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The following results are possible: At the batting cage, Hal and the boys throw together a lame makeshift party for her but Lois isn't impressed especially when she realizes this is literally the best they can do. The characters in the movie 21 represent a team that began as a smaller offshoot of the Amphibian Investments team. Hollis Lawrence lawrenceconcrete hughes. Admitting she had been shopping to get more things for the house not realizing Francis wants to save up to leave the town with her, Piama and Francis reconcile.

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Once you have the ball where you want it, click on the ball to set the position. While holding the mouse button down, drag the mouse up into the lane area - you will notice a pointer being drawn as you do this. Move the pointer to the desired location and release the mouse button to initiate the throw. The faster you move the mouse and release the mouse button, the faster your throw will be. If you pause before throwing, the pointer will "cool" down denoted by the change in color from red to yellow and your throw will be slower.

You can bowl a maximum of two balls per frame from frames , and a maximum of three balls on the 10th frame. The following results are possible: If you knock down all of the pins on your first throw, you get a Strike. A Strike is worth 10 points plus whatever you bowl on your next two throws. If you knock down some or none of the pins on your first throw and knock down the remaining pins on the next throw, you get a Spare. A Spare is worth 10 points plus whatever you bowl on your next throw.

If you knock down some or none of the pins on your first throw and are unable to knock down the remaining pins on the next throw, you are considered to have bowled an "open" frame. Bowling an open frame hurts your ability to get high scores, but you can usually recover by bowling Strikes and Spares.

On the 10th frame and only on the 10th frame , it is possible to throw three balls instead of two. If you Strike on your first throw, you will get two more throws; or, if you Spare on your second throw, you will get one more throw. The maximum score you can reach in one game also known as a "Perfect" game is points.

At the end of each game, the number of pins you knock down is converted into Tokens at a 1: On top of this, you can earn more Tokens for knocking down bonus pins or winning the Strike it Rich bonus.

You can read more about these in the other sections of the help file. To get consistent scores, try to find a shot that knocks down most or all of the pins each time you throw the ball. Lois' threat is backed up when Woodward sees Francis in the rain, screaming and begging to be let in.

In the end Francis, Reese, Malcolm and Woodward are all forced to re-shingle the roof together. In this Sliding Doors -style story, the viewer simultaneously sees what happens when the boys go bowling with Hal and what happens when they go bowling with Lois.

In both versions, Malcolm and Reese go to bowl, while Dewey stays at home because he is punished for killing the neighbor's parakeet , as a subplot, with one of the parents guarding him. Alex McKenna guest stars. Francis bribes Malcolm and Reese with just one extra ticket to a wrestling match, forcing them to humiliate themselves and do all his chores, trying to outdo each other for the one ticket.

The boys turn on each other when they realize that the other one can't go to the wrestling match if they are grounded. However when Francis betrays them both by taking a girl Cerina Vincent to a wrestling match since she loves wrestling, this angers Reese and Malcolm. They soon get their revenge by taking Francis' driver's licence, reporting that the family car is stolen and then they frame him for kidnapping by tying themselves up in the trunk.

This ends up humiliating Francis in front of his girlfriend and getting him arrested by the police. Meanwhile, Dewey is hired to watch Craig's cat, Jellybean, for the weekend, but he loses the cat so his parents come to help but they make things worse. Craig moves in with the family after they burn his house down to get rid of the cats.

In the end and angry at Reese and Malcolm for getting Francis arrested, Lois punishes the two by forcing them to serve Craig. The boys immediately regret getting Francis arrested after learning how more demanding Craig is with his and Jellybean's needs. Craig drives the family insane while living with them. The boys buy a used moped and fix it up, only to have Lois confiscate it. Reese takes the bike out anyway and crashes it, twisting and breaking his leg.

