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This has caused a fairly vibrant secondary commercial centre to emerge which is entirely separate from Downtown, with low to moderate density residential areas in between. This freeway, starting in Hope , is known as the Coquihalla Highway Hwy 5 , and terminates in Kamloops. We offer a unique work environment.. Kelowna consists of ten sectors with multiple neighbourhoods within the sector boundaries. Kelowna is connected to West Kelowna by the five lane William R. Kelowna's official flower is Balsamorhiza sagittata , commonly known as Arrowleaf Balsamroot.

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This valley cloud has a low ceiling, however, and often bright sunshine can be experienced by driving only 20 minutes or so up into the nearby mountains, above the cloud. The hottest recorded temperature at the airport was During summer, clear, dry air allows night-time temperatures to fall rapidly. In fact, average high temperatures in January surpass those of St. John's , Newfoundland , which experiences heavy moderation from the warm Atlantic current. Kelowna's average year-round high temperature of about Kelowna consists of ten sectors with multiple neighbourhoods within the sector boundaries.

Central City is a linear commercial sector extending along Harvey Avenue from the Downtown to Highway Commercial activity is particularly concentrated along or very near highway 97 Harvey. Dilworth Mountain is a relatively low and isolated mountain which is located near the geographic center of the city.

It lies across from Knox Mountain to the West, and forms part of the eastern heights between which Glenmore Valley lies. While technically a mountain, it rises about one thousand feet or so above the rest of the Okanagan Valley just over feet elevation. It has been very extensively developed in recent years; decades of blasting and construction work have resulted in a scenic collection of neighborhoods with suburban character, but located only minutes from Central City.

Like many other Kelowna residential districts, Dilworth has gone from relative isolation and wilderness, to hosting many residential roads with hundreds of homes - many of which are considered to be fairly expensive and high-end.

Downtown Kelowna is the centre of the city and is a tourist district. It is located alongside Okanagan Lake, and its area is officially defined as all land north of highway 97, south of Clement Avenue, east of Okanagan Lake , and west of Richter Street.

There are two main routes through the downtown core along which various attractions and commerce are concentrated. These include several parks and beaches along the lake, boardwalks and other walking trails, Kelowna Marina and Yacht Club, Delta Grand hotel and casino, and Prospera Place arena. The other main route through downtown is Bernard Avenue from Richter street to the lake. It has more shops and restaurants designed both for locals and tourists.

The commercial segment lies within its downtown section between Richter and Abbott streets, the latter of which is lake-adjacent. Glenmore is a relatively affluent suburb that lies mostly within Glenmore Valley - a subsection of the Okanagan Valley in the Kelowna area. It has experienced extremely rapid housing development within the past two decades - changing from a small suburb with a relatively rural character to extensive suburban neighborhoods, including several elementary schools and a rapidly growing commercial hub.

While most of the homes in this part of town lie on the relatively flat valley bottom, there are several large and more recent neighborhoods being built into the adjacent mountains; the community of Wilden is an example of this. The Midtown area bordered by Enterprise Way on the north, and Springfield and Baron Road at the south, is a popular shopping destination for the locals; the largest shopping mall in the interior, Orchard Park , is located in this area.

Since most of the Midtown area consists of large, car-oriented big-box stores , Midtown is often criticized for its plainness, urban sprawl and the decline of pedestrian-oriented Downtown. There is also a lack of green space; particularly since the whole area used to be a linear park and golf course.

Known colloquially as "The Mission" or " Okanagan Mission " in order to differentiate itself from Mission, BC , a city in the Lower Mainland near Abbotsford, the Mission used to be a separate jurisdiction before being amalgamated with the City of Kelowna in the mid to late 20th century.

This has caused a fairly vibrant secondary commercial centre to emerge which is entirely separate from Downtown, with low to moderate density residential areas in between. It is often differentiated as the "Lower Mission" and "Upper Mission", the former of which contains most of the aforementioned commercial areas such as shopping malls, grocery stores, coffee shops and boutiques.

The Upper Mission begins to extend into the foothills and higher terrain, and many parts of this area boast magnificent views of the city, mountains and Okanagan Lake. As a result, this part of town is widely regarded as luxurious and is indeed one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Kelowna. Rutland is Kelowna's largest neighborhood by far.

Although the majority of the area sits on the valley bottom and is therefore relatively flat, the fringes continue up into the hills and are therefore built at higher elevations and possess more expansive views than the rest of the neighborhood; these homes are correspondingly more expensive. This is the exception, however, as the majority of Rutland is among the most affordable of Kelowna housing.

