Daniel Negreanu: World’s #1 Poker Player on Peak Performance and Stepping into Greatness

Ready to learn from Negreanu? It was clear that the target audience was not complete beginners. I didn't know what a 'pin' is, for example. Like what you've read so far? Here's one way to do it that's maybe a little more digestible for them. How did the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass come about? NEW Poker in the Ears:

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

In this episode he opens up about the mindset shift it took to overcome his limiting beliefs and the keys to his success for becoming the 1 player in the world. One of the things I love about Daniel is his table talk skills he mentions this as one of his biggest strengths during the episode. This video shows the power of his table talk and his mutant like card reading abilities. Twitter Instagram Poker Blog Facebook. What did you enjoy most about this episode with Daniel?

Was it his lessons on failure? How he lost his confidence then got it back to become 1 in the world again? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and share this with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Pretty cool podcast today! You left me with a Strong desire to check out this Choice leadership program. Could you point me in the right direction please?? Keep it up, brother. I gotta be honest with ya…. Who's better at chess and teaching it than Garry Kasparov? To be associated with that elite group of people is something that I really cherish, and working with that production crew was like nothing that I've ever done before. The subjects cover such wide ground that it feels like there's a MasterClass for everyone.

Have you looked in to any courses yourself yet? I'm like, two thirds of the way through. It's really great because there are short videos where there are concepts that I didn't even know. I didn't know what a 'pin' is, for example. Each video gives you a workbook, and basically what I do is I'll watch one video, and then play chess to see if I can apply what I've just learned. Do you feel like now is the perfect time for you to be releasing a course like this?

For me, it was really important to do something fresh, and to really get a feel for who the MasterClass target audience is. Who do they want to market this to and be able to enjoy this? They were clear to me that they wanted high end, and I explained to them: The super high rollers seem to be studying a lot of the same concepts, but in this course you're giving away information about your live reading ability too.

Are there any worries about releasing a course like this? We were definitely thoughtful about all of that. It's funny because Doyle Brunson just tweeted at me right before this call telling me to be careful! But I said to him, there's a difference between teaching information, and them being able to apply to it as I do.

Was amazing to watch! As you know with poker it's one thing to teach but another thing for people to apply it. There are a lot of ways to do that, but what I'm doing is for people who want to take their game to the next level.

Here's one way to do it that's maybe a little more digestible for them. It was clear that the target audience was not complete beginners. So if someone doesn't know anything about poker and doesn't play, this course is far too advanced for them. This course is for someone who already plays - maybe in home games or at their local casino - and they want to fine tune and work on their game. It's not an ABC where we start with: There's none of that introductory stuff.

They might be interested in cooking and they're watching Wolfgang Puck's MasterClass, and then they go, "Oh, I like poker," and then check mine out. I want to expand the game into a wider audience that would be interested in learning the game the right way and enjoying the beauty of it. You can get Negreanu's poker MasterClass , and check out all the other MasterClasses on offer, right here:

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