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Dog Name Categories


We are getting a border collie puppy tomorrow. I hope we name him Brody. My husband wants to name him Milagro Have a 2 mo. I have a Corgi I just named MeToo, goes everywhere with me. Anyone know of name any language that would mean she's coming with? Any help would be great. She's been prescribed for emotional support dog. Mr or mister is a good boy name..

We named our lil guy that and people loved it. If it's a light brown and white you could name it Cream or Creamy Or creamycakes If it's a dalmatian Black and white dog you could name it Dot. Dotty Dotsies Or dottiecakes.

If it's brown and white I have a 7week old treeing feist, im told its in the rat terrier family idk tho, male, white with black blanket back, black and light brown mask on face.. I want to name him something that can carry on his daddys name, or similar but cant find anything.. Thinking of Athena or Shade. I think she will be a wonderful noble dog. We had a golden named Tetley and one named Champagne and our last one was Sawyer.. We have a puppy coming next week.. I rooting for Auggie! I had a ch0colate cocker I named Mousse as in the chocolate dessert.

Sadly had to have him put to sleep last year. Thinking of a replacement. I really love this site. I had a 17 year old poodle that recently passed away and his name was Ace. That's one of my fav names. I didn't see it on the list. Just wanted to mention this cute name: I love the name buttons!!! I did not see the name mac or chia or spankey or hershey.

I always thought levi was a good name but that's what one of my horses names are. Believe or not, with all the dog names you listed, I have one name you did not list.

I have owned two Boxers. My first Boxer was named "Rocky. But my current Boxer is named "Sugar Ray. I named my Boxer Sugar Ray after two professional boxers who carried the same moniker: Out of the many names here congats! I named my children after seeing their faces for the first time too - they just looked the part. Brilliant hub with tons of lovely names for our four legged friends. Wonderful images - thanks for sharing. This hub is a very great one with a titanic amount of work.

It looks more like a whole book about dogs and dog names. Though, I am puzzled on names for Russian brids since I found just few that Russians would use to name a dog. Anyway, it is a best hub I had seen so far. Thanks for you hard work and the fun it delivered to many people. Our French Brittany isn't on the list either.

His name is Beau. We got him as rescue dog and that was his name when we got him. Our larger dog is LC, pronounced Elsie. She is our son's dog. The lady that had her named her LC for little cow, because she said she looked more like a calf when she was born. She is a cow herding dog, so that explains it a bit. Congrats on Hub of the Day! Amusingly enough, my two rats are named Patches and Gadget. I agree that matching personalities with names is fun.

In your big dog names list you have Goliath But, it fits him because he thinks that he is a huge dog. Our dog is called Molly. Our then five year old son called all our animals after children in his nursery - the kittens were Saffron and Anastasia, the dog Molly, the goats Alice and Eva - and so on! I notice you include Molly in your list. I live in France now and you have to call pedigree dogs a name beginning with a letter of the alphabet according to the year they were born.

Only the French could try to control the name you call your pet. Molly was born in the year of the 'U', so officially she's called Udine. Molly Udine - what do you think? This is an amazing article, no wonder it made HOTD. I love Shakespeare for a male dog and Bougainvillea for a female regardless of breed. Thank you for sharing. This is a very cool hub! Fun to look at the pictures of different dogs, and fun to see all these cool names! I'm gonna have to bookmark this for reference the next time I need to name a fictional dog!

Nice list of dogs name. My last pet name was candy. I really like your hub. Thanks for sharing this hub. Awesome list of dog names, and you have my secret favorite for an agility dog, Zephyr!

Voted up and useful! Wow, that's a lot of hub, and a great one at that! You're an inspiration habee, from a newbie who posted her first hub today, I'm a habee follower from this point on! I know where to go the next time I need ideas for naming a pet! This would be a great list to pass on to an animal shelter. Michael, great to see you! Don't you just love Great Danes?