Malcolm thinks fast and tricks Craig into believing he had run over his leg. Even though Lois eventually finds out about Reese riding the bike against her admonition, she lets the boys get away with it because they guilt-tripped Craig enough for him to leave the house. Reese and Malcolm plan with Stevie to sneak onto the carnival fair that is in town, with Reese and Malcolm telling the parents to spend the night with Stevie and Stevie doing the vice versa with his parents.

However, Dewey spies on them and wants in on the deal or else he will tell Lois, and even after blackmailing him into make his life living hell breaking every toy, giving him wedgies and destroying everything he ever loved, take every Pet he has and set it everyday until he moves out , they have to agree with him so they can all go in together.

They all sneak off to the county fair together, but they arrive as the fair is closing and end up being locked in and chased by a security guard, a mishap thanks to Dewey having to pee and waiting two hours for the bus.

Hal and Lois were going to spend the entire evening having sex until Stevie's parents showed up and they all discovered that their sons had lied. They search various places around town to find them, with Francis' help and eventually find them at the Tri County Fair. When Stevie is captured by the guard and although Dewey saves the day by having Gorak and the others talk to the guard, the four are punished by Abe, Kitty, Hal and Lois by having to walk back home.

Hal and Dewey accidentally drop an old couch on the railroad tracks while driving it to the dump, and the town ends up being evacuated into the school gym after a train containing toxic waste derails. While Hal tries to make up to society, Malcolm was late coming home from school and gets grounded and spanked, so Lois forces him to stay on his designated cot in the gym. Dewey convinces other people that he is an orphan in order to get what he wants, and Reese starts running a black market when he realizes that everyone there is in need of basic supplies.

At the end, Malcolm gets fed up and stands up at Lois, Reese's black market is discovered, Dewey reveals his and Hal scheme in front of the crowd. The Army forces Hal, Dewey, Lois and Reese to spend the night on the bench outside without moving from it, with Malcolm enjoying his freedom, while an enraged Lois warning him "Don't think you won't suffer the consequences later, mister!

Eric takes Francis out on a blind double, but Francis' date turns out to be twelve. However, Francis has a better time with the girl than Eric has with his own date. While Hal worries and argues with Lois over the possibility of her being pregnant again since she is two weeks late with her period, the two look back at the memories of their children's births, from Francis being born while Hal and Lois got married, Reese born early because Lois pushed him out when he kicked too hard, Malcolm born on the front yard because Lois had to go to the hospital and Francis locked her out of the car because he thought he would get a shot, to Dewey's birth on the backyard while it was raining because young Malcolm accidentally made chlorine gas and the house had to air out and the car keys were inside the gassy house.

During Dewey's birth, Hal was forced by Lois to tell her why he loves her. Later, Dewey, who has been listening to his parents, is happy that they are not arguing anymore, because he thought they would get a divorce. Lois is revealed not to be pregnant and wished she had a girl. Hal is against it, mentioning that even if they have a girl, he and the boys would still lose because Lois is good at keeping everyone in line.

Malcolm's family and the Kenarbans vacation together on a houseboat , before Lois scolds Malcolm for his father for almost becoming a registered sex offender all because of a girl at a sports store, and forces him to make up with him by going fishing with Hal.

While Reese and Stevie hang out with girls from a cheerleader camp who are rather kinky. Malcolm soon becomes annoyed with spending time fishing with Hal, and finds some bras and Reese's shirt by the boat, causing him to throw Hal overboard and rushing the boat to the girls camp.

Dewey has an increasingly bad time, ending with Reese and Stevie leaving him on a buoy, causing him to have severe skin burns. Returning home, Lois punishes Malcolm and Reese for 3 weeks for their actions with household chores, even though Malcolm remarks that it was worth it because he cannot stop smiling at seeing the cheerleaders.

Meanwhile, Francis' friend, Eric, drops out of the military academy to take on a logging job in Alaska and Francis gets himself emancipated so he can join him, incurring Lois' wrath because she was against him leaving school from the start. Francis, having had himself emancipated, promptly leaves the military academy and comes home a final time before heading out to join Eric in Alaska. However, Lois wants nothing to do with him since he quit school and even which the boys agree with.

