far superior to Be faulty?

Be featured in Be fed up to here with Be firm Be first to sleep with leaders in trade? A useless venture Be first to support king, but not queen Be flat? Be flush with Be fond of Be fooled Be for a bit Be for a time Be for, in an argument Be forced to apologise Be forced to backpedal Be fourth in an order Be frank with Be fresh Be fretful long after area is shelled Be friends with Be frugal Be gaga over Be gaga over Be generous Be generous, at a bar Be glued to Be good enough Be grabbing servant, resulting in bruise Be grandiloquent Be granted Be great at Be greedy about Be guilty of breach of promise Be half asleep Be hard to spot Be hard to swallow, as snack in pub: Be in a fix, say Be in a huff Be in a lineup Be in a precarious state Be in a stew Be in a very advantageous Be in accord Be in an altared state?

Be in another form Be in arrears Be in awe Be in bed, maybe Be in cahoots Be in charge Be in charge of Be in charge of old Marine unit Be in charge of stud Be in command Be in concert Be in contact with Be in debt Be in debt to Be in demand as support for Republican - transatlantic philosopher Be in earnest Be in first place Be in force, as a rule Be in full control of big bag on deck Be in harmony Be in harmony with Be in hock Be in limbo Be in misery Be in need of no introduction, like some 70s 'comedians'?

Be in on the joke Be in pain Be in session Be in store for Be in sync Be in the driver's seat Be in the game Be in the game or in the Be in the hole Be in the red Be in the red for black a Be in the red, having zero points Be in the running Be in time for Be in tune Be in want of Be inches apart, somehow maintaining good elbow room Be inclined Be inclined to Be inclined to adopt summer's latest fashion Be inclined to keep work of the highest quality Be incorrect Be indebted Be indebted to Be indebted to the I.

Be out of control Be outrageous Be outscored at the end Be outstanding Be outstanding? Be outstandingly proficient Be overeffusive Be overly fond Be overrun with Be oversentimental Be overthrown Be paid for work Be painfully affected by belt-tightening?

Be part of the cast of Be part of the opening li Be part of the picture Be part of, as a film Be part of, as a play Be partial to sage just the same Be patient Be perfect Be peripatetic Be philanthropic Be pleasing to Be plentiful Be plenty angry Be plenty hot Be plucky enough Be plucky? Be poised on Be poised to tell tales about unruly child Be polite to a caller, pe Be pondering: Be quick about it Be quick over baby ultimately liable to cry Be quick!

Be quiescent Be quiet Be quiet! Be quiet, to a musician Be quite enough for Be ready for Be real Be reasonable Be recumbent Be relevant to Be relieved by reason to go to the butcher's? Be reluctant Be reminiscent of Be resolute Be responsible for Be responsible for a vet's system of charges? Be saucy Be seated Be seen by, in a vision Be serious Be servile Be shellacked Be short Be short of Be short with Be shy Be sick Be sick during spell of drinking, perhaps, and leave Be sickly Be silent and morose Be silent, in music Be situated above Be situated atop Be slack-jawed Be sleepy Be slowly discharged Be sociable Be something special Be sore Be sorry for others second going to prison Be sparing Be sparing with Be specific about Be still, at sea Be stingy with Be stir-crazy Be strict in managing an organisation Be stuck on Be sub twice - Gareth Bale fit to swap wingers?

Be subject to change Be subjected to Be substantial, as a meal Be suitable Be summarily lost Be suspended Be suspicious Be suspicious, fixing small tear Be swarming with Be sweet on Be sympathetically nosy?

Be taken with Be taunted about a young socialite Be temporarily Be tenacious Be testy with Be that as it may Be the 4 in a decisio Be the basis of Be the center of attentio Be the charming type?

Be the deciding factor Be the equivalent of Be the first to use Be the main element Be the manager in charge of ancient characters Be the master of Be the strongest element Be theatrical Be there Be there before Be thorough over a task Be thrifty and move on time Be thrifty, economise Be ticked off Be told about Be too fond Be too hasty Be too hasty about Be too hot Be too loud for Be too much Be too precious Be too reserved?

Be too tight Be transferred by contact or association Be transformed Be transformed? Be treated satisfactorily Be unable to get the rest Be uncertain Be uncomfortably hot Be uncontrolled Be undecided Be undecided about one claim forgone Be undefeated against, in Be under par Be under the weather Be unfaithful to a lover Be unhappy about sad tune for a long time Be unnatural Be unrealistically optimi Be unstable Be unsteady Be unsteady, vital lace coming undone Be unsuccessful Be unsuccessful finding accommodation after some time in US Be untrustworthy Be unwarrantably bold Be unwell Be up Be up and about Be up in time for a parliamentary occasion Be up in time for a serious discussion Be up to something Be upright Be upset by, say Be upwardly mobile?

Be useful Be useful to island engulfed by reflux of magma Be very angry with the following view Be very critical of English sheet of stamps Be very economical Be very hot Be very keen on dumping a railway affair?

Be very potent Be very responsive, as a Be very, very sorry Be victorious Be visibly disconsolate Be visibly elated Be visibly embarrassed after little boy beamed? Beach god finds girl Beach home? Beach house arrangement, Beach houses, often Beach impostor Beach in a hit song Beach item Beach lapper Beach locale Beach locale of song Beach locale, for short Beach lotion letters Beach material Beach maximizer Beach memento Beach nos. Bean container Bean counter's concern Bean counter, for short Bean counters Bean counters, for short Bean cover Bean curd Bean holder Bean leaf salad plant cultivated for pest control Bean mole chewed: Bean say eaten by crazy mule Bean seen on TV Bean seen on-screen Bean soup, nothing less, for seconds?

