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The Evolution System is a new system which allows players to create a map based on their preferences. Gelimer made an experiment which allowed Lotus to leave his test tube. When Lotus broke free, he attacked Orchid and left her for dead.

When she recovered, she left the Black Wings and joined the Resistance. Claudine notifies the player about this, and is asked to go to Gelimer's Lab to find out what he's making.

The map has a neon theme to it, even the monsters are neon. The maps are interlinked, as shown below. Players are allowed to change their own map to their preferences. Settings can be changed by collecting cores by eliminating monsters inside the System, purchased through the NPC or exchanged with Evolution System Coins. The cores can then be used to change the settings of the maps however one likes, and will be removed from one's inventory after being used. Drop rates of cores can also be altered by the use of drop rate cores, therefore making this new system a very great way to train.

These monsters are powerful, and can kill you in hits if you are a class with low HP, while also having high hp themselves. This is the stage where empress, and all of the Cygnus instructors will spawn you have the core in. They can do anything from changing the background to giving more exp. Once a core is used, it disappears from your core inventory. These cores can be equipped before you press the "start" button after talking to the ESS.

The cores that you have are listed in the bottom of the menu. Each core must fit into the spaces above with the proper shapes, and you can only have a limited amount of cores on at once. Once a core is used, it disappears out of your core inventory.

If you complete the quest, you will either unlock 3 more normal core slots, Or 1 special core slot. If you complete the quest and restart your evolution world, you will be able to enter the link that corresponds to the core name. You can enter this link as many times as you want. Read the description of the core to know more. She has the same health and damage, but is considered "easier" because she doesn't heal as much. It raises the monster level.

These cores just raise the party zone EXP rate. These can only be used if you have herb core equiped. You can only have 1 equipped at a time. Don't buy the cores that unlock new stages, you can find those as drops inside the Evol System. If you get the Coin Core I forget the name, I'll check in a bit from the shop that unlocks the final octagonal core, make sure you have Link 9 unlocked. It requires you to hunt monsters there for the drops. If try to do the quest before Link 9 is unlocked, you're going to waste coins because you just can't do the quest, and it expires after you get kicked out.

From what I can tell, using a 1. This is because every about 30 seconds, all the monsters gather to the center for about a minute. This allows easy mobbing. If you are going to hunt for something, I suggest using a luminous, because they can hit everything even when the monsters aren't gathered in the center. Also, their teleport goes very long distance. When hunting for boxes event , I first unlocked all 6 circle slots through the vendor for cores and equip: If you are a ranged job and are hunting in link 9, Try to find the perfect range to not be hit where you can still attack them.

On my jett, I hit every monster on the upper platform so that they aggro me. Then I head to the portal, and keep walking left to the edge of the map. From there, I find the perfect spot where I can attack them but they can't attack me, I kill the monsters, and then repeat. Terminus Devastator - 2H Axe. Akuhano Level Renegades Corsair. You get kicked out if dieing dying 4: These monsters are powerful If this is a warning, you should bold it imo.

But like I said, its fixed now. CrypticTheI Easy Magnus is not that easy! Aeronomx Level Scania Corsair. Aeronomx in order to unlock the other core slots, you have to purchase certain missions from the vendor with Evo coins. These mission are evo coins except for the center one which is I read that wrong. You need coins, then you go into the vendor and you buy the 1st core named "Mission Added - Evolution Systeu".

Equip that and then go in and complete the quest that is given, and you'll have 3 more slots. Thanks for the info. Can doing these quest be done with a party so they can unlock them at the same time as well? Not to throw a wrench in your plans, but you can't really call your guide "official" on your own. Still yours is helpful nonetheless. Ps4 hands on first impressions.

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