Meanwhile, Malcolm's new teacher, Mr. Herkabe Chris Eigeman , a former Krelboyne student and a sadistic professor, sets up a ranking system to pressure them to achieve, causing the students to suffer a breakdown and increased paranoia, turning them against each other, until Malcolm develops up a scheme to break Herkabe's system, humiliating him in front of the school principal.

At home, Hal convinces Lois to talk to Francis, which leads to a serious fight between them. Lois attempts to escape the boys' nightly misbehavior by joining a women's book club, but she soon realizes that it's merely an excuse for the women to socialize—and get drunk.

She makes friends with the women there who have similar problems with their children, especially Karen. Intoxicated, Lois helps them plot against a wealthy PTA mom, Lillian Miller, who seems to handle her children and all other motherly duties with ease and living in pure luxury.

Meanwhile, Hal starts trying out many different ways to keep boys in order, and Francis hitches a ride with a trucker who makes him humiliate himself in exchange for the ride.

Lois and the women arrive at Lillian's house, intending to disable her car and to give her a taste of what real motherhood is like, but Karen creates too much noise by lighting a trash can on fire and stomping on Lillian's flowers yelling; Lillian calls the police and chases them off with a shotgun.

Lois and Karen hide from the police in a dumpster, and Karen gets herself arrested to let Lois escape. She comes home just as the boys are uncovering a stash of fireworks from the backyard, intending to sneak them to a party, and yells at them as the police arrest her while Hal takes a bath in the house, fearing Lois' wrath for his failure to keep the boys in line.

After getting a girlfriend Portrayed by Alessandra Torresani even though her face is never shown on camera , Malcolm neglects his family and friends; the family reacts when they find out about her. Meanwhile, Dewey uses his new friend's wealth to get the birthday party he's always wanted.

Still en route to Alaska, Francis is jailed but quickly starts to enjoy his time as he watches the guards' complicated lives unfold as a soap opera, and he has a good time with the guards and gives them advice, and they let him go to continue his trip. Lois forces the boys into community service to build character, she gives them a choice: Helping a local church to give to the needy or go to a Senior Citizen's home. They choose to help out at a church, where they quickly go from trading their own stuff to stealing merchandise and creating a black market.

Meanwhile, Francis finally reaches his destination in Alaska only to learn that his new job isn't the easy money-making opportunity he thought, but rather a living hell. When Hal discovers the boys' black market business, he attempts to make the trip back to the church to return the stuff they had taken and apologize.

However, when his car breaks down and the police arrest him, Hal and the boys have an epiphany about their own actions. When news hits that Hal may have a serious illness, Lois becomes meaner than usual as she grounds Malcolm and Reese for drawing mud into the house. They later disobey Lois by going to a party full of girls only to come home in hot water. Meanwhile, Francis has a showdown with combative Lavernia in Alaska, and Dewey becomes overzealous in taking care of his class' pet hamster, by putting it in its play ball and filling it with cereal, and setting it free to protect it from a mean bully who is next in taking care of the hamster.

As the boys ruin Christmas every year, the most recent being a tree ornament war, Lois finally issues an ultimatum: It works and Lois is proud that they rose to the challenge, but the boys realize that she could keep using this threat for every holiday and decide they need to teach her a lesson.

They exact revenge on Lois by drawing obscure pictures of her killing Santa Claus on the garage wall and tearing open their presents on Christmas Eve. However, remorse sets in when the boys realized that Lois had gotten them the presents they wanted and they were the ones responsible for ruining their own Christmas by stressing her out. Meanwhile, Francis spends a torturous Christmas with Grandma Ida in Whitehorse and eventually finds a closet full of gifts she bought for the family over the years, then withheld from because of petty offenses.