I knew there was something about you that I liked. My favorite dog name is Jojo. We had an American Husky when my sister and I were very small. Very protective of us and loyal. My last pet was a Blue Dane in the 90's to I used the name Jojo for him since it seemed the perfect fit. First time I called it out to him as a pup, he immediately ran to me, so it stuck. I'm just about to add some more dog names that the grandkids came up with. I don't think this hub will ever be completely done!

Wet, glad you could tell that a lot of work was put into this hub. It took days to write! Kudos to you for adopting dogs! The Humane Society had names for my dogs, so I kept the names. But naming dogs is a fun thing. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

To provide a better website experience, pethelpful. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: You could also think about coat color, texture, or pattern. This can be used even with puppy names, as a six- or eight-week-old pup has already begun to develop its own unique personality.

You might also want to think about the breed's country of origin. For example, a Mexican Spanish name for a Chihuahua can be fun and unique.

Likewise, a Russian name for a Siberian Husky would be an awesome fit. Another way to choose a name for a dog is to associate it with the group to which the breed belongs. Is it a member of the herding group or is it a pampered lap dog? If it's in the hunting group, you can pick a name based on the animal it hunts , such as "Eagle" or "Buck. Dog size can influence the name you select, too. Big, small, medium, giant—all of these categories have different connotations that can help you select or think of some names.

Dog Name Categories Male dogs. How to Pick a Moniker for Male Dogs Dog names for males can run the gamut, from simple or regal to tough-sounding. Male Dog Names Adonis. Picking a Moniker for Female Dogs Most of the following female dog names have a feminine sound, but some are just fun.

Female Dog Names Aloha. German Shepherd Names Adrian. Golden Retriever Names Amber. Herding Dog Names Ace. Dog Breeds With Gray or Blue Coats There are several dog breeds that have blue or gray coats, including the Weimaraner, the blue Great Dane, the Kerry blue terrier, the Schnauzer, the blue pit bull, and others. Black Dog Names Canines with coats of jet have a certain mystique about them, so black dog names should be special.

Names for Black Dogs Beauty. How to Name a White Dog Okay, now for white dog names. White Dog Names Ajax. Picking a Moniker for a Spotted Dog Black and white dog names are fun. Names for Brown Dogs Amaretto. Got a Breed From Japan? Japanese Dog Names Akira. Chihuahuas and the toy class of Xolos are both tiny, so the names might be bigger than the dogs! Mexican Dog Names Adobe. Russian Dog Names Alexander. How About a Little Humor for Inspiration?

Funny Dog Names Alf. Monikers for Terriers Terriers have a reputation for being fearless, feisty, and full of energy. Terrier Dog Names Badger. Choosing a Name for Hunting Dogs Hunting dogs can be members of the hound group or the sporting group. Names for Hunting Dogs Ace. Irish Dog Names Ardan. Names for Scottish Terriers and Other Scottish Dog Breeds My ancestors came from Scotland, so just about anything that has to do with the country interests me. Scottish Dog Names Angus. Big Dog Names In my opinion, big dog names should usually imply size and power.

Cute Dog Names Cute dog names are extremely popular for all shapes, sizes, and breeds of dogs. What's a good name for a black cocker spaniel working bitch? What's a good name for my male puppy? He's brown and is only going to weigh about pounds.

Here are some options: Cocoa, Fudge, Bonbon, Truffle. What is a great name for a white Jack Russell with a tan patch over her eye? Anne Bonny or Sadie, after famous female pirates. I'm getting a female black and brown brindle Pomeranian. What is the perfect name? Bayer, including a victory on April 21; Bayer Leverkusen has won its last two league matches. NFL Fantasy Live NFL Fantasy Live Repeat Expert analysts provide a detailed look at all the latest fantasy football topics that will help viewers take control of their leagues with insider information.

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Live from the Ryder Cup Live from the Ryder Cup Repeat The latest news and analysis from the site of the biennial professional match-play event, featuring players from the United States against a team of Europeans. Pro Football Weekly Pro Football Weekly NFL insiders and experts explore the latest news and reports around the league, including previews of upcoming matchups and highlights.

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