Bean source Bean sprout? Bean Town squad Bean town? Beans and others Beans go rotten in food container Beans in a stew Beans munched, fizzy drink swallowed Beans or corn, e. Bear and Berra Bear arriving in Cyprus Bear being regularly proud and saucy Bear brings death to river Bear cub mascot of the 19 Bear down Bear dying alongside a river Bear engulfed by river flood Bear essentials? Bear from America digging into soil Bear fruit Bear greeting?

Bear hugs real hairy bear! Bear I let out - yes, let out! Bear in Bolivia Bear in constellation nam Bear in the sky Bear lair Bear Lake State Park loca Bear market direction Bear moving into wood for short refreshment stop Bear necessity Bear of children's verse Bear of literature Bear of very little brain Bear on a horse — comic!

Bear onset of business collapse Bear or Berra Bear or hare, e. Bear out Bear overhead? Bear part of, as costs Bear right entering Trump's country Bear stall Bear steak needs to be chewed 28 times? Bear Stearns employees Bear that comes out at ni Bear that kids bear Bear that's not really a Bear the onset of bankruptcy before downfall Bear to adopt upright position Bear to look up to Bear to shout when crossing a river Bear trap; Russian leader in America Bear traps in place, secured with rope Bear up under Bear vis- Bear with a hat Bear with lodging that is hot and hope for change Bear with totally heartless employer?

Bearing Bearing - pretence Bearing a similarity to houses when reconstructing Bearing designs affected tension Bearing false witness Bearing nothing Bearing of player in the Iran-Contra affair Bearing the cost of transport Bearing upon the matter in hand Bearing; style of art Bearing; vehicle Bearings Bearings, of a sort Bearings?

Bearskins, maybe Beast Beast - on terms Beast always chasing after flushed duke Beast caught between money and love Beast found by animal doctor on Guernsey? Beat around the bend? Beat around the bush Beat at a hot dog contest Beat at dinner Beat at sea Beat at the ballot box Beat at the polls Beat back car Beat bad, corrupt Greek character Beat badly Beat but good Beat but good! Beat by a bit, with "out" Beat by a nose Beat by a point or two Beat by a whisker Beat by a wide margin Beat by brain power Beat by cunning Beat by one, say Beat champion in tie Beat chest when claiming third in ping-pong Beat counter madly Beat counter to get change Beat decisively Beat decisively, in slang Beat easily Beat easily - right-back's a lightweight Beat edges of thinner part of a pound Beat ending Beat fast Beat Generation persona Beat group featuring one in 13 Beat gutless tiger, wild cat Beat guy, 23 Beat hard Beat hollow Beat in a dance marathon Beat in a debate, say Beat in a match Beat in a Nathan's hot do Beat in a pool Beat in a race Beat in a shootout Beat in run to hospital, exploding myth Beat in yardage Beat Irishman to get short part in play Beat it Beat it!

Beat reduced for one that's charged outside force Beat reporters?: Beat severely Beat slightly Beat soldiers in the open air Beat soundly Beat the admission fee Beat the booze, but not ecstasy Beat the draft? Beat the drum for Beat the pants off Beat the rap Beat through cleverness Beat to a pulp Beat to death, so to spea Beat to the finish line Beat to the tape Beat twice without beginning to increase lead Beat unconscious - bash!

Beat up on Beat with cane and made a change Beat with cunning Beat youth leader? Beat, as the competition Beat, as the heart Beat, as wheat Beat, barely Beat, biblically Beat, but barely Beat, in a way Beat, so to speak Beat, whacking balls from behind Beat-era musicians and or Beat-up Beaten Beaten out Beaten badly Beaten by a rejected crossword clue? Beaten down Beaten in a race Beaten miner agreed with the police Beaten punch Beaten revolutionary featured in flyer Beaten thus, I astounded boxing aficionado Beaten to death Beaten up in Rabat in old Roman province Beaten?

Beating faulty machine tests Beating him up, one taken apart with second of punches, blow it! Beating leader of thieves doing his business behind hotel Beating of one's heart is up a lot following training Beating the Foxes is difficult, with investment of billions then ending in regret Beatings at Bloomingdale' Beatle - singer with Peter and Mary Beatle beatkeeper Beatle follower?

Beatles record — a single? Beatles record label Beatles song or movie Beatles song that begins Beatles song with a compl Beatles title? Beaujolais, for example Beaujolais, say Beaus Beaut Beaut of a butte? Beautician's device Beautician's establishment Beauties Beautifier Beautiful Beautiful and innocent Beautiful array of colors Beautiful Berry Beautiful cheerleader gets distinction!

Beautiful compositions - fifty framed by clever princess, then put up Beautiful fairies of Pers Beautiful fairy Beautiful fairylike being Beautiful handwriting Beautiful people Beautiful perfume and diamonds both reduced Beautiful race in an H. Beautiful woman initially keen to get up for fast food Beautiful woman of paradi Beautiful woman, one appearing after 60 minutes Beautiful women Beautiful young man Beautiful, in Bologna Beautifully clear Beautifully illustrated r Beautify Beautify Ed.

Beauty inspiring power game Beauty is friendly and goes back round Beauty mark Beauty mark? Beaver-like rodent Beaverlike fur Beaverlike?

Because of the challenge Because of this Because of this, in legal Because of, with "to" Because religious education is true Beck's holder Becker on "L.