He pays her back for being petty by hiding stashes of musical Christmas card playing Jingle Bells inside her apartment and leaves, which causes Ida to go insane looking for those cards. Hal finally gets an invitation to Abe's poker game, where Hal feels left out because he's the only amateur player and the only 'non-professional' it never occurs to him that he is also the only white player there. Malcolm clashes with Stevie for filming him in a homework assignment that leads to a poker match.

Reese collects money from old ladies who wanted to partner up at Lois' dance class, then uses the money to get Dewey a toy and smashes it in front of him. For revenge, Dewey films Reese being dragged along to the class. Meanwhile, Francis and his Alaskan friends are trapped in an Alaskan blizzard fending off cabin fever. In the end, Hal and Abe make up and helps Malcolm and Stevie do the same. Reese works at a fast-food place, but gets into trouble when his co-workers think he stole money from the cash register.

Dewey tries to prove himself trustworthy with a goldfish and his parents try to sabotage his efforts with switching the live fish with a dead one, until they find out that Dewey was switching the fish with others in order to get a dog.

Malcolm finds himself eclipsed by the newest, youngest Krelboyne, Barton, Herkabe latest attempt to get rid of Malcolm. Barton and the boys confront Richie with stealing the money which he denies until his girlfriend who works at the same fast-food joint walks into the room and reveals the truth not knowing the boys are in there. So to avid getting thrown in jail, Richie ends up making a deal with them to allow the boys to use his house for a party on the weekends that he's away also free burgers for life and drive them to school and work.

The next day much to Herkabe's annoyance, Barton's father shows up and has decided to transfer him to another school where he can be a normal child. Francis helps one of his lodge friends prepare to marry a Russian mail-order bride , but what arrives is not what they expected. Mortified when she learns that she performs poorly in Lucky Aide secret-shoppers' performance reviews, Lois tries to dress up her appearance. Her work life begins to improve after the makeover, but she removes all the makeup after a man mistakes her for a prostitute and proves this to her boss.

Hal is re-energized after beating the boys at basketball until the boys discover his dirty secret and get their revenge on him.

A rat infestation gives Francis a new job. Janae Bakken Teleplay by: The family attends Hal's company picnic, where Hal tries to avoid his new boss because of his bleak history of first impressions and Malcolm sees an old crush. Francis finds himself caught up in an ice hockey match between the loggers and a female oil-rig crew and bets his teammates money against the loggers, knowing that if he wins the money he can pay off his debts to Lavernia and leave his Alaskan hellhole.

However, the team is so confident in winning and they do, and when Lavernia and the rest of the team find out the truth about the money because he confesses to them, they tie Francis naked to the ice-cleaner truck and drags him around the pit. Reese gets his learner's permit, but after a poor student named Jackie makes him miss his turn for a driving test, he steals the Driver's-Ed car and ends up in a chase with the cops. However, he battles them back after driving back to the driving course and making a perfect course, impressing Jackie and his whole family.

Reese is then arrested by the police and gets pepper sprayed when he resists being handcuffed. After throwing eggs on Craig's house, Lois makes Malcolm to clean it from Craig's house, but Craig lied so he could have Malcolm help him set up his new home cinema.

Meanwhile, Francis makes several promises to different lodgers in order to fix a hole in the lodge's roof, but when he can't deliver, the angry lodgers come after him.

At home, the family is in their Sunday best to attend Reese's hearing. A moody Cynthia returns from Europe and Malcolm discovers it's because she was hiding more developed figure, in particular, her big breasts. When Reese finds out about this, he tries to date her with the objective of getting a peek at her breasts.

Malcolm outsmarts him by asking him Cynthia's name in front of her, which Reese hadn't bothered to learn. Desperate, he grabs her breasts in a last attempt and Cynthia beats him up. Meanwhile, Lois' friend Karen tells her that she kissed Hal on New Year's Eve, but he denies it completely and also confess to Lois that he doesn't even think about other women, and Lois realizes that Hal loves her more than she loves him.

