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Concerts are Rain or Shine - we head inside the barn in rain. Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis has physically toured the stadium and proposed it as a possible temporary home for the Raiders. Retrieved 3 April Pizza delivery Sudbury February 15, I purchased packages for my family, but I will not be in attendance. I got priced at my venue of.

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I purchased packages for my family, but I will not be in attendance. How can they pick up their tickets on my behalf? You can do what is called an alternate pick-up! Simply provide the new guest with a photocopy of your photo ID, a photocopy of the credit card used during the purchase process, and a note authorizing the new guest to check in for your order.

These items can be digital copies or photos on a cellphone. Please note that the informational email regarding check-in and any other emails correspondence from us is sent to purchasers only, so you will need to forward any emails to the new guest.

Ticket packages are non-refundable. Can I take photos on my own camera during the photo opportunity with Priscilla? All personal cameras must be put away during the photo opportunity with Priscilla since we will have a professional photographer. All photos will be available via download after the event. An Open Conversation offers audiences an extremely rare opportunity to gain insight into a world only a few have entered.

Journey with her through her fascinating life in an intimate interview format where she will answer audience questions and share stories that will spark curiosity and conversation.

Guests of this unique experience will be intrigued, surprised and entertained by Priscilla herself, live on stage in this open conversation.

All merchandise must be redeemed on site at our VIP Check-in. We are unable to ship out any merchandise post-event. Flanked by a pair of video screens, guitarist Billy Gibbons and bassist Dusty Hill were, true to form, resplendent in matching outfits, hats, sunglasses and foot-long beards.

Nestled behind and between Gibbons and Hill sat drummer Frank Beard - still defiantly beardless - and busy driving the boogie juggernaut along. Dusty Hill once described their show as "low movement, high impact" and that pretty much nails it.

There's no gymnastic leaping, histrionics or undue haste in the band's stage presence and the only the merest hint of any choreography as when Hill and Gibbons adopt an occasional slow, Shadows-esque stroll up to the mics or sway away in unison providing crowd pleasing photo opportunities at the edge of the stage. Instead, there's just a slow and deliberate riffing that pulls you into the groove of each song getting the feet stamping and the head shaking. After a brief video introduction, the band ambled on and opened with a terrific performance of "You've Got Me Under Pressure".

The high octane start continued with "Waitin' For The Bus" and "Jesus Just Left Chicago" before the familiar drum intro heralded the arrival of "Gimme All Your Lovin'" and the cue for the crowd to get all hot and bothered.

It's hard to believe that it's over thirty years since "Eliminator" brought ZZ Top to the mainstream with their iconic videos for "Gimme All Your Lovin', "Legs" and "Sharp Dressed Man" which MTV seemed to just play on a loop - back when they actually played music videos if you can imagine such a thing.

The band paid tribute to Hendrix with a run through of "Foxy Lady" and jammed through another cover, "Catfish Blues". Returning for the encore, the band were joined by a fourth "hombre" in the form of guitar legend Jeff Beck, who, incredibly, was celebrating his seventy-first birthday. After being presented with a cake and accepting a glass of something bubbly the impossibly young looking Beck graced the stage for the final four songs of the evening starting with a gorgeous run through of the ballad-like "Rough Boy" from the "Afterburner" album, a number Billy Gibbons said Beck had told him was one of his favourites.

A cover of "Sixteen Tons" was followed by an epic set-closing double whammy of "La Grange" and, of course, "Tush". I literally had to catch a few ladies who almost tumbled into the next row while trying to find their seats in the dark. Men were being denied service at the bar and there were piles of puke to be avoided everywhere. The second encore was a victory lap of sorts. The whole thing ended just after It is unfortunate that the Laid Back Festival had to turn to Groupon and take other price-reducing actions, because it really was a great festival.

Where else are you going to see five Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees share a stage on a Sunday at such an amazing venue? Hopefully next year they will be able to work out some of the kinks and Gregg will be healthy and strong.

ZZ Top, the legendary American blues rock group with even more legendary beards are known for putting on an impressive live show despite their increasing age. Having formed over forty years ago, the band has accumulated a huge discography and a fan base to match. The audience packs the venue and excitedly chatter about the prospect of seeing ZZ Top play live.

The range of ages is a credit to the band as they have dedicated fans who have followed their career from the beginning and new listeners who appreciate the band's influence on blues rock. The band proves their reputation and influence is duly deserved as they tear into the opener 'Got Me Under Pressure' with the energy of a band thirty years their junior. Their technical skill is applaudable, admirable and frankly out of this world as they never seem to miss a single note through the complexity of tracks such as 'Pincushion' and 'Chartreuse'.

A class act with an immeasurable amount of technical ability and masterful musicians. This is only the second time I had seen ZZ Top. The other time was in December of at Maple Leaf Gardens. Seeing them in the Centre in the Square was much better more intimate.

You could hear them much better and they were not ten miles away. They walked out with no fan fare and started playing. The old songs of when we were young. The stage was a basic set up. Most of the fans there were 40 plus. Lots of men had the ZZ like beards that they certainly did not start growing last week. The music was not too loud, just right. They played all their hits.

The songs from the Eliminator album brought out the biggest response. Many of the younger kids were dancing down near the front stage. Only a few bone heads getting noisy in the crowd.

So nice to see these guys again, as they're not getting any younger. I've seen ZZ Top in small venues that weren't even sold out and I've seen them at sold out stadiums - they always put on a great show. They are back to their original format of just Billy, Dusty and Frank on stage without the women with the long legs playing all of their old great songs.

I find them best in the smaller venues - Brixton Academy second time was outstanding. Milton Keynes Bowl with Bryan Adams as support the night he went to number one in the UK charts was memorable for songs that are no longer played but can be found on YouTube. I've now taken my son to see them 7 times all across Europe as the UK dates are few and far between now.

Even got a personal message from Dusty on my 50th. Man comes out on stage. Tried to tell them storms brewing down that Mississippi River.. I could go on forever.. Was telling my daughter about that night.. The weather on that day was drizzling and cold, this did not stop fans from filling the venue. Fans that braved the conditions where not disappointed. Billy Gibbons and the boys played all their greatest hits with all the vigor of a large stadium show. If ZZ Top is playing in your area, go see these three legends.

ZZ Top has been doing it for almost 50 years and hasn't lost a step. Well, they did not disappoint. After the warm-up act, Tim Montana who, by the way, fit right in and was worth seeing , ZZ Top came out and were very loud, played all their hits, and were well worth the price of admission. Billy Gibbons even called out our fair city Cheyenne on more than one occasion. They were very entertaining and sounded great after all these years. Another fantastic show by ZZ Top!

They always deliver a solid performance and keep it fresh with a good mix of their top hits as well as lesser known hits from albums such as Rhythmeen and Antenna.

I always enjoy the energy and passion they all put in to their performance whether it's the first or thousandth time they've played that particular song. You won't be disappointed! You'll never be disappointed at a ZZ Top concert. They have more music than they can play at one show and they've done it long enough, that they could probably play in their sleep.

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