There are also several low-rise apartment buildings which increase the population density relative to most other parts of town. Rutland was a town until it amalgamated with Kelowna in An improvement and gentrification effort has been ongoing for the past decade, with new parks, widened sidewalks, bike lanes, a renovated YMCA, a rebuilt high school, and many new shops and condo buildings being added.

The service industry employs the most people in Kelowna, the largest city in the tourist-oriented Okanagan Valley. In summer, boating, golf, hiking and biking are popular, and in winter, both Alpine skiing and Nordic skiing are favourite activities at the nearby Big White and Silver Star ski resorts.

Kelowna produces wines that have received international recognition. At least two major wineries were damaged or destroyed now rebuilt in due to the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire. Kelowna is also the home of Sun-Rype , a popular manufacturer of fruit bars and juices. Okanagan College and University of British Columbia are the predominant centres for post-secondary education.

Over students attend Okanagan College and 8, students attend the University of British Columbia. In addition to vocational training and adult basic education, the college offers a highly regarded university transfer program. University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus has a student population of over full-time students, enrolled in diverse undergraduate and graduate programs. Kelowna is the seat of the Regional District of the Central Okanagan , the third-largest metropolitan area in British Columbia after Vancouver and Victoria , and the largest in the British Columbia Interior.

With scenic lake vistas and a dry, mild climate, Kelowna has become one of the fastest growing cities in North America. The appropriate management of such rapid development and its attendant consequences is a source of significant debate within the community.

Kelowna is the fourth least affordable housing market in Canada, currently maintaining the classification of "Severely Unaffordable". The first state of the art Soundstage and film studio in Kelowna was just announced by Burnaby owned Eagle Creek productions, with construction sometime in Due to its moderate population, Kelowna is often used as a market trial area where national businesses and organizations can test a new product.

As Kelowna has one of the most rapidly growing populations in Canada, its population statistics generally become out-of-date quite rapidly. According to the Statistics Canada census, [47] the population estimates there were , people residing in Kelowna proper, and , people residing in the Greater Kelowna Area. The predominant language spoken in Kelowna is English. Children under five accounted for approximately 4.

This compares with 5. In the five years between and , the population of Kelowna grew by 7. Population density of Kelowna averaged Visible minorities make up about 6. In February , Statistics Canada released their latest census, stating that Kelowna's population had grown by 8. The population of the city proper had risen to , while greater Kelowna had a population of , The Kelowna metropolitan area population in is now at , making it one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Canada.

Kelowna's population growth has been driven primarily by the movement of Canadians from BC and other provinces into this region, not by international immigration. That year Sun Yat-sen visited Kelowna for fundraising purposes. On 12 May , the Kelowna Homelessness Networking Group conducted a limited census, and enumerated people: Kelowna faces severe suburbanization and urban sprawl promoted by the popularity of low-density car-oriented developments.

As of , Kelowna has the highest car dependency rate in Canada and has the second highest per-capita road transportation carbon footprint in British Columbia. For years, only one major highway passed through the city of Kelowna: The road itself is good, but its connections to all points east and west in the province were only managed by using the slow, curving Trans Canada Highway and the Crowsnest Highway. In , in time for the opening of Expo 86 , a new freeway was built into the BC interior , eliminating over two hours of travel time between the Coast and the interior.

This freeway, starting in Hope , is known as the Coquihalla Highway Hwy 5 , and terminates in Kamloops. Kelowna is connected to West Kelowna by the five lane William R. Bennett Bridge which officially opened 25 May The old floating bridge has been dismantled as it has outlived its usefulness and was incapable of supporting the current traffic levels.

A small park area on the Kelowna side of the bridge has a dedication to the old bridge, and artwork made of pieces of it. Highway 33 , which connects with Highway 97 in Rutland , provides an alternate way to enter and exit the city, towards the southeast; it also is the route to the Big White Ski area.

Kelowna's road network has sometimes been a source of criticism by local residents especially regarding Highway 97 and its high traffic volumes. Highway 97 runs right through the centre of the city along Harvey Avenue, which has 6 lanes and is the busiest road in the BC interior.

There are many big box stores and shopping centres along Harvey, including Orchard Park Shopping Centre. Plans have been in place for several decades for a limited access bypass to run through the North End and across Okanagan Lake via a second bridge. So far, only a 3 kilometre section of this future roadway has been constructed alongside the rail line, known as part of Clement Avenue today. Kelowna Regional Transit System is operated by FirstGroup , providing public bus transportation services in Kelowna and its vicinity.

YLW , north of the city core, is one of the busiest airports in Canada. The Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique operates one Francophone school: Work for an innovative organization that gives back to the province of BC.

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