Dewey helps Hal overcome his fear of kite flying. In Alaska, after his drunken roommates steal a totem pole, Francis looks towards it for answers in his life. Lois arranges for Francis to come home on Hal's birthday as a surprise, but the real surprise is on everyone else when Francis arrives--with a wife, Piama Emy Coligado , which he told no one about. Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese are immediately sent to bed while the arguments rage on with Lois and Francis, destroying Hal's birthday.

Meanwhile, the boys, upset that their parents don't care about their opinions, sneak off to a hotel with Hal's credit card to start a new life, until Hal finds out about the missing credit card and it leads to Lois confronting the boys. Although upset, Malcolm wisely tells Lois that she had been ignoring their own thoughts even when they agreed what Francis did was wrong, prompting her to apologize for her actions.

Hal decides to coach Dewey's soccer team and turns them into monsters. Meanwhile, when Malcolm and Reese get a computer from their neighbor Ed, they discover his big secret thanks to the undeleted emails and Reese blackmails him into doing things for him. However, Ed turns the situation against him when he learns of Reese's infractions at school and finally makes him return the favor.

Malcolm starts playing a game called The Virts , where he recreates himself and his family, but gets obsessed when his virtual version develops depression and morbid obesity. In Alaska, Piama kidnaps Lavernia's precious parakeet and demands better treatment for Francis or else she will personally execute the parakeet. Dewey finds a dog and uses him to gain the upper hand over Malcolm and Reese, such as making them wear dresses and makeup. When Craig comes by to return some dry-cleaning, Dewey holds him hostage.

Craig manages to run away but the dog chases him. Because the dog is gone, Malcolm and Reese torture Dewey as revenge for the dog making him eat dog food, forcing him to defecate out in the front yard, etc.

Meanwhile, Hal and Lois go on a date, and neither will admit that they caught Craig's flu. In Alaska, Francis comes face-to-face with his former, albeit drunk commandant, Edwin Spangler, who blames him for not only losing his job at Marlin Academy, but also his desertion. Francis feels sympathy for Spangler and gets him a job at a retirement home that gives him free rein to bully the elderly.

Hal, Abe, and their friends play extremely well in poker but start to compete over minor issues. Meanwhile, Reese sets Malcolm and Stevie up with two popular girls Dana Davis and Lindsey Haun , telling them that Stevie is terminally ill; Malcolm discovers that one of the girls has a handgun and tries to hide it from her, with unintentional results.

Meanwhile, Eric suspects that Piama is having an affair and it prompts Francis to return home. Upon coming back, he discovers Piama wasn't having an affair and was talking to an older man who is her estranged father trying to ask her for money.

Humiliated but relieved, Francis returns to work to finish his shift. Believing the boys ruined the car, Hal forces them to see a psychiatrist Andy Richter to cure their bad behavior. Soon the three open up and tell him all about their family, which escalates into a big fight between the boys, freaking out the shrink. While Malcolm and Reese spend a day exploring a sewer with Dewey and Stevie, they can't stop bragging that they saw Kitty naked over the weekend.

Lois serves jury duty for a stolen motorcycle case; and, as she's not allowed to discuss it, Hal and Abe think her case is a high-profile murder case and spend the day proving their own theories about it.

In the deliberation room, a dismayed Lois finds that her fellow jury members just want to declare the defendant guilty and go home. She forces them to properly analyze the case by not only changing her verdict but also using Francis as an example, since Lois is aware that their behavior resembles his.

Meanwhile, Francis himself is trapped with the other guys in an ice-fishing shed with a bear outside. After a chemical mishap, the Krelboynes are forced to join the general school population, while Herkabe serves a temporary job as a coach in gym class.

They all find new groups except Malcolm who gets concerned about a fight between the cliques. All the groups prepare to fight each other until the other students realise that they are in the presence of Krelboynes. They pants the Krelboynes and Malcolm who are left at the school in their underwear. Herkabe returns as their teacher and in a rare moment, he shows empathy for them and Malcolm. Meanwhile upon realizing that their home is on Native American land, Francis hosts a legalized casino as a means to pay off Lavernia's debts and leave his Alaskan nightmare.

However when he discovers that Piama is using the money she and Francis have been making from the casino business to go shopping, he confronts her for it. Admitting she had been shopping to get more things for the house not realizing Francis wants to save up to leave the town with her, Piama and Francis reconcile.

When Dewey is stricken with chickenpox , Lois tries to keep him busy with dominoes--but then she forbids Reese to knocking them down, and Reese tries to keep Hal from knocking them down, because Lois will blame Reese, no matter what happens to the dominoes.

When Hal tries to knock over the dominoes at night but forgot his videotape, wind from the closing door started the falling of dominoes and knocked all of them over, Hal came back, obviously saddened by it.

After knocking out a burglar, Reese believes he has a future in law enforcement so he instantly begins imposing his brutal rule on the neighborhood, however he takes it too far when he smashes Lois' car window when she refuses to move it for pedestrians. This leads her to severely punish Reese for wrecking her car forcing him to climb up a tree to avoid getting punished by her. Hal, who wasn't even able to make it out of bed when the burglar broke in, tries to prove to himself that he can be macho but it proves to be useless while Dewey refuses to sleep, keeping Malcolm awake too.

Elsewhere, Craig is laid up by injuries, thanks to being chased into traffic by Dewey's dog. Rather than spend the insurance money on a nurse he instead gets Oliver, a capuchin monkey "butler", who's actually deranged and homicidal as he tries to murder Craig until Hal comes to his rescue, also restoring his self-worth to be macho.

End result, Hal happily reads Dewey a bedtime story of his exploits, which finally helps him and Malcolm finally fall asleep. With the logging work done, Francis is laid off and finds out that his home is scheduled for demolition, but Piama refuses to leave As a result, they finally bid farewell to Alaska , leaving Eric behind to hitchhike his way home Francis' revenge against him for suggesting to find work in Alaska.

Malcolm is depressed, and the family goes to the zoo. Reese battles a goat , while Malcolm and Dewey end up in a tiger pit. However Zeke, one of the hands reveals that they don't do any work but get still get paid handsomely. When Zeke tries to get Francis to join in on taking advantage of Otto's kindness, Francis refuses to let Otto be played for a fool after he was kind in giving him a steady job and has Zeke fired.

Lois' ex-boyfriend, Matt Tim DeKay , works at the zoo and his demonstration of a harmless tarantula on Hal results in Hal getting a nasty bite. While Hal recovers, Matt inadvertently reveals to him that Lois actually had a third boyfriend, leading to a serious confrontation between Hal and Lois as it's revealed that Hal has a terrible jealousy problem. However, she explains to Hal that she loves him and nothing can change that, to Hal's relief.

Dewey calms Malcolm long enough for Reese to save them by tossing the goat in the tiger pit. This experience makes Malcolm see his life in a whole new light. Malcolm's first day of high school gets off to a bad start when Lois embarrasses him in front of the entire school, causing him to have no actual friends except the Krelboynes.

He becomes depressed about this and discovers the only way he can escape is if he commits a felony that would make Lois ship him off to military academy. However, Cynthia catches on to Malcolm's plan and warns him that if he goes through with it, she will never have sex with him again. Cynthia is pegged as a slut by other kids at the school, but also distracts Malcolm enough for Lois to come and punish him. Lois and Hal volunteer in the school, where Hal clashes with Mr.

Herkabe, who doesn't like him. Meanwhile, with Malcolm and Reese away, Dewey stays home alone for the first time in his life but only for 15 minutes , and has a wonderful time. On the ranch, Francis takes some side-jobs on to earn more money, such as teaching aerobics and being a masseur. When Otto sees that he's overworking himself, he generously give Francis time off with a truck to spend time with Piama. The family goes to Hal's family reunion for his father's birthday, and Hal's family makes Lois miserable because she is from a lower-class family.

They pick on her because of her clothes, dislike her topics, make her wear a name-tag and intentionally trick her into missing the family photo. They find her crying in the closet, where they insult her for her hot temper. Hal, Piama and the boys are furious for this and get revenge on the family.

Donning several layers of coats, Hal clashes with his father, Walter Christopher Lloyd , and forces a confession from him by tickling him hard. The boys decide to pull a revenge prank on their relatives by driving a golf cart over the celebration with the help of their younger cousins, destroying the party and finally landing in the pool, forcing them to flee from the angry mob.

Even though Lois pretends to be angry at the boys, she is still overjoyed inside for having them standing up to the others for her. She finally starts treating Piama much better than before, not wanting to turn out like her own in-laws. Malcolm pretends to be stupid so he can win over a cute girl Brittany Finamore who really is stupid and soon finds that he is actually becoming dumber.

Stevie wins Lois' approval and she takes him to the school dance. Meanwhile, Hal rents a steamroller and becomes addicted to running over various objects until Dewey snaps him out of it by standing in front of it.

Days before Malcolm's birthday, he and Reese pull increasingly severe pranks against each other. Flashbacks throughout the episode gradually reveal how their feud began when Malcolm ate a blueberry Reese was saving.

Meanwhile, Francis encounters a "devil cow" at the ranch and discovers it's just an ordinary cow long overdue for milking that he readily helps. Dewey worries about his role as Abraham Lincoln in the school play and takes on the advice of Lois to imagine a set of parents that leads to a memorable performance.

Hal enlists Craig to help him find Malcolm a birthday present, but is driven nuts by his constant demands. Although, Craig calls off the deal, he rescues Hal from buying a bad comic book and forces the owner into negotiations. Malcolm would never get a chance to enjoy the comic book as it along with the other presents go to Dewey as compensation for missing his play, due to Hal and Lois having to ground both Reese and Malcolm for their fight-induced pranks after picking them up from the hospital.

Malcolm starts to date Nikki Reagan Dale Neis , a girl from his school that he tutors in his free time. The only problem is her dad, a Vietnam veteran, who dislikes him and it's made worse when Lois is involved. Meanwhile, Hal and Lois must take abstinence pills in an attempt to be better parents.

But old habits die hard when the pills run out and they have a hard time maintaining themselves. Dewey discovers he's an 'evil twin' from Reese who uses this advantage to blame 'Dewey's good twin', Billy Prescott, for a devious prank he pulled on a sports athlete and bully named Ira who is Billy's older brother, Jonny Acker which Reese is intimidated by.

Should Dewey refuse to follow his rules, Reese will tell Lois that Dewey has been stealing the money from Billy for the work that he does and he will face punishment from her. Soon, a fed up Dewey seeks revenge on Reese by turning his plan against him and has Billy pose as him. Being none the wiser, Reese reveals his plans for using Billy again for devious pranks on his other enemies.

He is taken by surprise when Dewey shows up with Ira and he gets his revenge on Reese by simply beating him up. At the ranch, Otto is furious with the other ranchers who keep destroying the fence that Francis is building to keep the cattle inside.

In the end, Francis settles them down with an idea which helps with the compromise between Otto and the other ranchers. Malcolm decides to keep his opinions to himself; at first it goes well, but he becomes so over repressed with his opinions, that he becomes overstressed, causing him to grow a stomach ulcer that leads to a trip to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Reese must enlist Craig to drive him and his girlfriend, Alison, to a concert, after she threatens to break up with him over the loss of his Driver's License. He finds himself in over his head when Reese learns that Craig wants to go on a hayride date and won't let him back out of the deal , leading Alison to ditch Reese to go to a concert alone.

Hal starts practicing race-walking, and ends up having talents for it, until he ends up with a fierce rival. Hal also decides to take on a local speed-walker and buys a speed walking outfit, including the infamous speed walking helmet. Hal makes a run at beating this "common jogger", after learning Wheeler's dirty secret. In the end, Reese is forced to spend the rest of his evening with Craig.

Hal and the boys visit Francis at the ranch. Everyone is shocked to find that Francis is a lot different from who they remember As Hal gets depressed that the ranch succeeded where he failed in getting Francis to be responsible, the boys decide to try and get Francis to be crazy and wicked like he used to be they reveal him a secret stash full of rockets and fireworks. Meanwhile, Hal and Otto get drunk, which causes them to be stranded in the desert during the night.

However when the boys set off the fireworks, it helps rescue Otto and Hal but the boys get blinded by the fireworks and rockets. Meanwhile, Piama is worried about a torturous weekend with Lois and is only relieved when she learns that Hal, Reese, Malcolm and Dewey are there. Grandma Ida is injured by slipping on leaves Reese neglected to rake up, and she sues Lois and Hal — just when Lois discovers that she is pregnant.

To make the things even worse, she hires an expensive lawyer and sues them on a huge amount of money. This turns to horror when they find out that their insurance is canceled, which could lead to Ida evicting them from their own home and take all of their belongings.

The boys band together with Piama in support for Hal and Lois. However, upon learning that the family has no insurance, the lawyer refuses to aid Ida, who, powerless, instantly tries to get on their good terms, but they kick her out of the house.

Alexandra Kaczenski Teleplay by: The day begins with Hal asking Lois if she'd like the new baby to be another boy or a girl, but it's interrupted by the boys fighting. During a hellish trip to the mall with Hal, a fed up Lois imagines life with daughters instead of sons with Malcolm as Mallory Lisa Foiles , Reese as Renee Mimi Paley , Dewey as Daisy Jennette McCurdy and also imagines Hal being obese with the fact of being the only male in the house.

Though starting off nice and pleasant, Lois soon discovers the problems with raising girls: Renee is a promiscuous bad girl and is revealed to be pregnant by a boy Mallory likes as a way to spite Mallory for using her hair brush without her permission, Mallory is a spoiled self-absorbed egotistical rule breaking brat and a complete liar on a clandestine diet and Daisy is a master manipulator. The problems are made worse with the arrival of Frances Christopher Kennedy Masterson , who had followed her male counterpart in rebelling against Lois in leaving college against her wishes and is a stripper.

The girls gang up and blame Lois for all of their problems, which the boys had done earlier, making Lois realize that girls are just as difficult to raise as boys: Meanwhile, Hal desperately searches for the perfect Valentine's Day present for Lois and settle for a baby's outfit. Though the boys are well behaved for once and have thoughtfully bought a heart-shaped candy box, it is revealed that Lois hasn't learned her lesson from the experience and wishes for the new baby to be a girl.

Reese ends up in prison for a day, where he clashes with a huge wrestler, who ended up in prison for beating a man to death. Lois drives Malcolm with her to move furniture to her sister's house, and during the trip, she tells him everything about sex, much to Malcolm's horror, but they end up having a pleasant conversation.

Dewey is bored so he decides to create a feud in Hal's six-man band for his amusement, since Reese is in a prison trip. At the ranch, Francis blows up Otto's favorite cow in a branding accident, and cannot bring himself to tell him. Jane Kaczmarek as Lois. Hal gets a second job at "U-Buy It. Meanwhile, Francis accidentally hires a film crew to shoot a porno at the Grotto, and tries to hide the truth from Otto and Gretchen. Hal meets with an old high-school friend, Larry Joel Murray , who hasn't changed in all the time since they have seen each other.

Meanwhile, Malcolm tries to make Dabney stand up for himself when his overprotective and control-freak mom won't let him use his new paintball gun because it's "violent", as they celebrate Dabney's birthday with the rest of the crowd. However, Dabney takes this to heart and finally stands up for himself at a paintball facility by pretending his bullies are his domineering mother and fires at them with paintballs.

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